HDLR 4/19/08: Yankees @ Orioles

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the conversation is always lively.  Tonight the Yankees try to stop a two-game skid by sending Ian Kennedy (0-1, 8.74 ERA) to the hill against lefty Brian Burres (1-1, 5.40 ERA).  No line-ups yet, since I am throwing this open early while I take my son to the circus.  I’ll be back around game-time.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

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  1. Jason is in.

  2. Good to see Molina back behind the plate. Melky is batting second, and will need to be patient up there. Giambi is sitting, as I suspected he would. As Mike Sommer points out, .116 is worse than Mientkiewicz was batting last year to start the year. Bring up Shelley as soon as the opportunity arises.

  3. fftd is checkin in.

  4. joba is back and farnsworth is suspended 3 games (which he’s going to appeal)

  5. Hi Vanessa. How are you? I saw that too about both. Good to have Joba back, but I wonder how sharp he’ll be if he only threw twice while gone.

  6. BB for Damon to start the game.

  7. Terrible base-running by Damon. It looked like he was caught looking at the ball and overran the bag. Horrible.

  8. How big is that pick-up now after Jeter’s triple?

  9. hey jason. im great.
    ugly dp, bad running by damon.
    niiice hitting by jeter, been on fire ever since he’s come back.

  10. lucky hit for arod. still doesn’t drive in a run though.

  11. wow, jorge is playing at first. i know he did that last year, but that is weird.

  12. Infield single doesn’t score Jeter, who probably would have run into the out. Plate that runner, Posada.

  13. Another squandered chance, the big one being Damon’s screw up. Girardi should fine him for that rookie mistake.

  14. lol, i agree. and when is this team going to start hitting with runners in scoring position?

  15. It is, Vanessa. Posada hopefully won’t have too many tough throws to make. After Giambi’s tough night last night, his time might be limited.

  16. Amen, Vanessa. This team has blown so many scoring chances. In a way, it’s a positive because they’ll turn it around. They’re getting chances. But wasting them in bunches is really frustrating to watch.

  17. Giambi’s time should be limited. he’s not doing anything at the plate.

  18. frustrating is just the word. it’s a miracle that the team’s record isn’t worse though.

  19. I agree. Pete Abraham said the same, and it’s probably true.

  20. Mora singled.

    Kennedy is being very careful with Markakis. I don’t blame him.

  21. kennedy strangely looks somewhat like mussina from behind lol.

  22. Millar’s pop-up on a 3-1 count was a big break. Two down.

  23. i didn’t know the infield fly rule is can’t be called with only a runner on first. why arent more pop flys dropped with a runner of first to get the dp then?

  24. Kennedy is not being efficient at all. 3-0 to Scott is 20 pitches now.

  25. i agree. seems like kennedy and molina aren’t up to speed.

  26. It’s a fair point, Vanessa, but if the pop-up is high enough then dropped, there is likely in theory no advantage because the dropped ball would still only produce one out at second. That’s in effect no different from just making the catch.

  27. niiiiice catch by melky to save the game from a disaster.

  28. HECK of a running catch by Melky the Clutch, a real asset in center.

  29. Kennedy is helping neither himself nor the team, with 24 pitches in the first. He needs to be more efficient.

  30. true true Jason, didn’t think about that. i would like to see it done when it isn’t that high though.

  31. it stillll amazes me to think of how much everyone booed melky because of how he first started in center, and now he’s just unbelievable.

  32. Weak 3-1 for Matsui, one down.

  33. It’s true Vanessa. He got a lot of grief, and he was visibly nervous. He’s become a really important part of the team.

  34. Ensberg smacks a single. He’s dangerous if he can extend his arms.

  35. nice hit by ensberg. cano needs to get out of the funk.

  36. Good eye, Cano, 2-0.

  37. seems like the yanks continually get breaks like wild pitches, but can never capitalize on it. i hope that changes tonight.
    a walk by cano, things getting started.

  38. Nice base-running by Ensberg, taking advantage of the WP/PB and going to second. Nice patience by Cano, 3-1 count now. Clutch base hit here kid.

  39. Good walk from Cano, nice to see a more patient approach from him the last couple games.

  40. jjjeeeezzzuuss. dp, when will the crappy hitting end?!

  41. 4-6-3 DP ends that, yet again.

  42. I wish I knew, Vanessa. Really poor hitting in the clutch.

  43. i know, the outs in the clutch are killing us. it’s getting ridiculously predictable.

