HDLR 7/13/08: Yankees @ Jays

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs, chicken wings, and artisans bread are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always fast and furious. Today, the Yankees finish their stint before the All-Star break and look for the series win in Toronto, a great city, against the Jays. Andy Pettite (10-6, 3.93 ERA) takes the bump against oft-injured but hard-throwing righty A.J. Burnett (9-8, 5.23 ERA), who apparently is on a pitch count of 90, according to WCBS. Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold coldie, and enjoy the game. Don’t forget to tune in to Yankee Fan Club Radio later this evening at 6 p.m. Below, as per Pete Abraham, is the starting lineup. Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (50-44)
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Betemit 1B
Gardner LF

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  1. Jason is in.

  2. V is in.

  3. Hi V. How was the FanFest yesterday? I loved the photos.

  4. hey J. fanfest was pretty interesting. there was a loott to look at. there were also a lot of people. i took like two roundtrips around to make sure i saw everything and my legs got exhausted.
    how’s your weekend?

  5. Burnett’s gas always seems to baffle the Yanks, 1-2-3 with 2 K’s. Pettite has to match Burnett, who apparently has a pitch count of 90 today.

  6. It was good. I got some work done on the dissertation and writing a couple lectures, ran a few times, and avoided the torrential rain we had especially yesterday–about 5 inches.

  7. Oh yeah, I also was arrested for felonious assault of the Chinese buffet last night, hammering a dozen crab legs, about 20 pieces of sushi with wasabi and lots of soy sauce, lots of Mongolian spicy pork, chicken, and a dozen mussels. Good times.

  8. One-out double for the pesky Eckstein after Pettite got behind in the count.

  9. i’ve never heard someone describe their weekend as good when they had done a lot of work lol.
    that’s a lot of rain, ouch.
    yesterday’s weather over here was pretty good. it was superrr sunny but not as hot as you would expect, which is great b/c i hate the heat.
    for some weird reason, i loove to watch pettitte pitch, even when he allows like 6 runs. he has such a smooth delivery and just that presence on the mound.

  10. lol wow. someooone was hungry 🙂

  11. Nasty cutter elicits a weak wave from Overbay, two down.

  12. It’s true about Pettite, V. He’s great to watch–looping overhand delivery, sort of old-style. I went at my wife’s suggestion. She’s out of town with the kids at her sister’s, and I felt really hungry and love Chinese food. I got my money’s worth.

  13. Great, long, accurate throw from A-Rod, 5-3 strands Eckstein.

  14. Lots of Yankees fans in Toronto, probably at least some from my nearby hometown of Western New York.

    Giambi with an infield single?!? I think he was actually trying to go to the other side. I like the hit but they need to work Burnett’s pitch count.

  15. arghh, jorge grounds into a dp, wasting that once in a lifetime infield single by g. jorge did have a long at bat though.

  16. The two slowest runners on the Yankees involved in that DP, two down.

  17. Cano has an OBP under .300. That’s pathetic.

  18. woooah. cano is sporting the high socks today. moose just started sporting those in his last start. seems the trend is catching on.

  19. …though the walk will help that. He needs a lot more of those.

  20. I saw that too, V. With Mussina, it’s officially a trend. I’d wear mine high, but they don’t go well with sandals.

  21. Heck of a play by Rolen on a ball that Melky should never have swung at, a high hanging curve. Melky’s approaches just bother me.

  22. hey folks—good thing i remembered we were on today

  23. ahh same here, melk continually aggravates me in his at-bats. i love him in the field but at the plate it’s like watching a fish trying to swim out of water.

  24. heyyy mike.
    ouuch. some more defensive mistakes.

  25. Horrible misplay by Abreu on Mench’s double to right. He should have caught that but came in, then had to retreat. Terrible.

  26. V- how it going? surely we can pull a win out of this B grade line up

  27. Afternoon everyone

  28. jays had a B greade lineup friday as well and we still managed to stink… buuut im confident about taking this game and looking forward to the home run derby tomorrow.

  29. believe me vanessa- i’m stll steamed about it–

    look like we have a repeat of that going

  30. abreu’s mistake costs the yanks, with the first run on the board for the jays.

  31. Hi Mike, Hi Nick. How goes it this afternoon?

    1-0 Jays.

  32. Are you going to the Home Run Derby tomorrow night, V?

  33. well i suppose i was better before this game started- andy looks pathetic

  34. Pettite is struggling now, walking Lind on four.

  35. Things are ok Jason.

    Damn it now a walk

  36. ahh, i wiiish. the tickets for the derby is almost as expensive as the all-star game. my mom said she would spend the money if i reaallllyyy wanted it [which would mean that i would no longer be able to ask her for money for the rest of the year] but i didn’t want to waste money. baseball is becoming increasingly more for rich people. next year’s stadium will have fewer seats and more suites… surprise surprise.

  37. and yet the futures game on now is very empty

  38. There’s no question about the increasing class bias of professional sports.

  39. Fewer seats, with the upper deck farther away. Can’t have those working-class people thinking they actually deserve a decent view for their buck.

  40. daammmnn.

  41. this game is over- i’m not wasting my day with this

    enjoy it guys if you can

  42. That little turd Scutaro. 4-0 Jays.

  43. Runs, guys.

  44. extra pessimistic today mike? if this was the 7th i would’ve said the same, but i’ll see if the offense has any energy today after that bomb, thennn… i’ve give up.

  45. one pitch one out…. that might answer my energy question.

  46. Betemit has no patience, terrible.

  47. this team has no patience.. and i’m losing mine along with them.

  48. Burnett is on a pitch count, and Pettite just had a 35-pitch second, but the Yanks saw all of five pitches in a lightning quick 1-2-3. That’s disgraceful.

