HDLR 6/29/08: Yankees @ Mets; YFCR Appearance Tonight

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs, chicken wings, and bratwursts are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always lively. Today, the Yankees go for the sweep of the Shea phase of the series, with Rasner (4-5, 4.50 ERA) facing lefty Oliver Perez (5-5, 5.29 ERA). More good pitching, like the last two games, would go a long way to achieving that. I’m opening things up early so I can go for a run and clean up before the game. Also, I’ll be on Yankee Fan Club Radio tonight, with the show starting at 6 p.m. EDT. Drop by and listen to Ty, Uncle Joe, and Tony. Also, come on in the HDLR, grab a cold one and a digital leather recliner, and enjoy the game. Let’s Go, Yankees!

1st: Top–Yankees go 1-2-3 on only nine pitches; eight in the Yanks lineup can or do hit righty, including Jorge at first and Betemit at second. Bottom–Rasner works around the lead-off hit from Reyes and the two-out walk to Beltran, jamming Delgado on an 0-1 fastball to get a shallow F8. Rasner through the first at 17 pitches.

2nd: Top–Yankees go 1-2-3. Mets score one, off three hits, a walk, and a sac, but Rasner got through on 26 pitches, and got Wright to ground into a 5U to end the threat, 1-0 Mets.

3rd: Top–Yankees go 1-2-3 yet again. Delgado smashes a 3-2 hanging slider off the scoreboard, 2-0 Mets, but he avoids trouble after a Church bloop and an IBB to fan Perez. Thank goodness for facing the pitcher, if only in that instance. The Yankees have mustered nothing at all on offense. That needs to change with JD, Jeter, and A-Rod.

4th: Top–Jeter’s one-out single and move to second on a wild pitch goes wasted, A-Rod fanned in a terrific, nine-pitch at-bat, Jorge’s weak 4-3 ends the threat. Bottom–Rasner looks better, working around a single to get Wright and fan Beltran on a fastball up. Rasner at 87 pitches.

5th: Top–Yankees go 1-2-3 yet again, though Betemit hit the ball hard twice. Bottom–Rasner is improving, throwing only 14 pitches and working around a hit, finishing the 5th with 101 pitches/14 in the inning. The Yankees need offense now.

6th: Top–Moeller gave a pitch a ride, to the wall in left pinch-hitting for Rasner. JD singled but Jeter swung at the first pitch, again, three outs. Bottom–David Robertson is in for his first major-league appearance, fans Perez in a long at-bat, allows a single to Reyes, Castillo’s single past A-Rod down the line made it first and second, wild pitch gave them second and third, and Wright’s sac fly to right made it 3-0. Beltran down on an F8. Robertson had to throw 25 pitches in what was probably a nervous first time pitching. Runs now.

Yanks can’t cash in on what few chances they have down the stretch, lose 3-1.  Kudos to Betemit for one of the longest home runs I’ve ever see in (and out of) Shea.  But he was caught looking to end the game in the ninth, and the Yanks mustered little off Perez.  Thanks to Joe, Mike, and Vanessa for coming by the HDLR.  I have to split and get some dinner going before YFCR.  Rasner was fairly good if inefficient, Robertson had a rough first but better second inning pitched.  But no offense.

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  1. Jason is in.

  2. Jeter smoked it at Castillo, but two down.

  3. Weak at-bats from A-Rod and JD, Perez out of the first on 9 pitches.

  4. The 3-0 to Beltran looked good.

  5. Nice piece of pitching by Rasner, jamming Delgado on an 0-1 fastball to get the shallow F8.

  6. The 5-9 spots–Betemit, Melky, Molina, Christian, and Rasner–don’t inspire hope in me.

  7. Nice at-bat so far for Betemit (8 pitches and counting).

  8. Betemit K’s on the ninth pitch, a high heater.

  9. Easy 6-3 ends the top of the second, Perez at 28 pitches, still 0-0.

  10. Good reflexes by Posada at first, not having to move for Church’s smoker. It was hit so hard, Church didn’t have time to get out of the box.

  11. Chavez with a bloop single on a fairly good curve down from Rasner.

  12. Perez up with two on after Schneider’s hard-hit single, fastball left up.

  13. Nice sac from Perez, second and third, two down for Reyes.

  14. Jeter made a heck of a play on that, getting onto the second-base side, but Castillo beat a strong throw for the infield RBI single, 1-0 Mets.

