Yankees 8 Padres 0; Wrap + Shame on You, Omar

The Yanks earned their second straight shutout victory last night, blasting the Padres 8-0. Giambi was 2-3 with two homers and 3 RBIs. He now has 17 homers (381 for his career, tying perennial jerk Albert “Don’t Call Me Joey” Belle) and 40 RBIs, and is batting .268. Crucially, he’s positively killing lefties. After beginning the year 0-22 versus left-handed pitching, he’s gone 17-37 since (.459) to raise his average against lefties to .288, better than his .260 against righties. A-Rod’s return has been big for him and especially the team. He crushed a homer to dead center, into the garage under the black bleachers, giving him 13 HRs (531 on his career), 38 RBIs, and added a double to give him a .328 average. Jorge has been just as hot, batting .326 now with a 2-4 night. Cano was 2-3 with 2 runs, hitting .230–still low but a bit better. Jeter was 1-5 but with two RBIs, 32 on the year and he’s batting .272. Abreu added a double and his team-high 43rd RBI, batting .283. JD was 1-4 with a run, hitting .327. The Yankees have no fewer than four regulars hitting over .320–JD (lead-off), A-Rod (clean-up), Matsui (fifth), and Jorge (seventh). The number and dispersal are both great, doing much to spread the success and chances for it throughout the lineup and keep the lineup rolling over.

But Pettite was the story last night, dominating the Padres with 7 IP of 5-hit, scoreless, efficient, one-walk ball with 9 K’s. His cutter was dazzling against righties, and his curve was sharp. He was in command all night, adding a pick-off, and facing little real trouble. He is now 7-5, and he lowered his ERA to 4.29 with his second straight sharp start. Veras allowed two hits but fanned two in the eighth, Traber got tough lefty Gonzales out with some help from A-Rod, whose defense at third has been sparkling, and Mariano struck out the side in the ninth as he got his first work in since last Thursday. In all, Yankee pitchers struck out 14 and walked one–hard not to win with pitching like that, run production notwithstanding.

Although the Yankees remain 5 1/2 games behind Boston despite winning their fifth straight, there are more positives to consider. The Yankees have three games in hand against Boston and are only four back in the loss column. Even though Wang’s injury is serious and a tough blow to weather (perhaps requiring a trade after all, Cash), Boston has had injury woes as well. The team that handles them best will probably persevere, and Boston has Ortiz out just as the Yanks missed A-Rod and Jorge. They’re also without Matsuzaka and now Colon. A continued push couldn’t come at a better time, though Boston has done well without such key players, and with the problems that Okajima has had in his second year.

Rasner (3-4, 3.64 ERA) faces tough, top righty Jake Peavy (5-3, 2.64 ERA) tonight as the Yanks try to make it six straight and take the series.

As per Pete Abraham, below is the Yankees lineup. The Yankees have won 9 for their last 12, outscoring the opposition 69-43 during that stretch. With the injury to Wang, but simply in general, the Yanks need that upward offensive climb to continue. They also need certain players, such as Cano (who is actually in the lineup against a lefty), to pick it up in the remaining 92 games. They wrap up interleague play in the next two weeks.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Gator Guidry’s 18-strikeout masterpiece against the California Angels. Louisiana Lightning threw a four-hit, two-walk shutout for his 11th straight win. He won 13 straight before losing to Milwaukee July 7, one of very few hiccups on his way to one of the greatest seasons in the desegregated era–25-3, 1.74 ERA, 248 K’s in 273 2/3 IP, pitching the one-game playoff against Boston on short rest for the win (thanks, Bucky Dent), winning a gem against the Royals and Dodgers each on the Yanks’ way to repeating as World Series Champs, capping their amazing comeback from 14 games down. Gator was something else, a great Yankees pitcher. He was never better than he was 30 years ago today, with his blazing slider embarrassing the Angels.

Omar Minaya and the Mets, you guys are pathetic and disgraceful, an abject embarrassment to the sporting world. Firing Willie Randolph at 3 a.m., after the Mets won, one game into a West-coast swing, is one of the most rank, vile, and cowardly acts in sports I’ve ever seen, a craven cheap shot to a good guy and manager whom the Mets never deserved. It would have been better and fairer–though still rather unfair–for them to have fired him after the Mets’ collapse last season. That team was built on sand–ancient, over-the-hill starting pitchers, underachieving and overpaid bats, an inconsistent bullpen. These are all Minaya’s fault, but all he and Wilpon did was pass the buck for the Mets’ circus on Willie, a great Yankee player and good coach who deserved better. The Mets front office can go to hell.

On a brighter note, the Celtics will win the NBA championship tonight.

