HDLR 5/4/08: Mariners @ Yankees

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always fast and furious. Today the Yankees go for the Crazy Stein (see Beth’s very good Yankees Chick for details) against the Mariners, sending Darrell Rasner to the bump for his first start in The Bronx this year against Carlos Silva (3-0, 2.79 ERA). Ian Kennedy has been demoted to SWB to make room for Rasner, according to Pete Abraham. It’s unfortunate to see the kid struggle, but for now it’s certainly for the best until Kennedy regains his command and some confidence. Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game. Let’s Go, Yankees! The lineup, also courtesy of Abraham, is below.

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Cabrera CF
Cano 2B
Ensberg 3B
Moeller C

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  1. checking in

  2. How’s it going today, Mike?

  3. all is well–looking forward to a day full of great baseball- fisrt the crazy stein, then i wasnt to watch dan haren pistol whip the mets, then i’m looking forward to the rubber match between the cubs and cards…
    love sunday baseball!

  4. want to watch dan haren, that is

  5. That’s a lot on the ol’ platter, Mike.

  6. yeah, well the cubs/cards are lowest on my priority list…we’ll see if i make it through that one

  7. I feel badly for Kennedy being sent down, but he needs to get a hold of his command and get some confidence from getting some outs again.

  8. Nice to see Bobby Murcer back in the booth this series.

  9. yeah all the plans they had made over the winter are in tatters…

    it doesn’t seem like cashman had a plan B in place in case both of his young starters had problems.
    he should have though.

  10. yeah i love seeing bobby

  11. You’re right about the lack of a plan B for pitching, unless Rasner is the plan B–about which I’m mixed at best.

    I’ll be back in two minutes to take the dog out.

  12. i meant a plan B for the possibilty that both young guns would be either bad or injured or both…

  13. Two quick outs, nice start.

  14. I follow you, Mike, and I agree.

  15. I’ve always liked Ibanez as a player–solid.

  16. oh just great.

    where is the ledge?

  17. well he got some applause from the crowd-a good sign

  18. Belly-high fastball gets crushed by Beltre, 2-0. So much for the quick outs. 6-3 ends it. Let’s get some runs right away.

  19. Kay just referred to this as Rasner first major-league start? Huh? What’s with the Yankees announcers lately?

  20. maybe he meant this year.

  21. Easy 3U, one down.

  22. Jeter–.290 average, .319 OBP, not walking clearly hurting that.

  23. Jeter sure is warming up though, singling through the box.

  24. That 0-1 pitch looked a bit outside.

  25. Abreu cranks a single to center, first and second for Matsui. Keep the line moving, guys.

  26. its’ ahigh strikezone apparently

  27. That’s not so good for Rasner, whose stuff doesn’t afford him the chance to be up.

  28. what chance would you give G to produce here?

  29. Weak 3U with the runners going, second and third two outs for Giambi. How about improving that RISP average, Giambi?

  30. I actually have a decent feeling about his chance, Mike.

  31. Maybe it’s the higher socks.

  32. yay!!!!!!!!!!!! GIAMBI!!!!!

  33. Nope, three weak 3Us this inning. Silva had to work–21 pitches–but the Yankees still trail 2-0.

  34. nice curve ball

  35. Giambi is just terrible with RISP–the whole season really, but doing nothing in the clutch. I can’t wait until his contract is done, even if he tears it up the rest of the year. The Yanks need an all-around first baseman.

  36. Nice play, Moeller, one down. Settle in, Rasner.

  37. Weak 4-3, two down. Keep it going, Rasner.

  38. he needed that 123

  39. Six -pitch second for Rasner. Warm up the bats, Yankees.

  40. hey wait a sec…am i crazy…is ichiro in the lineup?

  41. The Cubs and Cards is always intense. There is no love lost between their fans, and people around here learn early that they’re usually fans of one or the other–not both–even as kids.

  42. Ichiro is leading off and playing center.

  43. i guess like scooter, i wasn’t watching…

  44. 3-1 for Melky. Now Cano–he can make us find religion.

  45. i hope i don’t become that desperate, but i won’t rule it out.

  46. hey guyz, V checkin in

  47. Weak pop for Cano. O’Neill is right–Cano had some pitches to hit but looked like he was lunging, out in front–not good.

  48. Hey Vanessa. How’s it going?

  49. I almost added an almost to the religion comment, Mike.

  50. hey V ! good to see you

    ensberg gets it going

  51. Ensberg reached out and stroked that past short, nice hitting. Keep it going, Moeller.

  52. hey.
    btw, am i the only one who wants to take tha bat out of cano and giambi’s hands and bat myself?