  15. Bases-loaded for Wright, 0-2 now.

  16. 5U minimized the damage to one run. Rasner had to work–43 pitches/26 in the 2nd. It could have been worse.

    Bottom of the order for the Yanks.

  17. Molina K’s on a 3-2 fastball, 4 K’s in seven at-bats.

  18. Not a base runner for the Yankees through 3.

  19. If Rasner can keep pitching inside effectively, he can keep this tight until the bats wake up.

  20. Hi Jason

  21. Leave it to the Yanks to warm up a slumbering bat. Delgado homers, 2-0. Rasner left that thigh-high and right over the plate, a 3-2 cookie off the scoreboard.

  22. Hey Leo. How are things?

  23. I am watching both the Red Sox and Yankees

  24. Jeter can’t get to the bloop from Church on his circuitous path.

  25. Jason have you seen A Beautiful Mind? Because I dont see Leo. 🙂

  26. Hey Joe. Sorry, I thought the j was an l. I need to wear my glasses more often.

  27. haha

  28. Tough one yesterday for your Red Sox, lots of runs.

  29. yea. over 162 games I am not going to like everything. I have come to that understanding.

  30. Lester started well but got cuffed around later.

  31. I too have become a bit more patient with the Yankees recently, despite a small, festering insecurity about their slow start.

  32. 3U moves Church to second, two down.

  33. Well, I sat around last year. I was critical of some of the decisions with the bullpen that Francona made. I watched the offense struggle for a period of time. They blew some games. But every team is going to go through the same things throughout the year. Every manager is going to make the wrong move, or so the move APPEARS to be wrong. Every offense will struggle. So I try and not live and die by every game.

  34. Are you watching on TBS?

  35. I am now, gladly ditching the Mets broadcast.

  36. JD fans, yeeeesh.

  37. I think that’s fair to Francona, and true. Boston has held its own with all the injuries.

    JD fans but Jeter singles. Keep it rolling, A-Rod. Jeter moves to second.

  38. A-Rod showing good patience, 3-0 now.

  39. That was crushed huh?

  40. A-Rod just walloped a monster foul homer well into the third deck.

  41. Good battle between Perez and A-Rod here.

  42. Eight-pitch battle thus far, ninth on the way. C’Mon, A-Rod!

  43. Fanned him on the ninth pitch, just like Betemit’s ninth pitch, two down for Jorge. Base hit here helps, Jorge.

    Perez is typically tough on the Yanks today.

  44. If nothing else, he’s up to 59 pitches through 3 2/3.

  45. Yes, he does pitch well against them.

  46. Catch you on the show, Jason. You probably saw my comment about NoMaas.org (what are they thinking?). I’ll print out and compare my grades vs. your own. I would guess (without looking) that we are probably close.

    As for today’s lineup, I had to remind myself that this wasn’t an exhibition game. What is the over/under for the # of Yanks hits today? Four?

  47. Jeter’s one-out hit goes for naught, Jorge out on an easy 4-3, 2-0 Mets.

  48. hey guys, checkin in [before the 8th as promised lol]

  49. Teams are too infatuated with speed sometimes. The Astros have Michael Bourn leading off giving him tons of at bats. Yet he hasn’t shown much of anything offensively. To be fair, he is young. But if he is going to improve then let him do it, then bat him lead off.

  50. Hi Mike. I think many are close, from checking back on yours today. It’s a good thing I didn’t see the lineup before going for a run. I would have puked on the road. I’m looking forward to the show tonight, and hopefully the broadcast will be more positive after a win.

  51. I think it shows that being a good base runner, and efficient hitter to be a running threat, are tough skills. It’s taken Joey Gathright quite a while to be that, and he’s not even great at it.

  52. 6-3 gets Reyes, one down.

  53. I can’t believe Reyes got picked off last night. Jeter never would have in that situation. 🙂 Seriously though

  54. the rain just started to lighten here in brooklyn, nd heading for the bronx. the rains alwaayyyss come when these two teams try to play a game.

  55. NEVER would Jeter have been picked off. EVER. 🙂

    Hi Vanessa. I didn’t know you lived in Brooklyn, thinking it was Manhattan.

