HDLR 6/1/08: Yankees @ Twins

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always ripping good.  Today, the Yankees go for the series win against the Twins, with Darrell Rasner facing righty Nick Blackburn.  The Yankees are finally rolling, having won eight of their last ten and surpassing the .500 mark for the first time since May 4.  Here’s hoping they stay there and move upward, and that they do so on the continued yeoman’s work of Rasner, who has bene nothing short of outstanding thus far this year.  As per Pete Abraham, the lineup is below.  Also, as per Abraham who cites Mark Feinsand, Scott Patterson has been called up to supplement the effective but tired bullpen arms.  I’m glad he’s gotten the chance to finally pitch and, with the Yanks working through the pen the last couple games, may see action soon enough.  Abraham speculates that Shelley may be sent down.  I know that he’s not been effective, but I’d prefer that instead of sending Shelley down the Yankees get the obvious over with and DFA Ensberg.  Why send down a guy who at least was playing?  Consider this: as a “defensive replacement” last night, the Yankees sent Wilson Betemit–yes, Wilson Betemit–to play first in the twelfth.  That should illuminate all we need to know about what the Yanks think of Ensberg.  He clearly has no place on the team.  DFA him already.

Come on in, grab a cold coldie and a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

I’ve been overdue for some modest statistical work, so here goes.

Damon LF [18 for his last 40, raising his AVG to .291 (from .250) and OBP to .364 (from .333)]
Jeter SS [4 for his last 43 and down to .269, but last night’s sharp single was huge]
Abreu RF [16-44 (.364) with 11 R, 11 RBIs, 7 XBH and 5 BBs in his last  10 games with an at-bat]
Rodriguez 3B [12-42 with 7 R, 10 RBIs,  7 XBH and 7 BB since returning from the DL]
Matsui DH [18-35 (.514) with 13 R, 6 RBI, 5 XBH and 5 BB during 9-game hitting streak]
Betemit 1B [.265 AVG. and .261 as LHB aren’t bad, but why the .286 OBP?  0 walks]
Cano 2B [3-24 in last 6 games = cooling off again?]
Moeller C [.250 AVG, .339 OBP, 8 RBIs in 52 AB: not bad, but where would NY be without him?]
Cabrera CF [10-28 (.357) with 3 R, 5 RBI in last 7 games with an AB, raising AVG 17 pts.]

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  1. You got your wish. Enberg DFA’d. Next move could be soon as it looks like Giese may get a callup on Tuesday (because of Joba’s short leash and the need for a long man). We’ll have to see about that corresponding move (either Duncan down or Britton down? It’s not like Great Britton is ever used).

  2. Ensberg**… sticky keyboard keys … lol

  3. That flight just about killed me. No sleep, terrible movies, worse food, and I miss the best game of the year. I am here in Bangalore, India and I will be up all night with you guys. Nice to see Ensberg DFA’d. Wedding ceremonies start Tuesday in India.

  4. I feel bad for the guy because losing one’s job stinks, but it’s the right move to DFA Ensberg. Giese seems like a good option to bring up as well. I’m glad you got in, Tim, despite the rough flight. I’ll be back in about 20 minutes as I bring my daughter to the pool on the hot day.

  5. glad you made it there safely tim. you did miss a game that was extremely frustrating, but ultimately a great win

    hello everyone else as well

  6. Hey Mike. I am back in, everyone.

  7. have been keeping an eye on jay bruce jason? what an amazing week he’s had.

  8. You mean Young Roy Hobbs, Mike? A little bit, yes. That’s pretty impressive stuff. I love to see kids come up and thrive. It’s great for the game.

  9. hey guys, V checking in.

  10. roy hobbs ;ha! perfect.

    hey V…

  11. Hey Vanessa. How’s it going?

  12. Michael Kay, please never sing again

  13. it’s going okay. school is almost over. just two more weeks of torture, and 6 more days till I take the SAT, which I want to get over with already. how’s everything with you J?

  14. ha, i was going to say that too. he tried to sing and then paused to see if anyone besides him was laughing… *crickets*.

  15. i have the damn FSN feed. i’d rather have to listen to michael kay sing…

  16. Blyleven is bad, but at least he makes me laugh sometimes. The Tigers announcers need to be executed. It is currently 12:11 on Monday morning here in India.

  17. All is well, Vanessa.. Best of luck with the SAT. If I were you, I wouldn’t study a lick the night before it. Get a good night of sleep and eat a good breakfast, and trust that you’ll know all you can before you go into the exam. You’ll be fine.