  53. perhaps “gets it going” was a bit premature

  54. Nice to see them make Silva work–39 pitches and 18 in the 2nd–but that’s cold comfort when it doesn’t pay off.

  55. i’d like to help you take their bats…and i completely support you batting behind matsui

  56. No, Vanessa, we’re with you. You can bat first, I’ll take the next game.

  57. lol. but seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. the backup guys are batting better than them.

  58. it’s a tough schedule next week. lets hope the tigers can beat up on the redsox

  59. i wouldn’t have known bobby murcer at studio if i’d fallen over him

  60. They’re terrible Vanessa. I’d love to see the Tigers take that series, Mike.

  61. Does Murcer’s conversation bring you back, Mike?

  62. indeed

  63. wow, does kay’s talk of how ichiro was brought scare anybody else? he was literally bred to play baseball.

  64. Kay’s story about Ichiro’s father is a little creepy, reminding me of ex-QB Todd Marinovich. He didn’t fare so well personally.

    Nice try by Cano on a tough play.

  65. nice catch, thank you bobby.

  66. creepy is just the word.

  67. Nice catch, Abreu! Two down.

  68. you want to catch ichiro, but i don’t like the pitchout …it puts rasner in the hole

    and now you get the stolen base anyway

  69. Ichiro the Magnificent stole second–fifth steal this series. I love Ichiro as a ball player. The guy should be in the Hall of Fame when he’s done.

  70. I agree Mike, the pitch out gets you in a hole, especially if used too much. They pitched out each time and Ichiro stole anyway.

  71. good job

  72. 21 pitches in the third for Rasner, but no harm. He’s holding it there for the offense.

  73. I see I wasn’t the only one weired out by that anecdote, Vanessa.

  74. honestly i didn’t notice what kay was saying

  75. Kay was saying that Ichiro’s father only fed him protein, vitamins, made him bat lefty even though he’s a natural righty to make him closer to first, and massaged his feet to make him a ball player. Weird.

  76. damon is on fire.

  77. Way to take it the other way, JD. Good to see him warming up.

  78. different culture there for sure

  79. That had to hurt a lot, the foul ball of Johjima’s hand.

  80. jeet is on fire too. nice way to start the inning.

  81. now THAT was a heck of an at bat by the captain..

  82. RISP GUYS!

  83. That’s a great at-bat from Jeter all around, working the count to full, taking seven pitches, and hitting a single to right on a hit-and-run. Outstanding, and good to see the Tough Love working.

  84. thank goodness the three hottest hitters on the team are hitting back to back to back.

  85. Abreu cycles it with a single to right, 2-1, first and third, no outs. Keep it rolling, Matsui.

    “Thank you Phillies,
    Happy are we
    for Bobby Abray-hoo”
    –Frank the Sage’s ode to Abreu, set to the tune of “Ali Baba” in “Alladin.”

  86. It’s a good point, Vanessa, and Matsui has been no slouch.

  87. Tough love starting to do its magic on Derek. Need to increase the pressure on Cano & the Big G.

    Trying to do 20 things at once. Radio Yanks, TV Celts, laundry, clean vacuum…and prepare for a Job Fair.

    I need to clone myself.

    Good rally. Here Tie game, 2nd and 3rd. Godzilla.

  88. four straight hits, with no outs. i’m shocked.

  89. Matsui’s ground-rule double ties it, second and third. 14-game hit streak. Outstanding.

  90. here we go…

  91. Offense yesterday & today showing signs of awakening—without Alex & Jorge.

    well, at least they take the lead with that. Almost much more.

  92. i wish i had a clone to do all my homework.
    wow, giambi actually hits it to deep left and it gets caught.

  93. well big g gave it a hell of a ride…plus i’ve seen ibanez fuck up in LF at YS

  94. Mike S! You always have a standing invitation here, buddy. Kick ass at the Job Fair, and I’ll listen in later.

    Sac fly for Giambi on a nice catch by Giambi, 3-2 Yankees.

  95. Vanessa, can’t you have a boyfriend do it for you?

  96. C’mon, Melky the Clutch.

  97. MELKMAN!!

  98. HR.




  99. lol, nah. if i had one he wouldn’t want to do it either.

  100. Melky the Clutch! That guy is having a terrific start! Rip to deep right, 5-2, big inning.

  101. vanessa try to check out the yankee fan club radio show today..

    ill get the link

  102. The Job Fair is actually Tuesday, but I need to get stuff together…

  103. Isn’t it something, Mike S? If you had bet me at the beginning of the year that Melky would lead the team in homers in a month, I’d have bet the house against it.

