HDLR 4/16/08: Red Sox @ Yankees

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always lively.  Tonight, the HDLR makes its debut at WordPress, where the comment and page reloading should be pleasantly faster than at MLBlogs.  The Yankees return home for a brief two-game series against the Red Sox, with Chien-Ming Wang (3-0, 1.23 ERA) facing Clay Buchholz (0-1, 3.27 ERA) in a rematch of last Friday’s 4-1 Yankees win.  Below are the lineups as per Pete Abraham. Note that Damon sits again, Giambi is batting seventh and Cano back to eighth.  This lineup needs to be consistent offensively, and more importantly to plate runners in scoring position.  I’m opening things up now because I won’t be in until the first or second inning. I will do my best to check e-mails for first-time posters to allow you to comment right away thereafter.  So come on in, kick the tires, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold one, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

Melky Cabrera CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui LF
Jorge Posada DH
Jason Giambi 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Chad Moeller C

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Dustin Pedrioa 2B
David Ortiz DH
Manny Ramirez LF
Kevin Youkilis 3B
J.D. Drew RF
Jason Varitek C
Sean Casey 1B
Julio Lugo SS

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  1. Hi. I created an account. But I tried to change your link on my blog (on the sidebar) but it wouldn’t save.


  2. Your blog must like the old website better, Joe.

  3. Did you shop around to different sites where that support blogs? Or did you just go see this and go with it? I was wondering if there was a blog with real time commenting. Wouldn’t matter much for my blog, but would be very convenient for yours.


  4. Have you checked out the non-sports blog yet on this site? And are you going to make this more than just sports? I am curious, as I havent ruled out changing hosts.


  5. joe as you may have noticed the comments load here almost instantly; much better than MLB blogs.
    PS i miss your daily postings.

  6. How are we all going today.

    I might stay up and watch the whole game my flight is in the morning. I gonna try pull a all nighter.

  7. hey nick, all is well here. you may as well stay up and then sleep on the plane…
    did you read that article on karstens?

  8. Hello All. Steve T here from

    Jason, thanks again for invite.

  9. They do seem pretty fast.

  10. hey guys, fftd checkin in.

  11. Yeah I did thanks for that. I hope he gets back in to the first team.

  12. good start 2 pitches , one out

  13. bad start 2 pitches, one out

  14. bad 4 pitch walk-

    your turn

  15. that damn manny

  16. Hitting against koufax must have been a real drag joe Morgan…

  17. hit for Derek. Let’s go, Bobby

  18. i’m watching YES on extra-innings, can’t take ESPN tonight

    take pitches bobby

  19. did i say take pitches? i’ll just keep my mouth shut

  20. Except that pitch right?

  21. Mike, what is your pic of?

  22. who i mean?

  23. well that sucked

  24. my god, what a shot!

  25. the pic is from some baseball drawings from 1962 yankees spring training

  26. That pic looks like Caminiti in a Yankee uniform by the way

  27. mickey mantle BTW

  28. Arod passes Ted Williams on the all time HR list

  29. speaking of the little avatar pic—it seems to disappear and reappear for no reason

  30. Hi guys. I see Abreu and A-Rod hit homers, lots of offense as Drew gets a single.

    A-Rod with his 522nd career shot, amazing.

  31. it was a gigantic shot, almost making the LF bleachers. wang not as sharp tonight- at least yet

  32. Steve and Vanessa, I approved your comments, so you should be good to comment now.

  33. who is steve?

  34. not sharp at all- lets see if he can get some command

  35. Hey guys.

  36. hello there

  37. Steve is from The Boston Red Sox blog. he asked me if he could come by for the HDLR.

  38. Wang looks really off.

  39. thx J and hi everyone.

  40. welcome steve…

    this will be no pitchers duel…

  41. hey V

  42. Sorry I wasn’t around earlier. GLG had piano and we grabbed some very good Chinese food.

  43. a strike!

  44. Welcome to the new digs, everyone. Sorry for all the pots and pans catching water through the leaky roof.

  45. hey mike, nice start by the yankee offense s far… finally.

  46. Wang may settle down in a bit.

  47. It looks like its down to who can score the most runs tonight

  48. Varitek out of the baseline and out, two down on Ellsbury’s tapper. Wang got a break, and hopefully can escape this still with the lead.

