HDLR 6/14/08: Yankees @ Astros

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always brisk and stimulating. Tonight, the Yanks go for the series win, and to move three games above .500, as they take on the Astros. Mike Mussina (9-4, 3.82 ERA) tries for his tenth win of an impressive first half facing lefty Wandy Rodriguez (2-2, 1.99 ERA). As per Pete Abraham, the lineups are below. Note some changes in a fairly weakened lineup, with Cano rightly sitting in favor of right-handed hitting Alberto Gonzales.  In all honesty, Cano is playing his way right into a platoon situation.  Also, Matsui sits as part of the lefty bat-outfield rotation, primarily for defensive reasons as well, I’d presume. Posada sits, and hopefully it’s just rest and not that his shoulder is worsening. Melky certainly deserves to sit, but is no doubt in for defense. He’s 1 for his last 21, disgraceful. The bottom of tonight’s lineup concerns me quite a bit. Time to move up and get the bats hot, guys–nothing exactly new. Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game. I am going to finish making dinner, and will be back in a few minutes before the game starts. Let’s Go, Yankees!

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Cabrera CF
Molina C
Gonzalez 2B
Mussina RHP

ASTROS (33-35)
Pence RF
Matsui 2B
Tejada SS
Berkman 1B
Lee LF
Wigginton 3B
Bourn CF
Ausmus C
Rodriguez LHP

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  1. Afternoon (night for me) everyone

  2. V checkin in.
    lookin forward to watching the moose mow em down and the yankees kick azz.

  3. Hey Nick, Hey Vanessa.

  4. Same here, Vanessa. I’d love to see Mussina pick up win #10 tonight.

  5. mike in’

  6. How did your finals go, Vanessa?

  7. Mike! What’s going on?

  8. hwo do you guys like our line up? the bottom 4 ?

  9. hows the back feeling jas?

  10. Mike, it might be the most potent bottom 4 in the history of the game.

  11. the fantastic four for sure

  12. JD with the lead-off single.

  13. I see Papelbon blew a save, though Boston won again.

  14. love that pap blew it

  15. The back is better. Thanks for asking, Mike. Stiff occasionally, but I can still run and moving around is easier.

  16. not fun having a stiff back- try a stiff drink…

  17. they went okay. i kinda bombed one of four essays i had to take for the english final, but my other three essays were great so they made up for it. i had to take a spanish test on friday, which is probably going to decide if i’ll fail the class or not [the only reason i’m failing is b/c the teacher is so0o00o boring, the hw is stupid, nd i occasionally skip a class or two… or seven.] but, last day of school is monday, hooray! then two state regents tests [easy] and i’m officially a senior.
    ouuuchh, jeet hits into dp.

  18. That looked over the bag, screwing Jeter out of a hit.

  19. ***ing jeets

  20. Now a 4-6-3 DP, should have been second and third, no outs.

    I trust you’ll be fine all around, V.

  21. well good luck w/the results V—

  22. i can’t wait to see the moose bat again. i love interleague games. its weird [and hilarious] to see the pitchers bat.

  23. Lead-off hit, then a weak limping to the end of the inning. Rodriguez is at 13 pitches.

  24. It’s true, Mike. They often make Billy Crystal look smooth.

  25. where was that pitch?

  26. Hustle to the ball, Abreu.

  27. Pence made one heck of a crisp turn at first.

  28. long legs jason

  29. Sorry V. Hate interleague, esp. when pitchers hit. Playing 153 one way and 9 the other makes no sense to me. It would be like raising the rim a foot for Celts-Lakers tomorrow night.

    Don’t know how much I’ll be able to catch. It looks like I’m going to get a good storm soon. Radio reception is already terrrible.

  30. That might be two blown calls at first by Foster. Matsui beat the throw but was thankfully called out.

  31. love that!

  32. wooww, the yanks almost didn’t get him there.

