HDLR 5/17/08: Mets @ Yankees

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, the chin-wagging is always brisk, and the beach poses as the beautiful backdrop to the HDLR tonight.   Frank The Sage joins the HDLR this evening as the Yankees try to break even this series against the crosstown rival Mets, with CMW (6-1,  2.90) facing lefty Oliver Perez (3-3, 4.61 ERA) at 8:05 on ESPN.  The Yankees really need to start generating more offense than 1-4 runs per game, and have a challenge on their hands against a lefty who often gives them trouble.  As per Pete Abraham, the lineup is below.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold one, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

Damon LF
Abreu RF
Jeter SS
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Gonzalez 3B
Molina C

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  1. Jason and Frank The Sage are in.

  2. hey and welcome to your vacation home. i enjoyed your last co-post with the sage. yesterday’s game was so full of highs and terrible lows. i really felt we were going to win it, but when you finally get just barely enough hitting, the bullpen lets you down utterly. to me this team looks a lot worse than last year- maybe things will change when we get our two big guns back, but as we have said all too often, this club should have plenty of firepower without them.
    i hate to bring this up, but remember the white sox last year? a team slump that lasted the entire year. i’m not predicting that, but these things obviously happen.
    andy is yet another worry, though with our “usual” bats, it would have been enough. there have been way too many games that have been given away this year. i’m reminded of that lovely roadtrip last june to colorado SF and balti…

    anyway, high hopes for tonight

  3. Hey Mike. I hear you about the team slump and the highs and lows. I do have some hopes for tonight, and know that this team is way overdue for a good streak.

  4. I see Nuke was back to being Nuke last night.

  5. worse than wortless. i think he was trying to make up for all those good innings he’d given us.
    he made his point.

  6. last year i was at the stadium to see the rocket against perez- best seats we’ve ever had. we lost as i’m sure you know. 0-2

    woman next to me turns and says ” waste of good seats, huh”

    i had to agree. lets hope it’s bad perez today. i’d say it’s fairly likely- he’s a mental case

  7. Nuke sure wasn’t Cool Hand Nuke yesterday. Horrible. I remember the loss to Perez last year, Mike. The Yankees did nothing against Perez last year, or the year before for that matter.

  8. Mike, did the YFCR work Nuke over in tonight’s show? I imagine that Uncle Joe, Ty and Tony had a lot to say and complain about tonight.

  9. V checkin in, glad 2 not have seen the game yesterday. I knew the real Farns would show up sooner or later.

  10. i didn’t listen to it live–will do the podcast. i can imagine uncle joe was apoplectic

  11. Hey Vanessa. How’s it going?

  12. hey vanessa-i listened with growing horror to the game yesterday

  13. I can imagine, Mike, especially after Uncle Joe rightly complimented Nuke for his recent stretch. I also bet Ty was talking (rightly) about Nuke reverting to form.

  14. It’s great. I’m counting down the days till school is over. Unfortunately, the faster school ends, the less time I have to study for finals, regents and the SAT. And they say school is easy.

  15. Those who think school is easy aren’t in school, Vanessa.

  16. you know what really kills me is that the mets are horrible this year, yet handed us our asses

  17. Listening to Miller’s platitudes in the pre-game is really insulting. “The Yankees have scored 10 runs in the last five games. That’s bad.” Duh.

  18. thats what i thought when i found out the yanks lost yesterday. i’m like, both teams suck right now. one has to win… and with our luck, the mets did.

  19. It’s true, Mike, and the Yankees defibrillated Reyes and Wright. They’re thankful.

  20. why are they blaming willie? their players are either ancient or playing badly.

  21. I thought that Gammons did a fair job of refracting that away from the Willie criticism, using him as a foil for the variety of reason why the Mets have failed–75-75 since the end of last May, .317 OBP for Reyes.

  22. mets fans will always hate willie for one reason—and you know what that reason is

  23. He’s a Yankee.

  24. I hope we beat these mets

  25. when the mets were doing good i used 2 say that it was only because a yankee was managing them.