  49. Hopefully, Steve. It will have to come through getting ground balls–oh, and finding the strike zone again.

  50. he just needs to get pedroia out- and does

  51. Given the bases-loaded, no-out jam, one run allowed after all that is a break.

  52. a miracle even…

  53. btw jason the comments are loading quite snappily

  54. that changeup is pretty devastating looking

  55. It’s really a huge plus, much much faster than at MLBlogs. The page loading as a whole is much faster than there.

  56. Joe Borowski is on the DL. Apparently he’s had a hard time sitting down after what Boston did to him.

  57. john flaherty on YES just said that the yankees have been liking the way giambi has been swinging the bat…

    what to make of that…

  58. Giambi way out in front of that.

  59. he swung at ball 4

  60. Right into the shift again, Giambi.

  61. Indeed, Mike.

  62. Buchholz’s off-speed stuff looks good.

  63. cano’s specialty this year- a weak grounder to 2nd

  64. can you hear the crowd?

  65. ahem…yeah

  66. “Boston Sucks” chants. Root for your own team.

    I think that’s an E4.

  67. he should throw his changeup every single time

  68. one on and the top of the lineup back up. i’d love it if the yanks got some 2 out runs.

  69. Oh yeah it doesnt work like that does it

  70. 🙂

  71. They gave Moeller a hit. It wasn’t an easy play, but one Pedroia could have made.

  72. i only bring it up to point out that the crowd at YS is no more “polite” than fenway

  73. Look at that, a real smiley!

  74. … and they don’t.

  75. Cano is just so bad right now. The book on him seems to be keep it down on him. He tries to pull everything.

  76. 😉

  77. The Yanks are struggling with Buchholz’s off-speed stuff. I didn’t see the first, but he was tough in the second.

  78. the wink works too i see

  79. Do you see a wink?

  80. I remember in Cano’s first season he was called out for acting distracted or disengaged from the game. Is he past that and is this just a sluggish start? All I hear every season is that he’ll win a batting title eventually.

  81. at least they didn’t chant boston sucks while boston was scoring… which is kind of idiotic, and what sox fans did to the yanks.

  82. I’m not an advocate of those chants anywhere. It’s completely true that you have that boorish element in all ballparks.

  83. Oh, there it is, next time I refreshed it, it showed

  84. yes, don’t you?

  85. I just don’t understand why not “Let’s Go, Yankees” while the offense is up and struggling at times.

  86. nice shift for papi works

  87. because not everyone is an idealist like you jason

  88. Both fan bases suck at times. And there will always be fans that suck.

  89. Cano lolly-gagged that flip.

  90. I think it’s more than not being idealistic for some, but being innately crass.

  91. That 0-2 to Ramirez just missed.

  92. hilarious!

  93. same here, but sometimes it is fun to heckle lol.

  94. Looked like a high strike to me.

  95. manny , that is …

  96. That looked like a strike, but that call by the ump was uncalled for. That almost seems a little unprofessional.

  97. that mc lellon is slow

  98. The way he called it, I mean

  99. It certainly was a strike, right at the belt. McClellan took his sweet old time with the call. I thought for a second Ramirez would get run.

  100. Veterans usually get extra rope.

  101. i love the “rowdy” types in the upper deck- i wouldn’t want to hang out with them ….

  102. My understanding from ex-players’ accounts is that McClellan at least says the call, then makes his slow, histrionic call. That was poorly done by him there. Make the call right away for goodness sake.

  103. he’s almost theatrical with those slow calls. i prefer the over-the-top, but quick umps

  104. That was borderline Leslie Neilson type showing up in the Naked Gun. haha

  105. what’s lost in our chit-chat is that wang has settled down…

  106. anyone going to the Bronx this year for a stadium farewell?

  107. i actually think the crazier the fans are, the funner it is. have u sat near a bunch of drunken fans when the yanks are getting their azz kicked? they’re hilarious lol.

  108. I meant to say Enrique Palottzi, or however you spell that

  109. He got it there, Steve. Plus, unless he would have gotten really profane or out of hand, he shouldn’t have been run. This is a big game; players have to earn ejections. Ramirez didn’t there, but he was pretty animated.

