GLG is Something Else

Yesterday we found out that my daughter Gabby–or as Frank the Sage named her Good Luck Gabby for her propensity for being around for or outright calling big Yankees plays–got accepted to a prestigious and highly competitive local school that is affiliated with the university where I do graduate work.  We’re extremely proud of her, always are anyway but this added to her hefty personal lore.  When she took the SSAT last December for it, she scored a perfect 710 on the Math section, and in the high 90s percentile on the Verbal and Essay sections.  She and our son Jonah have always had it going on upstairs, and Gabby is really something else.  She has a maturity and comportment I never had at her age, or even several years older than she is now.  She attacks everything she engages with aplomb.  Her memory is crystal clear, and she’s well-rounded, taking piano and violin but also playing softball and soccer.  Whatever she does, she puts everything she has into it and succeeds.  With this school, it’s doubly impressive that she was accepted because they accept so few out of hundreds of applicants, and there are degrees of back-door wrangling that people suspect.  I know on private but very reliable word that one professor would not come to the university here unless they could assure him his kids would be in this school.  That is despite their policy of accepting children on merit and test scores.  GLG, she’s done better than well for herself at this young age.

Days like yesterday make it extra special to be a parent, but having kids like GLG and Jonah the Little Guy (JLG) truly make everyday both special and downright easy as a father.  Everyone should have it so lucky.

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  1. That is so great Jason, and you and your wife must be wonderful parents. I have the great honor of having two great children myself, and tell them all the time how proud I am of them. You obviously have every reason to be SO proud.
    The greatest gift in my life are my kids, and I am so happy for your family.
    Good luck the rest of the way.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Dianna. It seems that you’re doing a terrific job with your kids as well. I think what you’re doing with positive reinforcement is extremely important, and something that we emphasize as well. There are moments requiring reproach, but more often, our objective is to reinforce what’s right by complimenting what they do well. Good habits and behavior by stressing what’s right more than what’s wrong.

    Kids make the world go around.

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