Right Now, the Yankees Stink Out Loud

I hate to say that because I love this team, have followed it assiduously for about thirty years, have stuck with the team through plenty of downs as well as the ultimate highs, know and appreciate a good deal of its history, and never fail to pull for them–all of this like so many of you. But lets’ face it, people–this is not a good team we’re watching right now, not even close. While we were rooting for a comeback Sunday night–certainly while the game was within reach–were any of us genuinely convinced that it would actually occur? Not I, though I watched as I returned from the store for aloe for my little guy’s sunburn. Not The Sage, who shut it off after a Mets homer made it 5-2. Not the dutiful HDLR attendees. People who know this team know that they haven’t mustered a single late-inning comeback regardless of the deficit. They know that the offense is languishing like a fractured ship on a reef. They know that the pitchers are working within an extremely narrow margin for error. They know this team isn’t a good team right now, and quite frankly might not be this year. It’s still early, and there’s still plenty of time and opportunities to turn it around. Yet right now, that’s not happening. Worse, the Yankees show no signs of rising out of the woeful slump, borrowed slimy golden thong or no.

The floundering Yanks are tied for 11th in the AL in runs, are 8th in batting average and 9th in OBP, they’re dead last in batting against lefties at .225, 11th in batting average with RISP and RISP two outs, second-last in stolen bases, 12th in team ERA, dead last in starters innings pitched, 13th in starters’ ERA and 11th in starters BAA. They haven’t won a single game in which they’ve trailed entering the eighth and ninth innings. They are 3-8 in their last 11 games, having been outscored 52 to 31. Johnny Damon is 6 for his last 44. Jason Giambi is 4 for his last 17 but that has actually raised his average 14 points. Melky Cabrera is 7 for his last 43. Andy Pettite has lost his last five starts, allowing 19 earned runs and five homers in his last 27 1/3 innings.

All this and more has yet again sunk the Yankees into last place, 6 1/2 games behind Boston. Again, the Yankees have floundered to start the year. Again the aging team must play catch-up. Again the team looks listless and unimaginative, despite a new manager with a reputation for aggressiveness. Again this team is in a sizable early-season hole. I’ll touch base later. I’m blogging outside and, fittingly, it’s starting to rain.

A-Rod returns today against Baltimore, not a moment too soon. The Yanks lack righty power and any sort of punch right now.

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  1. I feel it too . At any rate , let’s just hope we can turn it around , even if there is no championship karma (A-Rod’scomments) or leadership (A-Rod , agAIN) , I would like a dignified season .
    But then agaIN , I say there is a 75% chance that the Hose that Ruth built will go down having already hosted its final playoff game : a 6 – 4 loss
    to the Indians .

    Will forever say , first thing in the morning :
    Go Yankees !!!

  2. Count them’ seven runs in the darn first inning!

  3. Hey, Jason!

    The way the Yankees are playing right now, makes me think of the great Casey Stengel, and how he must have felt managing the [40-120] 1962 New York Mets…

    Stengel said, “is there anyone here who can play this game”… and,

    “They [1962 Mets] [2008 Yankees???] have shown me ways to lose I never knew existed”…

    The 2008 New York Mets embarrassed the Yankees over the weekend, with their two-game sweep….

    The Yankees are just embarrassing themselves tonight, as the season continues to become longer, and longer, by the day!

    Jason, I hope you are enjoying your vacation !!!

    Take care,

    – Jimmy

  4. Tonight’s loss may very well be rock bottom. Just embarrassing. It’s funny b/c back in August of 2006, the Yankees lost to the O’s by a score of 12-2 and then went on to rattle off 5 straight in Fenway). We called it “the slingshot.” One of the many from that year. That year they also got beat by the Indians 19-1. The Yankees then went on to win 9 of their next 10 games. Got beat by Toronto 13-5. The Yankees went on to win 4 in a row, and 10 of their next 12, one of which was a 19-6 loss to Tampa Bay. Got beat by Tampa Bay 19-6. The Yankees went on to win 6 of their next 7.

    Hopefully, this loss gets their butts in gear.



  5. Jason! …………believe.

  6. Another loss [12-2]…

    20-25, W/L record this season…

    Last place in the AL East…

    $200 Million doesn’t buy much these days… Just look at the price of gas !!!

    It would have been interesting to see how George Steinbrenner [in his heyday] would have reacted to the weekend sweep by the Mets, and tonight’s disgraceful performance by the Yankees!

    The whole team looks “flat”…

    With 117 games left, the Yankees have to play, .598 ball, [70-47], to win 90 games this year…The way they are playing I just don’t see it [right now] … And, even if they do win 90 games this year, it will not be enough to get in the playoffs. … I think 95 wins will be needed, and I don’t see the Yankees going 75-42 (.641) the rest of the way!

    Let me end this sad note with something positive …

    GO YANKEES !!!

    Take care, Jason!

    – Jimmy


  7. Leave it to the Sox fan to add a little ray of light in…

    At this time last year the Yankees were 9 games back and we were all saying they were done. Then what happened? A magnificent surge to the point where the Yanks were nipping at the heels of the team they trailed for the entire season.

    I for one am not pronouncing this team dead before June ever again. I made that mistake last year.


  8. Oh, man is this sympathy from a BoSox fan? This is “rock bottom”.

  9. Oh, man is this sympathy from a BoSox fan? This is “rock bottom”. That would be front page any other day? Is there something more important on the news? Well actually may my prayers to the casualties in China due the massive earthquake.

  10. Hey, I grew up in NY. I don’t hate the Yanks. In fact, I love it when both teams are at the top of their game. Will we ever see anything like the playoffs in ’03 and ’04 again?

  11. I’m a comical fellow nothing personal. Those playoffs sold plenty of Sox hats no? I understand thanks for stoping by here, We appreciate any modest comments. Man another no hitter huh? We could use one of those right about now….


  13. * Darrell Rasner pitched another great game [7 innings of shutout ball] in the Yankees 8-0 win.

    * A-Rod is back ! He had three hits yesterday, and did hit a second homerun in the game, that was taken away from him, by a bad call by the umpires.

    * Two scoreless innings by Joba Chamberlain.

    All the above is great news…. but, the best news of the night, and of the year, is that the process has finally begun to move Joba Chamberlain into the Yankees starting rotation…

    Joba, Joba, Joba !!!

    Priceless !!!

    Jason, take care…

    – Jimmy


  14. Thanks for the well wishes everyone, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the recent resurgence the Yankees have had–two games below .500, playing much better, scoring more and hitting better with A-Rod in the lineup, and getting a few quality starts in a row.

    I have mixed feelings on Joba. On the one hand, his stuff almost dictates that he move into the rotation. On the other, the move involves trading a known quantity for a probability. I have faith that he’ll do fine starting if not better. It also seems to mean that someone like Kennedy must move to an unfamiliar role. Regardless, my main concern is getting more and better starts and, if that occurs with Joba in the rotation, then so be it. Goodness knows the Yankees have had enough poor starts thus far this year.

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