HDLR 5/26/08: Yankees @ Orioles

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always fast and furious.  Today, the Yankees look to extend their winning streak to six as they take on the Orioles on Memorial Day, in the first of three games in Baltimore.  Darrell Rasner (3-0, 1.89 ERA) faces lefty Garrett Olson (3-1, 5.19 ERA).  Come on in, grab a cold one and a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game.  As per Pete Abraham, the lineups are below.  Giambi sits in favor of Shelley, and Moeller is in for Molina.

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Duncan 1B
Cano 2B
Moeller C
Cabrera CF

Roberts 2B
Mora 3B
Markakis RF
Huff DH
Scott LF
Millar 1B
Hernandez C
Jonees CF
Bynum SS

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  1. Jason is in.

  2. i’m in

  3. Nick is in

  4. hey fellas

  5. Hey Mike and Nick. How have you guys been?

  6. I’ve been great just seen the new Indy movie today which I really liked

  7. Belated congratulations on Man. U., Nick. I watched the game, and it was tense–rainy Moscow, Ronaldo goal but missed penalty kick, miss from Terry, big save to end it, lots of posts banged–good stuff.

  8. Good to hear, Nick. My son watched the first on the way to North Carolina, and he really liked it. We intend to see the latest, plus the new “Narnia” movie.

  9. Thanks Jason. Ever since Manchester won in Europe the Yankees have not lost lets hope it stays that way

  10. I have no audio right now, which will at least spare me Gary (the) Thorne.

  11. what indy movie?

    i loved all the narnia books as a child…

  12. Just 123 more wins to go, Nick.

  13. Me too, Mike. Great series, certainly rivaling Tolkien.

  14. oh you must mean indiana jones…duh…

  15. Awesome! I have YES.

  16. i still have all of the cloth bound editions that my grandmother used to read aloud to me. great stuff

  17. you have YES on MLB TV? i have MASN on extra innings 😦

  18. It is a cheesy Indy 4 and is not as good as the first 3. Its a great watch. I’ve been wanting to see the new Narnia film (loved the books as a kid) doesn’t come out till June in the UK

  19. nick i made a huge shakeup of my fantasy team, i dropped several guys and added some more. things were just not going well. i see your team is improving and has passed mine 🙂

  20. Score one for the guy stuck in the Midwest. I wasn’t keen on the second Indiana Jones flick, but loved the first and really liked the second. Nothing like melting Nazis to warm the cockles of my heart.

  21. Nick Markakis already has seven outfield assists, the most in the majors.

  22. what a horrible at bat from damon

  23. It won’t last long Mike. Your team will be above me soon.

  24. Great to hear the loser behind home yelling, “Hey Johnny Damon. You throw like a girl!” Loser. Now he Ks, and he’ll have the bum on his back all day.

  25. i haven’t seen any ofthe indiana jones movies since back when they were new

  26. don’t be so sure nick, from the looks of the guys you have, i can’t believe that your team isn’t in a higher place

  27. That was nasty Damon. Is it time to start talking about Gardner yet everytime we do he picks it up

  28. BB for Jeter with Abreu coming up. Get an early rally.

  29. Kenny Singleton is right about Abreu’s at-bat yesterday. That was enormous, wearing out perennial punching bag Rhodes.

  30. Without being arrogant Mike I would be in the top 5 if I new what I was doing from the start. I’m just starting to get the hang of it thats why I am higher in the league

  31. that was a rather high strike

  32. Jeter swipes second to lots of cheers. Both are good signs–the running and the cheers.

  33. I think that was a bad called third strike, framed well by Hernandez.

  34. Come on A-Rod

  35. Plate the runner, A-Rod.

  36. Olson is being very careful to A-Rod, understandably.

  37. Deep F8 ends it.

  38. this will be the first time i’m seeing rasner, last week i was in atlanta when he pitched.

