Late-Night HDLR 6/11/08: Yankees @ A’s

HI everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always lively. Tonight, the Yankees look to win the series and take their second straight game against the A’s. Darrell Rasner takes the hill tonight, having been very good in losing efforts. Not much offense from the Yanks last night, but it was enough with Wang on a roll. Hopefully, the offense will provide Rasner with more than it did Wang.ย  As per Pete Abraham, the lineup is below. Come on in, grab a cold one or some coffee to stay awake, grab a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game. Let’s Go, Yankees!

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF

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  1. The is too late for me even with a couple of weeks of.

    Have a good one poeple.

  2. hello and sadly, goodbye nick

  3. Hi Mike. How are you?

    I completely understand, Nick. You’ll be missed, buddy.

  4. hey i’m good- even better now that i see i have the YES feed

  5. Not I. I’m stuck with the clowns who cover the A’s.

  6. i had to deal with them yesterday- it’s a rare treat to get YES on an away game

  7. they have GOT to give rasner some runs before he becomes discouraged.

  8. I agree, Mike. I was certainly hoping for YES. This offense has been way too inconsistent. Ah, the horns of Oakland.

  9. Boston won, the Rays and Toronto lost today.

  10. V checkin in. hey guys.

  11. this kid duchererererererererer is good- ahh el comaduce gets a hit.

  12. yes, i avidly followed the defeat of the jays and the rays

    V how goes it?

  13. Nice piece of hitting from Abreu, taking that to left.

  14. Hey Vanessa. Glad to see you here for the late-night game.

  15. hey mike. hey J.
    everything is peachy. only 3 more days of school for me! got two tests to take after that but i’m basically done for the year… life is good.
    ouch, ugly strikeout.

  16. That’s a nasty curve Duchscherererererer threw to A-Rod.

  17. gosh a-rod sometimes looks awful at the plate.

    if only he had gimbi’s eye…he’d be the greatest player in the world…oh wait….

  18. How are the finals going, Vanessa? Are you acing your tests?

  19. i got home early so i took a loooong good nap so i’ll probably be staying up all night lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. poor willie randolph- pelfrey turns in a great start and wagner gives up a 3 run homer…

  21. Outstanding. I too took a nap–though a short one–so I too will have an all-nighter. I’ve been writing lectures and putting extra hours in nightly lately.

  22. Big G, easy 3U, one down.

    Willie can’t buy a break from that crap-eating franchise.

  23. the finals are a piece of cake. i’m a smart student, but very lazy so my grades don’t reflect it, but i do well on almost all my tests with no problems. they’re still boring though.
    i’m also done with the sats, yay!

  24. V- you sound exactly like me as a student….

  25. Settling in. Got to get back to my place. Last 3 starts for Rasner? 0-3, 3.26. Give him some runs tonight, Yanks.

  26. Good for you, V. You’ll be fine. Where are you considering going to college?

  27. Hey Mike S. How’s it going?

  28. How is work, Mike?

  29. Rasner made Crosby look bad.

  30. You really see from this camera angle in Oakland that Rasner is a big guy.

  31. I’ve listened to more Yanks games than watched live lately. It sure is good to see Jorge back behind the dish. I missed him about as much as the team did.

  32. i was watchin g the braves /cubs before and the atlanta announcers used the phrase- “little mike fontenot” and “little brian theriot”

  33. F7 ends the first, Rasner at 18 pitches.

  34. OMG he’ll never make it through the second inning at that rate jason

  35. bad luck for zilla

  36. Vanesa, you must be happy to see the Yanks have three .300 hitters in the lineup. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. LOL Mike.

    Matsui ripped that.

  38. G!!!

  39. i have no idea J. don’t even know if college is for me. i even can’t describe how much i hate school. i’ll probably wind up going anyway, but i just wanna finish high school.
    i really like rasner in the rotation. i don’t even want hughes or kennedy back now.
    anothhhherrr homer for the big G. sommmmeone got their swing back.

  40. Big G is absolutely killing the ball the last few weeks, ripped to right. I was about to write at the beginning of the at-bat, hit one out here for old time’s sake. Lo and behold…

  41. respect the “stache”…

  42. That was luck I which on mlb tv for 10 mins first thing I see is a homer. Nice

  43. To quote that great 20th century thinker Bugs Bunny, “And WHAM! Anoduh homaahh!”

  44. Oakland is showing a clip of the pre-roids Giambi playing for Oakland. He looks like Jeter.

  45. An early lead for the Yanks, thanks to Giambi’s big blast.

  46. lmao J. classiiic.

  47. His 15th shot of the year

  48. Jeter with a mullet, that is.

  49. Hello, guys!

  50. leo-nick—hey there

  51. Good to see you, Nick. Is the sun coming up in England? ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hey Leo. What’s happening?

  53. Robbie just can’t buy a hit

  54. Vanessa, you’ll be fine wherever you land. I have no doubts about that.

  55. D-Raz showing duchererererer he’s got a curve as well

  56. Supposed to start on Monday. The Big G’s HR is #379, tying him with Cepeda and Tony Perez on the all-time list.

  57. Plus Vanessa, college is different from high school, especially when you pick and take much more what you want, go to a socially open environment.