  56. I guess in fairness to the Yankees’ lineup, some guys needed a blow like Abreu.

    Rasner just fanned Beltran on a fastball up, still 2-0. Keep ’em in it, Rasner.

  57. I’d feel somewhat more confident if Betemit could hit his way on, or around.

  58. yeah, I live in Brooklyn, but i spend all my time in manhattan b/c BK is pretty boring [at least the part that i live in].
    raz has a pretty high pitch count, hope he can get through the fifth.
    the yankee bats need to wake up!

  59. Betemit smoked that but right at Wright, one down.

    Rasner is at 87 pitches.

  60. Commented on your grades. I think I was a bit tougher. Don’t worry about the idiot…check out what I told you about some other idiot and what he did some months back.

    Gotta go. Looking forward to hearing you tonight. Also hope you can contribute to the “roundtable” Ty is trying to get together. Catch you later.

  61. Mike DiMuro hasn’t been consistent on his inside strike calls for righty hitters, but it matters little as Perez is throwing lots of strikes.

  62. I think on a few, you were Mike, especially Jeter. I think his recent week helped him, but he’s not been exceptional by any means.

  63. i’m kinda hoping there will be a rain delay so Perez won’t come back out… he’s killing us.

  64. I told Ty I’d be in for the round table, if it occurs.

  65. Perez is shutting down the Yanks, though I have the feeling that they’ll play through it for a couple reasons.

  66. he probably would, but who knows.. he could be pitching worse after all that rest.

  67. Rasner has been good. They need offense and runs now.

  68. Rasner at 101 pitches.

  69. raz hasss been pretty good.
    they said the rain is subsiding in the bronx… when the yanks need a rain delay to get perez out… of course.

  70. Get a hit, Moeller.

  71. You’re right about the bad luck with the rain, Vanessa.

  72. Moeller cranks one to the wall in left, sooooo close, two down.

  73. moeller let that one ride, but needed a little more boost.

  74. JD with a very long, hard-hit single off the glove of Church retreating in right. I didn’t see how hard he was running out of the box.

  75. Jeter swings at the first pitch, and grounds a hard-hit ball right at second playing close to the bag, three down. Bad patience, bad result.

  76. aggghh, still no offense!

  77. David Robertson is in. Be good, kid.

  78. Robertson just buzzed Perez, clearly not intentional, 1-2.

  79. Robertson needs to get the ball down, but he must be nervous too.

  80. Boston is tied at 1 in the 3rd, and Damn Tampa is up 2-1 on Pittsburgh.

  81. It’s about time, his first MLB K–of Perez. So be it.

  82. ha! perez gets a taste of his own medicine.

  83. Throw strikes, Robertson.

  84. Reyes cracks a single up the middle.

  85. another base hit… not good.

  86. Castillo slaps a single past A-Rod, first and second one out.

  87. Wild pitch off Molina’s chest makes it second and third.

  88. Sac fly to right makes it 3-0, Christian should have hit the cut-off man to keep Castillo at second.

  89. Not a great debut, but he got it under his belt. The Yankees need offense somewhat more now.

  90. he did get his first K, but he let a run score.
    i pray this isnt a 1-2-3 inning for the yanks.

  91. A-Rod with a weak pop-up. The offense has to wake up.

  92. Close but no cigar for Jorge to right, two down.

  93. argh. close one yet again.

  94. wooow! about time!

  95. What a colossal blast, from the right side of the plate no less, from Betemit! Huge homer, 3-1.

  96. that went out of the stadium!

  97. Delgado dropped the ball! Melky reaches via error on an errant throw. Molina is the tying run.

  98. Out of the stadium to way deep left, one of the biggest homers in Shea I’ve ever seen, Vanessa.

  99. and huge error by reyes.
    let’s get it started!

  100. At least they cut into it. Hold it here, whoever pitches.

  101. damnn..
    wow, reyes is being a lil baby, throwing his glove down and everything.

  102. nice DP to get robertson out of the inning.
    it’s now or never for the offense, c’mon!

  103. aghh, Gcomes in and swings at first pitch and pops it up.

  104. Robertson was better in his second, looking calmer. The offense is just stagnant, though.

  105. it’d be great if the yanks can magically score two runs in the 9th. the mets need to get further embarrassed.

