HDLR 5/7/08: Indians @ Yankees

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always fast and furious. Tonight, the Yankees try to even the series at one against the Indians. Chien-Ming Wang (6-0, 3.00 ERA) gets the nod tonight against Cliff Lee (5-0, 0.96 ERA) in a top-flight pitching match-up. I’m opening things up early since I have to pick up GLG from piano, so I’ll be back sometime in the first. The day was not without intense sporting competition already, with the little guy besting me two games to one in the daily Driveway Stanley Cup showdown. I took the first game 7-5, the little guy reversed it 7-5 in the second, and he beat me off a deflected shot in front of the net in the clincher, 7-6 (all games end at 7). To top things off, the little guy traded sticks with me and used mine to play his air guitar victory song, fully impromptu. Humiliating but hilarious.

Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold one, and enjoy the game. The Yankees’ more righty-heavy lineup, as per Pete Abraham, is posted below. No Giambi in favor of Shelley (GOOD) but still JD, Matsui, and Cano (good for the first two, Cano is a better option than the so-called switch-hitting Betemit). Let’s Go, Yankees!

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Duncan 1B
Matsui DH
Cabrera CF
Cano 2B
Ensberg 3B
Molina C

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199 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. anybody around?

  2. V here.

  3. hey vanessa. not off to a good start.

  4. at least we got an out

  5. Hi guys, I was getting back from getting GLG from piano. I see it’s first and third, two down.

  6. bring us some luck jason

  7. he isn’t sharp tonight

  8. hey mike & J. wang’s not doing horrible and i hope that that run is the only one of the night for cleveland.

  9. no, not horrible, but not sharp either. leadoff walks to sizemore aren’t going to cut it

  10. that’s true, considering we’re going to keep the score to minimum with another undefeated pitcher on the mound.

  11. Sorry, had to reboot the computer; it was slow. All should be better.

  12. Time to work over Lee.

  13. rats!

  14. I see Erin Andrews, the Red Sox Chick, is broadcasting.

  15. damon was really running out of breath there.

  16. Mike, you’ll be happy to know my wife made her famous meat loaf, with mashed potatoes and gravy, Double helpings.

    Jeter looked weak on that.

  17. ugly hack by jeet.

  18. at least he tried V—i love the way he hustles.

    jeter got fooled

  19. sounds delicious. i’m drinking absinthe.

  20. Boy, the Yankees didn’t put up much of a fight in the first.

  21. JD does hustle, and he was the only one to put one in play. Bad inning for the boys.

  22. they looked like little leaguers , or worse

  23. Throw strikes, Wang

  24. lovely, another leadoff free pass

  25. I can’t stand the lead-off walks allowed.

  26. Molina caught that flush in the mask.

  27. Can o’ corn for Melky.

    I’m glad to hear A-Rod should be back in one week.

  28. 5-3, two down.

  29. we need him badly. ensberg =auto-out

  30. These are some funky WordPress avatars inserted here.

  31. so what’s with these cute little colored avatars that have appeared?

  32. HA ! on the same page again. lieterally

  33. They’re like doilies for the HDLR.

  34. he looks like he’s settling in

  35. K ends the top of the 2nd. Shelley the Invincible Marauder, get it going.

  36. sorry for my brief absence. my mom went to puerto rico for a week so i have a lot more things to take care of.
    nice K by Wang to end the inning.

  37. when you first moved here one could insert your own picture there, i don’t know what happened

  38. i just noticed the avatars. im wondering why they’re there too lol. but mine is my fav color so im happy.

  39. are you running the house vanessa?

  40. I haven’t a clue why the avatars appeared. WordPress must have felt that I needed more graphics at The Heartland.

  41. pretty much mike.

  42. Weak 6-3 sets down Duncan.

  43. Lee is throwing strikes, but leaving a fair amount of pitches up. Matsui with a seeing-eye bloop to left. At least it left the infield.

  44. matsui not only hot, but lucky!

  45. Melky, what the hell was that swing?

  46. Nice going, Cano, swinging at a pitch almost a foot inside. He’s clueless right now.

  47. cano is beyond infuriating. the loss last night may loom large…

  48. Nice K of Sizemore by Wang, one down.

  49. i kno cano is the starting second baseman and a “future batting champ” but how long are the yanks going to sit back and wait for him to come around? they should give him a couple days off to get his act together or something, anything to help.