  58. Celtics take Game 4, Mike.

  59. Cano sure did get robbed.

  60. yeah it nearly 4 here. I was really tired went to bed then could not get to sleep so thought I would just to drop by watch a bt of the game

  61. Ellis didn’t miss tying the game by much.

  62. you can blow off all of your classes V . you’ll love it

  63. thxx Jason.
    i gotta say, i love they athletics alternate jerseys.

  64. Nick, you’re The Man.

  65. K!

  66. Rasner dealing thus far.

  67. Have article on Jeter up. Amazing how his stats are “Melky-like” this year, and hate to say it, but Michael Young should be starting at SS for the All-Star Game, and not Derek.

  68. lol mike. niiiice.

  69. I like the green too, Vanessa.

  70. i love the Royals blue jerseys…except on guillen

  71. yes, i read it mike. jeter hasn’t been the same since he hurt his leg last year

  72. I saw that just after my little nap, Mike. Good stuff as usual, Mike. It’s sad but true and, while I suspect his hand is still bothering him, slumping is slumping.

  73. Hope so, Jason (NBA). Talked to my 3 year old nephew (Westlake Village CA) last night at the half. He was cute when he said he was rooting for yellow. I told him I like the green.

  74. true mike s. i was wondering why jeter was leading by so much in the voting when his stats arent that great. but then again, the all star game is at yankee stadium, in the finnnall year of the stadium. it’d be weird if he weren’t starting.

  75. Rasner with 2 straight K, and fittingly the horn blew just as Barton swung. Funny. Rasner at 33 through 2 IP.

  76. Speaking of basketball Jason did you see the Kobe Bryant go Yankees thing on Fox

  77. The Celtics have good game 4 history, certainly in 1984 and 1986, on their side.

  78. the all-star votes are bullshit- lets get real- nothjing but a popularity contest.

  79. I did, Nick, but on LoHud. 38pitches is a colossal dolt, as if star players’ tearing into their teammates doesn’t occur all the time in game-time huddles–Bird, Jordan. If nothing else, Kobe has a quick wit.

  80. Can JD work a count, or what? Melky, Cano–take notes.

  81. kenny singleton is already suggesting that farnsy “might not have his command” tonight…

  82. Ducjscherererererer looks like he pulled something on the last pitch to JD.

  83. Singleton’s expectation is like expressing shock that the grass is green.

  84. jeter gets a hit- call the newspapers!!

  85. Heck of a piece of hitting for Jeter, first and third for Abreu. Drive the ball, BA.

  86. that wasn’t foul!

  87. another horrible call!!

  88. You see Schilling’s comments? He had seats behind the Laker bench in Boston and comments on how Kobe was cursing out his teammates.

    Amazing on Rasner. Last 3 starts, 3.26 ERA but he’s 0-3.

  89. That strikeout call to Abreu is just terrible. Not even close to a strike.

  90. i’d like to stick that umpires head in a steam iron

  91. Need a base hit now, A-Rod.

  92. if they don’t a run across it will be emblematic of how this team has played this year

  93. LOl, Mike. Tim the Wizard is rubbing off on you, bringing out your Medieval side.

  94. That 2-1 curve to a-Rod was high.

  95. perhaps even the “Iron Maiden” would be appropriate.

    this pathetic team

  96. 1st & 3rd, 1 out. Abreu and Alex can’t plate him. Pathetic.

  97. A-Rod fooled looking, 2 K’s. Swing the damn bat, A-Rod.

  98. from the daily news: hughes unlikely to return before august. the kid has bad luck.

  99. This team’s problems with RISP are an abject disgrace.

  100. i guess at this point D-Raz should expect to either have a no-hitter—or lose

  101. That is bad luck, Vanessa.

  102. back to black strikeouts!

  103. but we have rasner, so it’s all good.

  104. for CHRIST SAKE

  105. Ugh. Give Raz a break. Offensively, no . Defensively just now, no.

  106. Nice flip, Giambi. You’ve only done that a billion times–half of them correctly.

  107. nice run for cano

  108. Nice catch, Cano, one down.

  109. i didn’t think the A’s even bunted

  110. Leo, not racial, was it?

  111. ever, that is

  112. nice play a-rod

  113. Jeez, Oakland dug the bunt out.

  114. again–thanks big G

  115. 1-1 on Crosby’s hit, JD’s rag arm didn’t help.

  116. Exactly, Mike. Giambi’s boneheaded play in the field hurts again.

  117. UGH—well it’s not like we expected to win 2 games in a row, did we?

  118. 3-1 A’s. Rasner missed the spot, and was back over the plate instead of outside.

  119. What was wrong with that first pitch to Chavez? Home ump O’Nora stinks.

  120. Get a DP ball and escape, Rasner.

  121. arrrghhh…
    c’mon, let’s get a dp.