  39. Make it a good one today, Darrell.

  40. Nasty slider fouled off, 1-2.

  41. groundout to jeter, one down.

  42. MASN saying that the top 4 guys in the oriole lineup have been batting .141 on their last road trip. lets hope that keeps up

  43. Hey Mora, come back.

  44. hahaha Mora

  45. Mora went almost all the way to first on that called strike.

  46. 2 down

  47. First pitch to Markakis looked good.

  48. i like what i see

  49. Nice first inning, Rasner.

  50. You brought him some good karma, Mike.

  51. Cy Rasner looking good

  52. zilla stays on fire

  53. Two years ago was Jeter’s 2,000th hit.

  54. c’mon shelley, show us what you got…

  55. Matsui is having a very good year, crisply hit single.

  56. There going to have allot of good problems coming up. With Joba going in the rotation that leaves 1 spot to Kennedy, Rasner or Hughes (when he come back).

  57. Let one rip here, Shelley.

  58. he has a hard time keeping those fair….

  59. I agree, Nick. Kennedy seems most expendable until Hughes comes back. They may find themselves with a couple long relievers. It’s a good problem, but they need better starts with starters going longer. They’re still last in the AL in starters’ innings.

  60. Duncan swung at a ball, but it was a good pitch.

  61. i thought the yanks destroyed this guy last week?

    what is different?

  62. Weak hack from Cano, two straight K’s.

  63. The Yanks seem to be chasing his breaking pitches, and he’s keeping them down.

  64. Moeller HBP. C’mon, Melky the Clutch.

  65. well they need to lay off

  66. Still zeroes.

  67. I’ll send Girardi the text message, Mike.

  68. nice curve ball ras

  69. thanks jas–

  70. Rasner left that up a bit, but thankfully was eaten up in deep LCF.

  71. 2-1 just missed.

  72. BB to Scott, now Millar singles. Rasner grooved that to Millar.

  73. nice inside pitch

  74. Hernandez is wearing out Rasner, 9th pitch coming up.

  75. pretty tense at-bat

  76. good outcome though

  77. 10-pitch at-bat goes to Rasner, but he’s up to 40 pitches through 1 2/3.

  78. already 40? not good. i didn’t realize

  79. Cheap infield singles loads the bases.

  80. it’s too bad this isn’t a joba stretch day

  81. nice job D-Ras

  82. Big K to end the second, nice work to escape Rasner, who threw 27 in the second and is up to 45.

  83. It’s a good point, Mike.

  84. it’s just hard to believe how many lefties we’ve faced already this year

  85. Way to start it, JD. Keep it going, Captain.

  86. It’s true, Mike. Given the poor start the team has had against them, they can expect to see more.

  87. ugh.

  88. i thought you were goin g to text girardi?

  89. Stop chasing garbage, Jeter–and team.

  90. He didn’t answer, Mike. I think he’s still slathering sun block on himself.

  91. see the second I mentioned Gardner he gets a hit

  92. Huge K by Raz last inning. Nice. Busy with errands today, since I know I have a busy day tomorrow.

  93. Abreu, you’re allowed to pull the bat back. he reacted slowly on that. Olson’s breaking balls are killing the Yanks so far.

  94. keep it up nick

  95. You must have loved the game yesterday, Mike. Great weather, too.

  96. mike, can you post or e mail us some of your pictures from the game yesterday?

  97. Walk to A-Rod. Come through here, Matsui.

  98. The Truth believes Shelley’s aggressiveness is hurting him. Right now Shelley too aggressive. Trying too hard.

  99. Shelley sure did lunge after a breaking ball in his at-bat.

  100. Yes, Perfect. And my seats, although in last row, were under the frieze. Had a bit of a breeze and the shade.

  101. Once developed. In a day or two.

  102. too bad johnny damon took time to look back at markakis. it cost him

  103. Boy did they run on the wrong guy, Markakis pegs out Damon on Matsui’s single. Now that’s 8 outfield assists.

  104. I think you’re right, Mike. He should have just bore down and run, but Markakis had him by a pretty good margin. The ball wasn’t too deep.