YANKEES (37-33)
Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF

1st: Top–Pettite is sharp in picking off Gonzales. Bottom–Yanks go 1-2-3.

2nd: Top–Pettite fans two in a 1-2-3 inning, and is at 27 pitches. Bottom–A-Rod leads off with his 531st, into the garage under the black in center, a monster shot for his 13th this year, 1-0. A-Rod is now batting .330, WOW! Matsui F8; Giambi homers to right, his 16th this year, 2-0. Giambi has 380 for his career. If this is an audition for Wolf, it’s not impressive. Posada K’s, two down; Cano HBP; Melky liner 9, three down, but 2-0 Yanks. Wolf threw 25 pitches in the second/37 in the game.

3rd: Top–Greene singles on the first pitch to right; Barrett F7, one down; Stansberry K’s on a cutter up and in, two down; Gerut K’s, three down. 2-0 Yanks, 2 more K’s for Pettite, who threw 16 pitches in the third/43 for the game. Bottom–JD F7; Jeter F9; Abreu doubles into the left-field corner and moves to third on the E7; A-Rod (17 for 35 in his last 11 games including today, .480, and within 2 ABs of qualifying for the batting title) K’s, three down, Abreu stranded. 2-0 Yanks.

4th: Top–Gonzales K’s, three straight K’s for Pettite, one down. Giles pops to short, two down; Gonzales robbed of an extra-base hit by a running, leaping Melky, terrific play, three down. Pettite not only had a 1-2-3, but also only threw 9 pitches in the 4th/52 in the game. Bottom–Matsui works the lead-off BB; Giambi just tattooed a long homer into the Yankees’ bullpen in left center, 4-0. That’s his 17th homer, and is now tied for 55th on the all-time homer list with Albert “Don’t Call me Joey” Belle. Plus he has 40 RBIs this season and is batting .270. The bats are really heating up and Wolf has surrendered three homers in his “audition.” Posada singles and Cano doubles to right-center, second and third with no outs. Melky F9 shallow, no advance, one out. JD with a four-pitch BB to load the bases for Jeter. Second grand slam for Jeter? I’d settle for a hit, and I’m sure he would right now as well. Jeter smokes the first pitch to third but Gonzales picks it, E4 makes it 5-0, bases still loaded for Abreu. Stansberry’s bobble results only in a force, 6-0, two outs. Were it not for Stansberry’s poor defense, Wolf would have been out of this at 4-0. A-Rod up for the third time, JD scores on the wild pitch/PB, 7-0, F8 shallow as the Yanks bat around. The Yanks make Wolf throw 39 pitches in the fourth/89 in the game.

5th: Top–Clark 6-3, one down; Headley singles past Jeter up the middle (Mike wouldn’t be pleased); Greene (with the mullet) K’s on a cutter, two down, Pettite’s 6th K; Barrett BBs, first and second; Stansberry the error-prone grounds out, 7-0 Yanks. Pettite threw 22 pitches in the 5th/74 for the game. He’s been very sharp. Bottom–Righty Mike Adams in versus Matsui F7, one down; Giambi 3U, two down; Posada singles to center and he’s batting .330. The bats are coming alive. Cano with the 4-3, ol’ reliable, 7-0.

6th: Top–Gerut F8, one down; Gonzales robbed by A-Rod’s terrific backhand play behind third, two down; Giles K’s looking, three down. Pettite threw 12 pitches in the 6th/86 total, 51 strikes, 7 K’s, only three hits allowed–just excellent. Bottom–Melky K’s looking; JD K’s, two down; Jeter robbed of a hit by Giles. 7-0 Yanks.

7th: Top–Gonzales K’s, Pettite’s 8th, one down; Clark and Headley single back to back, Greene K’s on Pettite’s 9th K, Barrett lines out to Giambi, three down, 7-0. Pettite at 103 pitches and is probably done with the Yanks up a touchdown. Bottom–Abreu F8, one down; A-Rod rips a double off the top of the center-field wall, just missing #14/532, back to hitting .330, amazing, takes 3rd on a wild pitch. Matsui reaches on another Stansberry E4, first and third with Betemit pinch-hitting for Giambi and K’s again, two down. Posada F7, three outs, 7-0.

8th: Top–Veras in versus Stansberry who singles to center; Gerut K’s on a great curve, one down; Gonzales does the same on that nasty curve; Giles singles over Jeter to center; Gonzales will face Traber who was called up in place of Wang. Like Sterling (I am listening because I lost the video in the fifth), I like Girardi’s move to see if Traber can be a lefty go-to guy, and A-Rod bails out Traber with a terrific jump throw to retire Gonzales. He’s been playing a great third, and Betemit’s scoop was equally good, 7-0. Bottom–Cano singles, and at 2-3 he’s back up to .230. Warm it up, Cano. Melky pops out to catcher in foul territory, one down; JD singles; Jeter singles and drives in Cano, 8-0 Yanks; Abreu and A-Rod K, three down, 8-0 Yanks.

