You Stink, DeMuth

This received very brief mention from me in the wrap of last night’s wretch, but shame on crew chief Dana DeMuth for not just failing to call the game in the 9th inning as it absolutely poured, but especially for his shoddy attempt at showmanship when Girardi rightly walked onto the field to complain about play continuing. After Girardi unsuccessfully lobbied home plate umpire Doug Eddings to halt the game, he quizzically looked to second, where DeMuth was stationed, and shrugged with his hands opened facing upwards to catch the copious rainfall. DeMuth then gestured likewise in return, in seemingly sarcastic mockery of Girardi, as if it weren’t raining so hard to warrant halting the game then. What a jerk.

It’s bad enough that recent Yankees games have been infected with poor umpiring–the blown homer call that deprived the Mets of runs (that they ultimately didn’t need, but a poor, wrong, and reversed call nonetheless), the blown call on A-Rod’s homer/double, losing track of the count in the ninth inning of Saturday’s game, an amorphous and extremely generous strike zone from Eddings in the late innings last night for both teams, and more. These are all examples of umpires inserting themselves into the course of the game in poor, unprofessional ways. Amidst all this, and a spate of blown calls around baseball in recent weeks, there is really no need for an experienced umpire in DeMuth to act like such an idiot to a manager justifiably complaining about heavy rain that created clearly unsafe conditions. The White Sox played through hazardous conditions a few weeks ago that were a disgrace to the game, with standing water covering a good deal of the infield and mud the rest. This should have been first and foremost in DeMuth’s so-called mind–maintaining the quality and integrity of the game in obviously adverse conditions, rather than acting like a petty imbecile.

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  1. Not to mention the game in KC this year where Bruney started in pouring rain (because Girardi thought there would be a rain delay and didn’t want to waste Kennedy) and in which the infield became a swampy joke.

    Good post!

  2. Thanks, Mike. You’re absolutely right about the KC debacle, another example of baseball unsafe at any speed.

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