  110. i have tickets to see the yanks play the sox on july 3, 4 and 5

  111. i’m going to the stadium to watch the game tomorrow, but I really want to take a tour of the stadium before the yanks move. does anyone know what is going to come of the current stadium?

  112. nice. should be fun.

  113. The change is locking down the Yankees the last two innings.

    That’s awesome, Mike and Vanessa. I forgot you were going to that entire series, Mike.

  114. well have a great time tomorrow vanessa!

  115. oh jeez. “Yankees suck” chant.

  116. Must be Mets fans 😉

  117. LOL Steve.

  118. they won’t last long if they keep that up-they’ll be mugged

  119. Pedroia atoned for that play in the second.

  120. thanx mike, i hope it’s a great game.

  121. They just showed A-Rod’s 522nd homer–what a blast.

  122. Kid’s looking relaxed.

  123. Buchholz might throw that change exclusively the rest of the night.

  124. Vanessa, have a great time.

  125. My internet connection is being a pain so I’m gonna turn it of and get something to eat. I will be back later.

  126. I hope so, Nick.

  127. see you later than nick

  128. great play by matsui

  129. Weird catch–but a good one.

  130. ttyl nick. nice play by matsui.

  131. Wow, that guy’s got a GUN.

  132. They showed Leiter’s game in July 2005 versus Boston. He was clutch.

    Matsui looked confused on that. Jeter’s smile after Matsui’s struggling catch was priceless.

  133. he was out according to slo-mo on YES

  134. damn

  135. that was dumb to send varitek. melky has a good arm and there was only one out

  136. not a great throw

  137. I dont agree with it even though he was safe. The throw just happened to be off line

  138. Varitek looked out. Close play, but Jeter tagged him just before his foot hit the bag. Jeter’s tag pushed down the foot.

    Casey makes it academic, 3-3 tie. Not a good throw from Melky.

  139. okay, that was a horrible throw by melky. but, why do teams keep attempting to run on melky, given all of his assists?

  140. Of course, maybe Red Sox players run more often when they know Lugo is on deck. They may not get a chance to score…jk

  141. it’s true joe, he is prone to GIDP

  142. not that there was anyone on first…

  143. lmao… wow. that was hilarious.

  144. you can’t not like casey for sure

  145. Casey’s a gazelle out there…

  146. Unproductive out from Lugo. Someone moving behind Casey would have picked him off.

  147. NESN broadcast picking up competing chants that sound something like “Bos-kees suck(s)!”

    They deserve each other.

  148. “The Mayor”

  149. I was thinking more along the lines of (even though I was mostly kidding anyway) Lugo simply not getting the run in from third. Then there are two outs.

  150. Liner to center ends the top of the fourth. The Yankees need to figure out a way to hit Buchholz’s change.

  151. well he’s already thrown a lot of pitches…

  152. bos-kees lol. i think there’s no doubt that the fans create this rivalry.

  153. If nothing else, Buchholz is at 60 pitches.

    Matsui singles through the box.

  154. i wonder if even casey is able to chat up matsui at 1st base

  155. Now that Matsui’s English is better, I think so Mike. He’ll get Matsui’s vote by the seventh inning.

  156. he’s got that curve going…

    can’t giambi just bunt?

  157. finally, a hit to right.

  158. well that’ll do

  159. Giambi cues one into short right. I’ve always said he should hit it into the heart of the shift!

  160. chad better watch out for the change

  161. Cano got it off the ground this time. Gave it a ride, but he’s really struggling.

  162. And, of course, Cano swung at the first pitch.

  163. Love the action on the curve.

  164. the tigers have woken up. they have scored 9 runs so far tonight

  165. Nice video of Buchholz’s circle change.

  166. I saw that too, Mike. 9-1 against Cleveland.

  167. that was a close one

  168. Did anyone tell the Tigers they can’t apply the runs to previous games?

  169. HA!

  170. Ca-rap!

  171. now that was a hell of an at-bat

  172. wow, moeller doing a nice job backing for the backup

  173. now if melky can deliver…

  174. exactly V

  175. Moeller got a bloop single, 4-3 Yankees. A bit of luck on that.

  176. a hit after a 14 pitch at bat…

    maybe luck.

