HDLR 5/30/08 Yankees @ Twins

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and beverages are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always lively. Tonight, the Yankees try for the millionth time to reach the .500 mark as they open a four-game set in Minnesota against the Twins. Tonight’s game represents the 1/3 mark of the season, and the Yankees have heretofore been wallowing in mediocrity. Hopefully the next 2/3 and beyond is better than the first 53 games have been for New York. Mike Mussina (7-4, 4.39 ERA) goes for his eighth win of the year tonight against (yet another) lefty Glen Perkins (2-1, 2.77 ERA). Hopefully the fact that the Yankees have improved their average against lefties (to .251, good for 8th in the AL) with both continue and pay off tonight. As per Pete Abraham, the lineups are below. Come on in, grab a cold one and a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game. Let’s Go, Yankees! Let’s Go Celtics! [faint “Beat LA!” cheers starting in the background…]

[Edit: Joba will make his first start Tuesday against Toronto at Yankee Stadium.Β  More to come about that in the wrap.]

Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Giambi DH
Duncan 1B
Cano 2B
Molina C
Cabrera CF

Gomez CF
Casilia 2B
Mauer C
Morneau 1B
Cuddyer RF
Kubel DH
Young LF
Lamb 3B
Harris 3B

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  1. Jason is in.

  2. Time to kick the crap out of the Twinkies at the Homerdome.

  3. How’s it going, Tim? Are you taking off for your trip tomorrow?

  4. Yessir. I leave at 6 in the evening tomorrow and get into India in the middle of the night.

  5. That should be a long but very exciting trip, and I hope it’s safe and thoroughly for you. You must be getting jazzed for the wedding.

  6. Hahahahaha I might be jazzed but the groom is stressing out big time. “Are you sure you’re comfortable being the best man and the only white guy at the wedding?” . “Sumeet, we’ve known each other since we were 3. Everything is good, relax.”

  7. V checkin in.

  8. Hey Vanessa. How have things been? I’ve checked your blog, but you’ve not written in a while. Have you been busy with school?

  9. If that’s what he’s stressing about, Tim, he really needs to relax and enjoy the moment.

  10. hey jason. everything has been alrighty πŸ™‚ i know i haven’t written in a long time but school has been extremelyyyy hectic. i thought it wus supposed to be easier at the end of the year… guess not. also, i’ve just been doing a lot of things outside of school. how have u been J?

  11. i’m glad i checked in- i forgot we were open tonight!

  12. All has been well. I’ve been preparing to teach a US History class this summer. I’ll be lecturing four days a week, which is a lot for a first-time lecturer. I also have a guest lecture for a colleague in her “Travel and Tourism” class, and I’ll be lecturing on southern and northern musical influence exchange, and working-class culture. We also had a terrific vacation in the Outer Banks, lots of sun and fun.

  13. I really hate John Flaherty’s voice. He should be executed.

  14. Hey Mike. How’s it going?

  15. I have the Twins announcers, Tim, and I didn’t even know who they are. I might be giving you pained updates during the game–hopefully not, but that’s the norm.

  16. Whoever comes out of the East must be Kobe the Rapist and his cronies.

  17. i have the FSN feed as well. ugh

    i’m great jason- hope everyone is well.

  18. glad you enjoyed your vacation. i need one of those.
    by the way, one more use of the word lecture and i might’ve ripped the word’s page out of the dictionary… just kidding πŸ™‚ i don’t have a dictionary.
    heyy mike!

  19. All is well, Mike, and we thankfully dodged some nasty thunderstorms–thus far, anyway. Some tornado sightings about 30-40 miles from here.

  20. vanessa good to see you. jeter out- no surprise there anymore.

  21. Get it started, Captain.

  22. So much for that, 1-3, one down.

  23. glad you’re OK jason- and have electricity.

  24. what’s with the seats behind home plate so far up? looks like they’re playing in prison.

  25. Bobby walks.

  26. they are playing in prison V- the metrodome

  27. Ah yes Middle America, tornado alley.

  28. same down south here as well tim.

  29. i thought a-rod had that one

  30. Alright, BA, good patience.

    Indeed, Mike–nasty storms and about 1.5 inches of rain in 20 minutes.

    BTW, GLG won her first softball game last night, 11-6. She had a hit and two walks, driving in a run and scoring one. She also made a good play to back up second, almost nailing the girl at first–impressive.

  31. Indeed, Tim. This system ravaged Iowa yesterday, nasty.

  32. Abreu stole second, nice. How about an RBI, A-Rod?

  33. shockingly i don’t think i ever asked this, where in the midwest do you live J?