  33. Sorry V. Hate interleague, esp. when pitchers hit. Playing 153 one way and 9 the other makes no sense to me. It would be like raising the rim a foot for Celts-Lakers tomorrow night.

    Don’t know how much I’ll be able to catch. It looks like I’m going to get a good storm soon. Radio reception is already terrrible.

  34. Molina with speed to burn, catching Pence and costing him with his poor base running, two down.

  35. Hey Mike. How’s it going?

    I enjoy the entertainment value of laughing at pitchers. That said, the NL should have the DH, no question about it. The game is better with better chances for offense, Yankees’ woes notwithstanding.

  36. moose not sharp or getting calls

  37. Broadcaster Charlie Jones passed away.

  38. Pence’s base running gaffe cost the Astros a run with Berkman’s single.

  39. hmmm….

  40. not the start i’d hoped for

  41. That’s not coming back, 3-0 Astros after Lee’s mash to left.

  42. That’s something players like A-Rod need to start doing in this bandbox.

  43. our batters look like soggy french fries

  44. Yanks better have the bats ready.

  45. You’ve long been critical of the soggy french fry bat, Mike. They’re just not durable.

  46. 3 runs already… argh
    it seems kinda stupid that there are so few interleague games played during the season, but i think it’s interesting.
    plus, for guys like joba, who became pitchers, but used to bat or love batting, in the NL they can do both.

  47. u called it jas!!

  48. HOMER!
    almost got caught, but arod gets it started

  49. jasonheartland // June 14, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    That’s something players like A-Rod need to start doing in this bandbox.

    And a few minutes later, A-Rod makes Jason look like a prophet.


  50. Nice, A-Rod! 3-1. I think he got my text message.

  51. I was due for one, Mike.

  52. Now Giambi off the wall, nice response with the double. Pound this guy.

  53. can the fantastic 4 get G home?

  54. “Let’s Go, Yankees” chants emanating from the stands. I love it.

  55. the fries are extra crispy today

  56. wow, astro fan prevents it from being caught…. HA
    seems the yankee bats are awake tonight.
    i already got thunderstorms here. it’s extremely loud.

  57. Melky with a Yankees hustle double scoring Giambi, 3-2. Yes! Pound this guy.

  58. Tough Love special.

    Vanessa you and Mike be cautious in such weather.

  59. steve bartman redux

  60. the mets game is on a delay

  61. or jeff maier

  62. wow, bad baserunning by melky. could of made it to third and back.

  63. Unproductive out from Molina, 5-3, one down.

  64. Possibly, Vanessa. Possibly.

  65. now he goes for third?
    melk made it but… hmmm…

  66. Good hustle, Melky. Hope for a wild pitch with Mussina up.

  67. Odd seeing Mussina bat lefty–bat at all, really, but batting lefty. So much for that, but 3-2 is right back in the game.

  68. On game day the screen reads inside the bark homers for Alex and El caballo? ha.

  69. Mussina threw 22 pitches in the first.

  70. Gameday must have a wry sense of humor, Leo. How are you?

  71. hey leo

  72. I’m doing a little better here’ Let’s hope moose’ can hold the leads tonight looks like it’s going to be a totter.

  73. Sir’ mike

  74. jose!

  75. ahhh, when speed backfires..

  76. Jose Ole! Um………..I was about too get on Girardi for not putting in Posadasassss

  77. Boy, Molina can sure sling it, catching the speedy Bourn. One down, not even close.

  78. Did I read wrong base runners were 4-4 on jorge his last game?

  79. Can o’corn to right, two down.

  80. Jorge did catch Bourn trying to steal third, Leo.

  81. i hate to bitch, but moose is getting squeezed

  82. Nice inning for Mussina, 15 pitches/37 for the game. Top of the order coming up. More runs, guys.

  83. He sure was on Rodriguez, Mike. I agree. Rodriguez should have been out on 0-2.

  84. That sounds funny….” Well I did get Bourne didn’t I?” Jorge. I haven’t seen him throw since his comeback.

  85. Settle down there Sally.

  86. exactly jas

  87. JD is really hot right now, another lead-off single.

  88. regarding mike, Mussina that is.