  49. If I were Pettite, I’d pitch with the motivation of wanting to slug Betemit, Gardner, and Jeter in the mouth.

  50. Nice catch Melky, one down.

  51. I need to take the dog out, be back in a couple.

  52. what sucks is that the yanks don’t just have run of the mill losses, they embarrass themselves with continually swinging at first pitches or having like 5+ innings to make up like a 2 run lead and then having the bases loaded in an inning with 0 or 1 out and not plating anybody.

  53. Pettite with a 10-pitch inning, nice response. Runs, guys.

  54. risky move by abreu going for two. if he were caught out i would’ve lost my mind.

  55. That’s one heck of a hustle double from Abreu on a ball not too deep to right-center. Nice hustle.

  56. A-Rod fails to advance the runner, one out.

  57. Giambi’s mustache has grown on me. He looks like an extra from “Starsky and Hutch.”

  58. Giambi looked terrible on that slider, totally fooled, two down.

  59. Jorge HBP, first and second for Cano.

  60. another crappy inning. this offense is so bllahh right now.

  61. Lead-off double wasted on Cano’s 3U.

  62. andy in trouble right now.
    the yanks are having trouble making up four runs, if there are more, no chance

  63. niiiiiice throw by abreu, DP, sweet.

  64. Heck of a DP, with Abreu making a tremendous throw to peg Rolen out at the plate! Yes!

  65. lucky that andy got out of that inning, or else i would’ve changed the channel.

  66. Pettite, one way or another, has held–with help. They need runs and how.

  67. I sure can pick ’em, V. I either select blowouts or…blowouts.

  68. lol. well if the yanks make a miraculous comeback you’re awful selection streak will end, but i wouldn’t bet on it.

  69. Melky, you stinking stupid jackass! Swinging at the first pitch for the first out, against a guy on a pitch count. Stupid.

  70. That’s a horrible check-swung K call on Betemit. No way, no way did he go.

  71. wow.. anger… wooo sahhh lol.

  72. ugh, this team stinks. they’re completely depressing to watch.

  73. Gardner got schooled on that at-bat, striking out looking on a back-door fastball. Burnett has 52 pitches through five. At this rate, he could get into the ninth on a 90-pitch count. Abysmal.

  74. I hear you, Vanessa. I should have congregated the group yesterday. I hate to only see it through the lens of the HDLR, and I don’t, but it pains me when I plan to get people together and things fizzle.

  75. At least Cederstrom is consistent, getting Inglett too.

  76. Pettite fans Eckstein, two down. Lefty is looking better. Too bad the offense isn’t.

  77. Tough play for Jeter on that bloop from Overbay.

  78. the yanks have jeet, abreu and rodriguez coming up. if they go 1, 2, 3 i’m going to lose my mind.

  79. 11-pitch fifth for Pettite. He’s hung in there. The offense needs to hit the defibrillator.

  80. Vanessa, you’re not alone. It might be an interstate computer smash.

  81. Horrible, Jeter, lunging a bit for an easy 4-3, one down. Why not take that pitch? It wasn’t great. This team just has its head up its collective rear end in its plate approaches.

  82. Infield single from Abreu gives my shaking, frightened laptop hope for survival.

  83. That second strikg looked a bit outside. The umpires might speed this game up.

  84. 2 singles… the world as we know it is changing.

  85. A-Rod! Single to left, first and second. Rally? Giambi? ‘Stache?

  86. LOL, V.

  87. g hit that ball hard, but an out nonetheless.

  88. F9, one down. The CBC feed had a Yankees fan with a big fake mustache on camera and, knowing he was on, he winked, tipped his cap, and played with his ‘stache. Hilarious.

  89. posada with an uugglllyyy strike out.

  90. Burnett K’s Jorge, three down. I hope ESPN remembers all their manufactured nonsense about Joba when they see the highlight of Burnett’s reaction to fanning Jorge, which was nothing if not histrionic.

  91. True, V, it was. He was fooled on the curves in that at-bat, and Burnett and Barajas knew it.

  92. he didn’t catch him but gardner has an arrrrm.

  93. He does have an arm, V, not a bad arm at all. It could have been more accurate on Mench’s double, but I’m not sure he would have had him anyway.

  94. Mench’s double was not off a bad pitch from Pettite, in fairness to Lefty.

  95. if gardner starts getting more hits he’ll be huge for this team. he could cause melky to sit more.

  96. andy has been grinding it out today, practically begging the yanks to score some runs for him.

  97. I almost hope for that, V. I’ve soured on Melky primarily because I consider him an offensive liability. Gardner has to work on some things at the plate, using his upper body for example to drive the ball. But you can see that he’s developing the more he plays. Melky has me shaking my head more and more, and his plate approaches have been abysmal.

  98. A bad second has sunk Pettite.

  99. Weak, Melky, pathetically weak. Two outs.

  100. As bad as watching this game has been listening to the CBC crew murder diction.

  101. Nine-pitch seventh for Burnett. The Yanks are embarrassing themselves now, and only some of that is good pitching. No patience, no consistent approach to Burnett. Wretched.

  102. o where o where have the yankees gone? o where o where could they be?
    i’ve given up today. i’ll b watching the rangers game.
    sorry for ditching J, but i don’t like horror movies and the yanks are committing suicide.

  103. Quite alright, V. Thanks for sticking it out this long. I understand.

  104. Maybe if Jeter had actually tagged McDonald, the umpire would have called him out. Now Overbay walks with two outs for Barajas.

  105. These umpires must have vacation flights to catch. Every check swing has been a strike.

  106. The Yankees are limping into the All-Star break with this garbage. Horrible.

  107. Robertson fanned Wilkerson, but Mench stole second. I love Jorge, but his arm isn’t there right now.

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