HDLR 7/25/08: Yankees @ Red Sox

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always lively.  Tonight, the Yankees travel to Boston for the first of three crucial games in Fenway Park.  Situated only three games behind both Boston and Tampa, the Yankees are now in a position to close the gap to two or zero games by either winning or sweeping the series.  Joba Chamberlain (2-3, 2.52 ERA) faces Josh Beckett (9-6 3.98 ERA) in a top-flight match-up of hard-throwing righties.  Expect the normally intense Fenway to be even more so after the media-fueled drama surrounding the All-Star game that Jonathan Papelbon fed with his ham-handed statements about deserving to close it out, and that some New Yorkers allegedly exacerbated with verbal harassment of Papelbon’s wife during the pre-game parade.  As if this series, with the return of Ortiz, needed any more hype and drama.  I have to do something fast, but should be back in by the top of the second or so.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold one, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

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  1. Yo.

  2. Power pitchers galore tonight.

  3. Hey Joe. I’ve been slightly delayed, but will be back in sometime in the second inning, unfortunately. I’m not in the mood to miss any of this game, especially this pitching match-up.

  4. i’m here

  5. same here. heyy mike.

  6. hey joe–jason

  7. V

  8. Im here

  9. Hey all. Glad to have a contingent for the HDLR. I’m taking off to get my wife from work, and will be back in about 20 minutes or so. Hold the fort for me in the meantime, and hopefully we’ll get runs early and often.

  10. Hey Nick. Good to see you.

  11. you too man good to be here

  12. ahh this pitching match-up tonight looks juiicy. i hope joba can go deep tonight.

  13. I have the NESN feed

  14. i have NESN on extra innings as well

  15. im in ny, so yeah, i got YES

  16. oh wow, sry. its on my9.

  17. joe–good posts lately on all the divisions

  18. Hello, Everybody !!!

    I’m looking forward to a great game tonight …

    Yankees vs. Red Sox

    Joba vs. Beckett

    It doesn’t get any better than this …

    Playoff Baseball – In July !!!

    Go Yankees !!!

    — Jimmy [27NYY]


  19. My green tea is brewing, Simpsons in the background

  20. Thanks.

  21. Nice at-bat by Damon … 10 pitches by Beckett.

  22. The Captain starts it off … solid base hit up the middle !


  24. yeah- good start so far- gotta get to their pen as soon as we can

  25. LOL Tim.
    Abreu picking himself up a single too.

  26. Come-On A-Rod … we need a big hit here !

  27. 2 on 1 out do the job Alex


  29. Way to go K-Rod.

  30. damn it Alex. You know what to do Big G

  31. If the score was 7-0, A-Rod would have hit a homerun …

  32. seems big G re-dyed the stache.


    I am in a particularly blood thristy mood in case you haven’t noticed.


  35. at least we worked up his pitch count a bit–even if that call was inside

  36. 25 pitches zero walks.

  37. has he been walking people lately joe?

  38. let’s go joba.

  39. At least, Beckett threw a lot of pitches [24] …

    But, not a good start for the Yankees …

    They should have scored two runs in that inning !!!

    Give credit to Beckett, though – he got out of a big jam.

  40. No, but I am just used to Dice K throwing 25 pitches an inning but mostly because of walks 🙂

  41. Ellsbury grounds out. LET’S GO JOBA.

  42. I really hate that little midget

  43. wow, a-rod didn’t get that big of an ovation when he came off the DL.. red sox fans kissing his *** much?

  44. and here comes Shrek…

  45. I see the Yankees squandered a chance in the top of the first, not a good sign against Beckett.

  46. beckett is a master of getting out of jams…

  47. hit him. hit him. hit him.

  48. jason – alex flailed away at ball 3

  49. That’s annoying, Mike.

  50. That just missed to make it 3-2.


  52. the mighty mite was out

  53. I see Jimmy was here, how’s it going?

    Jeter’s tag got Pedroia, I believe, on the hip. It should have been a K-DP.

