HDLR 6/27/08: Yankees @ Mets

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs, chicken wings, and tonight bratwurst are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always fast and furious. Tonight, the Yankees try to make amends for the 15-6 pasting they absorbed at home this afternoon at the hands of the Mets, and rebound by taking the first scheduled game of the series. Sidney Stinking Ponson (4-1, 3.88 ERA for Texas) leads the charge into Queens against Pedro Martinez. Hopefully the pitching can drastically improve in the nightcap over the dreadful outing Giese, Edwar, Ohlendorf, and Hawkins put on earlier. Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner and a coldie, and enjoy the game. As per Pete Abraham, the lineups are below. Also as per Abraham, Matsui has been placed on the DL for his knee, and Kei Igawa (Ugh!) has been recalled. Nothing good about those transactions.

Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (42-36)
Cabrera CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit 1B
Christian LF
Giese RHP

METS (38-39)
Reyes SS
Castillo 2B
Wright 3B
Beltran CF
Delgado DH
Nixon RF
Anderson LF
Tatis 1B
Schneider C
Pelfrey RHP

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  1. leading off..

  2. leading off..

  3. I am excited tonight. Dice K and Pedro.

  4. well if today wasn’t the worst loss of the year, it was certainly the most embarrassing. i’m not sure if there is a difference–feel free to discuss.
    i hope everyone is sufficiently recovered.

  5. hey joe- great piece today.

  6. Hi Leo, lead-off is yours. Hey Mike. I agree about the worst stomping, and from the Mets, and with their 3-4-5 driving in all 15, getting a complete and total defribillation. I still feel good.

  7. How is everyone?

  8. Thanks. Maybe in 2 or 3 months Jason will get around to reading it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks for sending that along, Leo. You’ve been a good contributor, and I’m glad you and Mike are a couple who have jumped from MLBlogs.

  10. Hi Joe. How are things?

  11. I apologize, Joe. I’ve had to use the weekends as catch-up time for a lot of things, baseball overall included.

  12. Im jk Jason. And I am ok, thanks.

  13. Hello people

  14. i heard the yanks were still at the stadium at 5 minutes past 7—can this game start on time?

  15. Hey Nick. How have you been?

  16. I think so, Mike. But the Yanks might want to filibuster.

  17. I’ve been good. But after this afternoon’s game I’m not feeling great

  18. That was a stomping, it’s been feast or famine lately for the Yankees.

  19. I actually have been meaning to ask you guys why you done jum ship? I did notice MLBlogs pricing got expensive and beat writers get exclusive links but? The amazing Mets had three errors on the night and managed to make it a blow out? We all knew today wasn’t going to be good but a win here would make half as bad? ha’

  20. How do people feel about Ponson? Are ANY of you feeling positive about him? I am not at all.

  21. Hello, guys

    I hope this round is more enjoyable.

  22. jason it makes me sick to see him in the road greys,..

  23. I didn’t think MLBlogs handled the transition well, making blog maintenance less convenient. The pages were also slower to load than before and also than WordPress, and I think MLBlogs did wrong for its lay fan bloggers, de-emphasizing their efforts on MLBlogs’ front page. Why Bleeding Pinstripes wasn’t featured more, and why team fans’ blogs haven’t been amassed and advertised, is a terrible slap toward the people who used to pay for their space and modest but more frequent publicity.

  24. I am actually but I’m just positive untill he actually gets on the rubber. To think between him and Kei might as well hand it to Igawan if it’s going to be another lose.

  25. I’ll be back in a minute–taking out dog.

  26. I am back.

  27. Igawa would mean a loss. I fear his being eaten alive.

  28. Has the Yankees game started? It hasnt appeared at the top of my Mosaic yet.

  29. even if igawa comes in and stinks up the joint—i fear thye cashman-igawa experiment still woudn’t end

  30. Same here about the road uniforms, Mike. Though my Yanks shirt is gray, I much prefer the pinstripes.

  31. yeah 2 down joe

  32. Two down in the top of the first, Joe. Good to see you.

  33. Nice piece of hitting, BA.

  34. I figured something like that I’m still angry over MLB’s monopolazation of teli’ games. I can pesonally design a better Gameday aswell though the improvent is a slight upgrade. What happend to the flipping of the radio and listening to games. Well thank you, Bill Gates! I’m actuallt to young for that memory but the concept seems nice.

