Jays 9 Yankees 3: Same Old Garbage

Last night was a stormy one by me, so I had to cut myself loose from the in-game blog at The Sommer Frieze before it ended.  We had about 5-6 inches of rain in the last day, with a tornado touching down about 5-6 miles from our house–nothing too destructive, but still hazardous and enough to induce us to take cover a couple times last night.  All that probably presaged the inevitable anyway, for the Yanks limped in for yet another loss, dropping a 9-3 game to Roy Halliday and the Jays, dropping the team back seven games out of first, two games below .500 yet again, and back into last place.

Joba’s first start wasn’t bad, though he walked four and had a balk in 2 1/3.  He maintained the speed on his fastball throughout and fanned three, but threw few curves, of which I’d like to see more.  Yet he only allowed one hit, a positive.  His stint was so short because he threw nearly 40 pitches in the first, when he allowed a hit and a run and walked three.  Dan Giese did pretty well in his lengthy relief stint despite getting shackled with the loss, going 3 2/3 and allowing 5 hits, a run earned, and a walk with no strikeouts.  He seems to lack a strikeout pitch and doesn’t throw very hard, but I was impressed that he kept the ball down and could keep the game close. He did his job.  Yet Veras and Edwar were simply horrible in the six-run seventh, with Veras allowing two runs on two hits, and Edwar four runs earned on one hit and three walks.  It seemed as though Toronto had the bases loaded in the seventh for an hour and a half.  In all, Yankees pitchers walked a disgraceful 10 batters; combined with their 12 hits, the Jays were all over the bases last night.

After scoring two two-out runs off Halliday in the first, they failed to muster much the rest of the way although the worked the count well, and Halliday appeared to have less-than-“A” stuff.  JD and Jeter combined to hit 5-9, pushing JD over .300 at .301 with his 3/4 of the cycle.  Matsui was 2-4 with his 27th RBI, batting .332 now.  Giambi added his 29th RBI and Abreu his team-leading 37th.  But the Yanks were done in by far more than the bullpen in the seventh, stranding 10 runners, 5 in scoring position, by going a decrepit 2-15 with RISP; repulsive. They nearly stranded JD in the first after he blazed to third with a lead-off triple, but Matsui picked up Jeter and Abreu with a single to left.  Giambi followed with a seeing-eye single to make it 2-1, but Cano yet again swung at the first pitch to end the rally.  Saying that Cano is in a funk is really not accurate.  His approach at the plate is a train wreck, swinging at pitches inside that he can’t effectively handle, chasing balls low and out of the zone.  I know I’m not alone in saying how sick of watching that, and the rest of the garbage from this team we’ve been subjected to, this season.  The bottom of the order was a combined 0-11, and Melky too was impatient, swinging at the first pitch in his first at-bat in the second–way for you and Cano to help give Joba a blow, kid. Against Halliday, who has multiple out pitches and is extremely tough when ahead in the count, I’m not entirely against swinging at the first pitch.  My problem is batters chasing bad first pitches, which Cano and Melky each did.

Things get no easier for the Yanks tonight as they face Jesse Litsch (7-1, 3.18 ERA) with Mussina (8-4, 4.26 ERA) taking the hill for New York.  Jorge is set to return tomorrow, so that’s good news.  This team has do a lot more than bounce out of the cellar, but to prove that it’s more than a mediocre, expensive bust.  So far this year, that’s ALL it’s proven, regardless of the injuries.

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