Posada to DL; May Be Done for Year

According to Pete Abraham and Ed Price, the Yanks will put Jorge Posada on the DL for his ailing shoulder, which he will have examined tomorrow by Dr. David Altchek. Quoting Price from his Star-Ledger blog at length, he aptly sums up the problem that recovery poses;

Posada admitted today he has more than just a torn labrum in the shoulder, and that the problem dates back to spring training. “I have nothing in the shoulder to throw a baseball,” he said. “Every time I throw a baseball, I have a lot of pain.”

And now here is the dilemma:

The Yankees hope Posada can recover through rest and rehabilitation, at least enough to be able to play as a first baseman and designated hitter. Manager Joe Girardi said he would like to get Posada back this season, even if Posada cannot catch.

But, Posada said, the surgery he will eventually require would mean being out 4-6 months. And if he waits until November to have it, that puts the start of the 2009 season in doubt. So having surgery now would make it more likely he is ready for next year.

Posada said he is not leaning either way right now, but he made it clear he doesn’t want to give up on 2008.

“I don’t want to do that,” he said. “I’m here for the guys. I’m here for the team. We’ve got something going here.”

I’m not exactly surprised that he’s seriously injured since his numbers at the plate have precipitously declined, and his ability to throw out runners has evaporated. There’s lots to consider in this–a greater possibility of a trade to replace Jorge’s bat as well as to get a regular catcher to work with Molina, a question about why Jorge was even playing if he had such a serious injury, the holes in the lineup without Jorge and Matsui, the possibility that JD has successfully talked himself back into the lineup today as DH because of the injuries to Jorge and Matsui, and the issue of surgery now or surgery later. On the last question, one must ask how well rest and rehabilitation would work when tried yet again this year when Jorge’s numbers and ability have unfortunately deteriorated so badly after those remedies were already tried and have failed.  Surgery would seem likely, though I’m no doctor.

In the short term, this strikes me as one of the hardest-hit seasons with serious injuries the Yankees have had in some time, especially for key players. In the long term, will his recovery allow him back for the start of 2009 if he has surgery? How effective will Jorge still be throwing the ball as a catcher? Does this mean he gets moved to another position such as first, especially since the Yanks just signed him to a long-term deal and Giambi’s is ending?

Bad News.

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  1. Who do you suggest the Yankees trade for if they look to add a catcher? And I was just thinking that maybe if Posada was lost for the year that the Yankees could swing a trade possibly for a catcher for the future, who is ready now, then move Posada to first next year and part ways with Giambi after the season. Because I would have no problem if my team traded prospects for their “next” catcher. Actually it is something that I kind of hope gets done no later than for the start of the 2010 season (I mean for the Red Sox).


  2. Hmmm…Damon can’t play the OF yet, Jorge can’t catch, and you have Sexson and the big G. As stated on the show last night, too many 1b/dh’s. I wonder what those who advocated a Bonds signing are thinking now? Yet another DH? Give me a break.

    As you stated, I’m hearing the same thing: that surgery (season-ending) could be necessary NOW in order to have Jorge ready for the beginning of 2009.

    As you also state, suppose the surgery isn’t 100% successful? You have him for three more years. He turns 37 next month. A lot of $$$ for him. Ouch, in more ways than one.

  3. The Yankees are on the DL.

  4. There are very few cases where putting off surgery has been the right decision. I think you pull him now and have him back for ’09. Otherwise you have a mediocre version of Posada this season and no Posada to kick off 2009. Can Jose Molina be the every day guy until the season ends?

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