  177. This is what Joe Morgan would call “a key situation.”

  178. I meant on the hit, not the work on the at-bat which was great.

  179. yes, morgan with the flair for the obvious

  180. el capitan!!

  181. the captain is back with a vengeance!

  182. That’s what makes Jeter, well, Jeter.

  183. jd drew…awesome in the field

    goodbye laptops

  184. Clutch hit from the Captain, 6-3! Nice job from Moeller working the count, Melky getting the walk, Jeter working the count. outstanding.

    Buchholz is out for Tavares–the pitcher, not the disco band.

  185. Drew sure did botch that.

  186. Buchholz threw 26 pitches in that 2/3 IP.

  187. the disco band had a very poor fastball-

    i played them often in my DJ career however…

    don’t take away the music…

  188. CJT was a strikeout machine against Cleveland.

  189. Well, Buchholz may not have been able to get it done tonight. but I like his chances, and I like them this year.

  190. we never seem to be able to hit tavares though

  191. WP scores Melky, 7-3.

  192. Awesome. Sheesh!

  193. agreed joe, he’s more polished than hughes probably

  194. ahhh, 7 runs. remember what having 6+ runs a night felt like?

  195. Abreu was pulling off the ball. Great inning though. Great to have Jeter back healthy. His bat has been big.

  196. here’s some nice news for both sides-something we can agree on:

    toronto losing to texas…

  197. I think so too about Buchholz. He’s really good, and the difference is his change. Hughes has two good pitches–but only two.

  198. oh i didn’t realize that it was CC having another hideous start

  199. now wang must throw some strikes

  200. Wang, find the strike zone.

  201. ugh

  202. Pedroia made Wang pay with that belly-high pitch.

  203. so now what…

  204. Look who woke up. About time.

  205. 7-4, allowing runs right after scoring them. Terrible.

  206. wang shaking off a lot of pitches

  207. The thinner bullpen isn’t a good thing in this situation. If Wang keeps allowing runners, we might see Traber against Drew and later Casey.

    Wang is missing his spots badly.

  208. i’m telling you, they shouldve left ortiz’s jersey in the ground.

  209. another disaster brewing

  210. Bloop single loads the bases, no outs.

  211. DP too much to ask here?

  212. horrible.

  213. 5 straight hits.

  214. 7-6, pull Wang. Five straight hits. Crappy.

  215. first bad start by wang. good thing the offense has shown up.

  216. it’s hard to visualize our bullpen holding this one run lead.

  217. Listening to Kay correlate the Taiwan stock exchange with Wang’s performance made that at-bat all the worse.

  218. agreed

  219. This guy was lights out the other night.

  220. yeah, it wasn’t pretty tonight though.

  221. I meant Ohlendorf (sp?)

  222. oh ok…spelling perfect

  223. He wasn’t bad, Steve–two hits and a couple walks I think in three IP, but no runs.

  224. that ump is an ass

  225. Ump loves the delayed strikeout call.

  226. That was just off the plate inside, but I’ll take the backwards K. A DP would be enormous.

  227. 2 hours for the first 4 innings…even longer than usual

  228. on the overhead it looked like a strike to me

  229. arggh, tie game.

  230. 7-7, there goes the lead. The offense better be ready to light it up.

  231. wang’s ERA has jumped over 2 full points.

  232. I missed the overhead. It was close, for sure.

  233. Did Lugo just spit and swing at it? Ugh.

  234. you’re complaining this inning steve? 🙂

  235. nah, it’s just…Lugo.

  236. this game will last until dawn, or later

  237. the old phrase…past a diving jeter….

  238. JEEZUS

  239. Wow, quite a comeback. No one up in the ‘pen?

  240. this game is like chinese water torture

  241. lol

  242. Jason do you feel like you will get enough people coming to this blog on this site? i just browsed through some of the other blogs and there are so many topics and so many people. It seems like it may be difficult for others to find people. I havent looked around too much though, and may be wrong.

  243. it’s weird.. this is the only time i haven’t been worried when ortiz came up to the plate.

  244. i wasn’t worried either vanessa. i almost was past caring what he did….

    i’ve never been happier to see a commercial

  245. Good lord.

  246. wow a triple from jorge…the aggressive meacham comes alive

  247. double by posada, yanks get one run back.