  34. that’s great jason-patience at the plate as well as great defense you’ve taught her well

  35. Liner ripped to short, two down. Tough luck. Plate the run, Matsui.

  36. Champaign, IL, Vanessa. I’ve never mentioned it, I don’t think.

  37. GLG is a very heady kid–tell her once and it sticks, and she develops ideas very well on her own.

  38. blooper for matsui- great baserunning bobby

  39. Just sticks the bat out there and gets an RBI. 1-0.

  40. nice hit by matsui, yanks get on the board early.

  41. Matsui with the lucky placement on the bloop single! 1-0.

  42. I agree, Mike–nice steal and smart to run hard with two outs.

  43. and mike, you live in the south?

  44. Perkins had to throw 20 in the first, and the Yanks get the lead. Nice start, and I hope Mussina has one as well.

  45. So is Middle America really as conservative as it is portrayed?

  46. yeah i do now vanessa. i lived in the city for 26 years

  47. The Spelling Bee is on in the background. I’m extremely impressed with these kids, but wish they wouldn’t be so tense. Some of them look waaaaay too uptight. I hope they’re not pushed too hard by their folks. Most such kids don’t need external motivation or pressure.

  48. Hahahaha just checked the weather in India, 100 degrees.

  49. Moose with a filthy curve to fan Gomez. 1 out.

  50. and no doubt very humid tim….

  51. great K- his curve is on tonight

  52. Yes and no, Tim. In some ways such as religion and to a good degree politics, absolutely. Yet on some issues such as the war and economy, many people have veered leftward under Bush. Also, I think race can be a touchy issue, but there’s a lot more tolerance than when I was a kid in New York. Not always for sure, but I see some improvement on race. I also live in a town in which the University dominates, and it’s more heterogeneous than other places.

  53. wow. i would love trying to live somewhere else but i can’t really see myself away from new york for too long. there’s too much i can’t leave behind.
    one of which is the annual pinstripes in the park that was on wednesday, which i attended, and had a blast. it’s almost as good as going to the stadium.

  54. There’s no way it’l l be as bad as Vietnam.

  55. Nice K for the first out, as I wax on…

  56. I heard that’s a good time, Vanessa.

  57. Boston and Baltimore tied 2-2 in the 5th, Tampa Bay up 1-0n Chicago in the 4th.

  58. lucky hit. lets get the DP

  59. Single to right. Mussina left that up.

  60. not good-where is the command?>

  61. Mussina walks Mauer, two on for Morneau. Settle in, Mussina.

  62. it was great. some orioles fans dared to attend and bring a broom… but when the game was over yanks fans put them in their place and told them to use that broom to clean up the park.
    ouchh, crappy throw by duncan.

  63. oh great shelley can’t throw.

  64. Come on Shelly, just get the out at first.

  65. Will we EVER have a first baseman who can throw to second? Terrible throw from Duncan to second. Bases loaded now.

  66. dougie…where are you?

  67. LOL, Vanessa. That’s funny.

  68. and a-rod lets one go- great defense guys

  69. What was wrong with that 0-1 pitch? Nothing.

  70. rememeber what happened the last time moose didn’t get out of the inning because of an error

  71. Hey A-Rod, stop banging the glove with your right hand and move your feet toward the ball. He looked stuck in mud. Tie game.

  72. Mussina at 24 pitches already.

  73. pathetic play in the field

  74. Here we go again…

  75. 2-1, that’s a turf single past Cano.

  76. batting practice again….

  77. argh… well the lead was fun while it lasted

  78. Another single, 3-1. Six straight guys on base, great.

  79. and to think we could have been out of this if we had a real guy who could play 1st. you know i love shelley, but not at this cost

  80. Mussina up to 32 pitches.

  81. It’s true, Mike, and it really disproves the adage that some are wedded to, that anyone can be stuck at first. Baloney.

  82. thank goodness for great shortstops

  83. Heck of a play by Jeter, but 4-1 now.

  84. I’ve always said that Jeter has great range. πŸ™‚

  85. at last

  86. Finnaly over. Time for the offense to atone for its incompetent defense. The future Yankees 1B is named Mark Texeira.

  87. At long last, the inning is over. Warm up the bats tonight, guys. You need ’em.

  88. I sure hope so, Vanessa. He can field the position and is a switch hitter with power. Plus, he’s only 28. The Yanks will make a big bid for him.

  89. Finally*

  90. A kid in The Spelling Bee has the word Numnah, and he asked if he was asked, “numbnut.” Hilarious, and the crowd roared. The kid was very relieved it was the former.

  91. 5-3 for Duncan, one down.

  92. lmao J

  93. Great patience, Cano. I know Young made a good catch, but Cano just saw one pitch for the second out after Mussina threw 36 pitches in the last inning. Great team baseball.

