HDLR 6/6/08: Royals @ Yankees

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the conversation is always brisk and lively. Tonight, the Yankees look to extend their winning streak to three and–I know, shocking–attempt to get above .500. Darrell Rasner (3-2, 2.67 ERA) takes on righty Kyle Davies (1-0, 1.80 ERA). Briefly, LaTroy Hawkins’s three-game suspension has been upheld, so he’s out for the series. Posada sits tonight before the weekend games, which he’ll apparently catch, according to Pete Abraham. [Edit: Also, Chris Britton has landed on the 15-day DL for a pulled ribcage muscle. Clearly, the guy’s been overworked.] As per Abraham, tonight’s lineup is below. Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game. Let’s Go, Yankees!

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Molina C
Cabrera CF

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  1. Jason is in, listening to the WCBS pregame.

  2. Nick is in

  3. Hey Nick. How’s it going?

  4. Its good I have a 2 week holiday now so will be watching all the Yankee game live

  5. Is this holiday from school, Nick?

  6. I also finished my part time job today so my schedule will be allot better. I will have less money but more time.

  7. I hope that’s a trade-off you can manage, Nick. The time is great but the money is essential.

  8. Yeah it is we finished for 2 week and then back to college

  9. The money is fine I have a student loan which is to help plus I still live with my mum and have alot of savings.

  10. yay nick!! time is MUCH better than money

  11. How you doing Mike

  12. listen guys i have to go buy some beer and food but will be here as soon as i can

  13. Great for you, Nick. Sounds like the occasional pint shouldn’t be a problem.

    How’s it going, Mike?

  14. No sweat, Mike.

  15. How about that walk-off win yesterday, Nick? Big G came through big, and the first ninth-inning comeback win.

  16. Jase it was great I missed at the time but I must of watched the clip a million time. I never get bored of watching Yankee walk of wins.

  17. What you opinion on the draft Jason

  18. Hello,

    I don’t care about the increase in oil! I want to here about the Yanks’ darn WCBS radio!

  19. What little I’ve read of the draft sounds encouraging, Nick, although so much of it is a crapshoot. I like that they got a good arm in the first round. Cole seems to have a gun, though I’ll reserve judgment on his pitch speed until I watch his games myself. But they seemed to get a nugget late in the first round, no easy task. Like Mike, I’m glad they drafted a lefty arm who is fairly well-regarded, and some position players.

    I was watching and listening in as I made dinner yesterday afternoon, and Giambi just plastered it. That was WAAAAAY gone. It’s about stinking time this team pulled one out late.

  20. Hey Leo. What’s happening?

  21. What is the the stat? It’s like 0-27 when the opposition is leading after eight inning? What was 05′ when the Yankees were come back killers.

  22. It was 0-27 before yesterday’s walk-off, Leo. On 2005, I’m guessing, but for some reason, the number of comeback wins sticking in my head is around 60–although I may be thinking about 2004.

  23. hey guys. great game yesterday afternoon, hope the yanks get on a roll now.

  24. Cheers J. I’m just here wasting good ole’ company time.

  25. The Royals have lots 11 straight road games, according to Kay. Make it 12–better yet 14.

  26. Hey Vanessa. That was great yesterday, great stuff. Leo, you’ve won a special place in my heart for your admission of blowing off company time. Good for you.

  27. hey folks i’m back—good to see you leo

  28. 4-3, one down though Rasner had to throw 8 pitches.

  29. Mike, que pasa?

  30. Hey it’s Johnny Damons team now huh? You know I have a bone to pick with Farnsy’ after defending him for some time but I could have swore he was late and the last player to jump out of the dugout. The bomb did get him a W c’mon Kyle! Jeter was out there before Giambi was rounding first…

  31. Rasner hit Grudzielanek, too bad when he was ahead 1-2–a grazing.

  32. it looks like another squeeze job is going on with the ump

  33. hey J. how’s everything?
    i guess big G’s ‘stache is going to stick around..

  34. It’s a good point and saw that too Leo. He barely looked happy for the win, regardless of his poor outing.

  35. yes, leo i noticed that as well since i watched that clip about 10 times ( like nick)

  36. K of the tough Gordon, two down.

  37. seattle has already scored twice on colon in the first inning

  38. All is well, Vanessa. A scare yesterday, GLG got hit in the nose and mouth with a softball during a game and had a gusher of a bloody nose. We feared a broken nose, though it thankfully wasn’t.