  44. i knew there was a resemblance between the moose and kennedy lol.

  45. 4-3, one down.

  46. Yeah, different batters, same result.

  47. their deliveries are almost identical and they pretty much pitch the same. only difference is that kennedy has more heat on the fastball.

  48. Double off the wall for Hernandez. That wasn’t well located, and seemed a product of the count.

  49. True Vanessa, though less on the fastball than Mussina did at that age. Mussina could get it up to 94.

  50. kennedy is pitching a lot of deep counts. he’s already up on 42 pitches.

  51. and the orioles get the first run. kennedy needs to be more aggressive.

  52. A tale of two frames–one (Yankees) with awasted chance with one out, another (Orioles) with the opportunity cashed in.

    Now Kennedy is up to 46 pitches with one out in the 2nd–22 this inning.

  53. exactly, the story remains the same.

  54. BB to Roberts. Kennedy has thrown more balls than strikes.

  55. nicce pick off

  56. Great pick-off at second, two down.

  57. With two straight pitch-outs, I’d be shocked if Roberts doesn’t run now. Kennedy has to come to the plate.

  58. I’m officially shocked.

  59. nice call.

  60. 54 pitches…..

  61. Finally the third out on a K. Kennedy up to 56 pitches through 2, 32 in the 2nd.

  62. At this rate, Kennedy won’t go past four.

  63. kennedy finally gets out of the inning. it’s good that he only let one run cross the plate, but the pitch count is growing exponentially. i reallllly want to see a blowout game by the yanks.

  64. Second BB that Damon has worked.

  65. I love hearing the loud “Let’s Go, Yankees!” chants.

  66. i was going to tear my hair out if that was another double play.

  67. I hear you, Vanessa. Keep the hair.

  68. C’mon, Captain.

  69. great to see yankee fans taking over lol.
    but, omg, when i went to the boskees game on thursday, there were so many sox fans i felt like i was being surrounded and about to be attacked lol.

  70. Nice stolen base on the slider in. Well read, Melky.

  71. It was full of Sox fans, Vanessa. I could hear that over the TV.

  72. Did you have a good time despite the loss?

  73. Score that runner, A-Rod.

  74. Pop to short, horrible, another runner left in scoring position.

  75. i actually did. it’s always better at the stadium than watching it on tv. there were one sox fan and one yanks fan going at each other all night, but it was hilarious and they ended up shaking hands by the end of the night.

  76. Good to hear, Vanessa. Did you go with family, friends, both?

  77. there was also a father in son, both sporting the sox (it’s a shame poisoning a little boy like that) that were having fun watchin the game together, and reminding you what the sport is about.

  78. Kennedy isn’t missing by much, but still missing.

  79. i went with my mom, even though she really doesn’t understand baseball, but i hate going with my dad because he wants to leave the minute the yanks start losing and i’m the type of person that has to see the absolute final out.

  80. That’s true. I love watching sports with the kids–baseball, basketball, football, whatever.

  81. arggghhh, another run. at least there weren’t men on base.

  82. Is your father a big Yankees fan?

    HR Millar, 3-0 Orioles. Ugh.

  83. Jeez, that was right in Millar’s wheelhouse. Kennedy doesn’t have the fastball to blow by a fastball guy like Millar.

  84. Sorry for the typo, 2-0. I shouldn’t subconsciously get ahead of myself.

  85. he’s a yankees fan, but i wouldn’t say a die hard one. i’m pretty much the only one in my family.

  86. lol. wow posada still handling catching duties despite being at first.

  87. Nice move by Jorge here to talk to the kid.

  88. i’m surprise kennedy doesn’t give the umpires the “long stare” that moose gives when he doesnt get the close call.

  89. What the heck was wrong with that 1-1 pitch to Huff?!? That was a perfect strike!

  90. wow, im making typos like crazy. sorry lol.

  91. This is a typo-free blog, Vanessa. We just can’t sully the blog with such things.

  92. lmao.

  93. Nice high fastball of Jones, two down.

  94. who could’ve predicted that… am i the only one that saw that coming?

  95. 3-0 count brings fastball smacked for a double, 4-0 Orioles. Kennedy’s out. These starts are killing the bullpen.

  96. When the heck is the offens going to wake up? I’m getting tired of hitters leaving runners in scoring postion time, after time. If this keeps up drastic changes are going to have to be made

  97. Ohlendorf has become the long reliever by default. That’s good and bad. He can do it, but with his stuff he and the team I believe are better served with him as a setup guy.