  104. Get the hitting bug, RC.

  105. The Melk-man delivers !

    Homerun !!!

    Way to go Melky !!!!!!!

  106. http://radio.lvyankeefanclub.com/

  107. melk is also fighting to lead the team in RBI’s with abreu.

  108. Hey Jimmy. This has been some kind of inning. Melky the Clutch.

    RC!! Yes! RC caught the bug!

  109. Hopefully the link still works. I know that TPS is transferring stuff to UBroadcast. That started on May 1st. So this being the first UBroadcast, it should be interesting. Ty’s the tech guy, he’d know more about that.

    Tough love. Cano. Back to back and belly to belly.

    This really helps Rasner.

  110. Really nice hand for him, too.

  111. hey jimmy–you brought some good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. what’s gonna be on the radio today?

  113. Cano got that pitch near the letters and belted it, 6-2.

  114. Yanks up 6-2 and Celts have a big halftime lead. After a cloudy morning, it’s sunny now where I am.


    BTW, my nag came in DEAD LAST.

    Next time I bet on Beedlebaum.

  115. the yanks really haven’t been belting the homers this season. glad to see the hr’s return.

  116. At least it didn’t get euthanized, Mike.

    Celtics up 18, great to see.

  117. Good point, Vanessa. I like to see them manufacture runs–not something that has happened enough either–but this team has power to burn.

  118. Hello, Everybody…

    I enter the HDLR bearing “RUNS” …

    Melky and Cano…back to back Homeruns !!!

    Yankees 6, Mariners 2

    Also, other than the 1st inning, Darrell Rasner is pitching a very nice game….

    Yankees Sweep in the works.

  119. Rasner need to get the ball down against Beltre.

  120. Rasner got away with that fastball up to Vidro, one down.

  121. you’re right about beltre jas

  122. rasner is starting to nibble now…

  123. great looking pitch for the K there though

  124. Nice K of Clement, two down.

  125. YEAH!

  126. rasner is not doing horrible. kudos.

  127. you almost like seeing him have to deal with a little bit of trouble…( especially when he gets out of it)

  128. 6-4 force ends the fourth without runs, nice. 6-2. Add on, guys.

  129. It builds character. Then again, it could be the Tough Love in me.

  130. it’s the tough love J—

    you gotta publish that self help book for baseball players in addition to your “tips for strikers”

  131. JD singles again, nice.

  132. jeter back over .300!

  133. damon is the man ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. he sure is V

  135. Lopez saved Johjima from an error and kept JD at second.

  136. damon is at .300 now too. it’s about time the yankee hitters hit that mark.

  137. “Rules for Radicals–and Reprobates”

  138. HA!

  139. i still think it’s weird to think of him as a red sox player when he had that knee long beard lol.

  140. JD is at .300, and Abreu is at .303 with Jeter.

  141. the offense is officially back!

  142. Jeter’s fortunate ground-rule double scores another RISP, 7-2. Way to add on.

  143. My wife is still bothered by the image of JD clipping his toe nails on the bench during the 2004 playoffs with the Red Sox.

  144. Just a note about the Kentucky Derby…

    Big Brown looked very strong as he ran a beautiful race…

    Could be the next “Triple Crown” winner, as he still had so much energy, after the race was over…

    But, sad ending for “Eight Belles”…

    A bittersweet day!

  145. i don’t blame her one bit..

    still, i’m all for nicely trimmed nails. next time try the clubhouse jd

  146. argh, i hate horse racing.

  147. some guys in the bullpen are well-rested, and tomorrow is an off day.

    Just give six, Darrell. That’s all that’s needed.

  148. that was close huh?

  149. oh yes, mike 6 is all we need

  150. i didnt see yesterday’s game, did joba pitch in it?

  151. Mike S., did you see the flagrant foul on Rondo by Marvin Williams? Horrible.

  152. i’d let duncan pinch hit for giambi now

  153. He didn’t, Vanessa, but he was warming in case they needed him.

  154. After 2004, I didn’t want to bet on a “Brown”

    Maybe that copy of “Micah Owings Guide to Hitting” did make it to Robbie…hope so. LOL

  155. no V, we have joba and mo fresh and f-bomb too

  156. LOL Mike

  157. Yes. Saw it. Just stopped screaming and cursing.

  158. in that case, i wanna see joba today lol, even if the yanks have a 6 run lead.

  159. I agree about Rasner needing to go six. Matsui’s RBI single makes it 8-2.

    Williams might have tried to catch Rondo, but it was dangerous and he should have tried to block the shot.

  160. If he tried to catch him–and I’m not convinced of that at all–he did a terrible job. Pointlessly dangerous and cheap.