  39. i’m glad she’s OK jason- V, good to see you as well

  40. Ah, Bart the Colon, reverting to form.

  41. Thanks, Mike. It was scary–never good to see your kid scared, in pain, and bleeding like crazy.

  42. unless you’re sweeney todd

  43. is it true that the royals let tony pena’s som go?

    does anyone know?

  44. hey miike.
    ouch, glad to hear she’s ok too.
    damon is sporting the ‘stache too? what is with the superstitions?

  45. Jeter is warming up again.

  46. i hate to sound like a homer, but this kid is gettin g all the calls off the plate. am i right?

  47. LOL, Mike. On Pena Jr., I haven’t heard anything.

  48. It seems appropriate to now Vanessa is your daughter?\ GLG? Yeah, I played with the little league kids and this kid got bonked by a liner and it was a real scare.

  49. love the hit and run!!

  50. a-rod’s 500 guy

  51. Clutch hitting by Abreu, lining a 3-2 fastball on a hit-and-run to center, first and third for A-Rod. Drive the ball, A-Rod.

  52. It sure is, Leo. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, having been hit in various places with a baseball.

  53. You’re right, Mike.

  54. I flipped on sweeney todd and didn’t know it was a musical the past night it turned out to be a fine film. I’m not much for musicals though I do have a few favorites. Derek is hitting and Bobby is working the counts!

  55. horrible!!

  56. and typical i must add

  57. well that sucked..
    on a brighter note, i just realized that the yanks have two players in the starting lineup over .300. it used to be only one player.. for a whilleee.

  58. a replay of the horrible RISP from yesterday, and most days this year

  59. Lovely, DP ball ends the first. A-Rod sure hasn’t been good with RISP this year–.205, unlike last year–.333.

  60. Indeed, Leo.

    I’ve yet to see “Sweeney Todd,” but heard it was very good.

  61. Oh, man blew the horn too soon.

  62. keystone cops out there. pathetic

  63. Olivo singles into the infield no-man’s land.

  64. he was out

  65. I’m watching Hot Fuzz at the moment great movie

  66. that was out

  67. never heard of it.

  68. Close call on the 4-6-3 attempt, but I thought he was out. Super close.

  69. Have you heard of Shaun of the Dead its made by the people who did that

  70. Oh, man I just glanced at at Canoe’s deuces of a batting average. Jeter had a dramatic drop in the BA department but seems to be coming around….

  71. what a play by a-rod!

  72. nice play by arod to redeem himself.

  73. That’s the DP they needed. Sharp pick-up from A-Rod, turning a hit into two outs. Excellent.

  74. Great play

  75. i’m afraid i haven’t nick- i’ll check it out on Netflix.

    hey BTW have they got netflix in the UK?

  76. You’re right Leo. Jeter has upped his average almost 20 points in a week or so. Cano has just floundered all year, except for about a week. I’d love to see the kid do what he did last year and rip off a 20 for 40 stretch.

  77. Rasner is at 33 pitches after 2.

  78. No we don’t get Netflix over here thats were you can rent dvd’s and stuff

  79. yes, it’s great nick

  80. Death Valley ate that up, one down.

    I loved seeing the clip of Cone. He could flat-out pitch and, before his arm aneurysm, threw heavy gas. Plus, with all those arm angles and that off-speed stuff, Cone was NASTY.

  81. Nice BB from Giambi. I have to hand it to the guy. he gets on my nerves, but he gets on base.

  82. Cano, please, HEAT UP!

  83. Giambi walks. obp getting really close to .400

  84. that damn cano- i wish they hadn’t given him that contract

  85. i swear, the yanks should just put in anyone for cano. i vote for the batboy.

  86. Why am I not surprised, a grounder to second from Cano.

  87. Vanessa, I vote for you.

  88. i say put in betemit- make robbie sweat it a bit on the bench for a few games

  89. Kay and Cone’s discussion of Boggs’s “routines” seem less like superstitions and more like obsessive-compulsive behavior.

  90. lovely effort guys…

  91. lol, thx J. i’m pretty short so i would definately get more walks than cano.