  50. Wang has the slider working tonight.

  51. wanger looking sharp now

  52. I’ve said the same thing, Vanessa. Gonzo should have played more, especially against lefties.

  53. Betemit’s righty bat not to be trusted whatsoever.

  54. Easy 1-2-3 for Wang. 8-9-1 for the Yanks, and they need to get moving.

  55. betemit has no case to be here.i don’t get it

  56. Good to see Cokehead Keith Hernandez in the crowd. Sorry Mets fans, you can keep him. I’d take Donnie Baseball in the field and at the plate any day.

  57. i missed him jas…

  58. the lineup looks so drastically odd without arod and posada. i mean, who would’ve ever guessed that duncan would be hitting fourth.

  59. Ensberg is wearing out his welcome as well, Mike. The Yanks could stand to lose some dead weight, adding Giambi to that pile.

  60. It’s true, Vanessa. I’m not convinced he belongs there even in this lineup, but he breaks up the glut of lefties.

  61. Boy the Yanks look like a pile of horse manure at the plate tonight, just weak.

  62. Wang will need to keep this very tight.

  63. it’s sad –i’m paying more attention to the computer than the TV..,

    it’s like i expect to see three quick outs…and did

  64. the exact same here mike lol.
    i’ve been doing that a lot this year. the games have been just too predictable.

  65. Thankfully I can have the laptop before me with the TV in my view. The Yanks’ offense has been listless.

  66. great play shelley!

  67. well that’s what i’m doing too, but if you saw how slowly i typed…

    past a diving jeter…so typical

  68. i wish we could get hanley ramirez on this team

  69. I think the time has come to seriously consider moving Jeter. His bat is excellent, but he lacks range more than ever. A problem with having him at first is it’s a power bat position, which they actually need–thanks Giambi.

  70. yeah that’s the conundrum , there really isn’t a perfect position from him. we all love him, and he hits in the clutch with a great average , but has no power anymore.

  71. Get Blake here, Wang

  72. oh great.

  73. Damn it, 2-0 Indians.

  74. what?!?!?!? that seemed like a sure out at home.

  75. Cano was shading really close to second, leaving a big hole.

  76. he was safe on the replay

  77. if the yanks could buy luck, oh where they would be…

  78. Poor plate blockage (though the throw bounced short). BTW, what took Wang so long to get behind home?

  79. Jeter, Abreu and Shelley need to wake it up immediately.

  80. and on a night when laptops is getting taken to the cleaners…too bad

  81. i’d like it if they would get hits too jason, but it’s not like cliff lee is kenny rogers or nate robertson

    oh wait i forgot, we couldn’t hit them either…

  82. I saw that, Tigers up 3-0.

  83. 4-0

  84. Now Abreu swings at garbage.

  85. that poor cliff lee having to deal with his son having leukemia

  86. Garbage at-bats in the fourth as well. Horrible.

  87. yeah it looks bad for sure guys. i’m sure those fans of other teams watching their guys face lee were feeling pretty much the same way we are

  88. True Mike. It’s just sad that this lineup is just so inconsistent, not to be feared too often.

  89. Walk to Sizemore, first and second no outs. The Yankees cannot afford to allow any more.

  90. Big K there, one down.

  91. not our night.

  92. argh, another run crosses the plate.

  93. Chest-high pitch to Dellucci brings an RBI single, 3-0.

  94. niiice throw by molina.

  95. you’d think they’d know where to NOT pitch delucci after last night, right?

  96. Normally, one would think three runs isn’t so much to be down. But this team is so listless offensively, there are so many dead spots, that they’re being put down.

  97. i agree J, it seems like they’re down 10 runs.

  98. yeah i agree as well.

  99. melky! there is a pulse. a weak pulse, but a pulse

  100. and a hit!

  101. lets see how mnay pitches cano sees

  102. Nice hit Melky.

  103. another bit of luck!!