  94. Molina singles. Keep it going, Melky.

  95. Nice hitting, Melky. Keep it going, Captain.

  96. It is called plate patience. Jeez. Firing squad, load the guns, raise the weapons, and wait for my command.

  97. Way to chase, Jeter. Nice patience and leadership, just go up and hack.

  98. lol Tim. the yanks have realllly been just giving at bats away like t-shirts this season.

  99. Boston-Baltimore tied at 2 in the 6th, and Rays-White Sox are tied at 1.

  100. JD would have had that 😦

  101. Belt-high fastball from Mussina. He’s not sharp tonight.

  102. Moose hasn’t been sharp in the Metrodome in 4 years.

  103. wow, i just realized that i’m barely watching this game… i think i have a online fake money poker gambling problem.

  104. There is a 12 step program for you flair. I still can’t believe the Spurs lost to the freaking Lakers.

  105. Way to work around the double, Mussina. However, he is up to 52 pitches. Get the bats going with some PATIENCE.

  106. Vanessa, should we perform an intervention?

  107. The Spurs couldn’t hold big leads in games one and five. They should be up 3-2 going back to San Antonio.

  108. Celtics up 2 late in the 1st quarter.

  109. lol, i think i can handle it.
    nd muahahaha, triple by bobby.

  110. The Spurs drive me nuts sometime, but Manu looked gassed. I still have 4 championships unlike most of my friends who are suffering Knick fans. My dad is from San Antonio.

  111. i’m on the phone with betty ford V πŸ™‚

  112. Great base-running, BA. Lead-off triple. Drive the ball, A-Rod.

  113. you think we can get a guy home from 3rd with no one out?

  114. I find watching baseball with music adds to the intensity. It sure beats listening to John Flaherty’s voice. I am currently playing Thriller.

  115. nice piece of hitting!!

  116. Nice A-Rod, 4-2 on his RBI. Keep it going, Matsui.

  117. ive quit playing for today, crisis averted.
    thriller, niiice. i’m bout to put on p.y.t.

  118. oh big G what were you thinking?

  119. Thanks for the DP, Matsui. Hard to complain about his hitting this year, but that’s a bit deflating. Start it up again, Giambi.

  120. you michael jackson fans amaze me…

  121. when is big G going to realize that he wasn’t blessed with speed… among other things.

  122. Sorry Jason I forgot about today.

    I know its late but Nick is in

  123. Oh my god, baserunning mistakes now?! Ugh. Anyway. P.Y.T. is an awesome song. My favorite MJ song is definitely smooth criminal. I performed it in college.

  124. Giambi, you’re so stupid it’s unbelievable, trying to stretch that single into a double. Not after all the ‘roids and the weight gain. STUPID.

  125. yeah it was a drag jas, but as you say, we can hardly complain about him this year, waste of that hit by giambi though

  126. Hey Nick. How’s it going? Has the afterglow from UEFA worn off yet?

  127. Do not hate on Michael Jackson otherwise there will be blood. I work in the casino business so I am entirely capable of anything and everything you can imagine.

  128. Matsui’s DP pales in comparison to Giambi’s faux pas. What a disgrace.

  129. i’m not obsessed with michael but i’m a music feeeenn, i listen to just about everything.

  130. so you’re a singer tim?

  131. Its going good. Just about worn off

  132. Most definitely not a singer. I am a dancer. I only sing to make fun of the fact I can’t sing. I did once sing A Whole New World with a friend of mine and we butchered the song. It was for a variety show in high school.

  133. i have no doubt that you’re full of surprises tim πŸ™‚

  134. well that was a well needed quick one

  135. in my school a bunch of my guy friends that are seniors were bored and made a video singing to damaged by danity kane.. can u say hilarious.

  136. Nice K of Kubel, and a quick out of Young. Nice 1-2-3, and Mussina only threw 8 pitches in the third.

    Runs, guys.

  137. Hahaha you have no idea Mike. I am the guy who went to a prep school full of rich kids, and I drove a pick up truck. I went to an Ivy League school and frequently acted like a super conservative to piss some people off. My best friend is a poor Indian kid from down near Hell’s Kitchen. I am the only white guy I know who can move a little bit like Michael Jackson.