  35. The 2-0 to A-Rod wasn’t a strike.

  36. that was close

  37. A-Rod gave that a ride, but comes up just short.

  38. Is that radar gun right? It said 91 on the fastball that I saw.

  39. True, Leo, and the staggered delivery of the audio/video/Gameday.

  40. Nice back-door fastball, SSP.

  41. that was high , it was far…it was caught…

  42. Nice play, Jeter.

  43. Was that Sterling’s call, Mike?

  44. yeah, nice hit wright…

  45. Wright’s killing Yankees’ pitching today.

  46. I know can’t believe they actualy charge for that garbage and the inflated pricing don’t they know win the future we’ll be able to download games before they happend?

  47. Live from the Hyatt in downtown Hanoi, Vietnam.

  48. The Wright stuff I have been watching him play and I’ve heard he’s over rated I think not maybe Reyes.

  49. and here comes lazarus to the plate

  50. Hold it together, SSP.

  51. howdy tim-

  52. How have things been, Mike?

  53. Hi Tim. How are things?

  54. Not a bad first, SSP.

  55. Um did Sid the kid pick up speed on his fast ball? Well that’s one zero on the board. Note to self don’t pitch to David Wright.

  56. I saw a lot of 93-94, Leo. That’s not bad.

  57. I guess that was a ok first inning

  58. What;s the extra “S” for?

  59. Things here are ok. A lot of work to do this afteroon.

  60. Stinking. I’m just hoping to be proven wrong about the Yanks signing him.

  61. Ponson threw 16 pitches.

  62. I read a recent quote Cash says Carl and Phil will be back around the same time that sounds like desperation to me.

  63. Oh my god Robbie do not swing at the first pitch.

  64. two identical plays for delgado

  65. Same position here it’s are version of Bartolo like Kei and Dice. Timmy the tiger!

  66. Delgado is doing it in the field now, two down. Good to see a patient at-bat from Cano after Giambi faced seven.

  67. Wright is not overrated. Second best 3B in baseball, behind Lowell. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Nothing for the Yankees.

  69. I’m so over Robinson he’s on the Farnsworth list. Who’s your daddy?

  70. yeah joe…

    now if only they could get a good SS, like lugo the mets would be ALL SET

  71. As you said that Lugo got duped into a sinker resulting in a double play. It isn’t hard to fool Lugo into making an unproductive out.

  72. Nice work on Pedro at Statistician Magician, Joe.

    Nixon singled on a not-bad pitch.

  73. It’s me Luigi….Great how are the Sox in first place again? Lowell and Luigi arn’t good enough to be Jeters and Alex’s bat boys? Where is the logic!!

  74. We are kidding Leo. Thanks Jason.

  75. It looked like JD lost that.

  76. The Yankees need to make up for Matsui’s bat. Igawa for Ohlendorf is a lose-lose right now.

  77. bases loaded for pedro

  78. Great, SSP walks him to load the bases.

  79. yeah, poor ollie…

  80. The kid couldn’t snap back and stay good for long.

  81. Curve gets Pedro looking, grounds ball here SSP.

  82. one pitch, infield-fly, two down.

  83. Jose pops out to Jeter.

  84. Ponson gets out of it. Ground out to Robinson.

  85. I know but it got me thinking of how by comparison of position. The Yankees are superior I mean like David and Goliath. With the exception of pitching . They should be crushing all whom dare opose.

  86. i’m sorry i jinxed your boy joe-i really am

  87. Nice play, Cano, SSP holds it at zero. Nice poise, Ponson.

  88. LOL Mike.

  89. You didnt jinx him. He isn’t good.

  90. oh yeah, there’s that too

    meanwhile–something we ALL can agree on–
    lets put some hate on the damn Rays, shall we?

  91. oppose’ What a rollercoaster. Then again you just have took look down at Canoe’s BA to find a explanation. Is Jorge going to be in and out?

  92. Damn Rays, that sounds like it might have to stick, Mike.

  93. Nice hit, Molina.

  94. Forget bout the Rays of Tamba of Anaheim of Los Angeles///

  95. Poor play by Delgado, thinking two but getting none.

  96. I dont know what Delgado was doing there.

  97. The Damn Vista Del Mar Rays of St Peterburg

  98. That didn’t look good, Ponson.

  99. poor aunt delgado…

  100. Poor hitting, JD.

  101. Pedro VS. Jeter sounds nice take him t left jeet’

  102. LOL, Mike.

  103. That sounds good, Leo.

  104. Let’s start the marketing campaign……

  105. Not much offense at all through 3.

  106. …for the Yankees, that is.

