Yankees 2 Padres 1: Yanks Sweep; Leo’s Sweep Call

Before getting to summarizing some of the details of the Yankees seventh straight win, a 2-1 win against San Diego for the Crazy Stein, congrats to Leo for the sweep call, which he made on the day of the first game of the series. I love that, having the nerve to make an early sweep call and having it vindicated in various ways, especially culminated in a close win. Leo, wear it proudly.

I saw nothing of the game, hitting the Interstate system as the Yankees were starting the game yesterday and not getting to hitch the horse, so to speak, until after 11 p.m. EDT. But my wife was good enough to check the score via the cell phone (which has better Internet and more memory than the first computer I purchased ten years ago, no joke). Since I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before and was 8 hours of driving into the 9 1/2 hour trip, that was a big boost. That and some crispy chicken wings I scarfed down like a starving man.

Sorry for the stream-of-conversation ala Joyce. Joba was big and, although he got another no-decision, it’s fair to say he’s not only maturing but also getting better. He was tough on the Padres, who didn’t lack base runners in a few key situations, but helped himself very well with money pitching, the nine K’s, and with a good heads-up covering the plate on a passed ball with the bases loaded in the second to tag the runner out. His slider was fantastic, helping buttress that K total, but his fastball and curve were equally good from what I saw from the highlights and some of the replay. The kid can pitch, no question.  Great job of blocking the plate, too.  Heady.

Great comeback even though it was 2-1, simply because each team only mustered five hits and, as we all know as Yankees fans, there are days when it seems that the Yankees need to be bled white before they can score. I bet for fans watching, yesterday felt like one of those days. Molina drove in Melky with a sac fly to tie it at 1 in the fifth after Melky walked and stole second and third (tremendous job, Melky!), and A-Rod continued his clutch play in the sixth, driving in Jeter with a single to left for the game-winning run. A-Rod is batting .335, has 41 RBIs and, as Mike Sommer corrected me, is only two homers behind the great Jimmy Foxx and four behind the greater Mickey Mantle. Jeter was 2-3 to up his average to .276. Good to see the Yanks stealing more, with Melky (5 this year) swiping two, and Jeter (5) and A-Rod (eight) stealing one apiece

Credit Nuke for bouncing back from the homer allowed Wednesday night with a good outing yesterday, fanning two while only throwing 13 pitches in the eighth. Nuke hasn’t exactly been lights out, but he isn’t blowing games, either. Credit where due and, as long as he gets ahead of guys, he’s usually fine. But Mariano, fanning the side and getting the save, his 20th and the 463rd of his illustrious career, is as good as he’s ever been and that’s saying a lot, considering how great he is. He’s 2-2 with an 0.79 ERA, hasn’t blown a save in 20 chances, has allowed only 3 walks and 15 hits while fanning 39 in 34 innings. That’s ridiculous, and deserving of awards and accolades, AHEM.

The Yanks try to make it eight straight against the Reds tonight, with Mussina (10-4, 3.87 ERA) looking for his 11th win against Edinson Volquez (9-2, 1.64 ERA). Volquez will be tough. He has 105 K’s in 88 innings, throws gas and nasty off-speed stuff, and won’t be afraid to challenge the Yanks hitters. An eight straight will be well-earned. With yesterday’s win, the Yanks moved to within five games–and four in what Sterling humorously refers to as the AILC (“the All-Important Loss Column”)–behind Boston. Just as importantly to me, while still 3 1/2 games behind Tampa Bay, the Yanks have started to distance themselves little by little from Baltimore and Toronto, especially Toronto. Twelve wins out of 15, very impressive.

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  1. The organazation should hire Rob Schneider to shout “you can do it!” during canoe’s and Jeters AB. Credit to Jeet he had a nice seven pitch AB and gave it a ride, also made a nice play earlier. This is probably a good time to mention he could use more forearm muscle, seriously. Sideshow Bob has helded the boys in check through six. I realy would would like a Moose win he’s going to need some luck after that troublesome fifth.

  2. I had my share of luck with such things in life including blind calls. What can I say I saw it a mile away. Please hold your applause…..

  3. I remember when Griffey was a machine.

  4. I feel bad for Kei’ I mean I much rather pull for him than Pavano. I think for him being in the minors is dishonorable Logically I don’t see it happening it even took Dice-K time to adjust and he’s equipped with a essential fastball. Not to mention the “Gyro ball”, ha. Baseball in Japan is a different game than what’s played here in the states. It’s a more precise and small ball type of game. There game isn’t filled with the type of sluggers there is here. Japanese players transitioning into the majors have the odds stacked against them long before they step on to the field.

  5. Giambi almsost had the game with a fly to left field. Cano drove one in but it looked to be a game winning strikout Volquez getting the milkman. Moose’ is still in with 103 pitches? He gets the first out via strikeout. Votto gets him with a double he must really want this win.

  6. Mike Mussina goes through eight, with his arm still intact. It’s safe to assume Mike has a shot in the NL to getting those much needed wins for a sure bet to the HOF.

  7. Yankees win streak left to six outs. PH Betemit this is where you strut your stuff boy.

  8. Well time for criticism as much as we all wanted to keep Moose inline for a win you got to be weary of that arm. The health of are number 1-B starter is has to be taken in to account. Mike was effective all night so it’s arguable.

  9. CoULD HaVE useS U ON THAt BAg, BoBBy.

  10. There is hope and it’s name is Jason Giambi!

  11. Negative notes; nothing new good pitching handles the lineup a reminder recent playoffs, risp, errors. Positve notes; There was nine baserunners and two seperate occasions to win the game, Mikes steller performence, Canoe’ is heating up.

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