    I too have the FAUX feed. Bleeeuch.

  18. Impemba and Allen are the pits, Tim. No question about it. I agree about Blyleven and, in fairness to him, he disagrees with generous calls that go the Twins’ way lots of times.

  19. welcome tim! glad you made it safe and relatively sound

  20. a rare walk for jeets

  21. What movie did you watch on the plane Tim I bet you it was not as bad as the one I watched

  22. Nice, Jeter walks. Good work, now try to run. get the bats warm, Abreu and A-Rod.

  23. I got to the airport and Sumeet’s father drove me to the house. He was probably doing 90 on the highway, swerving in and at, etc. I was half asleep so I wasn’t to petrified.

  24. Abreu flies out to center

  25. bleleven confiding that the pitcher knows a-rod is a 3 time MVP

  26. Blyleven just utterly failed to answer a question about what particular challenges the Yanks present Blackburn with. Way to know your material, Bly.

  27. Nick the movies I had to watch were horrendous. Pride and Prejiduce, V for Vendetta, and Minority Report. After that I just gave up and read books.

  28. A-rod singles to LF. Jeter to 2nd

  29. A-Rod smashes the ball to left, first and second for Matsui. A-Rod has been hitting well since he’s returned, and not a moment too soon for the Yanks.

  30. I told you I could beat that I had to sit through High School Musical

  31. I find the Jane Austen-based movies almost as boring as Jane Austen books.

  32. I go with Nick. “High-School Musical” was a wretch.

  33. i liked that movie except for the manufactured ending and i loved ang lee’s sense and sensibility.

  34. F7 ends the top of the first. Blackburn threw 18 pitches.

  35. Inning over

    Come on Raz

  36. never even heard of high school musical

  37. I’ll give that to you, Mike. Ang Lee is brilliant.

  38. Consider yourself fortunate, Mike. What a vapid bomb.

  39. here comes “the dazzler”

  40. I have never seen High School Musical. I walked into the house half dead, I’ll see everone when they get up. I am hold up in the guest room watching the game. Damn Gomez.

  41. Be good today, Rasner, and go at least 6. the bullpen needs a blow.

  42. wow, that kid has some legs on him.

  43. i hate that stupid kid gomez

  44. Gomez is quick

  45. You don’t think the Twins had Betemit targeted, do you? Nah.

  46. Chad Moeller guns down Carlos Gomez.

  47. not that quick. i love that chad!

  48. moeller nails gomez!

  49. good point jason

  50. Wow, great throw by Moeller gets Gomez

  51. GREAT throw by Moeller to nab Gomez. Where would the Yanks be without him thus far?

  52. where was that pitch?

  53. Boy, I know it was 3-2, but Rasner really centered that fastball for Casilla.

  54. Good thing Moeller pegged out Gomez.

  55. Per yesnetwork.com. Yanks Go For Sweep. Someone should tell them that it is a four game sweep.

  56. oh boy…

  57. four game set*

  58. double by redman. damon did a pretty good job of fielding that ball.

  59. I’m not sure what the difference was between the 1-1 and 2-1 pitches, other than the calls. Why, then, was the 1-1 pitch a ball? The home-plate umpiring has been horrible.

    Now Rasner hangs a breaking pitch and Redmond’s double to left makes it second and third. Good hustle by JD to hold Casilla at third.

  60. haha, someone is going to be embarrassed when they realize that mistake.

  61. nice look back by dazzler…

  62. Rasner fields his position and throws at Morneau at 1st. Time to escape with no damage.

  63. i would have run on damon had i been them…

  64. Nice play on the come-backer, Rasner, two down. Escape this now.

  65. I would have too, Mike. They must have had the stop sign up early to Casilla, for he didn’t run hard into third.

  66. damn

  67. Damn it. 2 RBI single to center.

  68. That 0-1 pitch was the same as the 2-1 pitch to Redmond. Jeeeeez.

  69. two runs cross..

  70. they should have not let cuddyer get to 2nd

  71. Two-run single, 2-0 Twins.

    Rasner missed the spot away badly, and the ball tailing high and over the plate was a big fat meatball.

  72. This ump belongs in the minors

  73. Ground out to Jeter. Time get the runs back and punish the Twinkies.

  74. bad throw by jeter ( nothing new there) but we escape

  75. Jeter owes Betemit a beer for saving him from a throwing error, three down. But 2-0 Twins, and Rasner had to throw 23 pitches. If he doesn’t start hitting spots and keeping the ball down, it’s going to be a long day.