  92. no one is crazier than Nomar

  93. Nil after 2.

  94. so i guess the story was that youkilis was calling out manny in the dugout for being the last out on the field to support coco yesterday. i wish they had broken each other’s arms

  95. Nomar’s at-plate mannerisms exceeded even Mike “The Human Rain Delay” Hargrove’s. Nomar has issues.

  96. i’d put in betemit too. he’s hit a homer in his last two games if i’m correct. and what has cano done? nothing… this entire year… and he still gets paid.

  97. oh that was the kid that replaced tony pena

  98. Lead-off double for the third.

  99. No wonder why Pena threw something from the dugout as the kid passed by…

  100. he’s a worse bunter than cano

  101. Molina perfectly embodies the difference between quick and fast. He’s not fast, but he sure springs up quickly on plays around the plate and on throws.

  102. good point jason

  103. Nice to see that Cano isn’t the only guy around who can’t put a bunt down.

    One of the fastest runners in baseball pops up a bunt.

  104. \ I like Giambi he reminds me of those stereotypical tobacco chewing chopper driving ballplayers. Is it me or is Raz’ no getting any called strikes here!

  105. leo he looks like a tube of toothpaste he’s been so badly squeezed

  106. That 1-2 pitch looked like a strike, jeez.

  107. True, Mike S. By the way, how about the Celtics? Big Game 1 win.

  108. i could listen to coney all day. great job D-raz!

  109. LMAO Mike.

  110. Leo, that’s very funny too. He’s like one of the guys from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, a real mug.

  111. Wilson has been fairly productive well compared to the other bench players.

  112. Yup. Now get game 2 and maintain home-court advantage.

  113. Nice escape, Rasner, with some defensive help. Rasner is at 48 pitches/15 in the 3rd.

    I agree about Cone, Mike. He’s like a slightly toned-down Leiter–great insights into pitching and the game, incredible recall of their own careers, games, and often sentiments about specific moments. YES has something with Cone and Leiter.

  114. leo to be honest i’m not a big fan of betemit. no plate discipline, and tell michael kay that is the whitestone bridge, not the throgs neck

  115. I agree, Leo. He’s even cut down on the K’s lately. I almost fell over when I saw he hit a righty homer.

  116. get RID of those maple bats!

  117. I expect Game 2 to be tougher, Mike.

  118. LOL………………Nah’ I was upset about the penguins loss. No, Jason that would be David Wells.

  119. The maple bats are hilarious because they were billed as the opposite of what they’ve been–fairly shatter-proof. What a load.

  120. Ah yes, Boomer, my old friend.

  121. Last year someone asked me who I wanted as pitching coach to replace the Gator. I thought of Cone. Think he’d be good at it.

  122. I agree, Mike. He’s super smart, breaks down certain components in minute detail, is mentally quick. He just doesn’t miss much.

  123. Jeter looks less than enamored with the check-swing strike call.

  124. that was a super productive inning.

  125. honestly i can’t stand listening to al leiter drone on and on with anecdotes from his dreary career

  126. Pitchers duel thus far.

  127. another pitcher we’re nominating for the cy young award

  128. He does talk a lot about his career, Mike. He’s induced to, I think. Cone might distance himself better from that to discuss the sport. I do think that Leiter does a great job discussing approaches to pitching, how to throw particular pitches, and mindsets.

  129. They’re discussing the “Pine Tar Home Run.” Sorry, he was out, and should have stayed out.

  130. The amount of ground-rule doubles lately amazes me.

  131. ed montague has a super fast strike call.

  132. yeah V, he doesn’t mess around.

  133. Pitchers duel? This is a Yankee game right? I kinda’ have mixed feelings about Raz’ I mean despite his performences he seems to be doomed to be placed in the pen or placed as trade bait in the not so distant future.

  134. seattle 5-0 over boston.

  135. i like the guy a lot leo– he never really has gotten a chance till now

  136. i feel the same leo. seems like all the guys that “proved themselves” when the yanks needed them got traded away. like chacon and smalls. rasner has the spotlight on him for now.

  137. wow that kid is a GAMER!!

  138. Big K from Rasner!

  139. Rasner threw 15 more in the 4th, 63 in all.

  140. now lets give the guy some RUNS. he gets the worst run support of any of our pitchers. he should get what moose gets…jeeez

  141. Abreu, A-Rod, Matsui–sounds like runs.

  142. does it?