  138. Tim, your references to the casino business do nothing to dissuade me from considering it a good, wholesome, family-oriented industry. πŸ™‚

  139. we’ll take that walk.

    i see from the e mail that sommer sent that you are a columbia grad

  140. Shelly walks. Come on Robbie, grind out the at bat.

  141. Shelley works a walk. Patience, Cano.

  142. assuming that tim reuter =tim the wizard…

  143. You would be correct Mike.

  144. Baltimore had the bases loaded in the sixth against Boston but failed to score.

  145. Off topic here but Mike you said something about Mark Texeira on Sommers blog. What are the chance of him re signing with the Braves

  146. Just execute the whole Orioles team.

  147. lucky hit- but welcome

  148. Absolutely zero Nick. His agent is Scott Boras.

  149. That’s a turf single in return from Cano, first and second with no outs. Bunt, Molina.

  150. the braves just don’t have the money to keep tex.

    he’ll go to either us or the mets probably-

  151. You’re right about that, Tim.

    Molina, put the stinking bat on the ball!

  152. If he goes to the Junior Varsity I will burn Flushing to the ground. Mostly because I’d be upset but Queens would also look better that wasy.

  153. thats a drag about the O’s jason- beckett is pretty tough in those situations

  154. Heck of a bunt, Molina. Base hit here, Melky the Clutch.

  155. queens has less than no charm to be sure.

    the melkman delivers!!

  156. Melky ties the game up at 4. CAN I GET A HELL YEA?!

  157. the way the twins have their grass, it seems like the mound is a bullseye, i have the impulse to throw a dart.
    melkkk deliverss, tie game.

  158. HELL YEA!!

  159. Melky the Clutch ties the game with a gap single to LCF. Outstanding.

  160. Start with Shea if so, Tim. It’s always been a grotesque eyesore.

  161. more bad baserunning

  162. Melky gets picked off, great…….

  163. i think melky was safe however

  164. wo0o0oahhh….. i thought these umpires were trained.

  165. Melky picked off/caught stealing. Ouch.

  166. could have been a big inning, but we’ll take it , right?

  167. Heck of an offensive response, however. The Yanks have 8 hits in 4 innings.

  168. Music trivia contest. A less known about Billy Joel one, but one of my favorites.

    “They say that these are not the best of times, but they are the only times I have ever known. I believe there is a time for meditation in the cathedrals of our home.” This is the opening to what Billy Joel song?

  169. I think you’re both right about Melky being safe. He was called out because the ball was there first.

  170. on any other night i’d take it but i’m tired of seeing a “just getting by” team. i want to see the yanks kick some azz.

  171. i have to say i don’t know that one tim

  172. I had to look it up, Tim. I didn’t know, so I abstain.

  173. Celtics up 4 with 5 minutes left in the second.

  174. nice snag jeets

  175. The answer is Summer Highland Falls. I’ll give you guys another try, this time we’ll do Michael Jackson. The Captain has ups by the way.

    As He Came Into The Window
    It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo
    He Came Into Her Apartment
    He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
    She Ran Underneath The Table
    He Could See She Was Unable
    So She Ran Into The Bedroom
    She Was Struck Down, It Was Her Doom

  176. Jeter has bounced back very well defensively after Tuesday night’s train wreck.

  177. i was stumped too. i don’t listen to much billy joel. the only song i’ve got of him is vienna.

  178. Smooth Criminal.

  179. It doesn’t matter what the Celtics or Lakers do, Kobe is unstoppable. With Gasol and Fisher, the Triangle is working to perfection.

  180. did anyone else happen to catch any of that amazing comeback by the cubs today?

  181. A-Rod has ups as well. 2 out.

  182. hmmm…. smooth criminal

  183. now a-rod gets in on the act

  184. Nice snag, A-Rod, two down.

  185. oh yeah, summer highland falls great song actually

  186. It’s a good point, Tim. Those three make it go, and the way it was designed to. Odom doesn’t hurt, either, and he’s good at distributing on the perimeter. The Lakers are tough, but they’ll get a very tough Finals.


  188. Mussina has settled in very well, retiring his last eight. He’s at 80 pitches, but his pitching well is much more important right now.

  189. I second that, Tim.

  190. he sure has jason- i love seeing him reeally buckle down like that

  191. where do you guys stand on joba starting finally? you think he should stick with being a reliever?

  192. I’m 50/50 on it, it does leave a huge hole in the pen but we do need him as a starter with Hughes and Kennedy out

  193. that ship has sailed V. there are arguments for both sides but ultimately you don’t waste the opportunity for an ace. if he fails, than back to the pen

  194. From around the majors. Junior Varsity have a 5-4 lead top 8. Orioles and BlowSox knotted at 2 bottom 7. Tigers in Seattle tonight. The Rays and ChiSox tied ast 1 bottom 7.

  195. Abreu now 2-2, batting .294.

    I’m very leery about removing Joba from the setup spot because he’s so excellent at it, and he helps shorten games. Yet the rotation has been too rough, so I understand the move. Plus, it’s what they planned all along anyway. They did the right thing minimizing his innings the first two months, since they wanted to keep him at or under 150 innings this year.

