Yankees @ Jays: Possible Impromptu HDLR Tonight

Below, as per Pete Abraham, is the Yankees’ lineup. Gardner is back at the top, Giambi naturally is in against the righty Halliday, and Posada is back to catching. The entertainment value and no doubt complaining just diminished a bit, Leo. I just may be around for people to chin-wag with tonight, so feel free to pop in. Also, for interested parties, there will be a Sunday afternoon HDLR for the last game before the All-Star break.

Gardner LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit 1B
Cabrera CF

Word the other day is that Richie Sexson got his release from the Mariners, where he only hit .218 with 11 homers and 30 RBIs. For a big-money guy, those are more than underwhelming but downright bad. He’s struggled badly in the last two years, has a long, looping swing, and while very good against lefties (.344, 5 HR, 12 RBI–nearly half his homers and 2/5 of his RBIs in about 1/4 his total at-bats) is terrible against righties. Should the Yankees take a crack at him with the idea that he might provide some much-needed right-handed power? Should they pass on him despite the cheap price tag and minimal risk, given his terrible year? Personally, I’d consider adding him for bench strength, as long as he’s not cancer as a person in the clubhouse. The bench will be thin for the next few weeks. The team lacks quality right-handed bats and, while he’s not a great all-around bat, he can hit lefties–only lefties it seems. Why not? Moeller hasn’t played in forever and a day, and Matsui won’t be back for a while. I’d give it a shot and see if he can give the team a shot in the arm offensively. What I would not do is ditch the kids. Gardner and Christian add the ability to run that this team sorely needs, even when JD and Matsui return. Sign the guy for the minimum and, if he doesn’t pan out, let him go.

Great match-up tonight between Joba and Halliday. Let’s Go, Yankees!

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  1. Well, if you don’t mind watching him strikeout multiple times a game with the hope that he can hit a few homers, then he might be decent. It isn’t a bad idea to pick him up for the remainder of the season, as depth, I suppose though


  2. Hi Joe. I’ll be back in after taking out the dog in a couple minutes, if you’re sticking around.

  3. Not much in the first, with Joba working around a two-out single and a passed ball, and Halliday working around a lead-off plugging and Gardner’s fifth stolen base.

  4. Jays going with the old-style uniforms. Where’s Rance Mulliniks?

  5. Cano with a four-pitch walk after Halliday fanned four straight.

  6. Betemit down quickly on a hard-hit 3U right at Overbay.

  7. the jays have “flashback fridays”
    it’d be cool if the yanks wore the old time uniforms sometime.

  8. their old uniforms look like cotton candy though.

  9. Ah, thanks V. I didn’t know about flashback Friday. I was expecting to see Lloyd “Shaker” Moseby in uniform.

  10. lol.
    it’s quiet in the living room, it seems you’re going to have to devise a schedule for your hdlr’s.

  11. Joba’s slider is nasty tonight, fanning Rolen, two down in the second.

  12. I think so, V. I just figured I’d consider one tonight in addition to Sunday. I have a lot of work to do tonight and the next couple days with writing and reading, but thought this would prove to be a nice break in the midst of all that.

  13. Plus, it is Friday night after all, and I presume a lot of people have more to do on a night like tonight than I.

  14. joba has been doing well in his starts, he just needs to keep his pitch count down.

  15. Joba hung that curve a bit to Wilkerson, who singled.

  16. Indeed Vanessa, on keeping the pitches down.

  17. well, i have no life tonight 🙂
    ahh, it’s great that there’s no school. i don’t think i’ve ever been happier doing nothing lol.

  18. Good for you, V. What have you been doing? Hanging with friends? Beach? Reading? Movies?

  19. Joba works through the second but is up to 42 pitches27 strikes. A-Rod handled that hop into him well on the third out.

  20. Runs, Yanks.

  21. I know it’s Halliday pitching, and I think he’s great. But the Yanks really need to win this game with no Wells, who is on the DL, and no Rios.