  76. yeah, what is up with jeter’s throws this season. he’s been all over the place.

  77. heck of an at bat by the great betemit!

  78. Get things going, RC.

  79. way to make him work cano!

  80. Hello, everyone!

    Hey, Jason!

    Good to see the Yankees finally released Morgan Ensberg. I never really understood why he was on the team in the first place. [he’s the same type of player as Giambi and Duncan] … Well good luck to him … Maybe the Mets will pick him up. He could help their situation at first base…

    Also, nice throw by Chad Moeller, and tag by Cano on the attempted steal of second…


  81. Betemit didn’t waste any time, did he? RC’s return to chasing bad, low pitches is really frustrating. More of the weak 4-3 ground outs.

  82. Four pitches, two outs.

  83. hey jimmy

  84. what an inning. way to drive up the pitch count.

  85. Hey Jimmy. I hate to see a guy lose his job, but it’s true. Ensberg never really fit, especially when he didn’t hit. If he did it would have been a different story. They could have lived with his defensive limitations.

  86. 8 pitches. inning over. love the back end of our lineup today—i do love chad actually

  87. The Yanks did Rasner no favors, taking all of 8 pitches in a decrepit 1-2-3 second.

  88. he made is million and a half jason- i wouldn’t feel to badly for him

  89. Clearly we concur, Mike.

  90. True, Mike, but it’s never a good feeling to not be wanted, nor to not succeed–good salary or no. He had a slow release with the Yanks, and he failed in his chances.

  91. 4-3, one down.

  92. it’s a shame he couldn’t help out the team, but so be it

  93. Mike,

    How’s it going!

    – Jimmy

  94. 2 down- so far so good

  95. Sorry, Vanessa. I missed your comment on that stellar second. Yeah, what a job by the hitters.

  96. the yanks need to take notes. rasner got the strikeout but lamb got 7 pitches out of him.

  97. glad to see you here jimmy–i’ve been quite well thanks

  98. Nice pitch, Rasner, two down.

  99. Exactly, Vanessa–one less than three Yanks hitters saw in the second.

  100. great job-

  101. Rasner had a good slider in the second, nice 1-2-3. Warm up the bats, guys. Runs, please.

  102. Rasner threw 15 pitches in the second, 38 thus far in all.


  104. melky is susceptible to those curve balls

  105. nice piece of hitting JD

  106. see, the only time you should swing first pitch is if you can do that. nice hit by jd.

  107. JD rips a double to right. He’s been excellent lately.

  108. Two straight walks by Jeter? Wait, I think I hear frogs falling from the sky…

  109. blyleven has no problems suggesting that the umps call balls strikes for the twinky pitcher…

  110. Abreu fouled that off his leg, ouch.

  111. He’s walked the bases loaded. Time to make him pay…RUNS

  112. that’s the way to do it. another walk.

  113. Yeah, Mike, I haven’t had a chance to visit the HDLR [in a long while] …

    But, I have been writing posts on a regular basis on my Blog; and, have made various comments at the “Heartland”, and on other baseball blogs.

    It’s great the Yankees finally made it over the .500 mark !!!

  114. sweet as candy—

  115. Bases loaded for Alex!!

  116. That’s one heck of a walk by Abreu–back from 0-2 to load the bases. C’mon, A-Rod, be clutch here.

  117. *sigh*

  118. that was awful

  119. argh… please, matsui, come to the rescue.

  120. Ugh, this is ridiculous.

  121. Tough slider K’s A-Rod, two down. Come through here, Matsui. A base hit to tie the game, c’mon, kid.

  122. pathetic

  123. Another waste of an inning

  124. what has possessed the team this year? any other time the yanks would of blown this game open that inning.

  125. that was terrible, you have to get aleast one run in that situation

  126. our best hitters and we get nada.

  127. Terrible situational hitting by the Yanks, doubling Blackburn’s pitch count in the third but leaving the bases loaded. Terrible.

    The only thing they did well was run up the pitch count–26 in the third. That’s key since the Twins also used up their pen last night. But it matters little if they can’t push across runs.

  128. one pitch -one out

    they’re imitating the yanks now

  129. Rasner needs to hold it here. If the Yanks keep getting chances, they’ll cash in.

    One pitch, one out. Nice.