  105. Amidst all that, Matsui is now batting .329.

  106. well on the replay, he looked as if he did as best he could. aggressive meacham, but what can you do with JD running and 2 outs?

  107. I don’t like the 3rd base coach

  108. Not pretty good margin on the replay, actually. It was pretty close.

  109. good point about shelley pressing from the truth

  110. fairly economical inning for the D-Ras

  111. Rasner’s done a good job thus far.

  112. Rasner only threw 11 pitches in the third.

  113. oh that was SO close…

  114. pathetic

  115. C’mon, Shelley. Relax. Damn. Just missed a double and was robbed of one by Beltre yesterday.

    Markakis owns the Raz. Moskowitz states that Markakis is 8 for 10 off the Raz.

    Had to love that Celtic Gm. 3 win, right Jason? Huge.

    …and Shelley whiffs.

  116. can’t he shorten up his swing with 2 strikes? i gues not

  117. Duncan is really chasing that change, but Olson has thrown him two really good ones for out pitches.

  118. Can’t believe I am saying this but I miss Giambi

  119. Shelley needs to stop trying to hit hr’s every at bat

  120. I caught a bit of the second half of the Celtics game in the hotel room, Mike. They looked great, and held it together as the Pistons tried to come back. Great to see Garnett dominate, and the defense clamp down so tightly. Billups not being 100% hurts them, but the Celtics really came out strong. It’s about time they did that on the road in the playoffs.

  121. Shelley tries to pull everything.

  122. agreed nick- with a 3-2 count he should have been so careful.

    giambi is hot, we all miss him today

  123. Hard to believe that this is the same guy the Yankees slapped around last week.

  124. Olson is up to 66 pitches. Maybe with a couple innings of patient, successful work, the Yankees can get him out of there.

  125. a bad showing by the bats for sure. how many pitches is olsen up to?

  126. you’re way ahead of me

  127. that luke scott is a tough out. nice to see him go quickly

  128. Saw a funny t-shirt at the Stadium yesterday (some are over the top regarding taste, obscenity, etc.)…

    but Tim the Wizard would like this one on the JV team as he calls them.

    Stinks (or the other word)…


  129. Rasner has done a good job of being around the plate, but without getting too fat a part of it–Millar’s hit a notable exception.

  130. That is funny, Mike.

  131. **Team** my bad.

  132. Easy 1-3, two down.

    I’m going to assemble a summer reading list despite being very busy. Any good baseball books that any of you good folk would like to recommend?

  133. that’s perfect for those losers in queens.

    great inning from “the Dazzler” as he has been called today at LoHud

  134. Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham

    one of the best novels i’ve read in a while

  135. 8-pitch fourth for Rasner, and he actually has fewer pitches (64) than Olson now. He’s doing very well and, if this keeps up, CAN’T be removed from the rotation. You just can’t remove a guy who’s pitching this well. There’s lots of time left, but Rasner has earned the right to continue to start right now.

  136. Murcer’s new autobio, which I highlighted last week or so on my blog.

  137. 7-pitch at-bat for Melky, but a pop 4. One down.

  138. I remember how much Rasner and Karstens were ripped on various blogs in S.T. Karstens injury leaves him a “?”, but I hope all those ripping Raz are eating crow.

  139. Yank one out to right here, JD.

  140. great at bat jeter

  141. Rasner started ST very well but faltered when a job seemed his. The guy is throwing strikes and working very well.

    Easy 1-2-3 for Olson. This game sure is tight.

  142. I’m also thinking about “October 1964” and also Halberstam’s book on Bill Russell, maybe the greatest team sports player ever.