  54. Tim, you’re more fired up than usual.

  55. LOL Tim, got a lot of energy tonight huh?


  57. Blow the gas past him, Joba.

  58. enough with the caps tim- we get it-

  59. sit down Youk

  60. he gets youk to strikeout… haHA


  62. Vanessa, I read your profile after having just seen “Talladega Nights.” “Shake & bake…That just happened”–hilarious.

    K, two in a row. Nice work Joba.

  63. ok I will relax with the caps.

  64. The Yanks cannot afford to let Beckett out of jams, especially with a bottom 3 in the lineup from which production is, say, iffy.

  65. i wrote a post on what i thought of some theoretical fights. joba vs. youk was one of them… and of course i picked joba.

  66. Big strikeout by Joba …

    It looked like Jeter tagged Pedroia just before Pedroia touched the base … The ball did beat Pedroia to the base, though ! … Good slide by Pedroia !

    And, Youkilis strikes out – Out Number Three

    Good inning by Joba !!!

  67. Nothing wrong with the energy, Tim. Plus, Mike just hates caps. 🙂

  68. lol. i looove will ferrell. talledega night makes me die laughing every time i see it.

  69. How goes it, Jimmy?

    Is Joe still here?

  70. it takes so much energy to press that shift button.

  71. great job robbie

  72. what is cano on? whatever it is, i want some!

  73. Cano isn’t missing ANYTHING right now.

  74. That’s a great read on a good slider.

  75. God god almight Melky. DO NOT swing at the first pitch. Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

  76. Way to make him work, Melky.

  77. That might have warranted caps, Wiz.

  78. did you hear the lullaby version of metallica J? wagner should take that version.

  79. Slap one off the Monster here, Brett.

  80. I didn’t V. But Wagner has no business using “Enter Sandman.” He’s more of a “Goodnight, Sweetheart” closer.

  81. excuse me, meant enter sandman*

  82. Call it both ways, ump. That same 1-1 pitch was a ball for Joba.

  83. well melky certainly did us proud-didnt he?

  84. ugh. Beckett threw 11 pitches. Hold them Joba and let the offense go back to work. I am sharpening the guillotine.

  85. Hey, Jason …

    I’m doing fine, sitting here in the “Beautiful Bronx” !!!

    How’s it going?

  86. 3 terrible AB

  87. 11-pitch second, and Gardner was fooled on the hook.

  88. well it’s on my blog. there’s some company that made a bunch of lullaby versions of songs from the cure, metallica, green day, the ramones.. a bunch of bands. it’s kinda cute. i would get that if i had a kid.

  89. All is well, Jimmy. I’ve been very busy the past couple weeks.

    Indeed, Nick.

  90. I’ll check that out, Vanessa.

  91. I am still here, but in and out because I sit back and watch then lean up in between half innings.

  92. only in boston is that a single.

  93. How has everything been, Joe?

    For anyone who doesn’t know Joe, he’s a good guy, a Red Sox fan, and a numbers/stats whiz whose “Statistician Magician” blog SHOULD be the start of a future as a sportswriter.

  94. gardy played the monster well

  95. That is a classic Fenway single–off the Monster, rolling back through the windmill and the shallow creek, and to the left fielder.

  96. Agreed, Mike–cleanly.

  97. Melky atones with a GREAT CATCH!

  98. yeah- props to melky for that one

  99. oh, i’ve read that blog from time to time. i have yet to leave a comment though. it’s some good analysis though.
    melky is a damn good center fielder. if only he could hit.

  100. Heck of a catch, Melky, atoning and then some for his one-pitch at-bat.

  101. Great catch


  103. Cano is “on fire” …

    The Yankees should end all the talk about trading him … [and, also any talk about trading Melky]

    You can bet Joe Torre and Don Mattingly would love for the Dodgers to trade for him !!!

  104. niiiiiiiiiiicee DP.
    cano is showing off the glove too.

  105. cano was as slick as could be just now

  106. Great play a DP.

  107. That’s some slick glove work in the second–first Melky and then Cano with a sharp turn, and no easy task from Jeter. Great defense!


    MELKY !!!!!


    CANO !!!!!

    that inning … Way to go !