  130. A-Rod was totally fooled on that pitch…[strike three] – 2 outs.

    The way that at-bat was going, I just knew he was going to strikeout…

    And, then a weak ground out by Matsui…

    Big Inning For The Twins … Getting out of a bases loaded situation!

  131. 2 down- gotta give the dazzler some run support for a change from last time

  132. Blyleven said “relaxness” to describe a short swing. The only term I can use to describe that so-called word is dumbnitude.

  133. i thought he would as well jimmy- he doesn’t come back from 0-2 as well as bobby can.

  134. K looking, two down. Rasner is really throwing good strikes now.

  135. It’s a good point, Jimmy. When he doesn’t recognize the off-speed stuff, A-Rod’s in real trouble.

  136. RUNS!

  137. to paraphrase joe torre– i’m very comfortable watching rasner…

  138. 6-3, and Rasner has retired seven straight. Runs, guys.

  139. I thought I detected the scent of green tea in your comments, Mike. 🙂

  140. nothing like refreshing Bigelow tea.

    breaking news: betemit K’s

  141. first pitch yet again…


  143. Betemit K’s, one down. Back to the same ol’ same ol’, Wilson.

  144. Cano is lost.

  145. Darrell Rasner…

    1-2-3, in the bottom of the 2nd…

    1-2-3, in the bottom of the 3rd…

    Now, where are the Yankee runs ???

    All A-Rod or Matsui had to get was a single, and the score would be 2-2…

    Manny just hit number 501 …

    Red Sox leading their game, 6-1

  146. Cano, that was so stupid it’s unbelievable. Two straight easy ground outs on low pitches that were designed to get exactly that result. HORRIBLE.

  147. go chad!!

  148. chad doubles. it’s sad that our backup guys are hitting better then the superstars.

  149. Moeller rips a double to left. Bring him in, Melky the Clutch.

  150. melky gave that at bat away as well.

  151. arrgghhh, im ready to launch something out the window.

  152. why don’t you launch cano out your window. i hope you live on a high floor

  153. Melky, that’s a stinking stupid disgrace, swinging at the first pitch right after a hanging pitch was clubbed for a double. DISGRACEFUL! Blackburn gets out of the fourth with a 10-pitch inning. The kids should sit for such stupidity.

  154. LOL mike. i don’t but i have access to the roof.

  155. Ground-rule double on a belt-high slider. Jeez.

  156. Rasner’s leaving up pitches is really hurting him. He doesn’t have the stuff to get away with that.

  157. the yanks would find a way not to score with runners on the corners and nobody out

  158. they find ways to not score with the bases loaded and no one out.

  159. shaking my head sadly….

  160. Walk loads the bases with no outs. Not good.

  161. Joe Girardi said, “the Yankees will carry three catchers when Jorge Posada returns next week”.

    So, Chad Moeller will still be on the team [for a little while longer], at least, until the Yanks are sure Posada is fully okay … It will also give the Yankees a chance to DH Posada – a couple of times a week …

  162. Would be a good time for a triple play.

  163. a K and dp would be sweet here, but that would probably asking for too much.

  164. well a big K. lets keep our fingers crossed

  165. Rasner with a huge K of Young. Keep the damage to a minimum please.

  166. Huge K of Young. A DP now could be momentum changing.

  167. Sac fly for Lamb. Now get out of the inning and let the offense go to work.

  168. Sac fly makes it 3-0. Hold it here, Rasner.

  169. Rasner punches out Harris. RUNS, NOW!

  170. another K, niiice job by rasner. this inning could of been much worse.

  171. beautiful job- i like rasner’s poise and calm demeanor. he’s doing a better job than wang did last night

  172. K for Rasner, could be worse than one run though.

  173. Runs, guys. They came back from three down Friday night. Why not again?

  174. right now rasner is looking like a solid fifth starter. if joba also does stellar then i don’t even care when hughes or kennedy comes back.

  175. Top of the order for the Yankees. Work over Blackburn, guys. Stop wasting chances.

  176. well this would be the inning to do damage- 3rd time through and the top of the order.

  177. what the hell is with the first pitch swings??

  178. EL CAPITANN!!

  179. Jeter goes solo job. 3-1 Twins.

  180. i swear i thought jeter would hit one out- i think i just acquired psychic powers.

  181. i hope this gets jeter back on track and maybe starts some momentum for the yanks this game.