  89. JD with his 12th steal. Great to see this team running more.

  90. jeter is a black hole at this point

  91. Nice throw from Pence, one down. Score that runner, BA.

  92. Jeter is now at .269. Yeeeesh.

  93. Great to see Johnny actually being able to run. I know Jeter is killing the rotation.

  94. F7, two down. Cash in here, A-Rod. Let’s not strand more runners.

  95. They’re going to IBB A-Rod. I hope Giambi slugs one out of the park.

  96. jeet needs to make his bat start working. he’s coming dangerously close to having an average lower than big G… scary.

  97. I know I mean 1-4 yesterday with a bomb is acceptable for Giambi but Jeter? He should be taking advantage of this fiels and pitches.

  98. yeah, with NO power V

  99. Heck of an at-bat from Giambi, eight-pitch BB to load the bases for Melky the Clutch. Come through here, Melky.

  100. Whats with Melky diving head first all the time?

  101. Good point, Vanessa.

  102. Melky the Patient! Bases-loaded BB ties the game. I love it. Base hit here, Jose.

  103. 3 straight walks and the game is tied.

  104. melky the patient—love it

  105. I guess he rather get Molina at a cost of a run. Molina has a chance to single handedly defeat the stros’

  106. molina plates two. yanks take the lead. niicccee.
    girardi makes another great move by sitting posada tonight.

  107. Jose with a looooong single, two RBIs, 5-3 Yankees. Great to see them rough up the lefty who had a sub-1.00 ERA at home.

  108. very close for the AG

  109. What’s with the bats I thought tis was the National.

  110. Base hit here, Gonzo. Earn a spot, kid.

  111. So close, a foul homer. That from Gonzo would have broken it open.

  112. They really worked over Rodriguez, who is now at 60 pitches. 5-3 lead. Outstanding, great patience.

  113. Darn Canoe! I mean Gonzalez well at least they gained the lead.

  114. Molina sure did justify his spot tonight, Vanessa.

  115. LOL, Leo.

  116. Ge got Gonzo all inside…

  117. One pitch, one out in the third. Nice.

  118. 🙂 A advantage of a vet’ pitcher most likely to settle down

  119. girardi has been getting lucky with the bold moves lately, with molina doing his job tonight and bringing in nuke in for the save last night.

  120. Nice K, Mussina, two down.

  121. now moose is getting the calls :()

  122. That’s quite a digital smile, Mike.

  123. Mussina with a seven-pitch third, 1-2-3. Mussina at 44 pitches through 3.

  124. Mussina is rewarded with leading off the fourth. Crank one out, Moose!

  125. That era better sink under 4.00 Moose don’t make us call Hank. Yeah, well it’s easier too manage when he players perform accordingly.

  126. moose can bat lefty?

  127. Were mighty excited for season high three games over .500.

  128. I think Mussina can ONLY bat lefty.

  129. a mistake jason- but cute , no?

  130. He’s versatile, V.

    Indeed, Leo.

  131. He can do anytning he geaduated Stanford!

  132. JD with a weak pop, two down. Get going, Jeter.

  133. lmao leo. indeed, 3 games over .500 will be a miracle for this team.

  134. Oh , obviously I did not.”graduated”.

  135. I belong to a generation doomed by google and spell check. lol

  136. Nice to work the count so well, Captain. But the bat is languishing. Rodriguez is at 79 pitches through 4/19 in the 4th.

  137. the greatest generation leo, nonetheless

  138. My sis’ graduated high school and in her speech she said ” My future goals include marrying Jorge Posada”. It was a really funny.