  248. steve, this game may last longer than that one last september or the one in august of 06

  249. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Aardsma up in the ‘pen.

  250. typical boskees game lol.

  251. Sorry people, I had to step out because I forgot to water the grass in my futile attempt to round out the yard. 9-8 now, good to see some offense in response to the offensive pitching.

    I do think the traffic here will be good, Joe. There were apparently about 60-70 hits on the site before people left comments today, so that’s a good sign. How much to expect at WordPress, I’m not sure.

  252. aardsma ( love the name, sounds like an exotic mammal)

  253. Giambi BB, Cano needs to at least drive the ball here. His last at-bat would get it done for a sac fly.

  254. Well, 50-60 of them may have been Mike…..jk Mike 🙂

  255. The reclusive, enigmatic mountain aardsma.

  256. Pitchers should be fined after this mess.

  257. Yes Cano! 9-9 tie. I guess if there were any game for Cano to cash in, this weird game would be it.

  258. Agreed Steve, with lots of extra, early morning running.

  259. yes joe, i’m afraid i have logorrhea


  260. My girlfriend thinks it sounds like backwards-speak. Aards..ma.

  261. she may be on to something.

    the pitchers should all be shot at dawn.

  262. NOO DPP!!

  263. hilarious…

  264. Can we cue up the Benny Hill theme song?

  265. Lugo is really bad sometimes

  266. Did Melky’s head-first slide…actually not cost the Yankees?!? Big error on the attempted DP, 11-9 Yankees.. Quite a break-up from Moeller. Lugo missed Casey by 10 feet easily.

  267. this inning began sometime during WW II if i’m not wrong

  268. Melky stole third standing up.

  269. I think so…with The Bronx Death March.

  270. 20 runs in the inning so far

  271. i really wish we had joba tonight…

  272. in the game i meant

  273. Looking forward to the 12th inning stretch.

  274. yes, wouldn’t extra innings tonight be delightful?

  275. That inning took about an hour. In it, I watered the grass, the kids got baths, I made the little guy soup, folded a load of laundry, took out the dog, and cleaned the kitchen–while throwing on about 40 comments.

    The pitchers have their tongues hanging out with four innings to play.

  276. it’d be more delightful tomorrow night.

  277. Jason, your recap may need to be broken up into chapters.

  278. With his MLB.TV picture relatively unchanged, I’m still convinced that a blue wig would make Tavarez a dead-ringer for Sideshow Bob.

  279. you know what’s funny about the number situation with hawkins? he switches to clemens’s old number and not one person complains lol.

  280. at least it was only a 4 pitch walk…

  281. LOL Steve. Maybe I can convince my advisor to let me submit it as my dissertation.

    That would stand about as much of a chance as a diorama of Yankee Stadium.

  282. I can think of one person who’d complain.

    “Oh, my goodness gracious!”

  283. Great point, Vanessa.

  284. The way some fans treated Hawkins because of the #21 was a disgrace.

  285. terrible jason

  286. there’s been a great point made that if o’neill’s number does get retired it’ll be for the wrong reasons now. i don’t blame the yankee fans though. although the chants were bringing hawkins down, i thought of it as more of showing love to o’neill, letting him know yankee fans didn’t forget and they think he desearves his number retired.

  287. That clipped Youkilis’s toe. Fun.

  288. though they might’ve went a little overboard.

  289. it was just ugly vanessa…no excuses i’m afraid

  290. he’s such a whiner

  291. who is?

  292. youk

  293. But there are lots of ways to do that Vanessa, rather than coupling those chants with vociferously booing one of their own. Plus Hawkins was honoring a great #21–Roberto Clemente.

  294. finally an out recorded!

  295. Big K of Youkilis.

  296. Strange delivery by Hawkins. Kinda like, “Look here’s the ball, now I’m going to throw it.”

  297. yeah i know jason. i knew hawkins meant nothing by wearing the number, and the fans shouldn’t have booed, but i love paul o’neill and i don’t know if he should have his number retired but i don’t think it looks right on anyone else, in my opinion.

  298. the pace of the umpire matches that of the game

  299. I’m not a fan of his delivery Steve. It is strange. Showing the ball is a big risk.

  300. Indeed Mike, slothful.

  301. Single to right, not bad hitting. It wasn’t a bad pitch.

  302. Almost like Foulke.

  303. can’t anyone have a 123 inning?