  182. YES, Captain! Big homer to left-center, 3-1. Keep it rolling, BA.

  183. i’ll be reading tarot cars later in thew day for those that may be interested

  184. I thought that in his previous at-bat, Mike. We’ve channeled him some positive vibes, it seems.

  185. oh no, that poor kid. i hope he’s OK

  186. I’d like some Mega Millions numbers, please.

  187. ouuuchhh… scary.

  188. i’ll get right on that jason

  189. Oh man, he got hit right in the face on Abreu’s liner. I hope he’s OK. Not good, and he’s out of the game. Those are scary moments.

  190. that was pretty awful looking in SLO-MO

  191. You could see Abreu grab his head right after it hit Blackburn. That can’t feel good for a hitter’s conscience even though it’s obviously an accident.

  192. abreu’s face says it all. he is torn up. looks like he wished he had taken an out instead.

  193. they have no need to continue showing that clip…

  194. The wizard. With us, and hopefully with YFCR. Don’t forget to bring us back Sidd Finch. LOL

  195. McDougald/Score was at the Stadium, 5/7/57.

  196. It’s true, Vanessa. Abreu looks sick. I agree, Mike. Let it go already. Of course, ESPN will show it a billion times.

  197. Mussina got one but good 10 years ago.

  198. ok please stop showing the clip.

  199. Mussina is on camera in the dugout describing it to Pettite, how it came right at him after the follow-through. I was pitching BP in softball yesterday morning, and got two from the same kid back at me within five pitches. I thankfully snagged them both, but was only 40 feet away at the most.

  200. It is a scary part of the game. Anyway, back to baseball…

  201. you could see our three pitchers exchanging war stories…

  202. Keep it rolling, A-Rod.

  203. a-rod…. i mean 3-0 . awful

  204. Pop to second, garbage after being ahead 3-0. C’mon, Matsui.

  205. See the post I put up about Tim the Wizard’s “Scouting Mission”?

    Couldn’t resist.


  206. they just can’t cash anything in today.

  207. Three down, though it’s now 3-1. A sustained rally is essential today, for a change.

  208. Thank God, Blackburn was able to walk off the field …

    You could see Abreu was very concerned, hoping Blackburn was not seriously hurt.

    Very Scary !!!

  209. sounds like he’s going to be OK

  210. These FAUX Sports interviews with people in the stands are hilarious wastes of time. I wonder how much time it takes to scrounge up interview candidates.

  211. I did see the Sid Finch post Mike S. I wish was going on a scouting mission but not possible. Wedding and closing deals on casino technology with big time casinos in Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.

  212. Mike can you get the ubroadcast thing yet

  213. they just gave an update on him. they said it partially deflected off the glove and hit his face. he just has a bloody nose and they’re going to the hospital for x-rays.

  214. betemit lazily ambling to the bag barely beating cassila

  215. Wilson really doesn’t trust his own ability to run to first with the ball. He almost pitches it to Rasner. Wilson, just run please and spare us a potential three-man collision.

  216. Amen, Mike.

  217. i haven’t gotten it yet. i have Windows installed on one of the hard drives on my MacPro so i guess i will just download the player there. can you e mail me the link Nick?

  218. Mike S., the guy in your blog post photo has the flattest feet I’ve seen in some time.

  219. The headline for yesterday’s game wrap should have read “Thriller…”

  220. I can’t download it I have a mac. I’m just going to listen to the show on Ustream.

  221. 1-2-3 for Rasner. I hope he can give one more good one, since he’s at 92 pitches.

  222. i write a log everyday about the games that i watch- i entitled yesterdays game- Thriller.

  223. Rasner is doing his job.

  224. nick is the chat room still there on u stream?

  225. Big Homerun by Derek Jeter [of course] …

    I was away from the T.V. for the homer, but saw the replay.

  226. Betemit, Cano, and Moeller–oh my.

  227. one pitch- one out . i hate that damn betemit

  228. yeah it still is. Thats how I have been listening to it. Its the same TPS radio link as it always was

  229. I have Windows ME. I can’t get Ubroadcast at ALL.

  230. casilla boots the ball and betemit still can’t get on base.

  231. probably the worst operating system of all time mike….

  232. Betemit will be executed if they don’t win this game.

  233. What in the world is the matter with the Yankees’ hitters chasing the first pitch? Worse, they’re chasing BAD pitches. Horrible.

