Beach Front HDLR Warm-Up: YFCR, WTF, and Other Assorted Acronyms

Hi everyone. Great to re-establish radio contact with everyone after a couple long but ultimately fruitful days in the vehicle, as well as straightening out some screw-ups with the beach-front house that, while very nice, was positively trashed when we arrived yesterday afternoon. It’s 77 degrees at the beach, sunny, brezzy and positively delightful. We’ve already had a busy day. I was up at 7 a.m. after a night of walking the beach with my son and Frank The Sage looking for crab, playing pool with GLG and Frank The Sage’s daughter Zoomps, and a solid half-hour in the 101-degree hot tub. I know, tough gig. Today I started with a long run, came back for breakfast, threw the pill with GLG and The Sage for about 45 minutes in the street, swam for 30 minutes with the kids, had my son bury me in the sand, came back to the pool, made lunch, and sampled some good cold coldies. Clearly, the beach has made me soft and I need some good turgid life-affirming activity to straighten me out.

Like discussing the Yankees. I saw that the Friday game was rained out, which was probably for the best given how poorly the offense has performed. Yesterday proved little exception, dropping a 7-4 game in which Pettite’s struggles continued, Cool Hand Nuke reverted to Nuke LaFarnsworthian form, and the offense showed little ability to generate runs without the big blast.  Tonight, the Yankees get yet another lefty in Oliver Perez (3-3, 4.61 ERA) facing CMW (6-1. 2.90 ERA) in which I would call an early-season must-win.  The Yankees are three games under .500, are floundering at the plate, and are 3-7 in their last 10 games.  They are dead last in the AL against lefties at .229, 11th in average with RISP at .244 and the same slot with RISP two outs at .223, and 12th in runs.  Horrible.

Frank the Sage says: The changes this off-season and recently were in the wrong place, in management, and bringing in these players in the last few seasons are reaping the benefit from all that, and it’s not good.  When have you see them like hit that?  The batting average is usually higher.  We’re floundering big-time, but at least last year there were glimmers of hope.  Is it too early in the season to throw the baby out with the bath water? No, but what do we need to question as fans?  What are the biggest changes we’ve seen–ownership and the manager.  Is that the right place for change?  How will the upper changes pan out?  Nobody ever wants to use the “R” word with this team, but it’s there.  They’re “retooling.”  Santana could have been had yesterday, too.

Plus, look at the injuries we’ve had.  You lose the AL MVP and the best catcher in the game bar none–and there isn’t a baseball person in the game who wouldn’t extol the virtues of Posada–and of course it’s cost them. My response: I agree, especially on the last point with the injuries and what in productivity was lost.  However, should this team still be performing better with a lineup that still consists of JD, Jeter, Abreu, Giambi, Matsui, Cano, and Melky the Clutch?  FTS: I agree, absolutely.  As we discussed earlier, for what they’re paying–and it isn’t just the pay–this isn’t their first rodeo at the plate.  They’re the first guys to admit that injuries are a part of the game.  This is a lineup that at the very least should be putting up five or six runs a game.  How has Yankee management helped to change this?  Even last year when they were floundering, they were scoring runs. My response: Indeed, as some like Mike Sommer and I, and other regular readers like Mike and Vanessa have discussed.  How do you change that?  Should the Yankees play more “small-ball,” or, is the problem the lack of runners on base in order to do anything, such as playing small-ball or scoring more runs?  That is, is the problem not the style of play, but the lack of substance regardless of the style? Or both? FTS gets the final say today: Given their anemia with RISP, I don’t think it matters as much as a general lack of productivity–lack of driving in runs, RISP.  We talked a couple weeks ago about this being a .500 team, and right now they’re not even that.  They’re playing that way.  Are the Rays a better lineup than the Yankees?  And the answer is yes because they’re doing the things right now to win games.  Is the Rays’ bullpen better? Absolutely not, the Yankees just need the hitters to hit.  Two of the three are missing–A-Rod and Posada. But also, you can’t wait on the “we’ll get healthy” attitude. The Sage is searching for answers like everyone else.  You just don’t get that feeling at any given point in time that they’ll heat up and win games.

So there you have it.  In a somewhat co-authored post, The Sage and I are both frustrated, but searching for how it is that this team, filled with talent, can flounder yet again.  Maybe it’s accumulated age.  Maybe it’s the assembling of a flawed, one-dimensional team, maybe it’s allowing a somewhat flawed team to become too one-dimensional.  Maybe we wouldn’t even question this if the bats were performing close to their standards.  Regardless, the team needs to right the ship and win.

Tonight, HDLR will open about 7 EDT, and we’ll have a grand time with Frank The Sage watching the game.  Come on by, and enjoy.

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