  196. I already called Fat Mike and Angry Puppy Russo about Joba. I got shouted down and cut off for saying transitioning him to the rotation is not un-precedented. Billinglsey, Santana, Liriano.

  197. these announcers want these balls inside to be called strikes when they aren’t

  198. i agree mike. the only reason i want to see him start is pure curiousity but it’s much more exciting seeing him back up mo. but if he can sit hitters down the same as he does relieving, im all for it.

  199. tim i would have killed to hear you tear into fatcessa

  200. Isn’t Joba starting on Tuesday against Doc Halliday?

  201. The Twins announcers are crying that the 1-2 pitch, which Perkins has been trying to throw to A-Rod every time tonight, isn’t a strike. That’s because IT’S NOT A STRIKE.

  202. yes, unfortunately

  203. I’m honestly not sure about Halliday, Tim. It’s possible.

  204. I don’t know about unfotunately, it’ll be a good test. Halladay has owned, except for opening night. It will be a good test fo Joba going against one of the league’s best.

  205. I like that, if so. Halliday will make that a great match-up, so Joba better be ready.

  206. arod with rbi double

  207. they couldve let joba start on monday, but tuesday it’ll be against halliday and in yankee stadium… easy sell out.

  208. Hafner was placed on the 15 day DL today. 1 game from the World Series and now it has gone down the drain.

  209. 7-5 Dodgers as Heilman gets booed off the mound by fans of the New York Mutts.

  210. A – rod with rbi double.

    Anyone else having problems with the site

  211. superstitions or not, G needs to get rid of the ‘stache.

  212. Clutch, A-Rod! 5-4 Yankees with A-Rod’s double, no outs.

  213. Atta boy, Matsui, first and third and no outs for Giambi after Matsui’s single.

  214. Can’t fault A-Rod, that was a great play.

  215. weird play-toobad

  216. tough luck that was, giambi hit it sharpy up the middle. caught it between his legs.

  217. puuuuree lucckkkk

  218. Giambi scalded that, and Bass actually stopped that between his legs. Hard to fault A-Rod on that. It almost always gets through. Hurts, though, 1 out, 1st and 2nd.

    Why is Betemit pinch-hitting for Duncan? Not to play first, I hope. He’s HORRIBLE.

  219. Load the rifles, cock the weapons, fingers on the trigger.

  220. i dread seeing him play 1st base on turf jason

  221. so tim how about that crane disaster in your neighborhood today

  222. Fire at will!

  223. I agree Jason the problem is I think Shelley isn’t that great at first either. I would rather Giambi then those 2

  224. got the glasses and he still didnt see it.

  225. what a sad effort, mostly bad luck for big G- then 2 bad hitters in a row

  226. Betemit looked foolish on that, two down. A waste of an at-bat. Cano, be patient and deliver here.

  227. That was bad you gotta score having 1st and 3rd no outs.

  228. you got that right V

  229. Yea that was pretty scary Mike. I wasn’t on the Upper East Side, I was with Sumeet(the groom to be) down in SOHO.

  230. Great patience, Cano. First and third with no outs, and no one scores. I understand the weird play on Giambi’s ground ball, but Betemit and Cano should be ashamed. Terrible, just deplorable.

  231. V as in V for Vendetta? “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. There is an idea Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bullet proof”.

  232. Amen, Vanessa.

  233. oh i thoought sumeet lived in India- will he be staying on there after the wedding or bringing the bride back to the city?

  234. The bride is coming back to the city. She is a good lady, I don’t know much her parents like the groom or me for that matter, but that is for a later day.

  235. lmao, love that movie but V for Vanessa, as in my name πŸ™‚

  236. what a play godzilla!!

  237. great play by matsui.

  238. Gojira with the great running grab. *How much her parents*

  239. The Red Sox and O’s are level 2-2 in the 9the. Rays are level at 1-1 in the 9th

  240. mauer gave that one a ride…

  241. Nice defense, Matsui. Now Melky made that chase-down look easy, two down.

    I have a big bowl of vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup. Very tasty.

  242. i guess moose will only be able to go 5 tonight. more work for an exhausted bullpen i’m afraid

  243. Mussina cannot afford to offer belt-high fastballs to batters.

  244. oh man, i have no treats here like that jason…that sounds geat

  245. oh damn the rays beat the white sox

  246. That 0-1 was a strike.

  247. where was that pitch?