  139. Big G the vacuum, one down on Berkman’s soft 3U.

  140. That is funny Leo, although she’d have to sabotage the current relationship.

  141. lets get a DP now—

  142. The greatest indeed. At this point I rather see Derek just lean back and try to get them over the fence.

  143. i belogn 2 teh genreation taht can spelll evrythin wrng nd styll undrstand it.

  144. F9, two down.

  145. lol’

  146. LOL, Vanessa.

  147. I thought the same thing about the DP, Mike.

  148. take jeter to the gulags please

  149. She has a scheme well ahead of you. I wonder if it bothers SS when they get beat by the opposite SS?

  150. Not a great throw, but catch the stinking ball, Jeter. That stupid base running should have ended the inning.

  151. Tim needs to be contacted immediately.

  152. no damage done

  153. wo0o0w… it’s obvious the official scorers got their qualifications from briefly skimming baseball for dummies.

  154. Mussina makes it trivial, another K looking. After the first, he’s been terrific–57 pitches/42 strikes.

  155. Did he just his that! Why are they still trying to run? What’s the definition of insanity again? Huh? Thats an idea somebody go tell Canoe’ and his first pitch theory.

  156. Text Tim!

  157. Easy right-pitch 1-2-3 fifth for Rodriguez. Nice short rest for Mussina. Rodriguez is up to 87 through 5. Time to chase him.

  158. not the best effort to chase him

  159. Melky’s due next maybe he can start if off with another long AB.

  160. Wandy is coming out for a pinch-hitter.

  161. This is going by quick.

  162. dearest wandy- we hardly knew ye

  163. Mussina is rolling, retiring 10 of his last 12.

  164. LOL, Mike.

  165. Mussina is really being productive with his pitches.

  166. Loretta just came out of the dugout for a stroll, never taking the bat off his shoulder as Mussina got the low strike call.

  167. Looks like the Moose is dealing. Good morning to everyone.

  168. So who’s availabe in the wonderfull roulette Yankee pen’ tonight?

  169. Tim’

  170. Mussina sets down 12 of his last 14. Very impressive four innings, and 70 pitches/52 strikes through 5 IP.

  171. Tim, how’s it going? We were going to put in an extermination order for you, but all turned out fine as we were filling out the paperwork.

  172. Jeter and Bobby are slowing sown the train tonight.

  173. He’s at it again!

  174. Melky have a talk with Canoe’ for us please……

  175. to put it mildly leo

  176. el hombre de leche gets another walk.

  177. I say ya’ send him to second.

  178. Who was the termination order for?

  179. Melky way!

  180. physically cano is a fitter for a ball player I don’t know what to say I like the duo’

  181. Jeter, Tim, for missing a ball thrown from Molina to catch Lee trying to quick steal. No harm, however, as Mussina got out of it.

    Molina walks, first and second.

  182. Moose and the crew.

  183. It didn’t look good early..

  184. moose bunting now i guess?

  185. The Astros are having hat day and $6 haircut day at their stadium on the same day. Coincidence? I think not.

  186. Disgraced former attorney general Alberto Gonzales is up first before home-run threat Mussina.

  187. oh , i forgot about AG

  188. The kid needs a hit.

  189. Ya’ call that a strike, get out of here!

  190. Awfully high first-pitch strike to AG.

  191. GRRRR..

  192. 5-4 DP, great. two down for Mussina.

  193. thats funny J–

  194. First and second with no outs = nothing. Keep up the good work, Mussina.

  195. yeah- kinda sad — lucky we have the lead

  196. moose sitting at 70 pitches. if he’s still pitching this stellar it would be sweet to see a complete game already.

  197. time out, for a sec i thought we were in the 7th. i take back that last comment

  198. And they get nothing out of that inning. Hold em here Moose.

  199. 15 of 17 down for Mussina, one out.

  200. One out double for Tejada.

  201. Mussina left that up and Tejada rode it to right.

  202. Those pitches were all over the place.

  203. These guys are a good back to back combo’

  204. He got em’ coach!

  205. can i breathe yet?

