HDLR 4/30/08: Tigers @ Yankees

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always lively.  Tonight, the Yankees try to rebound from last night’s loss to the Tigers, sending stopper Andy Pettite (3-2, 3.23 ERA) to the mound against Jeremy Bonderman (1-2, 4.28 ERA).  The team has been consistently inconsistent, ineffective with runners on, and has taxed the bullpen.  Compounding matters, Posada and A-Rod will be on the DL for a while. This team needs a jolt.  Who will deliver it? Come on in, get comfortable, grab a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game.  I should be in by about 6:30.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

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  1. the long sean henn experiment ended today as he was finally DFA

  2. Hi everyone.

  3. sounds like phil hughes will be going down to the minors- probably a good idea. lets try rasner

  4. i hope we beat up on bonderman- another one i jjust can’t stand

  5. jason nick can’t get in, il;l be over at sommers

  6. Hi guys. Sorry I’m a bit late.

  7. Henn DFA’d. It’s about time. He had no future with the Yankees. He screwed up that chance last year.

  8. Nice 1-2-3 from Pettite. Jeter, Abreu, and Matsui up.

  9. oh hey jas, nick can’t comment here…awaiting moderation

  10. Jeter with another 2-pitch at-bat, one down.

  11. Hi Mike. I’ll take care of that right now for Nick. I thought I had cleared him before.

  12. we had the bases loaded w/no one out in the first- at least we got 2 in

  13. I saw that. Two in isn’t too bad, though four or five would have been ideal.

  14. matsui, red hot

  15. Slow roller from Abreu 1U, two down.

  16. Matsui should not sit, period.

  17. yeah, bad luck for abreu there. useless giambi!

  18. Giambi works the count 2-0, then hits a weak ground ball to first. He’s horrible. I’d sit him for a week and have him do nothing but pinch-hit.

  19. I like that the crowd is giving it to Sheffield. Good.

  20. Yeah I can type here again. Don’t know what happened before to stop me because I could before.

  21. yeah, sad thing is, i’m sure it doesn’t even bother him- sit down chef

  22. hey nick-

  23. Pettite made Sheffield look bad on the slider K. Good. Sit down, loser.

  24. Hi Nick. Sorry you needed to be authorized. I though I had done that before.

  25. Nice Sheffield goes down swinging!

  26. hey gonzo had been making play after play-3 assists in the 1st

  27. Gonzo is so smooth.

  28. haha that was good to watch

  29. i love watching him make those plays

  30. ha! andy is sharp as a tack-

    if only the young guys were even league average…

  31. Pettite is dealing, retiring nine straight.

  32. Melky the Clutch, Cano the Clueless, and Molina the Mudder coming up.

  33. Pettite is at 55 pitches through 4 after K’ing Cabrera.

  34. if melky can get on, maybe the other guys can manufacture a run

  35. I wouldn’t count on it

  36. melky, the slugger

  37. Melky the Clutch with a single. He’s at .306.

  38. one cabrera helping out another

  39. I understand your reluctance, Nick. I’m staying hopeful, but this team has to wake up and prove a lot.

  40. Melky is working a good lead.

  41. cano is gonna kill me

  42. just pathetic

  43. 4-6 force, only the slow roll kept Cano out of a DP. Flaherty is right about Cano being “caught in between,” but it’s a rock and a hard place, not off-speed and fastball.

  44. really sickening

  45. molina reeeeeeallly hustling…..

  46. Cano had a terrible lead for that hit-and-run, Molina didn’t do his job there. Now 5-3 retires him, so much for the lead-off single.

  47. we have a NL lineup these days

  48. Bonderman is up to 62 pitches, but had 27 after one inning.

  49. I was thinking the same thing, Mike, really weak at the bottom given how badly Cano has hit and Molina dipping.

  50. Not sure what was wrong with that 0-1 pitch.

  51. Guillen down looking on the cutter. Pettite is dealing.

  52. Andy has Uncle Charlie working tonight.

  53. jeter can’t get to anything

  54. Renteria singles through the hole.

  55. ugh!

  56. Jeter’s quickness has really diminished in the field, Mike.

  57. Thmes turned on that fast, 3-2 Tigers.

  58. Andy missed the spot badly on that.

  59. Gonzo has a cannon. He should play for Cano, except for Ensberg’s own cold streak.

  60. he looks great , doesn’t he?

    poor andy- bad luck there

  61. 1-3 come-backer, but Thames’s homer makes it 3-2.

  62. Get things going, JD.

  63. can you believe this s***?

  64. One pitch to JD, and a sky-high pop to short. Terrible at-bat.

  65. Yes I can, Mike. I certainly can. It’s been typical.

  66. Yet another brief at-bat from Jeter, a five-pitch inning for Bonderman. Horrible.

  67. I walk out of the room for 2 minutes and when I return the inning is over.

  68. it’s not looking good, but i still have hope

  69. Homer to that stinking-ass Polanco. The guy hasn’t hit for beans this season until this series, naturally, but had four hits yesterday and a homer today. Horrible.

  70. it was over in 45 seconds nick

  71. Come on Andy get it together

  72. that one shouldn’t have gotten through

  73. i think he can get through this inning

  74. First and second, no outs, a run in already–biggest moment of the game. Pettite getting out of this without allowing another run would be enormous.

  75. Nick, are you excited about the prospects of an all-England UEFA cup final?

  76. cabrera barely running at all- now just get guillen

  77. That’s the way, Andy! Nice turn, Jeter and Cano, 6-4-3, two down, Sheffield the Miscreant to third.

  78. bad luck there

  79. Gonzo can’t handle the slow roller, tough play, but 5-2 Tigers.

  80. i’d still rather see andy come back out in the 7th

  81. Yeah I am Jason its goner be great. Manchester United V Chelsea both teams are still fighting out for the English league with only 2 games left. So really there are 2 big trophies in just 3 games.

