Wang Out At Least 8-10 Weeks

According to Yankees beat writer Pete Abraham, the results from Chien-Ming Wang’s MRI has come back, and it’s not good. Abraham writes, “Imaging studies revealed a mid-foot sprain of the Lisfranc ligament of the right foot and a partial tear of the peroneal longus tendon of the right foot.” Wang will have his right foot in a protective boot for the next six weeks, then will need time to rehab and sharpen back up. Abraham estimates that Wang will be back in late August at the earliest. This will make anti-NL rules fans even madder about this fluke injury. Personally, this could have happened on a play off the mound as well, so although I am against the NL having pitchers hit, this was just a strange, non-contact injury.

However, that does nothing to change the fact that the Yanks, who are finally warming up and getting better and more consistent starts, lose their best starting pitcher until around the end of August at the earliest. While I like what Giese has done thus far, he’s not the long-term answer. Since Hughes and Kennedy are hurt, and weren’t good when healthy, I’m not at all convinced they are when they return, either. Do the Yanks chase CC Sabathia in the next few weeks instead of this off-season, sacrificing some players and prospects instead of compensatory draft picks if they sign him to a long-term deal, in order to pick up the slack? Do they take a chance on someone like Sabathia, who might be a rental since he’s a free agent after 2008? Do the Yanks look toward Freddy Garcia, who has had injury and weight issues and hasn’t pitched this season? Do they look toward someone like Gorzelanny, the good lefty from Pittsburgh (who is having a rough 2008)? Do they stick with Hughes and Kennedy when they come back later, and keep their focus on potential options within the organization, such as calling up Marquez, McCutchen, or (Gulp!) Igawa? Other than yelling “HELP!” what do you think?

I think if it weren’t for bad luck, the Yanks would have no luck at all in 2008. I also think the offense better carry the team the next few months regardless of whoever is starting.

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  1. As Wangster limped off that third base bag in Houston so did are hopes and dreams…..

  2. Say it isn’t so? It’s no ones fault but whets with this Girardi conditioning and training had a worse affect then Torres coffee breaks.
    “It makes you stronger as a club and as individuals. You’ve got to find ways to get things done. We were without Alex for a while, [Derek] Jeter and Posada. You have to find a way.” Girardi. Yeah, but ya’ didn’t find a way? We were touching .500 with the whole squad. Wang is a numerous one he pitches well reserves the pen and gets wins. Does Darrel have a miraculous twin brother that we can use? I don’t know it would have been reserved but 4-0 in the fifth with Oswalt out I don’t see why ya’ send Wang? I’m blaming this on someone. The Yankees officially have a rookie starting rotation. Imagine Joba not being a starter now? What timing, did someone see this coming? Well at least we swept the Padres, future reference.

  3. What’s with these match ups? First Joba against Kaz now Darrel against Peavy?

  4. “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” John Lee Hooker

  5. I’m not willing to wash my hands of the Yanks’ hopes this year Leo, though Wang’s injury is a big, serious, and difficult one to weather. As for Girardi versus Torre, I wouldn’t say that this spate of injuries is any worse than last year’s April and May, when Mussina, Wang, and Hughes got injured. I also don’t think that the problem was sending Wang, who would have scored easily. The point is to score runs and the hit allowed Wang to score easily. However, it is a good point about Joba’s move to the rotation and the timing of it. That’s huge, and Joba is all the more important to the rotation now. It’s not all on him to carry the rotation. In fact, it’s more on Pettite now, to me, to make more consistent starts.

    Leo, clearly you’re all fired up–good to see.

  6. The year of the plague. I just hope they do not make a foolish trade now. Sadly I think we need to do what it takes and hope Kennedy or Hughes can contribute when they come back.

  7. I think you stand pat. They wouldn’t part ways with the young talent that they had to get Johan and I don’t think they should do it now. Unless they can make a steal then it just isn’t worth it to trade three or four prospects for CC, a pitcher they can have for merely money and a pick (s). Let us assume for a second that the Yankee organization goes on forever, that is more important than what the fans want for a single half season. The right trade makes sense but no Hughes+ for CC type stuff.

  8. i’d give hughes for CC in a hot minute-even if i didn’t think hughes had a glass jaw–which i do…

  9. Straight up is a different story, but it won’t be just Hughes.

  10. I think Leo’s first comment is on the money. The Yanks are sunk without Wang– unless they make a trade. I can’t see the deadline passing without Wang and without the Yanks making a significant upgrade. Either CC or maybe even Burnett. When that guy’s on (and not injured) he can be untouchable.

  11. Hey Jason,
    Happy belated Father’s day.
    I was discussing losing Wang with a Sox friend of mine and the fact that the Yankees only have two Opening Day starters left on the roster. One comment he made was “What do you need pitchers for when you score 13 runs”? A snide remark, but I understood what he meant.

    Pre season the Yankees had all these “promising” young pitchers and didn’t feel the need to sign, or even compete for Santana. We now have Hammering Hank (not to take away from the real one) lambasting the NL for not using a DH “My only message is simple. The National League needs to join the 21st century,” Steinbrenner said in Tampa, Fla. “They need to grow up and join the 21st century.
    “Am I [mad] about it? Yes,” Steinbrenner added. “I’ve got my pitchers running the bases, and one of them gets hurt. He’s going to be out. I don’t like that, and it’s about time they address it. That was a rule from the 1800s.”
    Cashman says they will look from the inside which means either the bullpen or what little bench there is becomes lighter. One person doesn’t make a team but Wang will be missed.
    Someone needs to step up. Here’s hoping.

    On a lighter note GO CELTICS!!

  12. Hey, Jason!

    It goes whatever saying, the Chien-Ming Wang injury is a major loss for the Yankees !!!

    I would be very surprised if Wang pitched another game this year, as this injury sounds like a “season-ending injury” !

    It’s ironic because I did voice my opposition against interleague play; and, especially, the pitchers hitting and running the bases during these games in the National League parks – after watching the game that Joba started [in the first game of the Astros series] …

    When Joba was on first base after a failed bunt, all I was thinking was “what if something happens to Joba while he was running on the base paths”? … Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Wang. Running from first, he could have injured himself on his bad attempt to reach second base, when he was safe, standing up, as the shortstop dropped the ball … Then, the base hit, and Wang ran from second, rounded third, hurt his foot somewhere between third and home, but, did score the run.

    The American League is at a great disadvantage in games played at National League parks; and the pitchers are at great “risk” when hitting, or running the bases. I think MLB should take immediate action to allow a DH for the pitchers of both teams in interleague games at NL parks; or, at the very least, implement a new rule [that was suggested by my brother Joey – and, I agree with], to let each team designate a special player as a “pinch-runner” for any pitcher that gets on base in all interleague games, played in the NL ballpaks.

    MLB has already agreed to allow “video replays” to be checked [by the umps] on close homerun and foul ball calls – starting in August of this year … (a move that I am against, for many various reasons) …

    But, if any rules are going to be changed by MLB, then certainly, new rules that will prevent pitchers from getting injured, [either hitting, or running the base paths], are rules that should be implemented, IMMEDIATELY !!! … One pitcher injured, is one too many !

    With all that said, I think in the short term, Dan Giese has earned a spot in the starting rotation until the Yankees decide what direction they will go regarding their starters …

    But, the Wang injury is a major one; and, I think Brian Cashman needs to make a major trade to bring in a top-line starter. Going in this direction, Cashman should give-up whatever players it takes to trade for C.C. Sabathia. It’s a move the Yankees were going to make [anyway], so they should make that move now !!!

    Go Yankees !!!

    – Jimmy [27NYY]

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