  109. thanks. nice d this behind Joba that half inning

  110. The Yanks can’t trade Cano now. He’s hitting a ton, and the Yanks just can’t replace him. Gonzo could hit .230 like Cano was earlier and he has a good glove, but Cano is back to where he should be at the plate–killing the ball.

  111. Runs, guys.

  112. i think that was the one double play in which every player that took part in it didnt have it easy.
    cano made his part look easy
    jeet looked like he would have trouble
    and giambi had to make the scoop.

  113. Wrap one around Pesky’s Pole, JD.

  114. For someone who doesn’t like school V, that was a fairly poetic stanza.

  115. That 0-1 pitch was NOT a strike.

  116. lol. school is such a drag.
    and thanks for reminding me. i have to send an angry letter to the board of education. they’re starting school the earliest they’ve ever started it this year… sooo angry.

  117. Jeez, Captain. Swing or don’t.

    I agree, Tim. It was low.

  118. Same in Illinois, V. We should conduct sit-ins, except that would mean being at school earlier, too–unless we sit in at the board offices.

  119. nice to see bobby going up the middle consistently

  120. Nice, BA. A-Rod, crank one over the Monster.

  121. Nice hit by Abreu …

    Let’s go A-Rod … Get A Hit !

  122. i’m up for teepeeing my school. [i know i completely spelled that wrong]. i would also settle for graffiti-ing “buyers and sellers. pimps and whores” on the chancellor’s car.

  123. Faint “Let’s Go, Yankees” chant emanating from the stands at Fenway.

  124. A-Rod with a single. RUNS!

  125. another good approach

  126. V, you might have a future career as a professional civil disobedient, after my own heart,

  127. Nice hitting A-Rod, nice running, BA, first and third.

  128. those brave souls jason…

  129. lol. i got that line from the movie accepted. i think i got all my rebel ways from that movie lol.
    BIG G!!! on the board first. whappah!

  130. I’ve warmed up to Giambi’s mustache. It’s a bit nasty but is has character.


  132. HAHAHA! Giambi’s tapper into the hole into the shift scores BA, 1-0.

  133. Okay, good hit … A-Rod

    Way to go Giambi … Big RBI

    Time for a Cano Homer !!!

  134. Nice two-out rally, and they’ve made Beckett work.

  135. Jimmy, I was thinking the same thing–ala Game 3 of Boston Massacre III.

  136. Good eye on the 0-2, RC.

  137. Hold them down Joba.

  138. Still, not bad, 1-0 Yanks, and Beckett had to throw 22 pitches in the third/57 thus far.

    I’m going to grab a beer.

  139. i’ll settle for the one—

  140. Well, “don’t you know” – no homer this at bat …

    Next time up, Cano will go deep !!!

  141. Captain Dumbass strikes out on 3 pitches.

  142. varitek’s avg. is still in the low .200’s.
    how the hell did he make the all-star team?

  143. Good morning, good afternoon, and good night, Varitek.

  144. Players’ vote, V. It goes to show how much they hate Pierzynski.

  145. Yeah, Jason … I just have a feeling that Cano will hit a homerun this game !!!

  146. The Cereal strikes out on the Slider of Doom.

  147. and he is one of the biggest jackasses in the game–Pier that is

  148. Wicked slider for the second K in a row, two down.

  149. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/unfiltered/?p=958

  150. u hear–we just got nady and marte!

  151. 11-pitch inning for Joba, just what Dr. Execution Wiz ordered.

  152. For whom, Mike?

  153. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/unfiltered/?p=958

  154. Joba is dealing tonight … I think he will pitch 7 innings, and leave the game with the lead !

  155. Greetings ladies & gents. Mind if I join the party?

  156. Hey Mike were on the same page again

  157. NEW YORK — According to SI.com’s Jon Heyman, the Yankees have acquired outfielder Xavier Nady and reliever Damaso Marte from the Pirates for Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, Phil Coke and one other minor league prospect.
    While the trade has been agreed upon, according to Heyman, nothing will become official until all six players have been granted medical clearance.

  158. Okay, Melky !!!!

  159. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/baseball/mlb/07/25/pirates.yanks.trade/index.html

    another on the trade

  160. Hey Steve! For those who don’t know him, Steve has the Boston Red Sox blog, is also a good guy, and does very good blog work.

