Bobby Murcer, Rest In Peace 1946-2008

What sad news. After running some errands, I came home to write the wrap of today’s 9-4 Yankees win, and saw that Yankees legend and broadcaster Bobby Murcer has passed away at the age of 62 after a bout with brain cancer.  I honestly didn’t know that he wasn’t doing well, and feel right now as if I’d been punched in the stomach.  Murcer was a good guy in the business, someone quick to laugh, someone about whom I never heard an untoward word, someone who was quick to share his memories as well as his insights.  He spoke with reverence about his wife, family, and teammates, and in every way seemed genuinely proud to be associated with the Yankees organization.  He began and finished his major-league career a Yankee, eventually belting 252 career homers, driving in 1,043 runs, and compiling a .277 lifetime batting average.  I remember Murcer most from his August 6, 1979 heroics when, after eulogizing teammate and Yankee captain Thurman Munson in a funeral service in Ohio after Munson died in a plane crash on August 2, 1979, he drove in all five runs in a 5-4 win against Baltimore that night, and ran off the field in tears.

It’s not fair of me to question why such terrible things happen to people like Murcer who seem so good.  I really have no answer for that.  All I can speculate, in trying to make some sense of this and work through my grief, is that Murcer, whether or not he intended it, serves as an example of how to comport oneself in times of crisis, both his own and his teammate’s.  Instead of complaining about his plight, he thanked his family, friends, associates, and all the fans who supported him in his illness.  He thought and spoke of others when the first instinct, one would think, would have been to think of and speak about himself.  He served as a living reminder of life, of touching and staying mindful of those around him, of being generous and humble.  He was a great example of those traits in his remaining public appearances on YES.

I feel as though I lost someone I knew, although I only knew him as a player and broadcaster.  I’ll write the wrap after having a good cry over this.

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  1. Hi, Jason …

    Yeah, very sad news to hear of the passing of Bobby Murcer.

    He is my all-time favorite New York Yankees player, and really is the true definition of Yankees class, grace, greatness, and tradition.

    Bobby Murcer, as a player and broadcaster, was a link to the great Yankees tradition of the past; and, with his passing, we all lost a “great Yankee”, a “nice person”, and a “friend” …

    Bobby Murcer, “Rest In Peace” …

    May God always bless Bobby, and his family !!!

    Take care, Jason … I hope all is going well, for you and your family !!!

    – Jimmy

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