It is really with deep and profuse apologies that I have to cancel tonight’s HDLR due to a lack of Internet at my house. Despite working with Comcast to get things restored from the late morning onward, it appears there is a problem in my broader network area resulting in either too much traffic, or not enough space for elevated traffic, to support connectivity to our modem. There should be someone out to the house tomorrow morning but, in the meantime, I am without Internet. In fact, I am writing this from a local Wi-Fi cafe that, had they late hours tonight, I’d stay here with coffee and do it, but they close in 80 minutes. My apologies to everyone out there who might have been waiting to come by.

After reading some of the comments from the Mikes and Leo especially, I am even more disappointed not to be able to host tonight. Good perspectives on Gardner and the Yanks, people. My goodness, too many fans elsewhere are impatient. People clamor for change, then complain when it doesn’t produce immediate gratification. With pitchers especially, experience and at times hard knocks are nearly mandatory for future success. In rare instances, such as Doc Gooden, is that not the case and, given his later problems thanks to the lunkheads running the Mets roost such as Coke-Spoon Keith, Dykstra and others, Gooden probably could have used some early hard knocks to instill some perspective and humility as a kid. On Gardner, Mike, you’re so right and apt to point out the fair-weather mentality among fans who so quickly forget overall contributions such as defense, and snivel over some outs later in the same game. Nor can I stand people who lack historical analysis and perspective, Mike S. To me, it’s fundamental to understanding the world, nothing short. Where the Yanks would be without Molina, Leo, I can scarcely consider. I love watching everything about the guy–how quick he is out of the crouch despite his size, how he handles pitchers especially the young ones, his exuberance at a big K like Mariano’s to end yesterday’s game. I’d like to see him get some key hits, not only for the team but also and particularly for him. He deserves it.

I’ll have a wrap posted, likely tomorrow morning sometime. Again, my apologies for the late cancellation. bring back the split-earning W, Mike. I’ve got confidence in Joba.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, Jason.

    A little numbers-crunching, and not that great. Not saying it can’t be done but…

    in order to reach 93 wins (a legit. number to consider a playoff spot), the Yanks have to go 47-27…starting with Joba tonight. (48-27 counting yesterday’s win). That’s a lot to ask.

  2. I just read that on your blog, Mike. I’m inclined to agree. A lot can happen in the second half, and an offensive tear can carry the team a long way as we both know and have seen. But I’ve just not seen signs of that. Minnesota is just plain playing better, as has Boston, so the Yanks would have to leapfrog some good, solid teams just to get into Wild Card contention. It’s possible, and I’m sure we’ll root like hell for it but, yet again, the Yanks are in a hole the escape from which demands a lot. I agree, it is a lot to ask–again this season–from the Yanks.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t listen to the show, but I’m sure it was excellent as usual. I’ll catch up to the archived broadcast probably tomorrow.

  3. Sorry to hear about your internet troubles as well J. The Yanks have a lot of work to do this season, with the hole they’ve already dug themselves, but we all know they can do it. Their turnaround just has to start now.
    And god, I hate EPSN.

  4. Doesn’t comcast know the importence of HDLR? 48-27 thats a little disheartning something I realy didn’t want to hear. Wins over Tampa and Boston will be essential for a proper finish. It seems 93 wins ain’t going to cut it this isn’t the NL west.

  5. “The relevance of statistics in this game ultimetly is irrelevant.” – Leo

  6. enjoy your cup of coffee watching the game.

  7. sweeet inning by Joba. i hope the yanks kick azz today.

  8. Bobby had his bat directly on that check swing, Jeter got a good read on the ball. They will kick some azz! I got Jeet for player of the game.

  9. Why do they run against Molina?

  10. Lol, I got A-Rod. Did you see how he smoked that ball? ouuch.

  11. I figure Jeet almost got it all the way so Alex was a given on that one. So sad it’s a solo song……

  12. YOu r a VanesSa right?

  13. yep.
    and molina has been UNbelievable.

  14. I justccouldn’t get over the fact that his brothers and him are ex Angel players.

  15. jeet has been making some great plays tonight. if he gets a big hit, he might be the player of the game leo.

  16. Elsbury knew he was out by his body language that cost Joba runs. I can’t stand Kevin Youkilis why is he glaring down the field what a charecter

  17. What’s Girardi doing? Do the umps need anymore reason to give us bad calls?

  18. i’m glad girardi went out there.
    maybe put some fire under this team.
    and jeet drives in gardner!

  19. damnn…

  20. Jeter drives in lugo, lol. Lugo just took Jeet’s players of the game taking a possible run scored and forcing him for a error.

  21. the yanks need a run to get the lead, my money is still on a-rod.

  22. Did Alex dye his hair again he’s so me ami’ We should have the leed twice now.

  23. Could it be Farnsy has gained support from the crowd at home.

  24. i think he has. he deserves it. he and the rest of the bullpen has been doing outstanding lately.

  25. Oh, man I thought Alex was going to hit one out for you nessa.

  26. Throw Andy out there we need this win in dramatic fashion!

  27. how sweeeet would it be if the rookie gardner got the walkoff basehit?

  28. i called it! hoo-rah!
    way to go brett gardner! yannkkeess winnn!

  29. This should make the rookie feel good I’m happier about Canoe’ though…Yankees win.

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