  143. i’m getting a bit frustrated

  144. For a glass half-full guy like me Mike, yes.

  145. A-Rod rips a single, a good sign.

  146. yes, you’re right

  147. you guys will love this:

    A Red Sox source told ESPNdeportes.com that the cause of the dugout disagreement was Youkilis’ temper following a poor at-bat.

    “It all happened because Manny complained about Youkilis’ habit of throwing bats, helmets and other objects in the dugout when he has a bad at-bat, something that has become a constant practice,” the source said.

    “Other players have told Youkilis in the past about the situation, which makes him look selfish and that he is more worried about each at-bat than about the team. If Boston is winning easily, there’s no reason to throw objects all over the dugout because of a bad at-bat.

    “There was a meeting where the team let Youkilis know that many of his teammates were tired of his explosive reactions for each bad plate appearance. It became very bothersome … more so when the team is winning and it’s in first place. There’s not much room for individualistic attitudes.”

  148. Then again, Mike, I admittedly fish for signs of optimism. If I don’t find them, I sometimes invent them.

  149. That’s priceless, Mike, and should do nothing but increase your suspicions about the guy. How amazing, Ramirez admonishing a guy for appearing selfish.

  150. you know how i hate youkilis.

    another horrible inning

  151. What the heck was that, Matsui?!? It was a ball, and that wasn’t even a swing. He gestured toward the same pitch that was called a ball just before. Ugly.

  152. So much for sounding like runs. I sometimes have a tin ear for poor innings.

  153. Cy Davies…

  154. we HAVE to win this game tongitht. i mean if we can’t beat the worst team in baseball…

    another damn leadoff double.

  155. Aviles is 2-2 tonight with his lead-off double. Rasner missed the spot.

  156. from the worst manager in baseball, joe maddon:

    “I want to be very clear: I defend everything our guys did,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said before Friday night’s game at Texas. “I feel actually proud of the way we handled the situation that was presented.”

  157. Nice throw, Giambi. Good thing Cano scoops like Giambi.

  158. out by a mile.. ha ha

  159. go jose!!

  160. Rasner missed that spot badly as well, well inside instead of outside, 1-0 Royals. There’s no margin for error tonight with the anemic offense.

  161. ahh to have young outfielders….

  162. I seriosly thought it was because Youk’ didn’t throw any punches in the brawl. I mean isn’t that the image he projects. I like Manny, I bought wood bat same day of the little league game before mentioned. The kind with the inscribing they didn’t have any A-Rod or Jeter ones. It was between Manny or Ortiz I got the Manny bat though I let one of the kids keep it.

  163. Jeez, with the pitchout, Molina had him by ten feet.

  164. that was the worst backtracking i’ve ever seen.

  165. Maddon is an ass-head.

  166. that damn gordon…toss him!

  167. Jeez, JD, what was the problem there? I know balls right at you are tough, but that was ugly. I can’t say he took the wrong angle to the ball because he took several.

  168. goodbye GORDON

  169. Molina is angry about that extra-long follow through from Gordon.

  170. Raz’ is going to get pulled soon of course. He better not get a lose giving up a single darn run..

  171. i’d love to look at my out field and see sizemore, granderson and markakis

  172. Harry Moskowitz should be executed.

  173. Rasner has been good tonight, a run and scattering 7 hits in 5 innings, on 78 pitches. Runs, guys. Runs.

  174. torre would already have taken him out. i think girardi will show confidence. after all he’s better than anyone in the pen…

  175. omg that would have been a great play! but cano gets the hit…

  176. finally!

    howdy tim

  177. You’re exactly right, Leo.

    How’s it going, Tim? How are the ceremonies? What time is it there, 6:30 a.m. or so?

  178. jose, the consummate professional

  179. Sidney Crosby can manage left field, huh? Grady and Curtis continue to dazzel me there just natural baseball players.

  180. Cano off the top of Gathright’s glove, lead-off double. Runs.

  181. thanks melky.

  182. At least Jose can bunt. Score that run, Melky the Clutch.

  183. those loser fans. why didnt they knock it away?

  184. Was just wondering about Tim. Also what bachelor parties are like in India.

    Damn Melky. Right after we get a good sac bunt from one of the few guys on this team who can bunt.