  122. Rasner is having a really tough time. More of this and get the pen up.

  123. poor guy-

  124. Rasner already at 20 pitches this inning.

  125. or nottt…

  126. poor ohlendorf— get out your mop

  127. Looking like Ohlie, early.

  128. Get the pen up. Some Yanks can take lessons from Chavez and Ellis, taking the ball to the opposite field. Five straight hits, 4-1, only one out.

  129. i stood up for this?!

  130. just didn’t have it tonight. he really is a hard luck guy

  131. Late game. Looks like a normal bedtime though.

  132. Good God, 6-1, Rasner getting pounded. It’s always something with this damn team.

  133. i strangely still have the feeling the yanks have some comeback left in them for tonight.

  134. Can’t say I blame you, Vanessa and Mike. Just lousy. I sure know how to pick ’em.

  135. I still do too, Vanessa. They need to stop stranding runners, though.

  136. well jason they lose half of their games—not much you can do about that except to schedule an HDLR after a loss

  137. wow, great call. it was fair by an inch.

  138. How in the world are the A’s contesting whether or not Giambi was on the bag? He obviously was. They scored six runs thus far in the sixth and are sniveling about this?!?

  139. LOL mike.
    i swear, the yanks are in love with the .500 mark.

  140. I tried to make the Yanks offense mean tonight…on my blog I was hoping the Yanks could have an attack of the killer…

    you can fill in the blank….

  141. True, Mike. I still have this naive hope that they’ll get to two games above .500.

  142. It seems like attack of the killers turds thus far, Mike.

  143. i wish they would just go on a 10 game losing streak so i could just write them off—i hate the tease every other day.


  144. Rasner has more than doubled his pitch count in the 3rd.

  145. Mercifully, the long national nightmare of the 3rd is over.

  146. the mets managed the win in the 14th

  147. Let’s hope Duchscherererererer accumulated some rust from that three-hour half-inning.

  148. i wouldn’t count on it jason. you can put that on the board as Hawk would say

  149. Nice start, Matsui.

  150. matsui should seriously be starting in the all-star game. but he probably won’t be since he’s matched up against big papi.

  151. I’ll reserve judgment for a bit, Mike. We’ll see if the bats can respond in kind.

  152. Big Papi DL….who knows?

  153. big papi has that injured wrist V—

    looks like matsui will be the DH

    DP to end the inning. what were you saying J?


  154. oh right, i forgot he got hurt. swweeeet.

  155. Great, the 3-6-3 takes care of that.

  156. you know i love you all- but i can’t watch this. i’m going grocery shopping. i’ll check back in when i get back. maybe a miracle will have occurred. their catcher steals 2nd. sad.

  157. i feel you mike. today feels like a miracle day though, so let’s see..

  158. argh… spoke too soon.

  159. While I was putting the kids to sleep, why on earth did Rasner start the fourth? He didn’t have it tonight. That seemed obvious enough.

  160. ok… this game officially sucks….

  161. And Ohlendorf walks Ellis on four pitches. Joke.

  162. Indeed, Vanessa. Disgraceful.

  163. Mercifully, the third out.

    The Yanks need a miracle.

  164. i try to be optimistic but might as well write L in the books already.

  165. And the Yanks go meekly in the 5th. Late-night dinner plans, JD?

  166. Hard to disagree with that, Vanessa. This team simply can’t put together a good prolonged stretch.

  167. Leave it to the Yanks to warm up an opponent’s offense. The worse, the better, just ask the Royals.

  168. mike said it best, this team is a tease. once you think they have everything together and are off in the right direction, they turn around and head the other way.

  169. i’m sorry J, but I’d rather watch Will & Grace [hilarious show]. this game is a lost cause. ttyl if fate decides to be nice.

  170. 8-1 now. A late-night train wreck.

  171. Quite alright, Vanessa. At this pace, I’m going to peel off and work on tomorrow morning’s lecture. Kick ass on your remaining finals.

  172. Ohlendorf is horrible tonight, tons of balls and three walks now. He couldn’t hit the broad side of his own ass with a paddle tonight.

  173. i see no such miracle has occurred. not that i was expecting one.

  174. Wretched game, Mike. Just lifeless yet again.

  175. Rasner was bad for the first time. Ohlendorf was poor.

  176. i have no hope for this team. i’ll talk to you tomorrow.


  177. comeback here we come!!

  178. Thanks for dropping by, Mike. Another HDLR peters out with a Yanks poor performance. I wonder if I can successfully sue the Yanks for detrimental treatment of a blog…

    If nothing else, unless the Yanks have a ninth-inning miracle planned, Mariano is ensured of a much-needed day off.

  179. Cano ends the brief ninth-inning rally, 8-4 A’s. Horrible game.

    Thanks for dropping by, everyone.

  180. Darn, I’m not feeling very well I will drop by tomorrow. Well back to .500.

  181. nothing like cano to kill a rally. well my VERY small consolation is that i have ducherererererererererer on my fantasy league and obviously he did me a favor tonight.

  182. hey all

  183. Since there isn’t a new post up, I’ll have to put it here.


    Unreal. I don’t think my brother-in-law or nephew (who live outside of LA) may talk to me until Christmas….at least. No present for me…but then, I probably already got it….LOL

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