  22. i haven’t spent as many days out as i would like, but so far it’s great. been hanging with friends, indeed reading, practicing guitar, listening to music. i haven’t been to the beach yet b/c i have yet to get a bathing suit, but i’m getting one this weekend, as well as going to the asg fanfest.
    jeez, melky is really slumping.

  23. this offense makes me want to strangle somebody.
    when are they going to get it together.

  24. Hey guys… Told you I’d show up here one of these days to represent the BPS. Nice and comfy in here… When was the last time the Yanks scored any runs? The Clinton administration?

  25. Halliday is dealing tonight, fanning Jeter to end a ten-pitch, 1-2-3 third. Joba needs to match him.

  26. Melky sure is, Vanessa. The offense on the whole is languid.

    I look forward to reading your impression and thoughts on Fanfest.

  27. halliday is a great pitcher, which makes even more doubtful that the yanks will score against him.
    joba is doing good so far, but he likely wont go deep into the game.

  28. Geoff?!? Holy crap! Grab a digital leather recliner and a coldie. How’s your boy?

    Yes, it has been since Clinton circa 2000 since we’ve seen runs. Joba has to hold the Jays.

  29. Jeez, the Yanks cannot afford to give away bases. Sad that I’m worried about a stinking wild pitch screwing up the game…

  30. Good bunt, but jeez, Jorge! You complained so mightily about catching, and you give that away with an underhand overthrow. Ugly, first and third and no outs.

  31. posada complained about not catching, and then he lodges one. way to go.

  32. Joba’s K of Eckstein is huge. DP ball now!

  33. That 0-1 fastball was a strike on the corner to me. Squeezed.

  34. 2 runs.. might as well be a thousand.

  35. Joba left that up and over the plate, and Overbay smashed it into center, 1-0 Jays. Now the FC scores another, 2-0. Not good when Halliday is dealing and the offense is sputtering.

  36. Joba K’s Barajas, but is up to 61 pitches after 3. Worse, the Yanks trail 2-0. The offense continues to baffle me.

  37. That bunted ball from Abreu sailed through and clocked Barajas on the side, past the chest protector I believe. Ouch.

  38. arod finally gets a hit

  39. With Abreu’s 4-3, the Yankees still haven’t hit a ball out of the infield–if they’ve hit it at all. Embarrassing.

    A-Rod ends that, still embarrassing.

  40. Wilkerson looked more like a goalie than a center fielder.

  41. Giambi is pulling his head off the ball during his swing.

  42. Giambi smashed that for a long, loud out, two down for Jorge the catcher. HE’S NOT A FIRST BASEMAN!

  43. when the yanks come back from the a-s break they better be scoring 5+ runs a game to make up for their first half of “offense”

  44. lmao! he wasnt happy being a first baseman or a DH. what would he do he was made a bench hitter… cry.

  45. Halliday at 60 pitches through four, and really overwhelming the Yanks for the most part.

    I have to say that I am very impressed with how well A-Rod timed his attempted run/steal on Giambi’s hard-hit out, really surveying Halliday very well. A-Rod is a great ballplayer in ways that are often subtle and easy to overlook. Were it not for the replay, I would have totally missed his timing and jump on Halliday.

  46. arod is an all around great player. he can hit homers but does a lot more than that, which is what’s great about him.

  47. Nice work from Joba, really–74 pitches through four, two manufactured runs, but he’s keeping the sluggish Yankees’ offense in the game. They need a bloop and a blast, some hits, some patience, whatever it takes. The problem with working up his pitch count is that the Jays’ pen is no slouch, either. But I’d rather take my chances with them than Doc.

  48. One-pitch Cano rears his ugly head, one down.

  49. That check-swing K on Betemit was a crap call, really crappy.

  50. The Yanks can’t get a break, the rookie Inglett robs Melky of a hit in right.

    I got a BAAAAAAAAD feeling about this one.

  51. arrrghh. the yanks only have one hit! jeeezus.

  52. Jeeeezus with a capital Christ.

  53. Wow! That’s one hell of a snag by Betemit on a tough bounce, over his head, two out.

    I’ve always LOVED that Wilson.

  54. woooah, that curve looked nassty.