  186. The pop-ups in foul ground drive me up a wall, all the worse with a runner on third. Horrible.

  187. JD, bring him in kid.

  188. i’m putting my head in the oven. this team is awful.

  189. Pena almost got decapitated with the foul ball. That BARELY missed him, and Pena’s look and smile were priceless.

  190. Horrible situational hitting from the Yanks yet again, stranding Cano after the lead-off double. Inexcusable.

  191. Mike, bring a beer with you. It will keep things cool.

  192. I can’t see how you can support something that can put your playerss in danger. It will possibly cost either the Rays or Sox a couple of wins.

  193. 0-3 with RISP tonight, more garbage.

  194. No comment!

  195. he’s a jackass leo- trying to be “old school hardass” but failing utterly

  196. i thought it couldnt get much worse after last year’s start but i was proven wrong again. its just annoying to watch the offense now.

  197. vanessa you’re so right. i just don’t like watching this team play.

  198. wow, that play was actually hot.

  199. It’s true, guys. There’s just no excuse for it, and it’s squarely on the offense. I don’t buy the age argument, either, regarding getting going later because they’re an older team. It’s 3/8 of the way through. Stop hitting the snooze alarm and get it gear.

  200. yeah- nice.

  201. DP for a run, tough trade when the offense is floundering, but two runs isn’t insurmountable as yesterday showed.

  202. Rasner at 91 pitches through 6. I’d start him in the seventh. He’s been pretty good, again.

  203. How did that happen? I’m not even complaining about the failure in RISP what’s with four hits in five innings against this character. I demand everyone to grow a stach’

  204. great at bat jeter!!!

  205. 2 Runs in 6 IP by the Raz. Can’t ask for much better than that. Offense not helping.

    Those suspensions for Rays and Basawx are some nice long suspensions.

  206. jeter, abreu and a-rod.

    sounds like a walk and a GIDP

  207. lmao.
    the yanks are on fire!

  208. Thanks for swinging at the first pitch, Jeter, a pitch up and in with which you could do nothing. Horrible.

  209. raz never gets any run support. he gives up one or two runs most of the time and still ends up getting the loss.

  210. Jason, as I wrote you…great stat on Cano 1st and 2nd pitch and what he has done with it….could you do the same for Jeter and send me the numbers?

  211. what the HELL WAS THAT BOBBY???!!

  212. Abreu chases and K’s, two down.

  213. Sorry I disappeared. The internet here in India is kinda crazy. The bachelor parties have been strange. The wedding is tomorrow. The groom is doing alright. Why the hell is this team being shutdown y Kyle freaking Davis.

  214. Well if Yorvit Torrealba and Matt Kemp got four’ for pushing each other I expected them to get mighty suspensions Jacoby is hurt too so nice going Sox’

  215. Thanks Mike S. Jeter is 27-84 (.321) on at-bats with one and two pitches. I’ll e-mail you this. He’s the opposite of Cano, but he still swings at bad pitches in those situations, such as his last at-bat.

  216. called it!

  217. utterly disgested

  218. I actually was trying to call Matsui san’s shot um?

  219. So much for that after A-Rod doubled.

  220. Cy Davies is the long-lost brother of Cy Sonnanstine of the Rays, Tim.

  221. Better than I thought. I’ll admit that.

  222. The best shot I ever called was a GW walkoff HR by Bubba Crosby a few years ago.

    I put the “Truth” into shock.

  223. leave it to the yankees to break a teams losing streak

  224. calling a bubba crosby homer ought to get you a trip to hawaii mike

  225. and the Royals of all teams

  226. what saddens me is that wang, whom i have no kind words for, get a no decision yesterday and D-raz will probably take a loss

  227. Hahaha I remember that Crosby game. Here in India they still show old 1980s cartoons. “CAPTAIN PLANET, HE’S A HERO!”. I also found the funniest youtube video ever. Warning do not watch around your wives. http://youtube.com/watch?v=MT8TtLKEjik

  228. squeeeeeeeeeeeezed

  229. It was a real crazy game, one in which you saw a lot of strange things, so when Josh called, I said, “this is the type of game that someone like Bubba Crosby will win with a walkoff HR”…

    Sure enough…

  230. I use to call players of the game……mmmm I got Johnny Damon.

  231. I miss that Bubba’

  232. i liked that guy…

  233. Boston getting crushed, Raz gives up 2 in 7 IP and the offense is letting us down. Sheesh.

  234. the next week where half of the boston regulars are injured or suspeneded is where we need to make hay

  235. I’ve called a couple good ones–Jeter’s grand slam off Borowski. Frank the Sage said before the 2003 ALCS that Boone would do something special–’nuff said.