  104. You take it any way you can get it, RC. 1st and 2nd, one down for Ensberg.

  105. they just have to figure out how to plate at least one

  106. youre not kidding J

  107. ensberg is a waste of space

  108. Nice going, Ensberg, K two down for Molina.

  109. When A-Rod comes back, DFA Ensberg.

  110. couldn’t even get his bat on the ball

  111. So much for that opportunity. The bottom of the order is so weak.

  112. and molina gives it a ride, but.

  113. 1-2-3 for Wang, if the top of the order can come through…

  114. i’m going to have to sign out early guys, i have too many things to do and have procrastinated a lot lol.
    lee’s pitch count is at 66 so the yanks are going to have an extremely difficult time trying to win this game. nonetheless, go yanks!

  115. they will be showing a quick tour of the new stadium coming up on MSNBC if you guys are interested

  116. g’nite V, good to hang out with you even on such a bad night for the team

  117. thx, good to hang out with you guys too. over and out.

  118. I’m ready to puke with all the weak 4-3 outs. Jeter F9 deep, two down.

    This is becoming a rote recitation of futility.

  119. Thanks for coming by, Vanessa.

  120. Lousy toss makes Abreu safe.

  121. i’m back- great tour on the new place.

    i see abreu beat that out

  122. Shelley, rip one out to left and make him pay for that lollipop throw.

  123. c’mon shelley, swing at a strike

  124. and he does!

  125. Shelley with the double down the line, nice. Come through, Matsui.

  126. i’m putting me head in the oven

  127. my head. i’d hate to go out on a bad bit of grammar

  128. Matsui, swinging at off-speed garbage inside. Again, the two-out rally fails.

  129. tigers8-4

    an opportunity to improve in the standings probably wasted

  130. melky!

  131. beautiful by cano and shelley

  132. Sorry for the sporadic posts, but I was on the horn with Frank the Sage, who is equally miffed about the garbage play.

  133. Melky made a great catch on the double turn. nice stretch by Shelley.

  134. Cano looked smooth going to his right, as usual. He needs to start looking smooth at the plate.

  135. no doubt…

    meanwhile they just showed that clip from the marlins “ballpark”….literally 3 people in the outfield. utterly pathetic

  136. oh that was a teaser…i though he might have had that one!!

  137. I wasn’t in favor of MLB contracting, but the Marlins deserved it. Terrible franchise.

  138. why are we even watching this?

  139. it must be some addiction on our part.

    like the compulsion to look at a road accident

  140. I’m not one to cancel the HDLR, Mike, but this game is one that almost makes me reconsider it. What a turd.

  141. “There’s nothing to see here. Please disperse.”

    Oh, except for Ensberg’s pathetic roller for a single.

  142. oh i’ll stick it out as ensberg bashes one towards 3rd base!

  143. Ensberg’s 45 foot chopping bunt.

  144. HA!

  145. Give it a rip, Jose.

  146. that would be SO sweet to see him hit one out or any where they aint

  147. On the whole, Wang wasn’t bad–a little rough at times, but three runs through seven is a quality start. The offense has done nothing to support him. Cool Hand Nuke warming up.

  148. So much for that, yet again.

  149. so ***ing disheartening

  150. Just disgraceful. With the poor offense and the especially bad bottom of the lineup, this team is yet again fading.

  151. 3 runs in 7 innings is great..i have no problems with wang; he’s been as good as anyone could hope for. but this lee is something pretty special. yeah we might have gotten to him with our regular lineup.

    it’s just such a bummer to lose yet another series

  152. Lee had the Yankees off-balance all night, and he threw a lot of strikes.

  153. think about if the yankees had the blue jay pitchers…

  154. perhaps that will be the case for us with the kids by next year, or the next

  155. I’m concerned that the Yankees are in an odd spot–needing to rebuild somewhat but trying on the fly, too old and also too young and inexperienced, too laden with big wasteful contracts this year.

  156. You’re right, Mike. The Jays have a very good staff. I’m still quite hopeful for the Yankees’ kids.

  157. how bout that jose molina!