  248. Where the hell is the strke zone tonight?

  249. I was in a much more munchy mood, Mike (pardon the alliteration). But we usually have popcorn, and we’re out.

  250. thank you melky! the umpire should be annihilated

  251. i wish i had the munchies…

  252. Melky is becoming an excellent center fielder. There have been very few times when I’ve questioned Melky’s judgment on balls this year. Last year, he made some questionable decisions. Not this year. He’s getting great jumps.

  253. Tim, load the musket for the home plate ump. Horrible.

  254. was jose going to try to bunt for a hit?? !

  255. lol, wow. cano must be bored.

  256. I rarely have any munchie food. I am usually running around so I eat take out Japanese and Chinese. Mmmmmm Orange Chicken……………..

  257. more bad luck

  258. i like eating the orange rinds with the hot peppers at the same time

  259. So much for Molina’s single. Melky’s rope catches Molina off first, two down. A dozen hits in the sixth, the Yankees NEED to win this.

  260. we may very well need more runs to keep the lead. jeter goes down .

  261. Moose needs to work efficiently.

  262. An inning that started with some promise ended with a big fart.

  263. moose is being sent back out there. bold move by girardi. moose has been pitching less than 1oo a lot and today is at 101 already.

  264. is moose coming back out?

  265. I think so, Mike. This doesn’t feel secure to me. 12 hits through 6, but only a one-run lead. Not comforting.

  266. i sorta like sending him back out- considering the shaky pen- we may regret it, but hey…that’s baseball

  267. I wonder if Mussina is coming back out. He’s at 101 pitches through five. He had one bad inning. I’d let him go batter-to-batter.

  268. Breathe deep and hold it, we’re in for a long ride. Imagine when they go out west especially to Anahiem. We’ll all be up until 1 am freaking out.

  269. Hopefully Mussina’s chirping in home ump Meals’s ear after the fifth will help him.

  270. if not for shelley’s gaffe he would have been cruising through this lineup

  271. i dont kno, it looked like he threw in some curse words.

  272. If not later, Tim. We’ll probably have to weather rain delays, too. The games will START at 1 a.m.

  273. nice BIG K

  274. those idiots didn’t even know that moose got hurt here last year not 2 years ago

  275. Big Bugs Bunny curve for the K, one down. That’s the second time Mussina has K’d Kubel.

  276. Young’s impatience did Mussina and the Yanks a big favor, two down.

  277. girardi is a genius…

  278. That 2005 ALDS about killed me. We win Game 1, the defense lets Wang down in Game 2, Randy is terrible then the crazy comeback and Small blowing it in Game 3, Chacon being miraculous in Game 4, and then Game 5. We had K-Rod’s back to the wall in Game 5 and blew it. Ugh.

  279. complete game for the moose? lets really push the envelope….

  280. Mussina’s second eight-pitch inning, 1-2-3. Girardi for Time’s Man of the Year.

    Runs, guys. Runs.

  281. ahh, it worked out, 123 inning for the moose.

  282. Tim, just reading your accurate, succinct description of it turns my stomach. The Yanks blew that series, REALLY should have won that one.

  283. Mind you, Tim, I’m not blaming you or your description, just the painful memories it invokes.

  284. abreu is on fire tonight

  285. give it up for mussina.

    it was looking awful for him, but he had a very good outing

  286. Bobby loves the Metrodome, TRIPLE!

  287. ok godzilla. lets kill the ball

  288. My feed was late in returning. BA, great hitting tonight, two triples. Huge lead-off at-bat, A-Rod grazed by the ball. Drive the ball, Matsui.

  289. totally right nick. he gets player of the game honors with abreu

  290. I love Frankie Rodriguez, ever since I saw him buzz Barry Bonds in the 2002 World Series. But I am very pleased when the Yankees make him bust his a**.

  291. Amen, Nick. Mussina was excellent after the first.

  292. Rays go walk off job and win 2-1.

  293. Gojira is on fire. RBI single!

  294. the O’s have 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the 9th!

  295. Final from the dump in Flushing. Dodgers prevail 9-5 over the Junior Varsity.

  296. Matsui, great job, 6-4 on the infield single. Keep it going, Giambi.

  297. i like seeing joe T get the win in queens. hope they take the series. big G goes down

  298. Cano, don’t chase here. Be patient, get your pitch and drive it.

  299. really really bad stuff on the base paths

  300. Bah, more bad luck. What looked like a hit and run gets turned into a DP.

  301. The Yankees are doing everything they can to keep this game close.

  302. Man the Mariners suck. Detroit hangs a 6 spot on them in the first inning and they still aren’t dome. Maybe the Mariners can accomplish the Impossible Dream, 121 losses.