  161. hey at least big G is working the pitcher

  162. I think I’d to see Joba rest and, with the day off tomorrow, get extended rest. Ohlendorf hasn’t pitched in several days.

  163. walks are the only thing giambi has been doing to contribute in the lineup.

  164. That’s a heck of a nine-pitch walk from Giambi.

  165. Score ’em, Melky the Clutch.

  166. it would be a nice change to see ohlendorf get a chance to pitch in a winning situation

  167. Nice that the Yankees added on, padding it for Rasner. It’s about time the offense looked like this.

  168. I agree about Ohlendorf, Mike.

  169. that was a pitch that he might have belted out…but he K’d nice.

  170. it is astonishing how fast ichiro is

  171. Rasner with another K, but left that off-speed pitch up.

    Meanwhile, the Celtics have doubled up the Hawks, 68-34.

  172. 6-3, two down. No doubt, Mike. He’s tremendous.

  173. i love seing all the first pitch strikes…and i’m sure girardi does too

  174. he’s going right after these guys…i’m sure kennedy will learn to do this again as well…

  175. F8, three down. Rasner has done well through five, throwing only 67 pitches and, like Jimmy said, only having a rough first.

  176. I hope Kennedy does, Mike. He has pretty good stuff, but has to stop nibbling.

  177. i saw sabathia lost again yesterday. even though he has pitched well as of late, his record is 1-5

  178. all first pitch strikes are nice, but im loving the scoreboard right now.

  179. it looks like such a beautiful day to be sitting up in the upper deck, doesn’t it?

  180. Lots of sun all around today. There’s not a cloud in the sky here.

  181. sidenote, have you guys heard what the prices are going to be for the all star game? their ridiculous.
    but, i swear i’m going, even if i have to sell my liver. hell, i’ll sell my soul.

  182. better sell a kidney V, at least you’d have a spare.

    i’d like to go up for it as well–i’d also like to attend all the other activities that weekend. except the homerun derby…it’s pretty boring on TV,

    i have a feeling i’ll be seeing it all on TV

  183. Garnett just got called for a foul on a hard pick that I thought was clean. He decked Pachulia with a shoulder.

  184. LOL Vanessa and Mike. That will be a very hot ticket to the All-Star Game and festivities.

  185. what are you talking about jason?

  186. i would go to the fanfest, but i agree, the hr derby doesn’t thhattt exciting.

  187. niiiice play by Damon

  188. Rasner caught Ibanez looking on a nice change, one down. That’s four K’s.

  189. jd!!!!!!

  190. Great diving catch by JD!

  191. Nine-pitch sixth for Rasner. He’s only thrown 76. He should get the seventh.

  192. jeter is sickk.

  193. Jeter’s single makes him 4-4, and he’s hitting .315.

  194. that’s hit #14 for the yanks today… sweet.

  195. JD, Jeter, Abreu are 9-12, five runs.

  196. it’d be great if the yanks seriously blow this one out of the water, just so they get some confidence back before the day off tomorrow.

  197. I’d like to see Giambi get going with this opportunity.

  198. I agree Vanessa, and to get some people like Veras and Ohlendorf a little work.

  199. So much for that from Giambi. Only he and Moeller don’t have a hit today.

  200. i’d bet $100 that you take a random guy from the street, put him in the yankee lineup and he’ll get more hits than big G

  201. Veras went yesterday. Dunno who they go to, but Rasner was everything we could have hoped for.

  202. Rasner was very good. With Ohlendorf up, it seems he may get the 7th. The Celtics are up 36 in the 4th, Mike.

  203. I can see Ohlendorf. Maybe even Alby. Even Farnsworth…

    Unless they want to get Joba and Mo work.

    As for now….it’s Ohlie.

  204. Yeah. One round done. On to the next. I mean it SHOULD be celts/pistons Eastern Conf. finals, but we’ll have to see if it is to be. Never know… Anyway, home team wins each game in this series.

  205. sorry got a phone call…

    past a diving G

  206. Got things to do before the show. Catch you later. Looks like a good day.

  207. generation tres- barf…

  208. see you at the shoe mike

  209. show

  210. At this point, Vanessa, you’re not far off about Giambi.

    Maybe Alby for a frame.

    The Celtics should never have let it go seven against the Hawks, but kudos to the Hawks for being tough at home. Boston needs to control James, who will probably see myriad defenders and double-teams.

  211. Thanks for stopping by, Mike.

  212. beautiful curve for the K!

  213. Terrific change by Ohlendorf to K Balentien looking. Nice inning by Ohlendorf.

  214. of course boston is getting a sweep as well…but hey, at least we’ll get ahead of tampa today.

