No HDLR Today; Some Stats Instead

Ebertfest is closing up today and I have the chance to see the brilliant John Turturro’s film “Romance and Cigarettes” today at noon.  Therefore, I won’t do the HDLR.  The next HDLR will be Wednesday’s night’s game.

In the meantime, here are some stats to consider:

The Yankees are 11th in batting with RISP at .249/.243, depending on which ESPN page you load.  They are 9th in RISP, two outs, but are even lower at .230.  Despite yesterday’s ninth-inning fiasco, Jeter is actually very good with RISP, batting .429, Abreu is .421, Posada is .333, Damon is .300, and Matsui is .267.  On the other end of the RISP spectrum, Melky is .188, Cano is .133, Giambi is .056, and A-Rod is .143.

The Yankees are 3-3 in one-run games, winning their first two and losing three of four since the third game of the year.  They are 3-2 in two-run games.  In all, the 6-5 record is a significant improvement from last year’s early-season mark, and the team is ahead of last year’s pace in a few respects.

The season thus far has been one of short, inconsistent streaks–win, loss, win, two losses, two wins, two losses, two wins, two losses, three wins, three losses, three wins, three losses.  They’ve literally erased their gains immediately after making them with losses in equal amounts to their progress.  There’s much that has contributed to it–poor clutch hitting, poor starts, a few shaky relief pitchers.  What it speaks to, in my opinion, is the fact that the Yankees have yet to combine potent offense and solid pitching for more than a very short stint, the longest being the finale in Baltimore and the first two in Chicago.  That was immediately followed by mediocre starts, the rain nonsense Thursday, poor clutch hitting, and late-inning losses. Win-loss, gain-lose, good-poor.  We’ll see which end of the dichotomy characterizes the next 25, but if this trend continues, the Yankees will probably find themselves more than 2.5 back after 50.

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  1. “…win, loss, win, two losses, two wins, two losses, two wins, two losses, three wins, three losses, three wins, three losses…”

    Jason, this should be posted in the locker room to get the team motivated. That’s amazing. Not to worry though; the Sox are working on making up for that winning streak they were on last week…

  2. That Wang guy is pretty good, aye?

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