  206. Mussina got the break on that 2-2 to Berkman, but we’ll take it. Two down, and Mussina came back well after being down 2-0.

  207. exhale mike.

  208. Mussina escapes, getting Lee on an F7 liner. He’s cruising, 90 pitches/66 strikes through 6. He should get the seventh.

  209. thank you V- i was turning red

  210. anytime mike 🙂

  211. moose back in the 7th?

  212. JD fans, and Jeter needs to warm up. He’s due for a day off at this rate, too.

  213. And he singles, nice. Keep it going, BA.

  214. did jeet just get a hit? *gasp*
    he only gets it after going o fer 3 though.

  215. I think Mussina should take the 7th, Mike. He’s at 90 pitches and is cruising.

  216. Lance is a killer I was expecting the worse..

  217. Abreu caught looking and he knew it, two down for A-Rod. Belt one out to left for some insurance, A-Rod.

  218. I don’t see how Bobby took that?

  219. At the corners……..

  220. Loooooooooong single for A-Rod to left, Jeter to third for Giambi.

  221. A run or two would have gave Girardi easier options…

  222. F9 deep, three down. The Yanks are stranding runners again–6 LOB, 3 RISP.

  223. Storms (warnings and watches) mostly went to the south, but my radio reception still stinks.

    Have to thank the drunken sailors (I mean Astros) for some of their baserunning.

  224. not to be leo- nothing is coming easy this year. at least were ahead

  225. wo0o0w, the rangers are such kids.
    they were doing the slipe and slide on the tarp… hilarious.

  226. uh oh- O-dog in

    not sure what to think

  227. I checked the weather in your area, Mike, and saw nasty storms, but more south then east of the Lehigh Valley. I hope all is OK.

  228. Well they got five runs on a LHP wasn’t expecting that with the way i has been.

  229. I hope Ohlendorf does well, but I sure would have left Mussina in for the seventh, at least to start.

  230. First pitch hit’

  231. Pop out, but the bunt single for Bourn.

  232. not pretty alex

  233. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it at least untill he got into trouble. Moose should have sent him back down like he did too Torre’

  234. What was wrong with Ohlendorf’s 0-1 pitch?

  235. that send down of torre by the moose was classic. 🙂

  236. Slip n’ slide never had one of those.


  238. bourne is oooober fast.

  239. It was, with Mussina barking, “Get back in there!” to his manager.

    Dammit, Ohlendorf! RBI double, 5-4 now.

  240. I can see Ohle going down for Robertson soon.

    Amazing Tiger is just 3 shots back. He’s hurting and you can see it.

  241. I miss that Joe’ classic Yankee moments. Somebody is going to have to restrain Mike form Ross if he gives it up here.

  242. 3U, two down. Hold the lead, Ohlendorf.

  243. It’s true on both counts, Mike. Ohlendorf isn’t cutting it. Tiger is hurting but gamely staying close.

  244. 5-4, still with the lead.

    Melky, Molina, and Gonzo–add on runs, please.

  245. Yes! Moose is still up for the win. It’s Joba time oh sorry forgot about that little detail.

  246. I don’t bring him back for the 8th. Edwar was warming. I don’t want to go extras, but if it does, just a heads up that Giese hasn’t pitched lately, and he’s still there.

  247. Short stop Derek Jeter to Jason Giambi always gives me a pulse.

  248. There’s no way Ohlendorf should get the eighth. I’d say Nuke or Veras instead of Ohlendorf but, if Edwar is up, so be it.

  249. Bunt Molina here. Cano on-deck to PH.

  250. Melky is amazing.

  251. it gets depressing looking at who’s in the bullpen with joba gone. mariano is the only consistent, solid one and he’s been worn out lately.
    but i still take joba as a starter.