  158. Damon, Jeter, Abreu–let’s go!

  159. Jose can flat-out peg it.

  160. problem is by the time the young stud pitchers will be approaching their prime, all of our great hitters will be either gone, on their way down.
    exceptions a-rod melky and cano—maybe tex?
    they have to re-stock the position players soon

  161. The Yankees are due to do something off Perez and Betancourt. They have the Yankees’ number.

  162. Exactly, Mike. That’s the soft underside of the organization–lack of big-time position prospects.

  163. WTF johhny? one pitch? the guys walks people.

  164. Perez doesn’t throw that hard, but has lots of movement and the ball seems to come out of nowhere.

  165. cashman is going to have to give up some of his precious prospects eventually.

    and from what i’ve read the indians were entertaining offers for lee at the winter meetings. not that casman was giving up anyone

  166. Gorman sure took his time on that check-swing call. Jeter did go, two down. More offensive anemia. Abreu with a two-out double.

    Shelley, now’s your time.

  167. please shelley duncan…

  168. And develop others, arms for bats at some point it seems.

  169. the next sound you hear will be a gun going off in my apartment

  170. F9 shallow, so much for that.

  171. LOL Mike.

  172. Alby in.

  173. Great shot of Mariano talking to Joba in the bullpen. Mariano is The Man.

  174. back to the prospects- the lunatics at LoHud who gossip all day about the minor league players all day have this idea that jackson, gardner and tabata are going to be willie mays, ken griffey jr etc

    they need to get a grip. they may be nice players but the other teams ahead of us in the draft are scooping up all the good hitters.
    gotta get tex next fall

  175. yeah mariano will keep joba under his wing; i’m not worried about the kid as long as he pays some attention to his catcher

  176. oh lovely a hit and a walk.

  177. I see Teixeira coming in a huge contract. I’m so sick of the know-nothing know-it-alls at these sites who talk out of their asses about prospects. Developing prospects is tough, and they can hit walls for lots of reasons–injuries, lack of discipline, athletic limitations. It’s not a given that people will develop by any stretch.

    Alby is struggling.

  178. 3-2 BB to Shoppach loads the bases.

  179. exactly, especially when you have to wait until the higher rated prospects are already drafted by other teams. another problem is that the rays and the orioles are way up there and they really won’t trade within the division.

    ball 4. alby is done stick a fork in

  180. Hafner pinch-hitting.

    There is just a lot of genuine ignorance on some of these beat writer blogs. I think people like the ability to post where there’s lots of traffic. Others just try to be provocative for its own sake. Plenty of the above and more just don’t know the game, nor do they know situations, nor are they consistent–wanting the kids to get a chance to pitch then hate on them for struggling.

    Swinging bunt gets the 2-2-3 DP, nice job Molina.

  181. give molina an oscar and a nobel prize for that one!

  182. i mean i don’t claim to know much, despite my constant chatter, …or at least i hope i don’t.

  183. Get it going, Matsui.

  184. i’m eating this really good gelato-

    coconut cream pie—yum

  185. I think you know a fair amount, and I think there has developed a nice network of fairly knowledgeable fans, with us, Mike Sommer, Vanessa does a good job, Geoff really knows the game. There is a qualitative difference between the discourses on our blogs and some of the others because there’s less nonsense and hateful chatter.

  186. oh you’ll love this–the redsox have tied their game

  187. Why am I not surprised, Mike. Did they batter Toad Jones?

  188. Still the 7th–too early for The Toad.

  189. it’s only the 7th inning for the sox/tigers slugfest.

  190. well cliff lee is as advertised

  191. Lee was very sharp, and the Yankees batters looked clueless.

  192. Cano is actually showing strike zone awareness.

  193. a sad “effort” to be sure

  194. yeah a day late and a dollar short

  195. nice wake jason, thank sherry for the refreshments.


    at least we had a few laughs…

  196. Garbage effort tonight.

    Thanks for stopping, Mike and Vanessa. I’ll get working on the post soon, after I put the little guy down to bed. (He was reading this as I wrote it.)

  197. There are always the laughs, if nothing else. Tonight, there was nothing else.

  198. by next year i can see both your kids as HDLR regulars!

  199. By next year, they’ll teach me how to get rid of these retro avatars.

    They’re really great kids–smarter than their father, great personalities.

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