  215. was it a changeup?

  216. It might have been a curve, Mike. I was thinking it looked like a change, but I haven’t caught Ohlendorf in a while.

  217. we’ll be tie with tampa

  218. no, i think you’re right jason…whatever it was, it sure was nice

  219. Morrow just buzzed Ensberg up high.

  220. if you check out bronxbanter they have some beautiful pix of the bronx’s little italy-arthur avenue…lots of great food

    made me hungry

  221. I’ve heard that’s a great strip, and where Scooter would have cannoli sent to the Stadium.

  222. that guy morrow has some great stuff…

  223. I love the pictures of hanging meats and cheeses.

  224. who is you guys player of the game?

  225. Cool Hand Nuke in for the 8th.

  226. i pick jeet.

  227. my mouth was watering J…

    i have some left over lamb chops from dinner at my dads last night…think i’ll grab a beer…

  228. he’s 4-4, can’t do any better.

  229. I’d pick Rasner, only because his locking down the Mariners after the first was big.

  230. Jeter is a good pick, Vanessa. He’s stinging the ball right now.

  231. good point about him settling in jason

  232. who IS that guy wearing farnsy’s number?

  233. Cool Hand Nuke with a good 8th, lowering his ERA to 3.52.

  234. woah. mo is warming. has girardi looked at the scoreboard?

  235. maybe he wants to get a little work in with tomorrow off

  236. Jeez, I don’t know about Mariano here. He pitched Friday. Maybe it’s because he got no work against Detroit, and it would be another three games at least between stints. But I’d put in Albaladejo.

  237. I’ll be right back, I need to take the dog out.

  238. i hear the pan. i’m surprised freddy sez doesn’t get tired of going to every yankee game and have people make that sometimes annoying noise.

  239. i have a feeling it’s pretty much the focus of freddy’s life— have you gotten his newsletter he hands out at the games?

  240. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…

    Kyle Farnsworth has been pitching very well over the last few weeks …

    Also, the bullpen has been pitched great this series.

  241. yeah jimmy , he’s a different guy lately…

  242. shelley!

  243. no, i havent actually gone up to him, but i would love 2 be in his shoes. watchin every game would be heaven… just i wouldnt like carrying the pan.

  244. shelley looks taller and taller every day.

  245. that was BS!

  246. bs times two.

  247. That’s a horrible call on Shelley for strike 3. Not even close–disgraceful.

  248. i just replayed that—it was UNBELIEVABLY LOW


  249. It must be getaway day for Laz Diaz as well. Maybe he has another water commercial to film.

  250. mo is coming in, which i still think is kinda dumb.

  251. just think if this was a close game how outraged we’d be.

    i have steam coming out of my ears anyway

  252. I’m not keen on Mariano here either.

  253. tampa has finally managed to score a lousy run

    and vanessa, you should go up and talk to freddy he’s very friendly…and shy actually

  254. you guys are right, we might need him a lot this week.

    lets hope it’s a quick one

  255. 6-3, one down.

  256. nice play jetes

  257. Heck of a charging play by Jeter on the short-hop 6-3, two down.

  258. eight pitches, mo makes it look easy.

  259. 8 pitches. heck of a series guys. our first real crazy stein this year!

  260. Harmless enough–8 pitches for 3 outs. Great 8-2 win, a bit of something for everyone.

  261. did you guys see girardi consoling shelley just now?

  262. The Crazy Stein will appear, outstanding.

  263. girardi is that type of guy. he cares about the players.

  264. I did Mike, Girardi knew that was an atrocious call. He shook his head in the dugout when it happened.

  265. Nice easy day’s work for Mariano…

    8 pitches …. 1-2-3 inning …

    Ball Game Over ! Yankees Win !

    The Yankees Win !!!!!!!!

  266. I’m going to get working on the wrap, everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Big win today to get The Crazy Stein.

  267. Thx, J. Great win for the Yanks.

  268. thanks for hosting J

  269. nd ahh, I was right about the player of the game.

  270. Great win for the Yankees back over .500 lets keep it that way

  271. Jason,

    I enjoyed my brief visit here today…

    Thanks, for another fun HDLR !!!

    Great Sweep By The Yankees…Brings them to 17-16 so far in this season…

    Three awesome starting pitching performances; as well as, great work out of the bullpen…

    They voted Derek Jeter [4-5 today] the “Star- of-the-Game” on YES. .. The Captain had a great game, but I think Darrell Rasner should get that award today…The Yankees needed a “Big” game by Rasner…and, he delivered !!!

    Take care, everyone! Enjoy the day-off tomorrow !!!

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