  26. Nice 1-3, one down.

  27. Hey Nick. How’s it going?

    Catch the stinking ball! I don’t think Molina saw it.

  28. that’s right, they idiotically can’t let that go.

    WTF with gonzo—did that yesterday

  29. hey nick–how goes it?

  30. I think Molina didn’t see it, and Gonzo thought Molina would get that.

    Another 1-3, two down.

    That’s funny, Vanessa.

  31. Its doing ok with me.

    2 down

  32. Good play Jeter

  33. thank you jeets–gonzo needs to lay off whatever he’s been smoking

  34. Nice arm backing up Gonzo, Jeet. Gonzo had a rough inning.

    The Sage: “They gave an error to Gonzo on that? I don’t agree. It wasn’t even his ball. Poor disgraced former attorney general…”

  35. they have to take a ton of pitches from perez

  36. Gonzo’s been smoking some of the resin that’s left from the previous tenants here at the vacation house.

  37. ok, espn is seriously killing the mets and yankees songs.

  38. Fairly deep F7, one down.

  39. clearly girardi has given up on shelley. he’s had maybe 40 at bats…

  40. I agree, Vanessa. ESPN is where local sports and media cultures go to die.

  41. That 1-0 to Abreu was NOT a strike.

  42. abreu lunged at that bad pitch

  43. the good thing about shelley is that he’s the kind of guy that’s good to have in the dugout and clubhouse, whether or not he’s in the lineup.

  44. Abreu should have put Perez on his ass.

  45. and yeah j, it was high

  46. And inside Mike.

  47. Jeter walks

  48. i’d rather have him be given a chance vanessa, which he hasn’t

  49. I like the two-out walk, but again, can’t the Yankees get something going BEFORE two outs?

  50. The Sage has a good “Let’s Go, ‘Zilla” chant going in the living room.

  51. i wish joe morgan would just shut the fuck up

  52. Jeter steals

  53. nice steal by jeet.

  54. i’m with you mike.

  55. Jeter finally steals a base! Mike Sommer must have fallen off his chair. And of course, morgan says, he didn’t read Perez, he just left on first movement. Maybe he READ the first movement.

  56. bad luck for zilla

  57. balls

  58. I agree, Mike. Just shut it, Morgan, you little troll.

  59. The Sage seconded you, Mike. He LOVES Morgan.

  60. not to worry, perez will meltdown sooner or later.

    they just have to give him the rope to hang himself. abreu could have worked a walk there if he’d wanted to

  61. what a scoop!!

  62. Cano was slick on that.

  63. Good play

  64. niiice scoop by G

  65. and throw

  66. Nice scoop, Giambi.

    Sage: “Give it to the guy. Every now and then, the guy can flash some leather.”

  67. ok joe morgan just won’t give giambi anything

  68. i think my mute button is going to see a lot more action today.

  69. Cano got to that ball so fast it’s unbelievable. What fast range.

    The Sage: “So far, VW–Vintage Wang. Has a ball left the infield yet? No.”

  70. I’m half tempted to turn on Sterling, Vanessa.

  71. I don’t know much about Joe Morgan but I get the feeling that he think all the viewers watching are stupid and does not get Baseball

  72. but then you’ll be so out of synch jason, it really isn’t worth it

  73. nick, how was the fan club show today?

  74. That’s the problem, Mike. That’s why it only gets to half a mind.

  75. I’d say you do in fact know Morgan, Nick.

  76. Only listened to half of the show David Pinto was on and good as always

  77. BB for Giambi. C’mon, RC, keep warming it up.

  78. thats what i’m talking about, keep the walks coming, the hits will follow

  79. i’d like to smack cano in the face

  80. Nice pitch, Cano, right after a walk.

    The Sage: “You couldn’t LOOK at one pitch from this guy, Cano.”

  81. If I had a pound everytime Cano swings at the first pitch I would be a millionaire

  82. Sage: “Hey Robbie, these are the pitching you should have been looking it.”

  83. see what i mean? 3-0 to melky.

