Rangers 2 Yankees 1: No Offense Again

Again tonight, the Yanks’ offense let down, failing to support Mussina’s excellent start. The only run came on a gigantic four-inning blast from A-Rod, whose mammoth homer reached the left-field bleachers. Giambi was stranded after a two-out triple, his first since almost exactly six years ago. Yet the Yanks got little at all mustered. The #1-3 hitters went 0-11 tonight, while #7-9 hitters went 1-9. Mussina was again impressive, going 6 innings, allowing 5 hits, walking 2, allowing 2 runs earned, and fanning 8 and lowering his ERA to 3.87 on 103 pitches/68 strikes.  Wasted opportunity to win a close game, and the Yankees drop to 14-10 in one-run games.

Tampa Bay beat Boston 5-4, dropping the Yanks back another game to Tampa.

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  1. The offense continues to stay asleep. I was hoping that that blowout game at Shea would get this offense started but guess not. Moose didn’t deserve a loss tonight. The Yanks need to start finding a way to get runs on the board in close games.
    Tampa is no joke this year. The Yanks can ill afford to let them or Boston get too ahead. The Yanks are already too many games behind than they should be. I would love to see a turn around by the team after the All-Star break as they did last year. Hope Joba gets another win tomorrow night.


  2. not getting Moose a win for the second good outing what a joke! This lineup in a joke.

  3. Five runs in the last three games!

  4. Moose struk out eight Rangers? This team is wasting starts left and right since day one. Without Masui and Sunny Damon the lineup looks lifeless. Gardener the kid finally gets on steals a bag Jeter can’t get him home. Giambi has a darn toot triple Jorge can’t sneak one through. This is it Texa, Sox, and Rays they better figure it out.

  5. pathetic indeed. and to think i almost got talked into going. thrilled i skipped it

  6. Again, another great effort by Mike Mussina – wasted …

    With any run support in his last few starts, Mussina would have 12 0r 13 wins at this point in the season …

    I look forward to another great performance by Joba tonight. But, the Yankees need to score some RUNS !!!

    Go Yankees !!!

    Take care, Jason …

    – Jimmy


  7. Darn’

  8. JOKE!

  9. Texas Rangers 3, NY Yankees 2 …

    Melky should have bunted in the bottom of the 9th, to at least get the tying run to second with one out, and Damon and Jeter [pinch-hitting], the next two batters up…

    I mean, come-on, Melky is “0” for his last 19 at-bats, including the double-play he hit into.

    Joe Girardi has to take the blame for that bad decision, but there is still “no excuse” for the total lack of run production by the Yankees lineup over the last few games !!!

    And, to top it all off, the Red Sox just lost two straight games against the “FIRST PLACE” Tampa Bay Rays …

    It’s going to be an interesting four-game series this upcoming Holiday weekend against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium !!!

    Will the Yankees lineup provide any fireworks, or just more “duds” !

    Also, there still is one more game to play against Texas tonight. Will Sidney Ponson have any magic left in his arm to lead the Yanks to victory vs. his former team ?

    All games are big, but I do think tonight’s game against the Rangers is a “must-win game” for the Yankees; especially, with four games against the Red Sox, and two games vs. the Rays, the next six games on the schedule !

    Go Yankees !!!

    Everybody, have a great day !!!

    – Jimmy


  10. Thanks for commenting the last couple days, everyone. I’ve been tied up with work and slightly under the weather–nothing serious, just annoying. Not as annoying as watching the offense grind to a halt against such a lowly pitching staff. Mussina, Joba, and last night’s bullpen efforts wasted.


    Time to right the ship. This was the perfect chance to gain momentum heading into the Boston series. Wasted and wasting time, as Hootie and the Blowfish sang.

  11. Sorry I forgot to respond to it earlier, Jimmy, but you made a good point when discussing Melky not bunting. No question, should have been for a few reasons, starting with his woeful bat lately.

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