  161. this was nick’s scoop btw—he gets the credit


  163. hey steve good to see you

  164. Yanks trade Tabata, Ohlendorf, Phil Coke, and a fourth minor-leaguer for Nady and Marte. Good trade! I officially like it.

  165. i LOVE it—cash finally got us what we needed

  166. Terrible call. Melky was safe.

  167. cashman always has a surprise. there has been a lot of rumors about who the yanks were looking at. was anyone expecting this trade?

  168. NESN thinks that was “tough to tell.” Not really, guys. I like their broadcast, but that was an easy call.

  169. It was just reported by ESPN [and, also, reported by Michael Kay – on YES ] that the Pirates traded Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady … No details on what team they were dealt to !

  170. That does sound like a pretty good trade. I was never impressed with Ohlendorf.

  171. the other minor leaguer is George Kontos

  172. I like that trade, I like trading Ohlendorf who wasn’t essential, I like trading Tabata a talented but problem case, I like not sacrificing too much, for players who can play now, for obvious needs. Excellent. I’m pumped.

  173. Thanks, V. It could have been George Costanza for all I cared.

  174. If that’s the deal, Jason … It’s a great deal for the Yankees !!!

  175. Hard hit but right to Ellsbury, three out. 13 pitches in the fourth/70 total for Beckett.

  176. According to SI.com, that’s the deal, and I agree Jimmy. Very good, very good.

  177. I like that they didn’t deal Gardner or Kennedy.

  178. Joba’s working fast and well.

  179. Abreu screamed at the top of his lungs to ward off Melky.

  180. We need instant analysis from Mike Somer. Ohlendorf, Tabata, Phil Coke, and a PBTNL.

  181. i say thats a helllll of a deal. though i don’t think we really needed a “left handed specialist”. the bullpen is doing fine.

  182. That’s the problem with such a shift, catching the lip. That’s the second time that’s happened to Cano in a week.

  183. the crazy people at LoHud will be saying that losing tabata will be a tragedy- they had already anointed him as a star

  184. tabata has talent but according to rotoworld: “Tabata still has very exciting potential and is incredibly young, but his wrist problem are scary and he’s looking like a headcase.”

  185. Coke–lefty with lots of K’s (113 in 117 1/3 IP), 2.76 ERA, 9-5 between Trenton and SWB.

    Ohlendorf 1-1, 4.03 ERA in SWB, starting five games.

    Tabata 3 HR, 36 RBI, .294/.320/.630, poor demeanor at times, inability to draw many walks, 12 XBH in 73 hits, but young.

  186. Come on Joba, let’s get Nancy Drew out.

  187. and Joba strikes out Nancy Drew! SUCK IT BOSTON!

  188. Kontos (RHP) 3-9, 3.77 ERA, 103 K in 107 1/3 IP.

    The NESN crew is crediting Hank’s public rant with moving Joba to the rotation. That was the plan anyway! Dumb. Do your homework, guys. I like NESN, but they’re flatly wrong there.

  189. Joba’s been tough. 60 pitches through 4.

  190. K!
    looks like joba wanted to display a lot more energy but settled for a less enthusiastic fist pump [possibly not to upset sox fans]

  191. That’s the 8th Yankee hit, but they need to add on to the one run.

  192. kay just announced that this is the 2000th game between these two teams. the yanks lead it with 1090 wins… haha

  193. Good hard throw from Pedroia, a gutty play on a slow roller from Jeter. I didn’t think he’d get JD.

  194. i’m kinda wondering what this game would be like if it was national league style. i wonder what youk would say to joba if he made it to first base. hmm…

  195. Hot shot right at Youkilis makes it an easy inning for Beckett–5 pitches.

    Keep up the good work, Joba.

  196. youk’s like a cat at first.

  197. Good point, V.

  198. I suspect it wouldn’t be the friendly exchanges Ortiz had with Giambi, or Youkilis with JD. They’d throw down like two hockey goons.

  199. this game is moving along rather quickly for a yanks-sox match up

  200. big G makes a decent play… the yanks have to win.