  303. the O’s fail to score , yet again

  304. I agree, Mike. Now A-Rod’s running to third on Betemit’s F9 deep gets him doubled off. Fourteen hits through seven, more than twice as many as Minnesota, but only a 6-4 lead.

  305. and yet they won the series against the sox last week…

  306. It’s a good point, Nick. They’ve cost themselves at least a couple more.

  307. Clutchy McFatA** grounds out to end the top of the 10th. Let’s go Os, go walk off job.

  308. lets just keep our fingers crossed now guys

  309. go ahead and say it- fat ass

  310. Veras, throw strikes.

  311. oh for christ sake. a leadoff walk.. i’m starting to seethe

  312. A leadoff walk is not throwing strikes Jose. Ready the weapons men, wait for my command.

  313. A lead-off walk to the nine-hole hitter. Veras, that’s horrible.

  314. Tim, my musket is ready and warm.

  315. get him OUT of there. before he gives up the game.

  316. Oh, wait, I need to get the muzzle off my temple…

  317. and BTW gomez is way too fast to double up even if you get a ground ball

  318. an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Good idea Robbie, but no cigar.

  320. can you believe how bad they are in the field?

  321. In Comes Edwar and his mystical change up.

  322. Harris made a good base-running play to avoid the tag, and it took Betemit about an hour to get the ball out of his glove.

  323. Cano should have run right at him to get the lead runner, at the very least.

  324. melky has to make that call sooner …glad he didn’t have a collision

  325. 2 out. Didn’t Edwar strike the side out in his debut last year against the Twins?

  326. nice high strike called

  327. Abreu and Melky sure do get territorial about their fly balls.

  328. and a nice low strike too!

    i remember him striking out thte side in his debut tim, but i thought it was the blue jays…you’re probably right

  329. i don’t remember if it was against the twins but i remember the strikeout of the side in his debut. his changeup was mindbottling.

  330. Pretty boy Mauer pops up to Matsui. Leadoff walk doesn’t hurt. Get some runs boys, we’ll need it with Farnsinator on the mound in the 8th.

  331. great job, Edwar

  332. thats funny jason- they do often have their little territorial issues don’t they? all in good fun of course

  333. I believe that was Baltimore, Tim.

    Edwar did a good job there, still 6-4.

    Runs, guys. Runs.

  334. I’m just glad they haven’t cracked skulls yet, Mike.

  335. i’m glad you have decided to stay up this late with us nick…it is close to 4 there right?

  336. one pitch- one out cano.
    what are we going to do with him?

  337. Just checked he debuted on July 3rd, 2007 against the Twins. He struck out Mauer, Cuddyer, and Morneau. He relieved Wang who went 8 innings of shutout ball.

  338. you win the washer/dryer tim

  339. Molina had some good at bats tonight.

  340. I would rather have a cookie. I use the apartment complex’s laundry equipment.

  341. As soon as I type that he k’s

  342. to the 11th in baltimore

  343. the O’s can’t close the sale on the sox like they did on us. melky slides head first

  344. Stop doing that Melky!

  345. but molina is definitely out of his slump

  346. Seriously, Nick. It’s cool of you to hang so late. Good thing Melky has perfected that head-first slide. πŸ™‚

  347. I can’t stand it either, Nick. It’s so counter-productive, and potentially dangerous. Dumb.

  348. On the other hand, Melky is 3-4 tonight.

  349. will jeter make it 0-5?

  350. Only Jeter and the first-base juggernaut of Duncan and Betemit don’t have a hit yet tonight.

  351. and yes, he does go 0-5. lovely

  352. Man I don’t how you do it Nick. I will definitely be joing you guys on Sunday afternoon from India since I will be horrifically jet lagged. It will be midnight in India when the game begins.

  353. yeah its close to 4am here but its a weekend. Its all for the love of the Yankees

  354. tomorrow’s game is a night game

  355. I said Sunday. I will be on a plane at 6 pm tomorrow so I will miss the game on Saturday in the US.

  356. yeah, i hope that you will be able to join us when you can while you’re away tim as much as you can.

  357. Jeter is 0-5, and 3 for his last 38. I can’t believe that his hand doesn’t have something to do with that.

  358. i know you said sunday tim. imwas only remarking that tomorrow’s game is at night

  359. and yet another homerun given up by worthless

  360. I will be joining you guys probably a lot more from from Vietnam, Korea, and Japan when all the night games are will be at 7 am for me. It will be tough in India with the wedding stuff. Damn it Farnsinator.

  361. and with that homerun, im outtie. i have some things to do. it was nice hanging out with everyone tonight. hope the yanks hold on to this one, over and out.