  107. i see your team is having a romp in houston joey

  108. Pedro–40 pitches through 3; Ponson–34 pitches through 2.

  109. Drew just hit a 3 run homer.

  110. That looked like a mistake from Ponson, but it worked fanning Wright.

  111. yeah , but pound for pound, you gotta like what you see…

  112. GO JD DREW ( fantasy team )

  113. True enough Mike. I only listed the pitch counts for where they stood. Ponson’s been decent.

  114. If you are referring to the matchup then yes I do like what I see, especially now with the 3 run lead.

  115. Then Beltran doubles with one out.

  116. Oh, you must have been talking about your game…

  117. That was almost Delgado’s 10th RBI today.

  118. who, me?

  119. SSP, you gotta be kidding me, walking Delgado after having him down 0-2. Did the foul balls scare him?

  120. this is getting dicey…like

  121. Funny Mike.

  122. why IBB some one when ur guy cant throw strikes?

  123. 6-4-3 bails out SSP.

  124. Ponson has my blood pressure up.

  125. It gives them confidence Mike. If they are set up to throw balls intentionally and they are successful then it gives them confidence that they can throw strikes when they are asked to ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Ponson 60 pitches through 3.

  127. veddy interesting joe…

  128. Nice work BA: walk, stole his 10th base.

  129. Batters also like to foul pitches because it’s assumed they can catch the pitch. It is also nice to prolong the at bat tho force a drivable pitch..

  130. Is this like a pitchers duel?

  131. Back-to-back walks, first and second for Giambi and that mustache. Nice patience from Arbeu and A-Rod.

  132. I think so Leo, but they’re wars of self-attrition right now.

  133. and our fate lies with cano…

  134. Good call holding Abreu, bases loaded on Giambi’s hard single. Big moment, Cano.

  135. I call for a squeeze play with Canoe’ lol

  136. Swinging squeeze play in effect from Cano, 1-0 Yanks. Base hit from Melky might score two.

  137. IBB to Melky for Molina. Drive the ball, Molina.

  138. Molina beats out the 5-5-3, 2-0 Yankees for SSP.

  139. Wright made a gaffe not going home.

  140. that was hilarious watching damon/ponson

  141. 2-0 Yanks, Pedro up to 66 pitches.

  142. u got that right jason-thank god he’s no lowell…

  143. Ponson showed some form.

  144. You’re lucky we like you after that slight to A-Rod, Joe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. ponson buzzing pedro

  146. Easy pop, one down.

  147. make that 2 , compadre

  148. Well obviously AROD is the best 3b right now.

  149. Way to leg it out, Pedro.

  150. jeter with the range of a very large postage stamp

  151. Jeter has zero range. Reyes with a 2 out single.

  152. It’s just nice to see you write it, Joe. You know we’re busting your cookies.

  153. It’s diminished, no question.

  154. OUT!!! JOSE!!!! hell yeah!

  155. Great throw, Molina. Terrific peg, end of the inning.

  156. sorry–heck yeah

    * sheepish grin*

  157. Mike, good to see you all fired up. Good to see you inflict some caps on us.

  158. i NEED this win jason. NEED

  159. I hate to say but I told ya; so not pretty but effective thus far.

  160. Top of the order for the Yanks. Still only three hits for the Yanks, but they’ve made the most of them and walks.

  161. you got it right leo…

  162. and yeah, certainly not pretty for sure…

  163. I’d gladly be proven wrong on Ponson if it happens.

  164. Your stat’s are no match for my hocus pocus, Tim. ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. sweet JD…pedro fails to cover…

  166. Way to cover, Pedro.

  167. Lets Go Yankees. Yankees Suck

    i love it

  168. JD probably had a hit anyway.

  169. The Let’s Go, Yankees chant held up its end very well in Shea.

  170. How does Pedro run faster than Johnny?

  171. yes indeed jason

  172. great at bat between old enemies…

  173. and jeter wins it

  174. I thought for a second that JD would make a play for third.

  175. Jeter seems to be bouncing back. C’mon, BA.

  176. Great hustle, and good send Meacham. Nice hard hit ball, BA! Abreu’s 51st RBI.

  177. THIS is what i signed up for guys

  178. They need to steal some bags this is baseball.

  179. Abreu 2-2.

  180. I just had a glimpse of A-rods playoff stats..

  181. A-Rod K’s, big strikeout.

  182. RUNS!

  183. u got your stolen base leo

  184. and Zimmerman running towards the mound.