  201. Nasty curve from Joba on 1-1.

  202. Nice glove, Big G.

  203. will we have nady and marte tomorrow?

  204. Captain Dumbass strikes out again.

  205. Joba K’s Varitek. He’s cruising, two down.

  206. I hope so Mike, but I haven’t heard.

  207. anyone? will we have nady and marte tomorrow?

  208. The Cereal grounds out to Jeter. RUNS! EXECUTIONS! BOSTONIAN BLOOD!

  209. the sooner the better guys—

  210. niice inning by joba. so far he has outpitched beckett. sweet.

  211. Joba also at 75 pitches. Yankees need to add on here. Beckett has bent but not broken.

  212. Maybe by the 8th inning, Mike. Marte facing Ortiz will intrigue me.

  213. no clue mike, but i would think sunday if they all need medical examinations.

  214. Steve, do you think Ramirez is hurt? Has he, as NESN is saying, been playing hurt?

  215. Injured would be a better way to put it, Steve.

  216. nice at bat alex

  217. Yankee/Pirate fan – Yanks got the best of this one. I like Tabatha. Not that impressed with Ohlie. Nady hitting the snot out of the ball. Marte is perfect for the Yanks.

  218. A-Rod fisted that to right. Got to work a rally here, Yanks.

    Tim, how much longer in Asia?

  219. Hey Jeff! Good to see you. I agree about the trade, especially with Marte excellent this year and Nady tattooing the ball better than usual.

  220. I have no idea, Mike. As I posted on my blog before the game, only Manny knows the truth. He was in the lineup and then pulled out, so who knows what he’s up to? Let’s see what the MRI says. I’m actually hoping they find something.

  221. A-Rod takes second on the WP, big.

  222. Oops, that was to Jason, not Mike.

  223. It’s OK, Steve. People ignore me all the time. 🙂

  224. Beckett is not impressed with the stache.

  225. argh, ugly strikeout. c’mon cano. smack it out.

  226. Tough curve K’s Giambi, one down. Deliver the run, RC.

  227. Giambi looks like an extra from “Starsky and Hutch.”

  228. ok, that’s not exactly what i meant by “out”.

  229. 3U moves A-Rod to third, but two down for (gulp) Melky.

  230. another terrible inning

  231. damn it melky.
    bring in nady.

  232. That’s a poor check-swing call for 0-2.

  233. Yeah, didn’t have much confidence in Melky, sad to say. A-Rod stranded. Beckett is at 9-4 pitches through 6.

  234. Beckett at 94 pitches. WE MUST GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME NEXT INNING.

  235. Will Melky sit with Nady here or is Gardner heading back to Triple-A?

  236. 9 hits—and not a lot to show for it

  237. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Melky sit now and then Steve, except Gardner hasn’t pressured him bu hitting.

    I agree, Mike. That’s bothersome.

  238. Note to Jacoby: Remove lucky sleeve. It’s not working any more.

  239. Not sure that curve was a strike, but at least the home ump has been consistent with that.

  240. Big G snags the pop, two down.

  241. I like starting Ortiz with the curve.

  242. Papi’s got an RIP on his helmet for Pedro’s dad.


  244. you gotta love what you see from joba in his first fenway start- amazing really…

    think about poor phil hughes first one

  245. joba has turned out to be a hell of a starter… buuut i still love seeing him jog out. it was like watching the army bring out the heavy artillery.

  246. Joba has been outstanding through six, three hits, 89 pitches.

    Add on runs, guys.

  247. Too much Red Bull, Tim?

  248. steve–what’s the lucky sleeve?

  249. Good point, Mike.

    True, V. But it’s hard to imagine where the Yanks would be without the fortuitous transition of Joba when Wang got hurt.

  250. Ellsbury has worn one sleeve since his college days for luck.

  251. thanks man

  252. you knew this inning wasnt going to be too promising.,…

  253. Way to make him work, Jose.

  254. maybe some 2 out magic?

  255. With Molina and Gardner starting it, the best I was hoping for was they;d foul off about 20 pitches.

  256. there we go—now lets do something with this.