9th: Top–Mariano in to get some work, Clark K’s, one down; Headley K’s also, two down; Greene K’s, Mariano K’s the side. The best ever, without question. 8-0 Yankees.

Thanks for coming by, everyone.

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88 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Pettite just picked off Gonzales cleanly, very impressive.

  2. Easy 1-2-3 for Wolf, one down.

  3. i love when pettitte picks-off a guy.
    he’s doing great so far.
    nd sorry, the lakers are going 2 make a spectacular comeback 🙂 !

  4. Hi Vanessa. Two homers this inning. A-Rod has been hot, and Giambi’s resurgence has impressed me as well.

    Good luck with the Lakers tonight. They’ll need it.

  5. Rodriguez still amazes me.
    Big G is night and day. He either really sucks or is hitting them daily.
    Pettitte looks really solid.. making it look too easy.

  6. Agreed Vanessa. The good thing about Giambi is that at least he’s consistently getting on base if he’s not hitting. Pettite is cruising, and the Yanks sure need the other starters to pick it up.

  7. Yes. G does know how to work a walk, no matter how low his average dips.
    greeaattt play by melky to keep the inning short for pettitte. the kid is indispensable.

  8. Melky sure plays great defense. He’s gotten better at judging balls in a tough center field at Yankee Stadium. Splendid.

  9. I was at Gator’s 13th…vs. Detroit. Jason Thompson hit a LONG (460?) Hr off Guidry but he won thanks to a controversial HR by Mickey Rivers which Mickey Stanley would STILL argue about today (think Jeffrey Maier, but in 1978).

    Saw Gator’s 18K game on Channel 11.

    Catch ya later!

    Of course, Gator had a little help for Game 3 of the WS that year as Nettles put on a show.

  10. Hi Mike. I hope the job is going well. Thompson could really belt it. I remember seeing him hit two foul balls in one game out of Tiger Stadium. Nettles was tremendous in the WS, doing his best to match Brooks Robinson for all-time great glove work in the Series.

  11. ….. WOW.
    is G taking again? lol.

  12. Jeter and Giambi have equal batting averages, LOL.

  13. that’s funny and sad at the same time lol.

  14. It’s early but I called this sweep already, maybe we don’t need pitching after all?

  15. Bartola Colon injured his back in a at bat in yesterdays game. Go get them Hank’ let’s make baseball a six inning game while your at it. That way we don’t have to worry about he middle relievers.

  16. I do not want Randy Wolf. Man the Padres suck at playing defense tonight.

  17. That was a fun game. What happpend on that play?

  18. I feel like they have been losing these games not the Yankees einning them. Padres re-do?

  19. Ironic that a team with a league-low 28 errors has struggled in the field today. It is a bench-player, but still…

    I’m shocked–SHOCKED!– that Bart the Colon has a back problem again with that extra person he’s carrying in his front. One of these days, Kuato will emerge from his man-shell.

  20. 381 for Giambi ties good old lovable (cough, cough) Albert Belle.

  21. Damon LF
    Jason SS
    Abreu RF
    Rodriguez 3B
    Matsui DH
    Tim 1B
    Posada C
    Leo 2B
    Cabrera CF

  22. I was almost going say maybe aquiring Colon’ wouldn’t have been a bad idea, ha.

  23. Need this. Without Wang, Andy has to step it up.

  24. At the begging of interleague are run scored and runs against were one over equal.

  25. Adjusting, Jason. Trying to learn the ways and SOPs of the place.

  26. Albert “Don’t Call Me Joey” Belle. What a jerk that guy was. Great bat, but a loser.

  27. I didn’t include ou in the lineup mike? um…you can DH. I initially removed canoe’ but got carried away.

  28. Thanks for the two-hole, Leo. I can say this, I’d be more patient than Jeter.

  29. Man, the things you guys say? I think your prehistoric. lol

  30. Celtics do it tonight, Mike.

  31. I let ya’ have jeet’ I can use Canoe’s weight pound for pound in case I decide to go chase the middle weight boxing belt.

  32. Sorry, Vanessa.

  33. LOL, Leo.

  34. O’ Vanessa um….ya’ hurt your ankle rounding third on the DL.

  35. I know generally these NL play good D’

  36. Lakers are going to take it!
    LOL, it’s okay leo.

  37. Did you see Derek’s slide?

  38. .270 for the Big G right now. Considering he was .163 or so a month ago, talk about hot. The power of the ‘stache, as Joe would exclaim.