  55. Joba just had a nine-pitch fifth, and himself is dealing. He can go at least two more. The top of the order is coming up. I sense runs. Wishful thinking? Probably. But I sense runs.

  56. Gardner, that’s a terrible bunt. TERRIBLE. One pitch, one out on a pop bunt to Halliday.

  57. Nothing going thus far against this guy. Nothing.

  58. HBP to Abreu. Our big break!

  59. c’mon a-rod. drive one out of the park.

  60. That’s actually a bad call. I don’t think it hit him, but who cares?

  61. Exactly, Vanessa. HBP and a blast to tie it.

  62. o…. m….. g……

  63. Abreu caught stealing. Vanessa, I feel like we’re trapped in a “Twilight Zone” episode, called “The Traffic Accident.” We’re horrified but can’t stop ourselves from watching. Either that, or “The Monsters are Due at SkyDome.”

  64. Oh yeah, and Halliday at 13 pitches/inning with 78 pitches through 6. At this rate, he might start tomorrow, too.

  65. the yanks are down by three now but it feels like its a blowout.

  66. Joba grooved a belt-high fastball to Barajas, 3-0 Jays.

  67. I know, V. You’re right. It feels like 33.

  68. It’s too bad because this constitutes a quality start for Joba. He’s made a couple mistakes but has been pretty good. Halliday has been lights-out, but the Yanks’ offense hasn’t done diddly.

  69. it’s getting tiring complaining about this team so much. the offense sucks x2 and they know it.

  70. If only A-Rod could have made it around to short to yell “Mine!” or “HA!” to get that pop-up to fall. Now two pitches, two outs for the Yanks. This is nothing but crap, total crap. Maybe another team meeting will help…

  71. The roulette of Girardis lineups this one doesn’t look half bad………….on paper.

  72. The Yanks have been dominated–84 pitches through 7 for Doc–12/inning. At this rate, he might appear in every game.

    Boy, am I a genius for this impromptu HDLR or what?

  73. Leo, bring us some good luck and karma, buddy.

  74. glad i checked in here- but i’m APPALLED by this team

    hello V- yes, it is VERY tiring night after night to wonder who these awful players in pinstripes ( and road grey) are. it’s like a bad reincarnation of the body snatchers

  75. Sign sexy now! Concour for sundays date be there or be square.

  76. Two can be as bad as one It’s the loneliest number since the number one … Number one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do One is the loneliest, …

  77. i wouldn’t mind if a-rod did that. hell, he can even slap the ball out of a couple player’s hands, anything.

  78. 1 hit

  79. how ABOUT that pathetic “bunt” from gardner?

    just like the one he did the other night.

    and these one pitch , one out at-bats are disheartening to say the least.

  80. Boy, Joba sure is pitching tonight. He really is. The offense has been a stinking embarrassment.

  81. he’s sure making a lot of pitches–i’ll agree with you there

  82. Mike, bring us some MORE good luck and karma.

    Ah, our luck will now turn. Billy Traber is warming up. Mike, you missed it. Geoff from the BPS made a cameo in the HDLR tonight.

  83. There is a conspiracy the Yankees have against getting there starters W’s.

  84. K numero nueve.
    its a damn shame that all this great pitching is wasted.

  85. I agree, Leo. I’m going to demand an immediate Congressional investigation. Sign the post-game petition at The Heartland.

  86. what did he come by for? to say how bad tampa is?

  87. Wasted again, V. You’re unquestionably right.

  88. cano- player of the game!!!!!

    y don’t the yanks just all put on dunce caps

  90. not to be a HUGE drag, but 3 runs against THIS
    “B” grade line-up is not a great job IMO


  92. tampa & boston are down….

  93. LOL, Mike. I think I laid on a slight guilt trip about the URL update. Geoff’s a really good guy, though we have our different opinions on the Yanks at times. Cano allowed a bloop double losing the ball. The Yanks are going all Keystone Kops on us now, costing Joba a chance to get through the seventh without chewing the hell out of his own glove. The Yanks couldn’t embarrass themselves more unless they try to hump their own gloves in the field.