  82. Great pick-off of Guillen. The Yankees need to wake the offense up already–Abreu, Matsui, Big G. There’s three, then Melky the Clutch and Cano make two more. It should be 7-5 with still no outs in the bottom of the sixth.

    Just keeping things optimistic, guys.

  83. gotta get to him now…

  84. Good point, Nick.

    Pettite could go batter-to-batter in the 7th, Mike. He’s only at 92 pitches, and the bullpen needs a blow.

  85. i’ll have some of whatever you’re drinking J

  86. if we can’t win one with andy vs this loser, then i don’t have a lot of hope

  87. Matsui hard hit, but F9 on a line.

  88. That would be a big mug of Hoppin’ Frog Belgian-Style, Mike. Pretty good.

  89. Keep hitting it right into the shift, Big Dope.

  90. LaTroy Hawkins in.

  91. we might still win this one, b ut it will be our luck that tonight the bullpen will fold

  92. I’m watching the cubs game on TV in England Steve Philips is doing it. He is actually making good points

  93. i enjoy watching the cubs as well nick-

    surprised to hear that jackass phillips making any sense

  94. i see the cubs are crushing the brew crew

  95. He was being nice to the Yanks with all the injuries, suspensions and the long road its good to be around .500.

  96. phil hughes on DL

    Breaking News. UGH

  97. oblique injury

  98. It gets better

  99. Nice play by Cano, but Granderson to second.

    Hughes was placed on the 15-day DL for a strained right oblique.

  100. believe me nick, he is enjoying the fact that the yanks have all the injuries. you know he was the mets GM

  101. Ortiz homers to make our night complete

  102. It’s a physical negative for Hughes, and not something else he needs to grapple with. But getting someone else in there to pitch had to happen sooner or later. I wish it weren’t like this.

  103. the boston bats have been as silent as ours lately

  104. Hand it to LaTroy for holding it there. I’ll say this also, Nuke hasn’t been bad this year–a couple bad outings, but not bad.

  105. Its true Mike. Boston hasn’t lit it up, either.

  106. he’s battling jason, for sure.
    same with ohlendorf- i love the effort

  107. I guess that is one positive we can take from all of this is that the other AL east teams have not done much either.

  108. I do too, Mike. The bullpen has been pretty good. The (young) starters have really struggled. If they and the offense can get it together, the bullpen could actually carry this team for a while. It’s a good pen.

  109. if not we could be 5 or 6 back, like last year.

  110. it just makes me sick that we are letiing these bad detroit pitchers off the hook

  111. Cano, put it together, kid. We’re trying to hang tough with you.

  112. cano is beYOND bad

  113. the “vaunted” yankee lineup

  114. Cano pops to shallow center, and another quick inning.

    The Yankees have just wilted. What an embarrassment.

  115. Girardi really has to consider sitting Cano for a few games. He’s batting .151 having started almost every game.

  116. Jason I’m getting that annoyed with Cano I would just put him in AAA.

  117. ok maybe I wouldn’t

  118. ohhhh man, this is bad

  119. i think we’re all pretty frustrated with him and many of the other guys

  120. As I tout Nuke, he coughs up a 3-1 homer. What bothers me is the fact that the Yankees have allowed six hits in two games to this loser, a guy hitting .174 before last game. Typical, just typical.

  121. I have to go to bed I will speak to you all tomorrow

  122. Jeter was playing a hard pull there, but just doesn’t have the range for that anymore. Sheffield stole second. The Yankees look horrible.

  123. Nick, be good my friend.

  124. good luck with the presentation tomorrow

  125. I have two words to say about this post-game: Team Meeting.

  126. can torre come back to preside over the meeting>?

  127. Nick I didn’t know your presentation was tomorrow. Drop by and fill us in, please.

  128. so how about that micah owings…he got a pinch hit home run today for the d-backs

  129. nice battle with guillen

  130. I hope so Mike. But I have to say Girardi’s handling of such a meeting would be crucial, especially given the injuries, some young players, the veterans used to a particular way of doing things.

    I would know one way in such situations–read ’em the riot act.

  131. Nuke, good to see you mad walking off the mound after allowing that homer. You should be. Motivate yourself.

  132. at this point i think i’d prefer one of those ” we’ve had some tough breaks, but i know you can pull together guys” type speeches

  133. I think that’s essential for a first talk Mike, and certainly one dictating such as chat. They haven’t had it easy by any means. It should be motivational, but with a step-it-up refrain.

  134. F8 in right-center to the edge of the track for Jeter. lefty Clay Rapada to face Abreu.

  135. This might sound corny with the Yankees’ struggles, but I genuinely haven’t lost that enjoyable sensation of liking watching baseball–the game, the plays, the ups and downs. It hasn’t been great this April, but it’s baseball. I love the game.

  136. barely a whimper…

  137. Weak 4-3, so much for the 8th. The Yankees are receding quietly.

  138. i wish i could say i felt the same way, but there have been many games this year that i have found to be pretty much unbearable.

    i often find myslf enjoying the beauty of the game when i watch other teams play- no emotional investment

  139. Granderson kills the Yankees.

  140. Sorry, but Inge didn’t try to get out of the way but tried to minimize the ball he stayed in for. I wouldn’t have awarded him first.

  141. F9, Edwar the Robust sets them down.

  142. nice play from the kid

  143. 1-3 through the box, one down.

  144. ok, well thanks for hosting…

  145. i’m gonna watch top chef…no emotional involvement there either 🙂

  146. Horrible game. Thanks for stopping by, Mike and Nick. I’m going to get going on the wrap.

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