  84. F9 pop, two down for Gonzo.

  85. it’s a shame clint hurdle didn’t ask torre to be one of his coaches this year at the all stargame

  86. That was a good play.

  87. oh man what a play! that church has been a lifesaver all year for them.


  88. that was hilarious.

  89. wagner was pretty pissed.

  90. i love that inside corner!

  91. It was a nice play from Church.

    Two down from Wang, who’s looking sharp.

  92. i love billy wagner- old school

  93. its hard to stay mad at cano when you watch him in the field

  94. If Cano were as sharp at the plate as he is in the field, things would be much different right now.

  95. poor jose, i still love him

  96. Molina is awful at the plate at the moment

  97. That 3-1 pitch to JD was the same ball as the 1-0 pitch to Abreu. Now JD is down on the K.

  98. pathetic. but jd will fall for a slider all the time

  99. Even at 0-0 it still feels like we are losing

  100. Abreu looked weak.

  101. three bad at bats. so what else is new?

  102. The Yankee offence sucks big time at the moment

  103. i know what you mean nick- we’re programmed into watching them lose. it’s expected now. sad.

  104. First hit off Wang, double for Reyes. Wang left it up.

  105. hearing “lets go mets” at the stadium makes me sick

  106. The Sage: “It’s sad that you don’t want this run to score because at this point, it’s a monumental run to give up.”

  107. HA HA!!!

  108. Wang’s great reflexes caught Reyes off second.

  109. jose is caught!!

  110. That was funny

  111. the sage speaks the sad truth.

    awesome play

  112. That’s a big pick-off, especially with Wright’s single.

  113. so much for gonzo’s great glove

  114. DP ball would solve a lot here.

  115. not good

  116. Walk loads the bases for Church. Still need a DP ball here. Wang’s had a tough fourth.

  117. What was wrong with the first pitch?

  118. oh my giambi

  119. Giambi, you’re so lousy. Bases still loaded, still one out. Terrible throw.

  120. well that just sums up the yanks this year. doesn’t it?

  121. Giambi simply can’t make the throw to first in any capacity.

    Alou’s single makes it 3-0, first and third. Not a great hit but it worked.

  122. It feels like game over

  123. another sad outing by the yanks

  124. *tearing hair out*!

  125. ok, now it’s over

  126. oh- a bit of luck. foul

  127. now its over

  128. That’s a bad call, it was a homer. The Yankees got a big break. They blew it through their indecision.

  129. maybe not

  130. it couldnt have been just a run of the mill home run. it had to be as close a call as you can possibly get to calling it a homer and not a foul ball.

  131. wait, they called it a foul? i missed that.

  132. That is really bad by the umps

  133. Terrible call.. I can’t stand bad officiating.

  134. a bad call is only bad when it goes against the yanks lol.

  135. oh come on wang, get it together

  136. Wang is disintegrating this inning.

  137. sickening.

  138. if only we had a 1st baseman

  139. correct me if im wrong but pettitte and wang were the guys we could count on right?

  140. they were, yes

  141. I’m still gonna blame the offence

  142. the offense should get the blame every game. if they were hitting like the yankees the pitching wouldnt need to do well. then again, the lineup is without jorge and alex

  143. the pitching is equally to blame. it’s just that we’re usecd to having a great offense and mediocre pitching

  144. a great offense is pretty much the definition of the yankees.

  145. I was joking but you are right mike

  146. jeet is on fire. single to start the inning.

  147. ok we get it, it was not a foul play get on with the game please


  149. 4-2 Matsui homer

  150. thank god for that guy

  151. G just had to kill it.

  152. ok now we see perez start to fall apart

  153. nice steal by cano.
    perez did have a long sit down.

  154. but we let him off the hook- per usual 2008 yankee style

  155. Inning started so well ended so bad

  156. ok i guess i shouldn’t complain-we got two!

  157. Throw strikes please

  158. see i like having wang come back out- torre never would have

  159. There not gonna let this foul ball thing go are they

  160. no nick, once these guys get a hold of something they NVER SHUT UP

  161. i know there’s that thing about being “grateful” and “not complaining” but enough is enough, two runs just aren’t going to cut it. yanks need to wake up.

