Yankees Call Up Robertson

There must be rejoicing at The Sommer Frieze, for the Yankees have called up David Robertson, who has dominated this year at AA Trenton and AAA SWB. Not someone with a gun of a fastball, Robertson is characterized as 88-91 with the fastball, with a sharp curve, a ground-ball pitcher but clearly capable of the K. In Scranton, Robertson was 3-0 with a 1.64 ERA in 33 IP, fanning 48, and with a low 1.03 WHIP in 20 appearances. Adding a guy with the potential to go more than one inning and be effective would be a huge addition to the bullpen right now, since Ohlendorf cannot, Igawa cannot be trusted, Bruney isn’t quite back yet, and Edwar has been very shaky. Let’s see if he can be that guy. I just love that he’s getting a chance. Let’s hope it’s more than what Britton got.

In negative news, Matsui had his knee drained again, and the DL might not suffice to heal him.  The Yankees are talking surgery as worst-case scenario, not a good sign even if it’s only mentioned and only down the road as an alternative.  Expect to see more of Christian until JD is fully healthy, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gardner get a crack as the physical cracks form and spiderweb.

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  1. Gardner has been getting a lot of PT in LF down at SWB. Once the Yanks are through these lefties (and of course, Santana is going today), I’d like to see them swap Gardner and Christian, and play Gardner in LF (DH-ing Damon to rest that foot problem). It (to me) would also serve another purpose—that is, you see Gardner on the MLB level for a few weeks BEFORE the trade deadline approaches, thus helping you make a more informed decision regarding trading him or Melky for some possible pitching help.

  2. Good points Mike, and I agree. I’d like to see Gardner up and succeed, bringing the speed to the Yanks and allowing them to win in different ways.

  3. If they dealt him, he ought to bring back someone good and useful. But truth be told, I’d rather see him come up and succeed not unlike Ellsbury.

  4. Good lord. NoMaas.org has decent commentary and funny illustrations, but please…what they are doing now…

    They are endorsing that the Yanks go out and sign Bonds now that Matsui is down.

    Great a 44 year old with bags of baggage. Who do they want next, Clemens? Wells? When would they want to get younger?

    …and they KNOW what a media circus it would bring, and they would still do it.

    Sigh. Have they no shame?

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