  94. Go hide in the dugout now, guys. This Triple A lineup is winning 3-0. Again, I know it’s Halliday. But this is an absolute disgrace.

  95. yes, i loved that J– good job

    i still love reading his blog, but we’re on different pages almost all the time now

  96. remember in little league when the coach would say if I had nine of you we would have a team? We need a couple more Jobas’

  97. woow, that was a hell of a play!

  98. This is run-for-the-bus stuff right now.

  99. it’s beyond bad-= when i saw their lineup i was about to send a condolence card to the jay’s front office- sorry to have to face reality.

    our hitters with their one pitch outs are really making me angry. i’m so disappointed in this team- losing is one thing, but a bad approach, night after night, is quite another

  100. i wish i were in canada rite now, so i could hand the yanks a white flag.

  101. Jeez, the 4-6-3 for the second out, and Halliday’s pitch count ensures he’ll go for the complete game and save the pen. Horrible, stinking horrible.

  102. having a nice red wine here though—a very small consolation

  103. The Yanks have been flat-out embarrassed through eight. Nothing short.

  104. I’m having a nice Belgian beer, Victory’s Golden Monkey, to assuage the pain of this visual turd.

  105. i cant even believe i’m wasting my valueless time on this

  106. John McDonald wanted to get around the bases to try to sucker-punch A-Rod.

  107. nice play brett- glad to see you

  108. You want irony the only Yankees without a strikeout are Gardener & Cano LOL

  109. It must be our good company, Mike. Nothing less. 🙂

  110. Leave the gun, Take the cannoli.

  111. Good point, Leo. Gardner caught in no-man’s land there, allowing a cheap bloop double.

  112. LOL, Leo.

  113. indeed guys- thanks for putting up with my ranting–

    but know jason you have been right about this “team” all along.

  114. Christian,Moeller,Molina I’m dead serious sign Sexson it’s a low risk “medium” reward deal.

  115. nice work mr traber. what exactly ARE you doing in the big leagues?

  116. leo- agreed. what harm can it do. anything to jump start this collection of zombies and losers…

  117. My suspicious mindset unfortunately hasn’t been proven wrong…yet. I like crow as much as the next guy, especially when it means success, but this is worse, a huge plate of dung.

    5-0 now, on the homer to that cheap slime, wanna-be sucker-puncher Stairs. Go back to the tundra. Ah, and it precipitates the “Yankees Suck” chants among the hosers.

  118. Mike, Traber is a “lefty specialist.” See how well he delivered that meatball to Stairs? That’s expertise. You can’t train that kind of delivery. It only comes naturally.

  119. they’ve been ( accurately ) chanting that all night

  120. Yabba dabba do

  121. I agree on Sexson, Leo.

  122. LOL J–now i understand his role…

  123. They share the same brain., a hit and a BB away from a perfecto.

  124. i give up on this game. if i find out the yanks make the most miraculous comeback in the 9th, ill cry, but i can bet all i have that they won’t, so bye guys.

  125. Maybe another team meeting will help…

  126. how long was this game? 42 minutes?

  127. V, thanks for stopping by, and I’m sorry the Yankees have sucked eggs tonight.

  128. LOL, Mike.

  129. the yanks have had i think 5+ team meetings. it ain’t working. hope for better luck after the break.

  130. kevin long should be fired in person by The Boss- even if he is in a playpen—or coma…

  131. As soon as I saw his name being released I thought he’d be picked up. Betimit’s power ain’t cutting it.

  132. Girardis meetings are just sideshows no better than Madonna. I say forfeit the game tomorrow and sit everyone down.

  133. double by jeter- we can’t lose this now

  134. farewell nessa’

  135. Jeter tries to salvage some small semblance of dignity with a ground-rule double to right.

  136. It’s still a close one why put Traber in to give up runs?

  137. Well If they score Halladay is going to be very personally upset.

  138. Abreu is stepping out and widening his stance to swing at balls inside. It’s that kind of desperate stupidity that helps account for this deficit as well as the putrid offense.