  304. yes, Brandon Webb

  305. nice K of varitek

  306. Nice backwards K on the change, maybe a bit low. Two down.

  307. THAT’S the guy I was trying to think of who showed the ball, Steve.

  308. Foulke has that little retraction motion at least. Jerry Remy just called Hawkins the Statue of Liberty.

  309. a scoreless inning- a new innovation

  310. i love remy- old school

  311. Not the smoothest inning from Hawkins–24 pitches–but he got the job done. 11-9 still. The Yankees need to add on every time up. I won’t feel comfortable until this game is over. No lead is safe tonight.

  312. AL east enthusiasts: Toronto just tied their game.

  313. Remy calls a very good game. I was subjected to DeWayne Staats and Joe the Human Migraine Magraine, the Rays’ announcers the last two days. They were discussing professional wrestling in detail the other day in the middle of the game. Horrible.

  314. Why is it that Ramirez makes good running catches against the Yanks? Goodness.

  315. Everyone but Melky has a hit for the Yanks tonight.

  316. A-Rod plunked.

  317. It wasnt all that good of a catch. It was just good for him.

  318. A-Rod is working up a good cussing at first. The Mayor seems to be salving the wound.

  319. Only the second inning in which neither team scored.

  320. an easy out. a mercy in this game

  321. 123. another miracle.

  322. Heck of a job by Hawkins tonight.

  323. yeah , he hung tough jason; i really like the guy.

  324. the mammal is back …

  325. I do too Mike. He’s a good guy in the clubhouse from what Pete Abe and others say. He’s deserved better treatment than he’s gotten. He threw only 8 pitches in the top of the 7th.

  326. cano, typical

  327. Big G and Cano go down weakly. Cano has just done a poor job at the plate. His whole approach is a mess.

  328. if only we can make it through ortiz and manny next inning.

  329. the backup backup does it again, having quite a night.

  330. Moeller is 3-3, great at-bat. Molina and Moeller have done a ton for the team. At catcher, the Yankees haven’t missed a beat.

  331. Exactly, Mike. That’s the key to holding the lead.

  332. Scary stat: Yanks are 8-11 against Sox without Posada behind the plate.

  333. Melk was saaffee.

  334. That is, Yankee catchers are 8-11 minus Posada.

  335. Bad call, Melky was safe. But it was not a necessary chance to take with Jeter coming up. Not smart, Melky.

  336. Good stat, Steve.

  337. Traber coming in..

  338. Shite!

  339. one pitch one out, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  340. Traber got Ortiz on one pitch. That’s quite a job–one pitch, don’t even shower.

  341. Bruney in against Ramirez.

  342. Bruney’s got a new attitude this season, no?

  343. Bruney has the heavy gas tonight.

  344. Indeed, Steve, with 22 pounds gone as well.

    Ramirez waited back on the slider. It makes me wonder if he would have been late on the heater.

  345. The Red Sox havent hit any home runs tonight

  346. Made Youk look baaaaad.

  347. great K by bruney.

  348. K of Youkilis on the high heater. Stick with the gas tonight, Bruney.

  349. That 1-2 looked good–a little outside.

  350. Good job Bruney and Hawkins so far. Mariano will face Varitek, Casey and Lugo–no picnic, but not the same as Ortiz and Ramirez.

  351. Hey, Jason!

    And, hi to everyone else, also…

    I finally am able to join in all the fun !!!

    First comment of the night….

    In the bottom of the 7th, Melky was safe sliding into second trying for a double…

    It was very clearly shown on “slo-mo” replay on YES !!! …Melky’s hand touched the base before the tag !

    Waiting for Mariano to close out the game in the 9th !!!



  352. How’s it going, Jimmy?

    Youkilis is out of the game, probably because of the toe.

  353. How’s it going, Jimmy? I agree, Melky was safe. It just wasn’t a necessary risk in that situation.

  354. Terrific BB from Jeter, eight pitches.

  355. Ground-rule double–bad luck because Jeter would have scored. But what strength, essentially a one-handed swing. Second and third for Matsui. I wonder if he gets the IBB…and he does.

  356. Yeah, Jason,

    I also agree….With Jeter up next, the play did end the rally !