  143. Good morning, good afternoo0n, and good night, Jones.

  144. i didn’t love October 1964. not even close to summer of 49

  145. Easy 4-3, two down. Keep it rolling, Rasner.

  146. what a job- i love watching him pitch. as torre would say- he makes me feel comfortable

  147. I remember people ripping him last offseason. Whenever I tried to mention that despite the 1-3, that his ERA was 4.01, which was good (better than all except Wang), people didn’t want to hear it. They also didn’t want to mention or take account of the broken finger Raz received. Another scoreless inning… 4-0, 0.87 @ SWB, and 3-0, 1.50 as of now for NY.

  148. Come on Offence get Rasner a win

  149. Russell 1955-1969. Two NCAA titles. Helped USF to a consecutive game winning streak that stood until UCLA set that record 88 game streak. 1956 Gold Medal. 11 titles in 13 years. The only two years he didn’t win it?

    1958, 2nd year. Russell was injured & the Celtics lost to the St. Louis Hawks in the Finals.

    1967. After a record eight titles in a row, the 68-13 76ers win the title from a still-great Celtic team in Russell’s rookie year as coach. Wilt finally got Bill in this year.

  150. A-Rod works his second walk. C’mon, Matsui.

  151. Bob Pettit’s Hawks in ’58, and ’67 with Wilt, Hal Greer, Chet Walker (who doesn’t get talked about enough as a great player), and a maturing Billy Cunningham.

  152. 76ers over Celtics in that Eastern finals in 1967. The 76ers beat Rick Barry and the S.F. Warriors in the finals.

    Celtics, I think, were 60-22 or something that year. But it was the 76ers year.

    The next year, the 76ers blew a 3-1 lead to Boston, then Wilt was traded to the Lakers.

  153. horrible

  154. Yup. I believe Easy Ed was on the 58 Hawks, and that 76er team also had Wally Jones, Matt Guokas, and I believe Larry Costello (not so sure about Costello).

  155. Stranding A-Rod at second, terrible. Olson up to 94 pitches and should pitch the seventh.

    You’re right, Mike, 60-21 for the Celtics who, if I remember, really struggled with players hurt that year and throughout the late 1960s.

  156. Trivia. Who was the coach of both the 1958 Hawks AND the 1967 76ers, the only two teams to deny Russell?

  157. Phillis Diller?

  158. Cunningham doesn’t get enough credit as a player, either. He was a heck of an athlete and could shoot, but became known as a coach who couldn’t win the big one until 1983. Really unfair, a great player and coach.

  159. Oh, it was Alex Hannum, with whom Wilt always clashed about Hannum’s insisting on Wilt passing the ball more.

  160. Crud. Markakis owns Raz.

  161. Correct.

  162. Dammit, Markakis homer makes it 1-0. Rasner didn’t make a bad pitch, it was down a bit, and he deserves better. Study in contrasts–the Yankees strand A-Rod, and the Orioles come right back with a run.

  163. Hannum made Wilt a better and more complete player. But Wilt’s ego knew few bounds.

  164. Rasner left that up. It might unfortunately be time to warm up the bullpen to keep the game close.

  165. Friggin’ umpire. He was K’d. Now he gets a double.

  166. NASTY 2-2 curve to Scott, K for two down. Terrific pitch. Hold it here, Rasner.

  167. A bit surprised that Ensberg got the reprieve today. Gonzo sent down when Betemit came back. Ensberg’s been worthless.

  168. Was there a YFCR show last night? I looked for the podcast but didn’t see any. Just wondering if Ty, Joe and Tony took the holiday off.

  169. Jeez, Abreu’s struggling with the sun made that a really tough but clutch play for Melky. Bottom of the Yankees order needs to come through here. The team has done a good job of responding right after surrendering runs.

  170. i guess they figured that gonzo needed to get some at bats at SWB. ensberg has been a complete waste of a roster spot though. the bench has not been as great as we’d hoped, with the exception of how valuable molina has been behind the plate- and occasionally in front of

  171. There was a show, Mike. It was lively as usual.

  172. It’s probably true about Gonzo, Mike. He does need to play. I also agree about Ensberg, who of course has some defenders among the fans at “Bombers Beat” over Betemit, despite not producing at all and striking out at a greater rate.