  362. unreal

  363. Nuke has coughed up eight homers now, in about 1/3 the time it took him to surrender 9 last year. Yikes.

  364. that is 8 homers in 21 innings

  365. later V- good chatting w/you

  366. Though the West Coast swings will be a bit strange. I will be wide awake and you guys wil be falling asleep at your keyboards.

  367. Thanks for dropping in, Vanessa. Best of luck finishing up school, and don’t be a stranger.

  368. i stay up quite late anyway.

  369. Betemit apparently didn’t trust himself to run the ball that last 15 feet to the bag.

  370. finally some glove by betemit

  371. that was pretty funny jason, wasn’t it?

  372. Hopefully the Orioles and BlowSox will play a 20 inning game.

  373. Same here, Tim. Plus, the hour extra here in the Midwest helps on the West Coast swings.

  374. Other than the homer, Nuke was fine. But he’s really allowing the bombs this year.

  375. it may be going that way wiz. bottom of the 11th

  376. Nuke must need a good homer off him to settle in. It’s like a good bowel movement for him, I guess.

  377. other than that mrs lincoln, how did you like the play>?

  378. They actually retired Abreu.

  379. nice hustle a-rod!!

  380. A-Rod with a bloop/hustle double. Drive him in Godzilla, I don’t want this being a 1 run game.

  381. Nice bloop double, A-Rod, but his swing looked like a sand wedge in a shallow bunker.

  382. They walk Godzilla to get to the AL’s hottest hitter?

  383. Double for A-Rod!

  384. knock it out G

  385. Big G flies out to Gomez. Ok Robbie, be patient please. Wait for your pitch and slice a double down the left field line.

  386. we have to get through bet first…

  387. horrible

  388. Make that Betemit.

  389. Betemit flies out to Gomez in deep center. Alright Mo, do your thing.

  390. Betemit to the track, three down. Mariano, you know what to do.

  391. Giambi has been great the last week but has left 7 men on base tonight

  392. he was a great pick up for my fantasy team

  393. I was the one who dropped him from my team

  394. Ground out to Mo. 1 out.

  395. is it amazing how CALM Mo is out there fielding his position?

  396. thanks nick!

  397. One pitch, one out. Atta boy, Mariano.

    “Mariano just has that little cutter right there.” The first but biggest asshead comment from the Twins’ announcers tonight.

  398. Your welcome Mike can I have Rollins then lol

  399. those guys are jack-asses jason

  400. It was probably Blyleven who said it.

  401. where the fuck was that pitch?

  402. Mariano is a flat-out superb athlete, Mike. He just seems to trust that at every turn.

  403. we’ll see nick- we’ll see

  404. How was that 3-2 not a strike?!? Horrible, simply horrible.

  405. Awful call

  406. Mo with the big strike out. 2 out. Time to put the Twins out of business for the night.

  407. timlin is on for boston-that should be it for them

  408. K, two down. Outstanding, Mariano.

  409. LOL, Mike.

    Monroe pinch-hitting here.

  410. Its amazing how bad the umpiring has been this year

  411. The 0-1 was fine as well, belt-high which HAS been called tonight.

  412. CALLED K! GAME OVER!!!!!!!

  413. wow. all you can say. he’s having a banner year

  414. Career save 457

  415. tim have an amazing trip man

  416. YES!! Mariano is The Man! 14 saves for Mariano, Mussina’s 8th win, and the offense was big and could have been bigger.

  417. I will be talking to you all at midnight from Bangalore India. All of you stay out of trouble.

  418. Tim, have a safe and exciting trip.

  419. the O’s have 2 on a nd one out on timlin

  420. Have a great trip Tim if you need any pointers on Cricket shoot me an email

  421. We’ll be here, Tim.

    This was a big win. Speaking of big wins, the Celtics are heading back to the NBA Finals to play the Lakers. Celtics-Lakers, that’s outstanding.

  422. millar’s bad baserunning costs the O’s

  423. howe bout that guys….moose’s EIGHTH win.

    he’s been the sleeper of the year

  424. Have a great weekend guys speak to you all tomorrow

  425. night nick- see you tomorrow

  426. I never thought I’d say it this year, Mike, but I shudder to think where the Yankees would be without Mussina in 2008.

  427. Nick, thanks for sticking around for the game.

    Now THIS is an HDLR–over 400 comments, a Yankees win. A good night.

  428. yeah we’ve had some bad luck nights at the HDLR this year. tonight was a lot of fun. some things to bitch about but overall a good game- well some pretty bad baseball, but a lot of hits. we won. that’s all that matters now.

    and yeah we had moose dead, buried and then exhumed for spring training this year. thank goodness for the moose. i bet you he will make a deal with an NL team next year

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