  252. Melky is responding to the Tough Love today, it seems. I agree, Mike–bunt, Molina.

  253. Jeez, Molina actually made that close.

  254. It’s more likely to be edward but I got Kyle.

  255. Melky is lucky that bunt found grass. It would have been the easiest DP.

  256. I saw this coming in the first……….

  257. Whaaaaaa? I thought it was pinch hit Posada? c’mon Canoe!

  258. He must have read my post!

  259. Cano comes through with an RBI single! 6-4, the benefits of manufacturing runs.

  260. did i just see cano with an RBI or is it the drugs?

  261. Both, Mike.

  262. The benefits of not swinging at the first pitch and sitting his butt down.

  263. Hmmm….nice PH single Robbie. Insurance. Sit him a little more often. Remember the PH HR in Tampa? Maybe he needs to sit and chill a bit…

  264. i thought i was hallucinating too. cano gets an rbi coming off the bench.. who’d a thunk it?

  265. That ended quickly, 4-6-3 DP. But the extra run was big, 6-4. I can’t exactly say I’m relieved to hear Nuke is going in, but it’s better than Ohlendorf right now.

  266. Whoa not expecting it from senior Matsui San.

  267. Can we play the National league the rest of the season?

  268. F-Bomb warming- girardi must want to lose

  269. C’mon Kyle ya’ owe me one or two.

  270. C’mon that first one was a strike!

  271. Time to hit the Tums.

  272. Dammit Nuke, throw strikes!

  273. girardi is an idiot to play with fire like this

  274. Lead-off walk, Nuke. Thanks. Now I’m trying to figure out if I can pace and type at the same time.

  275. Crap this means Lee and Lance need a double paly. Kyle could benefit from that sinker Wang taught Joba.

  276. Mariano is apparently warming up right now, according to the FAUX announcers.

  277. This is noy happening, this is not happening, this in not happening. I’m going into my zen cave be back after this inning.

  278. Betemit defensive replacement….I can’t believe I just typed that.

    Gets a popup.

  279. Pop 4, one out. Get a DP now, Nuke.

  280. Do You Believe in Magic Lovin’ Spoonful Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart How the music can free her, whenever it starts And it’s magic, …

  281. I was thinking the same thing as I saw the throw over, Mike. Yeeeeeeeeesh.

  282. Sorry, I fell back asleep.

  283. Find your happy place, Leo.

  284. Betimit seriously? What is Girardi now a gambling man?

  285. Quite alright, Tim. Ohlendorf surrendered a run but held the lead. Cano pinch-hit and drove in Melky, 6-4, with Nuke threatening.

  286. Yes, Nuke! Gets the DP the hard way. Whew!

  287. call an ambulance for me

  288. Farnsinator gets the DP!

  289. Nuke threatening……..that’s funny.

  290. DP!

    …and…# 9 hit 1965. GREAT appearance on the Ed Sullivan show…one I don’t have on tape (I do have a lot…)

  291. Mike, you might need to hit a prescription bottle after this.

  292. I think the neighbors just heard me cry in excitment!!!

  293. this is truly a crazy game– talk about walking a knife edge

  294. Mike whats a tape? lol.

  295. you wanna talk crazy? i just realized that the tree in front of my house fell down.
    i thouuught that thunder sounded a little too loud.

  296. I’m a bigger fan of their “Summer In The City,” #1, August 1966.

  297. JD all over the place, bloop double over third, nice start.

  298. Johnny doing his job always leads to good things. Is Kyles era getting respectable?

  299. yeah – love that song

  300. Trees are falling Kyle is pitching scoreless innings, Canoe’ is clutch!!! The end is near!

  301. Nuke’s ERA is 4.02. It was better a month ago, but isn’t too bad now.

  302. lmao… now if only jeet would get a hit.

  303. I;m tired of this inside junk on Jeter. Magic song?

  304. Had the same thing happen at my place last year with a huge tree limb.

    VCR…pre-DVD…back when Barney Rubble was my neighbor….

