Yankees 1 Indians 0: Wang & Pen Outstanding; Jorge Injured

Today is definitely a good news, bad news day. Yankees pitchers absolutely shut down the Indians on a day that they got only a solo blast from Melky, with Wang going seven dynamite innings and striking out nine and walking two on 113 pitches/73 strikes to earn his fifth win. Joba and Mariano each pitched a perfect inning with two K’s apiece, with Joba only throwing 10 pitches and Mariano throwing a mere 11. Damon and Cano had singles though Cano got picked off, and Jeter doubled. I didn’t see it because I was at the movies, but the highlights showed Wang was dominant with not only his sinker but had his slider, fastball and change working. Between him and the best bullpen duo in the majors, the Yankees needed this kind of dominance off the mound. Very impressive.

On the bad news front, Jorge Posada has a muscle tear in his shoulder and will go on the DL for the first time in his terrific career. The Yankees have had bad luck with injuries thus far, and this one appears serious. There is the possibility of surgery if rest doesn’t work. I like and appreciate Molina, and the timing of this is unfortunate given the team’s release of Moeller. But Molina and Chris Stewart from SWB will have their hands full replacing Posada’s offense. I feel Molina will be fine defensively but hope that he won’t break down, for he’ll sure get plenty of work now. Replacing Posada’s offense is another matter, and must from other position players picking it up. Cano, Giambi–this means you. The team did so when A-Rod was out for a few games. It appears now that the team will need to do so for Posada for quite possibly several weeks, if not more.

I can’t say that I’m impressed with the way that Girardi and the organization have handled this injury or especially the news about it. I’ve said it before, the Yankees have a bad history of handling news about injuries. While one does not want to see hurt players have their particular ailments exploited. I can’t help but think that regardless of what the team said before, the Yankees knew Posada was hurt more than they let on. Questions about whether or not Posada would have a cortisone shot, the description of a “dead shoulder,” it all spoke to something more serious than a strain. Maybe Posada’s recent play behind the dish. Maybe he was injured all along. Either way, Girardi’s touchiness about the injury hasn’t help us to understand the injury or how it developed. The more things change…

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  1. Wang is pretty good, aye? I left this comment on the last entry but it didn’t show up I guess. Sux about Posada, especially because he is the guy that is going to be with the young arms while they develop, and now he is gone for a while.


  2. I added two comments but they did not appear yet? Is this because you haven’t approved them yet? I hadn’t logged in when I posted them so that may have had something to do with it.


  3. It means executing the fundamentals, especially from Molina and Stewart. Draw a walk (Molina has none). Bunt a runner over. Hit behind the runner. Get a SF when you need one.

    Do the little things. All the things we’ve been harping about for a few days now.

  4. No question about it, Mike. I had a brief but very spirited conversation about just that with my friend Frank the Sage this morning. Doing so means playing to win, playing as a team, and doing what the situation demands. And goodness, does this team need to improve its situational hitting.

    Posada’s absence is a big blow to the team, especially to the offense. But some good, solid fundamental baseball can make up for a lot. This is supposed to be a stacked lineup. It needs to start playing like one now, and certainly playing smarter.

  5. I agree. Losing Posada is huge blow. Let’s see how Molina steps up.

  6. I left 3 comments here yesterday but none of them showed?


  7. I’m sorry that your comments didn’t appear right away, Joe. For some reason, they were in a spam folder that I had to mark as not spam. I also noticed for someone else, who had commented here before, that I had to approve their comment for some reason. Sorry for any delay.

  8. i see that jorge is quite nearby visiting dr andrews.

    we can only hope that he won’t need surgery.

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