  234. Cano with a single.

  235. i’ve been listening to the podcast but i’ve missed being in the chart room

  236. You going to be in the chat tonight for the show

  237. yes i will nick

  238. I hope to listen in tonight.

  239. Ugh. How do you say FRUSTRATING?!

  240. really bad….

  241. Thats great hope most of you allot will be aswell. I’ve been on my own the last few weeks

  242. The trio of Betemit, Cano, and Moeller has been a pit of quick sand today.

  243. damn it very frustrating

  244. Have PC, not mac, but after getting a hold of Ubroadcast support team (and telling them from Day 1 what OS I use) it took them 10 days to finally get back to me that they don’t support ME. Meanwhile they gave me all this stuff to try, which they didn’t have to if they had only read that I had ME.

    Jason, that’s Sidd Finch, the (fictional) star of the George Plimpton story from April Fool’s Day 1985 or so in SI that was one of the greatest April Fool’s day jokes of all time. The possessor of the 168 MPH fastball. Great story. Unbelievable how many people bought into it.

  245. YES just showed a shot of Bobby Abreu slowly walking back to the dugout. When he was in the dugout, Joe Girardi came up to him, put his arm around Abreu, and was just talking to him – to see if he was okay [maybe asking Bobby if he wanted to be taken out of the game?]…

    You can see , this has really affected Abreu, like it has affected all of us. You just hope Blackburn is okay !

  246. I don’t know what I hate more, Blyleven’s arrogance or John Flaherty’s voice.

  247. Ah, I didn’t recognize the photo, Mike. I recall that story.

  248. That is just absolutely disgusting….

  249. OMG… can this team sink any lower?

  250. Oh my God, Melky! He slipped, threw a ball over Abreu’s head and Morneau scores. What a terrible decision by Melky. Stand up and throw it, Melky! What a stupid play.

  251. its just one of them games isnt it?

  252. Got it CHEAP. what can I say?

    For crying out loud. What the heck do you call THAT? 4-1 Twins.

    Hope to be on tonight. Lots to talk about, including what I would do with Posada once he comes back (have it up on my site).

    Single or not, I’m still on Cano’s a** until he reaches .270.

  253. abreu looked a lil teary too Jimmy. i don’t know who i feel worse for, bobby or blackburn.

  254. Cano has made so many stupid decisions at the plate lately. He’s been back to the same old impatient garbage, swinging at low pitches for weak ground outs, just like April. Horrible.

  255. Rasner’s tired.

  256. well i just downloaded the U BROADCAST player on another computer..does anyone know if the chat room is the same there ?

  257. MLB debut of Patterson.

  258. yeah jason- they need to go ahead and put patterson in

  259. Rasner left that fat for Young. He needs to come out now. A decent start in all, but he’s spent.

  260. too bad they can’t give this guy any run support again today.

  261. I hope Patterson is good. He was great in ST and very good in SWB, and there is still some room for improvement within the bullpen.

  262. I agree, Mike. Rasner deserve better, and this should be a much closer game than 4-1, that’s for certain.

  263. we can still win this game if he holds it here

  264. the high socks seem to be making a comeback on the yanks.

  265. For a guy 6’6″, Patterson doesn’t have a long stride.

  266. nice play cano

  267. At least Robbie can still play defense. 2 out.

  268. rasner doesn’t seem to get any run support when he starts. his last start he only gave up one run, going 6 innings, and still got the loss.

  269. Yeah, Vanessa,

    I’m sure Bobby will be the first Yankee to check-out how Blackburn is doing. He probably already made a call from the clubhouse to get an update on Blackburn’s condition.

  270. V- i love the high sock look

  271. Heck of a 4-6 from Cano, stealing a hit, two down.

  272. not a very attractive delivery is it?

  273. Patterson, relax and throw strikes. His motion leaves him way off balance.

  274. i don’t even know what to think of his delivery.
    it’s kind of hilarious. looks like he’s doing ballet. he falls and then catches his balance, stands straight up… weird.

  275. His delivery kind of reminds me of K-Rod. K-Rod cocking his head, the crazy leg kick, rocking back, then exploding foward. I know he’s an Angel, but I have a total man crush on Frankie Rodriguez.

  276. Rasner got no support in Baltimore and nothing today.

  277. K’ed him

    Inning over.

  278. Not bad, Patterson. Holding it at three isn’t bad with three to play.

    I’m not sure the Yanks’ brain trust does either, Vanessa. Unmaking Patterson at this point would take years, and neither the team nor Patterson have that to spare.