    I’m partial to “You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice” #10 1965…also an album track entitled “Jug Band Music.”

  305. aagghh… wishful thinking.

  306. OH MY.

  307. Crap call to get Jeter looking. That was a ball on 2-1, but is now a strike. BS, total BS.

  308. I like that one as well, Mike–underrated.

  309. Plate that runner, BA.

  310. the tree is huge though, and like two feet from the window i’m sitting near.. and i think it landed on someone’s car… ouchh.

  311. Oh, I’m a musician me’ self ya’ know I have a reason for my crazyness. 😉

  312. I want this victory. There will be blood if the result is not a W.

  313. Productive out moves JD to third, can score on a wild pitch. Drive in the run, A-Rod. Add on.

  314. My PPM (post per minute) greatly increase during such tense moments.

  315. You’re working at a brisk pace, Leo. I hope you’re being paid by the word.

  316. IBB for A-Rod. Can Betemit come through here?

  317. If you’re counting on Betemit then you are either drunk, high, or both.

  318. glad you’re OK V—

    where is the crash cart- i neede help after that hit

  319. Outstanding, Betemit! Double to deep LCF scores two, 8-4. Huge.

  320. It seems Girardi’s gambles are paying up in full. So ya’ keep Kyle in?

  321. Neither, Tim, but wish I were both.

  322. I say Edwar for the 9th.

  323. Then again, with little time to warm up anyone else, it might still be Mariano.

  324. I’m drunk and still wasn’t counting on him. I have today off though the man doesn’t mind he’s a Angels fan I haven’t been feeling to good of late’

  325. thx for caring mike 🙂 i’ve actually never seen a tree fall from lightning, other than on tv. i wonder… would that be a bad sign? lol
    ramirez coming in…

  326. I missed that, Vanessa. Glad you’re OK. That’s scary stuff.

  327. I can’t argue with results but protecting a close game for defense I understand Wilson in but I would have stuck with Giambino.

  328. Ed-War what is it good for?

  329. alex—WAKE UP

  330. K, one down on Edwar’s notorious change.

  331. Edward Dantès has the ball.

  332. LOL Tim.
    ha, some of us were actually singing that in history class the other day… [the product of boredom]

  333. Bourn strikes out. Get the last guy Edwar and let’s all call it a night.

  334. Edwar paints the black, two down.

  335. Absolutely Nothing!

  336. Or a morning as it were, Tim.

  337. GAME OVER!

  338. whew— a helluva game-

  339. Nice job, Edwar, and nice win, adding on late. Mussina was excellent after the first. Good bats as a team , for a change.

  340. the moooosee now has 10 wins, halfway to possibly his first 20 win season.

  341. The HDLR has needed a win. I’m glad everyone is OK after the storms back east.

  342. thanks for the laughs…

  343. Jimmy would go crazy if Mussina won 20. So would J-Boogie.

  344. Wanger is going tomorrow this is lookink good. Moose needs one more win to match last years total, good day fellas.

  345. fun evening for sure

  346. That would be nuts!

  347. Wang versus Oswalt tomorrow, a nice match-up. I just might do a Father’s Day HDLR.

  348. Thanks for stopping by tonight, everyone. I’m going to write the wrap.

  349. good game. the hdlr hasn’t seen a lot of them.
    V signing out, bye everyone
    thx J for hosting, as always

  350. 3 games over guys

  351. The high point of the season thus far, Mike. Onward and upward.

  352. well i’m off to have angioplasty–see you in the AM

  353. BYE’

  354. I have to go do stuff. I won’t be with you tomorrow. I hope Wanger wins.

  355. All the best. Good matchup tomorrow. Wonder if (since Damon didn’t start yesterday and Matsui tonight) tomorrow is Melky’s turn? If for more punch vs. Oswalt, you have Godzilla LF, Damon CF, the big G at 1B and Jorge C.

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