  236. Kay: Manny Ramirez smacked Kevin Youkilis in the face. David Cone, is that divisive for a team?”

    Cone: Well, it’s not good.

    Classic understatement.

  237. Giambi K’s, swell.

  238. al leiter would recall a similar incident and then describe a scene that bore no relationship to what they were talking about

  239. Robbie with a double. Time to score.

  240. i say send posada in to replace jose

  241. Cano with his second double tonight. I love Molina, but I’m less than confident about his driving in a run here. Prove me wrong, Jose.

  242. Posada should pinch hit

  243. I agree, Mike, although they want to rest him. The Yanks need runs.

  244. Betemit in to pinch-hit. Hmmm.

  245. let jorge hot, then moeller could catch in that case then

  246. I called most of Alex’s at bats a bomb last season, I could say. I was right a third of the time….ha.

  247. *sigh*

  248. Wilson that was down the pipe my friend, twice.

  249. Melky singles Johnny Damon brings them home, cough.

  250. Not well done by any means, Betemit. Two down.

    Melky the Clutch, now’s the time.

  251. the yanks still haven’t scored yet…. shocker.

  252. they’ll bring in mahay now

  253. they do score!! the milk mustache is staying!

  254. cough’

  255. A delivery.

  256. Melky the Clutch with an RBI single, 2-1. Nicely done, kid.

  257. Time to score more and take the lead.

  258. LOL Vanessa.

  259. thank you melky…

    how many of you think girardi will put in worthless in the 8th?

  260. It depends on the situation, Mike. If it’s still 2-1, I suspect Ohlendorf for a short stint.

  261. * another sigh*

  262. The pop-ups are colossal wastes of at-bats.

  263. At least it’s down to one run, very manageable.

  264. Do I get half credit?

  265. sure leo–d-raz must really want the win 😉

  266. Rasner in for the 8th. I guess he CAN pitch past the fifth…

  267. Time to get Rasner out of there.

  268. I’m all for partial credit, Leo.

  269. Big-time kudos to Rasner for going deep into this game.

  270. Yeah. Tell Torre that. Joe pulled him way too early last year (before Raz got hurt). Edwar warming.

  271. wow, i didn’t think girardi would let rasner pitch this much… bold. would probably not be torre approved.

  272. Great play by the Capt.

  273. what a play!! maybe jeter really is a shortstop!

  274. Jeter with a web gem!

  275. Mike, I wrote that Rasner comment with you specifically in mind. I’ll text Torre, but he’s usually unwilling to respond. Why, I have no idea.

  276. i love that they are giving him the chance for the win- it’s not as if we have a reliable pen anyway

  277. Jeter is super athletic. His best attributes in the field often involve plays when he can run and jump. Less infield range and more total range.

  278. 2 runs in 8 IP. GREAT ovation for Raz.

    Runs, then Mo. Now.

  279. Rasner deserves a BIG hand for eight excellent innings–and some runs from his teammates.

  280. those hitters must really want to give him the win.

    that performance has got to light a fire under them

  281. rasner deserves a win. offense, wake up and score some runs already!

  282. The hand for Rasner gave me goosebumps.

  283. Darrel Rasner has officially completed count them eight little piggy’s.

  284. it was awesome jason and well deserved

  285. Jeter put a good charge into that but for naught, one down. Abreu, get it going.

  286. Yeah, he gave that one a little ride.

  287. bobby!

  288. Well another walk off win would satisfy but it would do my heart a great deal if you can put one right here Alex.

  289. Abreu starts it off with a single to left. A-Rod is due for a big moment. He’s been solid but unspectacular thus far. Bring some 2007 back this year, kid.

  290. that was the pitch… 😦

  291. 2006 all over again

  292. and A-Rod strikes out on a change. up. Come on Godzilla.