  98. we still haven’t seen joba in the starter role but i wonder if joba is better as the setup or starter.
    if the yanks keep getting bad outings i wonder if they’ll put joba into the starter role.

  99. Jorge singles to right. It’s four runs, not twenty guys. You can do this with clutch hits.

  100. Bad luck for the Yankees. Matsui smacked that and it should have been a single through the box, but was instead a force of Posada at second.

  101. It’s a good question Vanessa. It still raises the question of who replaces him. Some others aren’t bad–Bruney, Ohlendorf–but none of them are Joba. The problem is the poor starts aren’t allowing the team to use Joba + Mariano.

  102. Nor is the poor hitting.

  103. pop ups are officially the worst part of the game.

  104. Be patient, Cano.

  105. and there it is again.

  106. Another Cano pop-up. Wow.

    I’ll be back in 15. I’m going to water the yard.

  107. I’m back.

  108. back right in time to watch a K to end the inning.

  109. Slider K’s Jeter after Melky worked the two-out walk. This team is really floundering.

  110. My timing has always been impeccable, Vanessa.

  111. it’s ridiculous.

  112. i see that Jason lol.

  113. The Yankees have left six on base, two in scoring position.

  114. Ohlendorf’s 1-2 pitch was very close.

  115. great K by ohlendorf.

  116. Very impressive slider–and work tonight–from Ohlendorf.

  117. F7, two down. Ohlendorf is keeping the Yankees in the game.

  118. Wow, tremendous work by Ohlendorf tonight, fanning Jones and Hernandez in succession.

  119. it’d be great if the offense backed him up.
    c’mon arod.

  120. argh, i hate pop ups.

  121. A-Rod is back to that chopping, off-balance swing. Bad.

  122. Matsui singles. So often lately, it seems the Yankees only start to generate things with two outs.

  123. i know, i’ve noticed that too jason, and then they blow it.

  124. 5-3, and there you go.

  125. and there it is again

  126. the yanks have yet to pitch a one two three inning.

  127. though that dp helped.

  128. Ohlendorf had 3 1/3 terrific innings.

  129. another 0 on the scoreboard…

  130. Boy, Damon is just clueless at the plate right now. That’s the second time he’s been caught looking tonight.

  131. ohlendorf has kept the yanks in the game so far and the yanks r doing zipppp.

  132. No question, Vanessa. Zip is spot-on.

    Ohlendorf may be tiring.

  133. i would love to see joba in the game today, even if we’re losing. just to regain my sense of what great pitching looks likes.

  134. Swinging bunt, 2nd and 3rd one out.

  135. It’s true Vanessa, plus he and Mariano need work. Mariano hasn’t pitched since Tuesday.

  136. yes, they both need work.

  137. as if the lack of offense wasn’t enough… orioles score two more.

  138. Two more as I was grabbing a scoop of ice cream.

  139. for the love of pinstripes, put joba in.

  140. not trying to jinx the yanks but i honestly wouldn’t be surprised in roberts hits a homer right now.

  141. im proven wrong, now i’m surprised.

  142. Mercifully, three outs.

    The offense needs to wake up, just to generate something. They’ve been dormant the last two games.

  143. joba warming!

  144. the yanks can’t get a break.

  145. It’s a good move. He needs to work and, even if he and Mariano pitch today and tomorrow, the Yankees have off Monday.

    A-Rod singles.

  146. ..with two outs.

  147. lol, every inning, almost every at bat seems to be predictable.

  148. Pop out to shallow center. Par for the course.

  149. joba didn’t miss a beat.

  150. Ahhh, the sweet sight of Joba blowing gas past hitters.

  151. woooow, niiiiice play by joba. he can do it all.

  152. Kick save by Joba for the out.

  153. it’s great to see joba back. he’s the highlight of this game.

  154. Joba makes it look a lot easier than it really is.

  155. yanks are one way from losing another one. this game has been pitiful.

  156. another loss. yanks get shut out. kennedy gets stumped. sigh.

  157. Cano hit it hard, but that ends it.

    What a disaster. The offense is pathetic right now. Plus, the team looks tired.

  158. the hdlr was quiet tonight, but thanx J. let’s hope the yanks do better tomorrow.

  159. Thanks for dropping by, Vanessa, and keeping me company during this dud. I’m going to write up the recap.

  160. Amen, a win before the day off is vital for some momentum.

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