Pirates 4 Yankees 2: Yanks’ Lefty Struggles; Veras Surrenders Lead

For the first time since June 21, Jose Veras allowed a run, a two-run shot to McLouth on a fastball inside that McLouth turned on and lined out to right field in the bottom of the seventh. Unfortunately, this came right after Abreu tied it with a two-out, two-run single to right in the top of the seventh. Doubly unfortunate, that was all the offense the Yanks mustered against Pirates lefty Paul Maholm. Although Jeter had two hits to raise his average to .286, and Abreu’s two RBIs tonight raised his team-leading total to 59, the team had languid offense written all over it–no Giambi, no JD or Matsui from injury, weak righties at the bottom of the lineup–yielding only seven hits and two walks.

Mussina had a good start–six innings, nine hits, two runs earned, no walks and two K’s on 98 pitches/63strikes. Robertson pitched a perfect eighth with two K’s, lowering his ERA to 2.57.  The guy has only 16 walks in 107 1/3 innings.  It’s hard to be angry with Veras, although the pitch was within McLouth’s wheel house. He hadn’t had a run scored on him in about three weeks, and he’s been excellent. But in a tight game with little offense–again–the blow was damaging.

Also damaging was A-Rod’s 0-4, making him 1 for his last 13 and lowering his average to .312. Cano, Melky, and Molina at 5-6-7 went a combined 1-12. The Yanks stranded eight, five in scoring position, a product of going 1-6 with RISP tonight. This loss hurts all the more because the Yanks were winning the original attempt to play it 3-1 when it was rained out. Tomorrow night, the Yanks begin the last series before the All-Star break in Toronto.  Start it right by beating Halliday.

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  1. a truly pathetic effort- i couldn’t even watch most of it…the tampons were crushed by cleveland- we could have used what should have been as easy win to move up. of course girardi put up the weakest lineup possible. i’m sick of his BS that jorge is fine to catch, but he’s just–what? resting him? jorge is clearly pissed. we sure could have used giambi in this game-

  2. only three paragraphs J? whhhattt is happening? lol, jk.
    for this game, i wasnt surprised how it turned out. it was just a matter of time before the bullpen let up. plus, the yanks couldnt keep winning games scoring just 2 or 3 runs.
    but i’m infinitely proud of mussina. he did allow 9 hits, which is kinda high, but he didn’t let it burn him. last year’s moose would’ve let this game get away. moose could’ve had 12 wins today. actually, he could’ve had even more than that if he got run support, but he’s continually held out to dry by this offense. the offense has to kick it up.
    the yanks should really be going for the sweep in this last series before the all-star break. its important to go into the break on a good note. i don’t care if they’re facing halliday, they can take the sweep if the bats do their job.

  3. Jorge is pissed it’s kinda’ funny.

  4. I’m suspicious about Jorge’s being healthy according to Girardi too, Mike. If so, then why hasn’t he caught? It could be an example of Girardi’s covering for the bad shoulder–badly, when people strongly suspect it’s otherwise because Jorge himself said it wasn’t 100% right when he returned from the DL and would require off-season surgery. Ah, but he’s healthy. Sure. No doubt, Mike. That lineup had L written all over it. I like the speed of the kids, but the lack of a viable hitting bench–and viable hitting lately–has really hurt. Today was a big blown opportunity to gain ground with Damn Tampa losing.

    That opening sentence made me laugh out loud Vanessa, for I too noticed the brevity when I finished it. The short length almost gives it an Associated Press generic recap feel, with which I could have made each sentence a paragraph like many newspapers do. Mussina was certainly good enough to get a win with any kind of run support tonight. You put it very well, V–the bullpen was going to have this happen sooner or later simply because it’s been so good lately, and the offense has been paltry–twenty runs over the last seven games doesn’t cut it. I too am thinking sweep in Toronto. Two of three would be pretty good, but they need to string ’em together now. By the way, I noticed you eschewed capital letters in your comment. It must be that damn Mike’s bad influence on you. 🙂

    Leo, you’ve been a mainstay with comments during games. I need to do an HDLR soon–in fact, how about Sunday afternoon’s game, since last Sunday’s got screwed up because of my Internet service outage?

  5. That comment above was about as long as my wrap.

  6. sunday sounds great-lets do it- i’d say i was confident about toronto, but once again, they let us down. and i don’t want to hear about facing a lefty in an NL park- please it’s the pirates. the yankees i
    (used to) know would have destroyed them like ants without even breaking a sweat.

  7. Sunday it will be then, Mike et al. I know it’s no fun to see, Mike, but this is still a flawed team as we know. It’s 8th in the AL in batting average versus lefties. More importantly, that this is a flawed team is what separates it from the teams we know, remember, and revered so back in the day. The Yanks should have stomped the Pirates. But we’ve not seen THAT Yanks team for some time. I miss that kind of team that would devour an also-ran like an appetizer.

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