    By the way, the new site looks great…

    And, it’s great to see all the comments on the first night of the new location for the HDLR…

    Do you think you will reach the 500 comment mark tonight !!!


  357. bases loaded with posada up

  358. Jorge, drive the ball.

  359. Thanks for the kind words, Jimmy. It’s been a busy night.

  360. posada with anothherr double!

  361. Jorge’s dunker into shallow right scores 2, 13-9. Add more, guys.

  362. I’d have preferred it if Wang had just shut ’em down like he was supposed to 6 hours ago.

  363. Boy, Big G has Timlin’s number. He ripped that just foul, waaay deep.

  364. The long games are always brutal, Steve. On a normal night, the game and recap would be done by now.

  365. giambi hits it the other way, and the yanks score more

  366. Giambi picks the perfect time to go to left. It’s about time. The bloop double to shallow left makes it 15-9.

  367. No need for Mo now.

  368. Cano is a mess–swinging at the first pitch, upper-cutting.

  369. At 15-9, Bruney will get a chance to close the game out….

    Mariano can be rested for tomorrow’s game !!!

    Way to go, Posada; and, Giambi [a double to left]….Great game for the Yanks !!!

  370. sorry- my brother called to talk about the game…

  371. Probably not, Steve. After pitching the last two days, he could use a break. The Yankees’ doing this without Joba is a big plus.

  372. texas and toronto not to be out-done are in the 12th

  373. just throw strikes bruney. please

  374. I’d like to see Texas pull that out.

  375. Rally time!

  376. Steve, you hang tough.

  377. They’re only a slam and a half away from tying this thing!

  378. The YES guys are wondering whether or not Bruney “lost focus.” How about throwing over 30 pitches in less than two innings, guys?

  379. It was good to hear that Joba’s father, Harlan, is going a little better !

    The Chamberlain family should be in our thoughts and prayers, as we all hope for the best, for Mr. Chamberlain. May Harlan recover from whatever caused his collapse !!!

    – Jimmy

  380. Mercy.

  381. and the Yankees win!

  382. that was exhausting guys. glad we won it tho…

  383. F7 ends it. 15-9. So often, Boston seems to win the slugfests. I’m glad the Yankees’ offense was strong. Big-time kudos to the bullpen. Hawkins, Traber and Bruney carried the day.

  384. Brian Bruney gets a “SAVE” for closing out this game !!! …Yes, he actually will get a “save” !!!

  385. Thanks to everyone for coming by the HDLR. Good first outing here, Steve. I’ll post something about when I’ll do it again, probably in a couple days.

  386. Hey guys, that was fun. Thanks for having me over.

  387. Not the outing you’d want that is, Steve. But good of you to come by and add a good personality.

  388. steve, nice meeting you…

  389. I’ll have the recap up in a little while, as soon as I figure out the exact chapter breakdown.

  390. You guys realize that with your new wordpress IDs you can feel free to give Schilling some hell on his blog.

  391. giambi 3 hits against timlin, 3 against the rest of the league

  392. Awesome game by Chad Moeller !

  393. try to keep it under 5 chapters J

  394. anyone else love that jeter with dorky glasses commercial?

  395. bring us back another victory vanessa

  396. I haven’t seen it, Vanessa. Bring back the W tomorrow.

    Thanks for coming by, everyone.

  397. i hope so! though i seem 2 go 2 games they lose. i hope im not a bad luck charm

  398. yeah jimmy chad was great in front of and behind the plate

  399. they just showed it. buh yeah, its hilarious.

  400. thanks for hosting J

  401. im out. good game

  402. Mike,

    How are you doing ?

    Great night at the new HDLR …

    And, of course, the Yankees win made it more enjoyable !

    – Jimmy

  403. btw, our first 3 game win streak

  404. oh fine thanks jimmy, a bit worn out by this crazy game…glad we could slug out the win.

  405. thx J, signing out.

  406. Jason,

    Excellent first game at the “new” HDLR !!!

    The WordPress Blog is a lot easier to post comments on !

    – Jimmy

  407. Still waiting to reach 500 comments …

    At last count, there were 405 comments tonight !

  408. Signing Out…

    It was a fun night !

    Goodnight, to all !!!

    – Jimmy

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