  106. Not bad from Edwar so far. Magic is about what it will take today, Vanessa.

  107. jeet, arod and jorge are coming up… if they can’t do it, no one can.

  108. Jeter with a single up the middle. C’Mon, A-Rod.

  109. Jeter to second on a very wild pitch.

  110. wagner is a good closer, and he can come into the game with metallica all he wants, but he’s nooot the sandman.

  111. A-Rod took a good cut, but it stayed in the park in deep left, one out for Jorge.

  112. i thought it was gone from the swing.. argh. no help from the wind either.

  113. Totally agree, Vanessa. There will ONLY be one Sandman, and that’s Mariano.

  114. Easy 6-3 keeps Jeter at second, and the fate of the Yankees rests with Betemit.

  115. Can he get a hold of another?

  116. the pressure is on betemit, who put the yanks on the board in the first place with a monster home run.

  117. And Betemit gets caught looking on a breaking ball to end the game. 3-1 Mets.

  118. nooo luckkk

  119. The Yanks got outplayed, with Perez dominating the righty-heavy lineup. I understanding giving guys a blow. It also meant little offense regardless.

  120. perez made the yankee hitters look ugly, really dominating performance. i was hoping for the shea sweep…
    thx for hosting again J.
    ill be tuning it 2 tha yfcr today.

  121. I’ll take that from Robertson. Shaky, but if not for the WP, he would have given up no runs. Live and learn. Catch you on the show, Jason.

  122. “I want to catch. I’m a catcher; I’m not a first baseman,” -Posada. In other words I want to strangle Joe Girardi.

    “That noticeable change from the Joe Torre era has not taken place by accident”- Girardi

    Honest with all respect Girardi untill you get some rings here or at least get this team out of third place don’t forget you have some big shoes to fill. That’s the way it’s going to be. How bout that Torre beat the Angels and his team didn’t even need a hit. If we could have done that in recent years it would have saved a world of trouble.

  123. Molina has been subpar behind the plate but we all know how Short stops and Catchers care generally stuborn, cough .

  124. Leo, I think you are being tough on Joe G. Torre has done nada in LA (they are under .500 and two games worse than the Pythagorean), and I don’t think the Yanks’ record would be any better if Joe Torre were here.

    The Dodgers pitching has been super. They can’t hit.

    Not to mention Scott Proctor just went on the DL. A 6.82 ERA and another notch in Torre’s belt.

    A friend of mine says this…Joe Torre didn’t make the Yankees. The Yankees made Joe Torre.

  125. Hi Jason. Nice job with the mid-year grades earlier today. I just have one question- what about Girardi? You left him out of the report card.

  126. I just didn’t see reason for a mentioning of Joe Torre. I don’t feel managing is much of a variable at this level of play especially with a vet’ club like this one. I was sarcastically refering to the no no hit game by the Angels. Two weeks ago we would have killed for a .500 ball club, ha. Alex almost tied the game today hence the missing + next to his name. Almost doesn’t count Alex…….I’m kidding. While the Sox’ and Rays tangle hope the Yankees can take advantage and handle Tex.

  127. JOe – lEo What’s the difference? 😉

  128. Robertson was OK, Mike. I think fairly positively about his performance, and I hope he isn’t allowed to rust. He has ability, and settled into his second inning pretty well.

    Leo, the other difference is my need to wear my glasses at the computer, which I will from now on.

    Thanks John, and you’re right about my not giving Girardi a grade. I’d give him a B+. On the whole, he’s had to respond to a lot–injuries, inconsistency and poor play among trusted regulars, and handling the NY scene and media. On the whole, he’s done pretty well, and while I think he has a lot to do and on his plate, much of the responsibility for the team’s lackluster state was out of his hands. He was different from Torre, yet some of the same thing occurred, including the sluggish start and (albeit different) injuries. He’s also done a pretty good job balancing the work in the bullpen, although I think the team’s early-season inconsistencies did some of that work for him–i.e., losing building in some off-days for Mariano, Joba, Bruney, Nuke. He could stand to be a bit more aggressive for my tastes–not necessarily combative, but being more demonstrative when he exits to argue. But that’s not too substantive. I think his preparation has been good, and I can’t immediately recall his being out-thought in a game. He needs to have the team run more, but on the whole he’s been solid.

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