  293. at least they aren’t booing him

  294. A-Rod K’s, jeez. Matsui, keep it rolling.

  295. Indeed on both counts, Mike.

  296. I have a good feeling about Matsui, something left up…

  297. big moment for big G>>>

  298. Big G, this is you now.

  299. The Beatles -” I get by with a little help from my friends”.

  300. Pinch hit Posada for Canoe’ …………no I’mnot kidding Girardi, ha.

  301. C’mon, Big G! This is you!

  302. They never show Giambi’s blast off Mesa in June 2005, titanic blast to the upper deck in right.

  303. BS!

  304. WTF?! That is it. Ed Montigue is a f***ing dead man. Get me his address.

  305. i’d like to beat that montague with a bat

  306. Looks like it will need to happen in the ninth.

  307. Sombody need to mention the stats on RISP again? I assumed Giambi would get on.

  308. That’s a HORRIBLE call! Giambi did NOT go around! STINKING HORRIBLE.

  309. OMG!!
    i demand an investigation of umpires gambling on their own games.

  310. Tim, he’s currently at 161st and River Ave.

  311. Vanessa, clearly your onto something with the Donaghy reference.

  312. he deserves to be beaten to a bloody pulp

  313. yeah nice reference V. i’m furious.

  314. i’ll be glad to lead the riot

  315. on a night where boston and toronto are losing

  316. Oh, the guy from “The count of Monte Cristo”?

  317. lazy cano

  318. Disgraceful. Positively disgrace, at that point in the game, on a 3-2 pitch with runners on. Nowhere close. Complete and total BS.

  319. Sigh Very questionable. C’mon Edwar. Time for the storybook ending.

    Cano gets on, Posada PH GW HR.

    Fingers crossed.

  320. That wasn’t an easy play for Cano.

  321. great bullpen

  322. That sounds about right, Mike S.

  323. Edwar threw that about 52 feet.

  324. K-

  325. Nice Edwar, K, two down. One more.

  326. well pena jr is an easy out

  327. he looks disgusting with that lump of chewing tobacco in his mouth

  328. That would be kinda’ funny it’s almost cocky as if were the Yankees Jorge’ will knock on for us.

  329. Didn’t catch who’s on the wacko?

  330. Edwar, ball to glove please.

  331. my god he practically threw that into RF

  332. That last WP was worse than the first. Thankfully it didn’t cost him or the team.

  333. Oh, man that would have really been it stolen base,wild pitch and a error.

  334. Mike S. has the prescription, Cano then Jorge. Personally, I think JD delivers it.

  335. nice touch having yogi relate that story

  336. this guy is better than bj ryan….

  337. I’d prefer Mike’s blueprint, however, for the sake of brevity and everyone’s nerves.

  338. great job cano—what were you looking for?

  339. holding breath.

  340. That curve beforehand seemed to have Cano not knowing whether to crap or wind his watch.

  341. Jorge, all you buddy.

  342. LOL’

  343. We finally get a pitch called freaking ball!\

  344. Melky at the Last Chance Saloon.

  345. K, two down. It’s on you, Melky the Clutch.

  346. I had JD what do ya’ know?

  347. Melky the Clutch singles, JD up now. We believe, JD.

  348. funny Mike 🙂

  349. Single.

    Now I’ll have a JD at the Last Chance Saloon.

  350. Soria’ my friend this is Johny’s night!

  351. yeah!

  352. arrrghhh

  353. i hate tony pena. i hate the royals. i hate ed montague.

  354. Rats. Recap time.

    Poor Rasner. 3-3, and I think the ERA is now 2.58.

    Time to check the minors.

  355. Under .500 once again and against the Royals not good at all

  356. this team find new ways to lose every day.

    jason, thanks for hosting

  357. Poor Rasner, losing a game with poor RISP from hitters, and no ability to generate rallies. Terrible loss, 2-1.

  358. Montague is crossed off my Christmas card list forever.

  359. ioewjufcdweigfewbdeqbdnm,oSXw2q9uehbdhnemujndsich dab n sauwS90′;’;XSSX;’!!!!!!!!!

  360. Thanks for coming by, everyone.

  361. thx 4 hosting J.
    another downer 😦

  362. My keyboard can’t take this!! Well see ya’ guys around next time.

  363. Amen to that, Leo.

  364. Vanessa, we’re due for a bounce back soon.

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