  39. I see Ty has the podcast up now from Sunday night.

  40. Uncle Joe has a pretty bad ass mustache.

  41. “You mean, let me understand this … cuz I … maybe its me, maybe I’m a little @#%^&* up maybe. I’m funny how, I mean funny, like I’m a clown? I amuse you. I make you laugh? I’m here to &#^%@’ amuse you? Whattya you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?” -Tommy

  42. Hard to argue with that, Mike. He’s picked it up over .100 points in less than six weeks.

  43. I’m actually going to try to get a stache’ but like those pencil ones.

  44. Jorge’s single puts him at .330. The bats are coming back alive, and not surprisingly A-Rod and Jorge have given the team a lift.

  45. Get some wax for a handle-bar mustache, Leo.

  46. Cano with the ol’ 4-3, shocker.

  47. Alex has been blasting moon shots. No, “You call those hit’s?” remeber Giambi on Alley??

  48. I want to look dangerous, lol.

  49. ok, I had enough there has to be something pysically wrong with Canoe’ is he clubing with Derek?

  50. Willie, Jimmy and Girardi got to start a rat pack.

  51. Pettite has been outstanding–a money start.

  52. every time the yanks need a big start, pettitte delivers. the definition of clutch.

  53. Lakers are forcing Game 7 tonight.

  54. Go Lakers’

  55. Giles robbed Jeter of a hit.

  56. I really don’t care for the Finales but I like Phil Mickelson I mean Jack Nicolaus and he’ a Laker fan.

  57. *bowing down to andy*

  58. 16 straight scoreless innings-

  59. Pettite is probably done. He pitched 7 terrific innings–5 hits, 9 K’s. Money.

  60. 103 pitches let her ride?

  61. With the blowout, I’d let him rest and get some work for some of the back benchers in the pen.

  62. Andy is kinda particular about pitching late into games. I think he makes side bets with Moose’

  63. Gee, imagine if they were scoring like this all season long…

  64. It would have been a much different start, that’s for sure Leo.

  65. Tampa and Boston playing close games there both up.

  66. It’s about the finish J, It’s about the finish.

  67. Johnny and Jeet have to do there part at the top out the order. Can’t really put anything on JD he’s been on fire.

  68. Agreed Leo, although a better start would make the finish easier. Veras has the curve snapping tonight.

  69. It’ funny one of the Yankees mail bag questions was “what ever happend to Billy Traber?”

  70. The past few years I felt the Yankees had a shot at making history in the win colums just didn’t happen that way.

  71. Hey, Jason no head starts on that game summary.

  72. They’ve been loaded, Leo, but just haven’t put it together. Plus, the pitching hasn’t exactly been lights out.

    A-Rod makes another outstanding play to retire Gonzales.

  73. That’s mainly why I’m doing this. With reading and writing lectures, I need all the spare time I can get.

  74. Celtics up 4, 24-20. Three quarters more, guys.

  75. I think, I can I know I can. Canoe’

  76. Yeah, judding you seeem like a decent individual J? How ya’ do it?

  77. I’m being hard on the bombers double digits and a shut out or your sleeping on the couch.

  78. Which of the reading you have listed would you recommend for a novice as myself. I must warn you I watched th Colbert report once.

  79. That’s very kind of you, Leo. Lots of late nights, mainly.

    LOL, Leo. That’s the Tough Love that Mike Sommer and I have advocated. If A-Rod doesn’t plate these runners, they should bench him–slacker.

  80. Which list, Leo? I enjoy Colbert but haven’t watched him, or Job Stewart, in a while.

  81. P-o-l-i-t-i-cs list I think Jon can hand Colbert a can of whoop ass.

  82. Mike’s hard lemonade seems cool too…..Joe D’ would have hit that, slacker. 🙂

  83. Colbert is very good off-the-cuff, and his interviews are priceless. I like how they both think–critically and with memories.

    I’d recommend Bushwhacked, or Manufacturing Consent. Any of them, really, and there are many more well worth reading. Jeremy Scahill’s book on Blackwater for example.

  84. GAME OVER! Mo strikes out the side. 2 straight shut outs. HELL YEA!

  85. Mariano is The Man, the best ever. I have to run a couple errands, Leo. Thanks to you and the others for stopping by.

  86. Is that the sequel to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ?” That’s a game and the Yankees are on thrack, night J!

  87. Five wins in a row, the offense clicking, Pettite’s excellent start. The team is rising up.

  88. 58-35 Celts at the half.


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