Bad News, Good News

Bad News first. According to Pete Abraham, Brian Bruney has a torn ligament in his foot that will require surgery, and will likely keep him out for the rest of the season. Too bad, Bruney was doing fairly well and becoming someone the Yankees could rely on. He wasn’t rock solid yet, but had leap-frogged past Nuke on the pecking order. Bad break. Jon Albaladejo and Chris Britton are in Cleveland now. Abraham speculates that Ohlendorf will be sent down. That’s too bad. I like the kid and though he’s struggled late, Mike F. and I speculate it’s because of overwork. I also think that his flexibility has in part led to this, swinging between long and short reliever roles in the absence of a dedicated long reliever.

In somewhat better news, A-Rod was doing various regular running drills in the outfield and seems in good condition. Whether or not he’ll play tonight, just DH, or sit I don’t know. But he seems to be very close, if not ready.

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  1. Tough break for Bruney. He really looked like he was ready to break out this season.

  2. the mighty abe needs to get some sleep. he has giambi and alex at 3rd and matsui and damon at LF.

    so alex is playing, but it is unclear whether at 3rd or DH

  3. i hope there are further roster changes by tomorrow when we start our three games against lefties.

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