  279. regarding the YFCR—

    does anyone know if it is the same chatroom using the u broadcast player as the TPS radio?

  280. If nothing else, Patterson seems to hide the ball fairly well. He’s all limbs, and then the ball’s there.

  281. Beautiful pitch by Patterson [right down the middle] for a called STRIKE THREE, to end the inning …

    Nice debut for Patterson !!!

  282. it’s this inning or never guys-

  283. LOL Tim.
    I always liked El Duque’s delivery. he had a hiiigh leg kick.

  284. Let’s get something going here, guys, before needing to face Nathan.

  285. el duque’s leg kick was a thing of beauty

  286. There is a chat on ubroadcast but it did not work for me when I was using it on my friends computer

  287. Duque was awesome. However, I remember K-Rod buzzing Barry Bonds in the World Series, AWESOME. Plus you gotta give him props for the glasses. Wearing yellow tinted goggles at night, bad ass.

  288. Nice single, Melky. Keep moving the line, JD.

  289. Melky leads off with a single

  290. game over.

  291. What the hell is with ground into all the DPs, #$*%8$@*$@*($@

  292. You have got to be kidding

  293. Ouch, DP erases the runner, again. A step forward and a step back, time after time.

  294. jesus- the rays win yet again.

  295. Anemic offense today

  296. The Rays win on another walk-off. Meanwhile, Jeter grounds out. Bleeeuch.

  297. that’s how this season is playing out jason–so far at least. still last night was a good win-

  298. I would bring in Giambi to PH for meat in the next inning

  299. i would too nick

  300. the fact the rays, of all teams, are in first is just pitiful. the fact that the yanks suck right now is a freaking nightmare.

  301. Top of the 9th…

    Red Sox 9, Orioles 4

  302. I hate the Orioles so much.

  303. What has Chris Britton done to justify the Yanks’ never using him? I almost think that, if the Yankees ran out of other pitchers, they’d warm up a position player before using Britton.

  304. lol J, i agree. the way girardi is handling the bullpen is almost reminiscent of torre, bringing in the same guys.

  305. britton is warming up… seriously.

  306. britton warming

  307. Blyleven is way too self-referential for me. I’ve heard about as much about his career and his pitching style this series as I have about the series.

  308. Chris Britton sighting! He must have bribed Girardi.

  309. Dunno, Jason. I think Britton ate the Girardi family dog or something.

    Tampa is going nowhere. Their lack of exp. may get them in the end, but they are going to be tough all year. Youthful athleticism. Something to prove.

    Versus High-priced, over-the-hill vets.

  310. List of announcers who should be executed, Moskowitz, Waldman, Blyleven, Impemba, Allen, Flaherty, Dave Niehaus(1995 Game 5 need I say more), Harrelson, Jon Miller

  311. i wouldnt doubt that J. i bet if patterson gets out of this inning and the yanks tie it or pull ahead we wont see britton in the 8th.

  312. Morgan…

  313. um excuse me—joe morgan

  314. I don’t know about the Rays. You can’t just win at home. Call me in Augsut and after their first brutal AL East Road trip, NY, Boston, Toronto.

  315. steve phillips…

  316. The No Maas.org image of Britton’s face (on Andre the Giant’s body) along with Bobby Heenan is hilarious.

  317. DeWayne Staats, Joe Magrane…

  318. you can’t win them all….

  319. Watch Britton be lights out and go back to minors tomorrow.

  320. That was terrible, Abreu. It looked like he waved Melky toward it, then stumbled as he fielded it, giving an extra base and a run up for sure. Patterson needs to calm down, though. He was clearly saying, “What the F&#@ was that?” on the mound. He’s right not to be happy, but to display that, especially in his first game, isn’t justifiable at all.

  321. Didn’t he come in the Jaret Wright trade?

  322. The Midnight Cowboy, Jeannie Zelasko, Erin Andrews (but stuff and preserve the body), and I can’t stand the Phillies announcers. Kalas and esp. Chris Wheeler. Rosenthal is looking more like Pee Wee Herman each time I see him.

  323. yeah that’s right he did tim-

    another guy i really hated

  324. I wonder if Girardi’s complaint is Britton’s fitness report, ala Captain Dudley Smith’s (James Cromwell) complaints in “LA Confidential.”