  162. this game is officially a lose-lose when it comes to yankee-mets fans battles. if the yanks lose, mets say ha! yanks win, mets say they wouldve won, it was the bad call.

  163. let them say what they want. i want to win this

  164. Wang needed that

  165. jason hasn’t commented for a half an hour..

  166. Sorry, had to step out for a bit.

  167. I’d rather have a morally compromised win. A win is a win.

  168. yeah nick…and i swear joe torre ( and i loved him)
    would have put in another pitcher…he had too quick of a hook. and look how great wang just looked. we can win this thing guys

  169. molina the double machine is BACK!

  170. molina drilled that one.
    this better be “the” inning.

  171. I thought that was a homer but a double from Molina we really need to make this count

  172. Molina with a big lead-off double. I’m surprised Church missed that.

  173. I hope that breaks Molina’s slump.

  174. Nice job by JD pulling the ground out. That’s the big difference with getting the double at the beginning instead of late in an inning.

  175. Just think 4 and a half more innings then we get A-rod back

  176. at least get a sac fly

  177. I can’t wait, Nick. This team needs him in MVP form.

  178. Drive the ball, Abreu.

  179. man i though he had that one..

  180. that was faiiiirr!
    jk lol.

  181. that was unlucky

  182. Abreu caught looking. Now Jeter needs a two-out hit.

  183. that K was deadening.

  184. great job bobby. and also great job girardi for having a lefty loaded line up

  185. Damn it Abreu is it so hard to hit a sac fly

  186. That’s a lot to do with why the Yankees need A-Rod and Jorge–righty power.

  187. F8 deep, wasted lead-off double.

  188. pathetic

  189. well when the top of the order cant get a LEADOFF double home, then they deserve to lose ( and will)

  190. the pirates managed 13 runs against perez

  191. I really hate this offence right now they can’t even do the simple things.

  192. i can’t stand them either nick. they make me want to throw up. they’re losers

  193. and another run.

  194. this game is annoying.

  195. only annoying V? you have a lot of tolerance

  196. lol mike.
    the only reason i have any tolerance is from dealing with these crappy games all season.

  197. that was depressing

  198. The offense is just incredibly boggling right now. Their inability to score runners is amazing, just pathetically amazing.

    Wang has been by and large good except for a really horrible fourth.

  199. where is everyone

  200. Wang actually has a low pitch count right now.

  201. I’m gonna have to go got work in 5 hours thanks for hosting Jason speak to you soon

  202. Nick, thanks for coming by, and I’m sorry the game wasn’t livelier.

  203. The Yankees have mustered absolutely nothing. Horrible yet again.

  204. Was wondering where everyone was. Hope you liked YFCR tonight. Dave Pinto of Baseball Musings is always a great guest. I don’t know who will be the guest next Sunday, if they have one. I’ll be at the Stadium.

  205. I didn’t get to listen to it, unfortunately, but will sometime soon. I had to step out for a stretch, and I get the impression that the game has no one excited about staying around.

  206. yea, this game is a complete downer.

  207. Good for you, Mike. I hope you have a great time, and that the Yankees awaken to make the trip worthwhile.

  208. The last couple games in the HDLR have been duds but, then again, the odds for duds are pretty good right now.

  209. I’m going to stop back in soon after getting the kids off to bed. Thanks for coming by, everyone. I’m sorry I wasn’t around a bit more, but a couple things came up.

  210. Looking like I’ll get the Moose just like you did. So this time, I and members of the club are the Clark Griswolds.

  211. sorry i haven’t had anything nice to say, and you know my mom always said…if you haven’t anything nice to say—keep your mouth shut. i’m checking out. this team stinks.

    have an amazing vacation jason !!!

  212. my cable box just accidentally got unplugged, i’ll take that as a sign.

  213. and how bout that!

  214. Oliver & Company eight innings? this is ridiculous.

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