  139. 108 pitches Joba “desperation” rules

  140. only difference between this year’s team and last is girardi- draw your own conclusions

  141. What the hell is Abreu swinging at? Those balls are way inside, waaaaay inside.

  142. Everything is way inside, and Abreu could have been on base by now. Jackass.

  143. abreu went blind a few innings ago- cut him some slack jason

  144. and BTW–losing to a team wearing those hideous uniforms is unacceptable.

  145. Credit the nine pitch at bat thus far but that was a walk twenty pitches ago

  146. lol this is bloddy funny…….

  147. It’s true, Mike. These uniforms make the White Sox uniforms from the 1970s look slick.

  148. at last he strikes out- i’d hate to have any hope

  149. the babe would be proud…

  150. The Yanks lose when Boston is down 4-3 and Tampa is losing 5-0. What a disgrace.

  151. Honestly I’m still angry about yesterday.

  152. dude – I was watching this game in the third and the Yanks had no runs and one hit. I left, took a dip in Big Joe’s pool, ate pizza, took a shower, and when I get back the Yanks have no runs and one hit. Nice…

  153. The game took less than 2 1/2 hours. At least A-Rod has time to go trawling for some action tonight.

  154. Geoff, you must be as sick as we are. What a stinking-ass disgrace from the offense.

  155. ha’ Derek Jeter will not be in the playoffs for the first time in his career…..that sounds horrendous. good night………………SIGN SEXSON!

  156. There are way too many times when the Yanks just run for the bus–hasty at-bats, lousy swings, no support for a quality start. Abreu’s at-bat–though late–is a prime example. I don’t give a frog’s fat ass if it was 12 pitches. He swung mostly at balls inside, clearly inside. He could have been on base. This team, offensively, doesn’t have a clue right now.

  157. leo- i hear you- still upset about last night as well

    we’ll get ’em tomorrow ( next year)

  158. 233@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&%$#@#$%^&%$#@#$%^%$#@#$%^y%$#@$%^%$#$%^&^%$#@$%^%$@#$%^$@#$%^%$#@#$%^%$#@@#$%^@%$#$@%$##@@#$%^&*&^%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%$#@!@#$#@!@#$%^%$#@#$%^%$@#$%^$#@#$%$#@#$%^$#$%^$##$%^$#$%$#@#$%#@#$%$#$%$#$%^$#$%^$#@#$%^$#@$%$#@#$%^$# I’m Sorry!

  159. I need to take the dog out. The wrap/rant will soon follow. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

  160. Totally down on Sexson. I’d rather go after a Ty Wigginton (and dump Betemit). Yanks have too many 1b/dh types as it is. Wigginton is a righty bat. Can play 1b, 2b, 3b and OF if necessary. MUCH more versatile and valuable than Sexson, who can only DH/IB and play a HORRIBLE OF. NO to Sexson.

  161. You know Mike S. I can tolerate your detailed analysis of the Yankees’ minor-league system and the major-league roster du jour. But given how we both know that Cashman and the rest of the Yankees’ brain trust reads and follows the written tea leaves of your blog–you tout Giese, Robertson, and Gardner and, lo and behold, they magically appear in the majors–you’ve probably just single-handedly cost the Yanks extra cash and/or an additional prospect to land Wiggington. I hope you’re proud of yourself. As Elaine Benes said to David Puddy, “We’re broken up the rest of the day.”

  162. burn

  163. I was just teasing Mike Sommer, really complimenting him while completely unfairly blaming him for what the Yanks might need to do to acquire Wiggington. I like to bust people’s cookies, and love when people do the same with me–though I recognize my own busting better than I see others’ busting me because I’m parochial. It was really just a way to turn around Mike’s fairly justified criticism against him, though he makes a good point.

  164. I can’t sleep despite these little blue pills. Oh, Mike is cool I’m just hallucinating because I thought these were the new ork Yankees. I though Posada was are all position guy? I want someone that can go boom off the bench…..I want Ruben Sierra.

  165. Damn, I was hoping I’d “accidentally” cost the Yanks Igawa. 🙂

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