  325. not acceptable behavior jason. i didn’t see that

  326. Yes he did, Tim. Wright was a bust.

  327. Well, little by little this game is getting out of reach … Can we come back in this one?

    The outs by A-Rod and Matsui, with the bases loaded earlier, set the tone in this game !!!

    We should have scored at least two runs that inning!

  328. How about at least 4 in the 8th, just like in the 2004 ALDS?

  329. That’s a terrible called check swing on Abreu for the K. Terrible.

  330. i can’t take anymore. jason thanks for hosting . will see you guys at the fan club

  331. Thanks for coming by, Mike.

  332. Rays 4, White Sox 3 – Final …

    Rays won the game on a “walk-off” homer , in the bottom of the 10th.

    It was the Rays “6th” walk-off win this year!

  333. I am going to make myself some coffee. I will catch you all in an hour. It is getting close to 3 am here in India.

  334. see ya mike, i know how you feel. i’m still watching only because of pure curiousity. i hope britton strikes out the side, see what girardi does.

  335. Well, so much for the hopes of a 2004 Game 4 ALDS redux. 1-2-3, like so much of today’s game.

  336. Thanks for coming by, Tim.

  337. X-Rays on Blackburn are negative…

    So, it looks like he will be okay…

    Thank God !!!

  338. Twinkies tomorrow night yet.

  339. 1-2-3 for Great Britton. Predict what week he pitches again.

  340. Presuming the Yanks don’t come back in the 9th, a win tomorrow night for the Yanks makes this a winning road trip.

  341. That’s good news, Jimmy.

    I’d say the beginning of August, Mike.

  342. can you believe that YES still hasn’t realized that this is the third of four games? from yesnetwork.com “the twins were all over darrell rasner for 6 innings in minnesota, forcing the bombers to play catch-up and putting the yankees’ hopes of a sweep in jeopardy.”

  343. Quick Poll for everyone here today at HDLR…

    Vote “YES”: for Joba as a starter.

    Vote “NO”: for Joba to stay in the bullpen.

    I cast the first vote…

    A very def “YES” for Joba as a starting pitcher.

    I am very excited, and looking forward to Joba’s first start on Tuesday !!!

  344. That’s shocking, Vanessa. They’re right about today’s loss ruining the sweep, but there’s the game tomorrow night. Bizarre.

  345. I’m sorry, that was not a third strike to Betemit. Terrible home-plate umpiring this series.

  346. yes, but i reserve the right to change my vote if he’s subpar as a starter 🙂

  347. jezzuss. i think someone needs glasses.

  348. Cano chases the slider, K. He looks lost again.

  349. I’m iffy about Joba’s move to starting, Jimmy. He’s got starter stuff and the Yanks need to improve the quality of the starts. Yet we’ve seen what the effects on the bullpen have been, especially Nuke. The Yankees still need an 8th inning guy, and I don’t think he’s up in The Bronx right now. They’ll probably have to find one among the SWB and Trenton pitchers, as they did when they called up Joba from the minors last year. I’m not confident in the current set-up guys in replacing Joba.

  350. Vanessa, you sound like a politician [LOL] …

  351. ugh, crappy loss. this is getting old.

  352. Yes.

    Catch you later. Have to prepare for YFCR.

    Yanks back at .500…again. Again an offense going through the motions.

  353. Lousy offensive and defensive game. But thanks for coming by today, everyone. Too bad for Rasner, who wasn’t great but still deserved better from the offense.

  354. i’ll see you guys later, V signing out. thxx for hosting as usual Jason. 🙂

  355. Catch you tonight on YFCR, Mike. It should be lively as usual.

  356. Thanks for coming by, everyone. Good group, bad game.

  357. Thanks for hosting Jason. Are you going to list to the YFCR show on Ustream

  358. are you going to listen to the show I mean

  359. Jason, one thing is for sure …

    A lot is riding on how well Joba does pitch. He should get about 17-20 starts. I really think he will be a great starter, and can be the ace of the staff for many years into the future…

    But, you’re right when you talk about the bullpen. Maybe there is another “Joba” in the Yankees minor league system???

    Anyway, Joba’s first start will be like a playoff game at the Stadium on Tuesday…

    As “they” say: “only time will tell” !!!

  360. Thanks for hosting the HDLR today, Jason!

    It’s the first time I have made a visit in a while, and it was fun !!!

    I will try to stop by more often; and, will always make time to offer comments.

    Take care, Jason … Mike … Vanessa, and everyone else here today !!!

    Best Wishes,

    Go Yankees !!!


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