That’s about it for this so-called effort tonight, a big, stinking pile of refuse masquerading as a professional game as the Yankees dropped a thoroughly uninspired 7-1 loss to Tampa Bay tonight. Pettite wasn’t sharp, giving up five runs earned in four innings, surrendering four in the fourth to end his evening. The offense was torpid, shut down by Matt Garza, grounding into three double plays, and getting more from the bottom of the lineup than the top. Gonzo got a couple hits, Cano got one to continue his hit streak, Molina “legged” out a double late, and Melky got a hit, making the 6-9 hitters 5-13. Conversely, the 1-5 hitters were a combined 1-17, a sure-fire way to lose.

Although I watched all the game that I could around shuttling GLG to and from soccer as well as bathing and chattering with my son, I quite frankly won’t spend any more time writing the wrap on this. What can I say that hasn’t been said in the last season plus a dozen times over? How many more adjectives must I trot out to describe slothful play from a lineup that, even without A-Rod (through this week as he continues to rehab his quad) and Posada (the guts of the team, as I called him last year), still has a lot of talent? How often can I–and others, for it’s far beyond only my observations–exhort the team to play with some fire instead of wilting?

I’ll end on this note: the most putrid sight I saw all night was the FAUX Sports camera panning over the Yankees dugout when it was 6-0 Rays in the sixth, and seeing a bunch of guys sitting around silently. What an embarrassment–no cheering others on, almost no one hanging on the rail to yell encouragement or pay up-close attention to the game, no one talking to each other on the bench. More than the loss itself, that bothers me most of all. This team looked resigned to the loss, and that’s an abject disgrace.

Wang (6-1, 3.12 ERA) faces Edwin Jackson (2-3, 4.04 ERA) tomorrow night. Redeem Yourselves! Thankfully we won’t have to hide the children Thursday night for another Igawa start, for Ian Kennedy is being recalled and will face Tampa Bay in the series finale as Igawa is hidden away in the bullpen closet. I’m not sure that Kennedy has everything sorted out yet, but he has to be better than Igawa. Just get out there Ian, challenge batters, and throw strikes. How sad it is that the highlight of the night is not having Igawa start later this week. An improvement over that would be trading him away as soon as possible, perhaps for a few boxes of balls and some line chalk. Miraculously, the Yankees are only four games behind first-place Boston despite yet again falling under the .500 mark.

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  1. hey, sorry i haven’t been around. i’ve been busy with some music editing stuff that needed to get done. i haven’t even listened to the podcast from the YFCR, but hopefully i’ll get to that tomorrow.
    i was up almost all night last night and even though i got some sleep as i turned the yankee game on tonight i felt two things. tired and a strong premonition that the game would be a disaster. i put the DVR on and went back to sleep. i got up about 20 minutes ago and checked the score. my jaw dropped a bit. did i look at the box score upside down? no, it was rays 7 -team wearing yankee uniform 1. my premonition unfortunately was right. i certainly will erase it right away.
    the absence of alex and jorge is not helping, but lets get real- that is not what is wrong with this team.
    i’m seriously beginning to worry about andy pettitte. i’d like you hear your thoughts on that at some point.
    i had a feeling during ST that the rays were to be taken very seriously–i know all the pundits and pontificators were granting that they would be “somewhat improved” “maybe 83 wins” –stuff like that. i think this year they have reached the tipping point. you only have to look at the tigers 2003-2005 and then 2006; seemingly out of nowhere. i’m not saying that i think they will win the division, but they might very well. they have starting pitching, finally a pretty good pen, and great hitters. oh yeah, one other thing…they’re hungry.
    i’m glad kennedy will be back on thursday-
    you’re right- it’s a miracle that were only 4 back.
    there is hope- i just need to find mine again.

  2. Hey Mike, no sweat at all. We all have lives to lead and work to do. Your premonition unfortunately came true. The team was just plain flat yesterday, inexcusably so. I agree about the Rays, which did come up a bit on YFCR. They’re not the same old Rays, and much of it stems from significantly improved pitching. That they have an honest-to-goodness power hitter in Pena to build around is another huge plus. Additionally, while Maddon irked me with the Spring Training incident, credit where due–he has the team playing with confidence.

    Kennedy back is better than Igawa starting any day. I still feel hope. I’m just sick and tired of these sluggish starts and, to be honest, the team taking games off.

  3. Hey Jay,
    Same here. New business system at work, and putting in a 1TB HD at home cause iTunes filled up my other one. I agree with you on the Rays. It’s getting much tougher in the AL only four teams can go to the playoffs and it will be a tight race for sure. We will get ARod and Posada back soon. Bruney on the 60 day DL isn’t going to help us any. Hopefully this team will “gel” soon. The Rays having swept the Angels prior to playing the Yanks tells me they are not “The TB of old. Yesterday is gone today’s a new start. Here’s hoping. Have a great Day.

  4. Perfect word, “Garbage”. The offense was dead, Pettitte was flat, the team was pathetic. Wang needs to get them a win tonight. We must win the next 3!

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