  173. I’ll have to catch the podcast. I don’t think Ty put it up yet. I’ll have to get a hold of him.

  174. Nice walk for Moeller.

  175. Olson must be keeping Moeller tight for a bunt, or letting the bullpen warm up.

  176. Sorry was having something to eat.

    There was a show last night but it was cut off after an hour for wrestling I emailed Ty he said he will be sending emails out ot fix what happened.

  177. Don’t chase that, Melky.

  178. very disheartening watching melky

  179. Terrible at-bat, Melky. He’s struggling against lefties badly.

  180. as well as JD

  181. Go figure–nothing against a guy they abused several days ago.

  182. Melky’s a pretty mediocre batting from the right side

  183. PH Giambi for Duncan next inning.

  184. at least D-raz has kept us in the game. maybe the bats will be able to get something

  185. Thanks Nick. That’s probably why I see no podcast.

  186. yeah. lets hope giambi comes in

  187. Hawkins in. Rasner deserved better.

  188. hawkins gives up a hit ASAP

  189. …and gives up a single. JD was quite deep, as Thorne pointed out.

  190. i thought you had the YES feed jason

  191. Rasner has an ERA of 1.80. That’s pretty impressive.

  192. I did, then it switched inexplicably in the fourth. Annoying.

  193. strange…

  194. Nice K of Jones.

  195. yeah, you feel bad for the kid. lets hope we can at least get him a no decision. it’d be pretty tough going below .500 yet again

  196. another really nice K

    have you guys made any all star votes yet?

  197. Nice K of Bynum as well.

  198. Hawkins got squeezed on the 2-1 to Roberts.

  199. Don’t let the game get away here, Sadie.

  200. i’m glad veras is warming

  201. i have a bad feeling about this.

    and i’m right. he gives up a run.

  202. Great, another single 2-0 Orioles.

  203. Hawkins just hasn’t been consistent–not bad lately, but not a great pick-up.

  204. Veras is in. It’s still 2 runs, but the offense has really been shut down.

  205. leave it to the yankees to break up a 5 game losing streak to the orioles…

  206. ok this is over…i’m gonna watch the braves game jason- thanks for hosting…

  207. Well, so much for that. 6-0 as I help Jonah write homework. Garbage.

  208. What had been a really good game became absolute garbage

  209. Thanks for dropping by, Mike.

  210. Why every year do we always struggle to beat this team its every year

  211. Baseball is a weird game. We win 5 in a row the offence is on fire next game we face a guy who we knock around last time we face him.

  212. Ugh. Hawkins and Veras let the game get away.

  213. We are never going to get over .500 are we

  214. Its safe to say the Yanks left their offense in NY

  215. Jeter has been in a bad slump, probably hand related to a good degree.

  216. It sure seems that way, Nick. The glass ceiling of .500.

  217. at least we didn’t go down without a fight…..wait

  218. Well, they didn’t want to give a reliever more than a one-year deal. Hawkins accepted one year, Vizcaino went to the Rox on a two-year. Viz has been hurt. He only pitched in two games this year, and gave up 4 runs in 1 1/3 IP.

  219. It was a low-risk deal for the Yankees, but one that has produced modest results. Hawkins not been horrible, but not consistently good.

  220. Last ups for the Yanks, unless they score six–with three modest hits under their belts today.

  221. Matsui has three of the four Yankee hits today and is red-hot at .331.

  222. Cano back to the weak 4-3, two down.

  223. Moeller at least averts the shutout, 6-1.

  224. Melky just HAD to swing at the first pitch. He must have dinner reservations.

    6-1 ends it. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

  225. Later….

  226. Thanks for hosting Jason.

    Get them back tomorrow

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