  185. Well thats because Girardi got my text message.

  186. Abreu stole another, with no throw, no DP. Base hit can score 2.

  187. leo- youre killing me…

  188. Giambi looked awful on that foul ball.

  189. I think Cano will Schoenweis.

  190. Big G walks.

  191. pedro is clearly afraid of the stashe…

  192. Now hold hands and say it together kids, “don’t swing at the first pitch!”

  193. cano is a walking nightmare

  194. Robbie with a sac fly. But I must stress, don’t swing at the GOD DAMN FIRST PITCH!

  195. I’m a little surprised that Grady Manuel is staying with Pedro here.

  196. Sort of sac fly, Jeter scores, 4-0 Yanks.

  197. i was just thinking that jason- LOVE IT

  198. He’s incorrigible, Tim.

  199. Melky looked like dog crap, but it’s 4-0. Keep it going, Ponson.

  200. Two strikouts and a kinda sac fly unaceptable!

  201. melky is hopeless at this point…

  202. Pedro wants to stay in another inning. I think I read his lips, and it went something like, “Cut me, Manuel. I can’t see, you gotta cut me, Manuel.”

  203. Easy 4-3 one down.

  204. I don’t get on Melky because he hustles and doesn’t canoish. Mainly though we all expect more from Canoe offensively. right?

  205. you’re on a roll tongith jas

  206. Good for Sam Borden, who walked from Yankee Stadium to Shea to raise money for cancer research.

    Two down.

  207. Cano may end up winning the second half batting title.

  208. WWWRD ? What would Willy do?

  209. Kei Igawa is up in the pen, but Ponson works an easy 1-2-3. I’m becoming impressed.

  210. good point leo, but the swings melky takes sometimes are truly baffling

  211. Ponson is at 85 pitches/48 strikes.

  212. MORE RUNS!

  213. If Ponson goes six you guys owe me a steak dinner? How many calories do virtual steaks have?

  214. Nice bunt, Ponson. He’s had a good game.

  215. Who’s your daddy Petey?

  216. Slow grounder moves Molina to third, but it looked like a tie at first. Jeter has been clutch today, abusing Pedro.

  217. He was pitching well for Tex’s so hey everything is bigger in texas including Sid. If you notice Melky doesn’t follow the ball…seriously.

  218. Nothing makes me happier than Jeter getting his average up

  219. 5-0 now, as Pedro exits to “Who’s Your Daddy?” chants. Beautiful.

  220. joe- the second half of what?

  221. Lets get more runs in so Kei can pitch 1/3 of a inning tonight without trouble !

  222. the season

  223. lol

  224. Abreu rips an RBI double to left, his 52nd RBI, 6-0 Yanks. Outstanding.

  225. i was kidding…

    i’m more likely to win a batting title

  226. IBB to A-Rod.

  227. My prediction for the game was 8-5 yankees but I’ll take this.

  228. i want them shut out at home
    it;s the only way to get back some respect from these jokers

  229. I’ve lost my audio and video feeds, relying on Gameday, alas. Ponson has been sharp.

  230. poor jas- cano goes yard

  231. If Sabathia decides to toss Sharpiro around or get into somekind of quarrel in his hotel maybe Cash’ can aquire him too!

  232. Cano is bouncing back! Big homer, 7-0.

  233. I am out. Business meeting. Enjoy the rest of the game. I won’t be joining you this week. Alot of work here in Hanoi.

  234. My Tv just came back right after Cano’s homer.

  235. Have a good night, Tim. Be well.

  236. enjoy the day tim

  237. Thanks for dropping in from halfway around the world.

  238. Well 4BB 4K 0R 6IP for Ponson.

  239. Tim’

  240. You know the night is going well when Betemit hits from the right side.

  241. Boston up 4-0, TB won 10-5 versus Pittsburgh.

  242. i just fainted jason

  243. JD walks, bases loaded for Jeter. A grand slam would be a big slap back.

  244. Grand Slam Jeter, Grand Slam Jeter! If wilson gets a hit from the right side you better beleive it’s going well Cash’s acquasitions sure are paying off collectively tonight

  245. Oh , man ya beat me to it/

  246. it’s be beyond sweet revenge leo…there must be an appropriate song

  247. I’ll take an eighth run.

  248. I lost the audio and video again.

  249. If you haven’t seen those there really funny’

  250. Abreu makes it 9-0 with a single! Pour it on!

  251. I did, Leo.

  252. i need double digit lead guys. 9-0 wont do

  253. A-Rod K’s, but 9-0 is a good stomping so far.

  254. Alex’s bat has been limited today.

  255. classic- ahead 9-0 and worthless issues a walk

  256. He has to trying to keep a reputation here. He will get out of it though.

  257. Only Stinking Nuke can enter and issue a four-pitch lead-off walk. Priceless.

  258. They advertise on game day, priceless.

  259. I just watched the new hulk and have come tho the conclusion Barry Bonds was envolved in a gamma ray accident not steroids.

