Commenting at The Heartland

I have changed the setting for leaving comments at The Heartland that might make it easier for people to comment, as well as registering at WordPress.  If you are a new commenter, you might still need to acquire a user name at  However, I’m hopeful that the new setting will allow people with existing accounts with WordPress not to have to acquire a new user name just for use here at The Heartland.  I apologize for any inconvenience anyone has had.

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  1. Ah, success at last!

    Welcome to WordPress, Mike and Jason. Hope you like using it as much as I do.

    Mike S.

    The Sommer Frieze.

  2. Dr. Sommer, I presume. Great to finally have you by, Mike. I realized that the other setting for comments actually required people to be members here at The Heartland, instead of registering with WordPress. Again, my bad. I know, I’m a real tech wizard. Sorry for all the pain trying to leave comments. This seems to have remedied it.

  3. this place is keeping me guessing 🙂

    -not a lot to like about then team so far; i couldn’t even watch the end of tonight’s game-

  4. Hi Jason,
    I was just doing a test run to see if I could still comment. I will check later for a recap on that awful game.

  5. It is telling me my comment is awaiting moderation.

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