  260. so the worthless one did alright…

  261. With a couple K’s, Nuke preserves the shutout.

  262. It would explain his grotesquely inflated sense of self.

  263. Surprises all around, Mike–Ponson, Nuke.

  264. What I tell you? He needs to really show what he’s capable of not these glimpses.

  265. this game of baseball-full of surprises. some nicer than others

  266. My lack of faith in Ponson might mark eternal shame upon the family.

  267. It’s just one temporary band–aid over another but the train keeps on moving.

  268. it might jason -if it wasnt completely justified

  269. On to the bottom of the eighth, 9-0 still.

  270. i NEED double digit win tonight. text girardi

  271. hey andy phillips!!

  272. checkin in for 2 inning.. sry for the late sign in lol.

  273. that andy-hard luck. he smoked that one

  274. hey V- you missed the night of redemption

  275. Poor boy has to where that awfull hat’

  276. Good to see Andy Phillips land someplce, even if it is the Mets.

    One down, five more to go.

  277. lol mike. i actually had the game on but i 4got 2nite’s game was an HDLR event. plus, i was playing a game so i was only semi watching lol.

  278. veras- you have a 9 run lead. just throw it over the plate

  279. Hi Vanessa. How is everything?

  280. What game were you playing, Vanessa?

  281. Two down, second and third. Hold it here, Veras.

  282. Three outs, the shutout is still intact.

  283. i will not tolerate them scoring tonight

    ( shades of tim the wiz)

  284. hey J. everything is great. no more tests to worry about and the summer is here!
    thk goodness the yanks somewhat redeemed themselves after that horrendous embarrassment of a game in the bronx some hours ago.

  285. but jason…i just have to have a double dgit lead…

  286. The earlier game was an abomination, no question Vanessa. I had a good feeling about the nightcap, mainly about scoring runs if not Ponson.

  287. was it not one of the most embarrassing of all time V? or at least all year…

  288. i was playing virtual villagers computer game. its kinda slow moving but fun.

  289. you should have hear jason talking up his boy ponson V

  290. You’re adamant about that, Mike. I’d be pleased with 9-0. Of course, if they add on against Wagner, that would be all the sweeter.

  291. yay billy wagner-they must REALLY want to win this one

  292. I’m preparing a sweaty plate of crow in honor of Ponson.

  293. it was… i don’t even have a word to describe it. it would have been upgraded to a “jump off your roof” game if it had been boston

  294. yay wagner- staying away from “killer jose”

  295. Molina has had a very good game, two hits, the walk, catching Reyes stealing.

  296. that was so sweet nailing reyes. highlight of the week

  297. I know he’s been a better fill in then the fill in. Well quite well.

  298. They got Reyes, lol.

  299. the Meat flies out…

  300. mr dreams are crushed. we didnt make it 10-0

  301. my dreams, that is

  302. so just think if we had had the wanger going today instead of giese…

  303. the mets (specifically delgado) shmashes the yanks in game 1 and the yanks come back and blank the mets in game 2… which one do the papers favor tomorrow?

  304. Kei Igawa is in to preserve the shutout. I can’t watch. Oh, I forgot, I can’t watch.

  305. well my night is now complete. the kei man.

  306. I see split back pages, Vanessa.

  307. wait, igawa is in…. the win isnt in the bag yet.

  308. still off jason?

  309. One down, C’mon Seabiscuit!

  310. i say the ny daily news will favor the yanks
    the ny post will favor the mets
    and the ny times will do the split

  311. Unfortunately so, Mike.

  312. there are about 23 people left there…yank fans i’d imagine…

  313. Yanks fans were fairly well represented at Shea tonight.

  314. the kei man-doin’ his thing.

    up in the zone- 2 on- one out

  315. Two straight singles. Good going, Igawa.

  316. thuhhhhhh yankeeeeeees win

    thank jeebus

  317. and thanks to you for hosting jason- lots o laughs

  318. i’m gonna call one and say the yanks win the next two. mayyybee with another blowout thrown in.

  319. The 5-4-3 ends the game, a Shutout in Shea! Outstanding.

  320. Lots of fun tonight, thanks for stopping by everyone. I’m going to take the dog out and get going on the wrap for the double-header.

  321. When Kei when in I was thrown into shock, goodnight.

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