  257. Jeter–don’t swing at the first pitch.

  258. im wondering… when’s the last time fenway hosted the asg?
    can u imagine what the home run derby would be like for a lefty in boston? hamilton could probably hit 50 hrs… in the first round.

  259. Riding the pines will do wonders for Melky.

    JD gets some starts in CF. Nady in LF, occasionally 1B.

    Marte is even better than his numbers seem, because his first 2-4 appearances were disasters, lots of runs and just a few outs. He has been consistently good since then.

  260. 1999, V.

  261. thanks jeff–good to know

  262. Sox are petitioning for a 2012 ASG, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Fenway.

  263. damn. i was only 8 then.

  264. Nice pitch on which to steal, JD. Base hit now, Captain.

  265. the mets are trying to get the asg soon b/c they have a new stadium, but… no one cares lol.

  266. Ugh. Hold em down Joba.

  267. Beckett is probably done after 110. Have to hand it to him, he was tough even though he had to work. Hold it here, Joba.

  268. well that moment fell—-flat

  269. And I don’t drink Red Bull. This is naturally manufactured intensity, coupled with extreme hated for Boston.

  270. you couldnt ask for more from beckett as a sox fan

  271. What’s the new Shea being called? I assume they sold the naming rights.

  272. Good points, Jeff.

    That’s funny, Vanessa. The Mets just make me laugh, comeback or no. After the way Minaya handled the Randolph firing, he and that organization can go to hell.

  273. Here we go…

  274. oh my jesus!

  275. There’s no way Joba wanted to brush him up and in.

  276. yoooo beckett was about to run on the field.
    the gloves are off.

  277. no reason for the warning

  278. Just a coincidence.

  279. A drilling in the face might do Youkils some good aesthetically.

  280. Maybe Beckett can yell more profanities at Joba now, like last year.

  281. you know there was no intent… but i don’t believe in coincidences. something is going to happen tonight.

  282. Sit your candy ass down Mike Lowell.

  283. LOL Tim.

    After all that, Youkilis K’s when that pitch up and in hit the bat. The history makes that look bad, but Joba’s in too tight a game to head-hunt.

  284. LOL. reminded me of The Rock, Tim… in his good old days.

  285. Almost had a heart attack after I saw Nancy’s fly ball. Send Joba out there for the 8th and go immediately Mo if there is any trouble.

  286. thats good J—love it

    the NESN guysw are right tho–there is a lot going on with joba and youk- but that wasnt intentional

  287. I have no doubt there will be a response sometime, Vanessa but, with the warning, there will be ejections for anything close. Wakefield goes tomorrow, and that would be like being beaned by my son. If Beckett starts the eighth, he might rip one at Abreu.


  289. I agree with them too, Mike. I don’t doubt that there was intent on pitches in the past. Tonight, though, would make no sense. Beckett is out for Lopez.

  290. looks like girardi is going to kyle for the 8th

  291. I bet if Youkilis were playing third, he’d consider throwing at Joba in the dugout.

  292. i bet jeet is the one that gets plunked whenever they decide to retaliate

  293. Indeed, Vanessa.

  294. or a-rod.

  295. Not a good effort there, BA.

  296. I was just about to say A-Rod. Then again Giambi gets it a lot. He probably wouldn’t mind much.

  297. Yankees-Red Sox games might take on a scenario like “Fail Safe:” you hit Youkilis, you can then plug Giambi–one ugly mug for another.

  298. LMAO J

  299. im starting to think its more likely a-rod, considering its varitek behind the dugout and he could call it.
    though it doesnt look like there will be any retaliation today.

  300. Not sure that was a strike, but close enough not to take. Stop staring A-Rod.

  301. Delcarmen leaves hurt. Hamstring?

  302. Delcarmen out for injury, it seems. Okajima coming in.

  303. wow, meant “behind the plate”. damn, i cant think straight today.

  304. its OK V—i think we’re all a bit tense…

  305. Nicely done, Okie

  306. Farnsinator you have one job to do. Get 3 outs without allowing a run to score.

  307. Kyle’s been unhittable lately.

  308. That’s about the size of it for Nuke, Wiz. Get it to Mariano with a zero here.

  309. enter the F-Bomb

  310. Indeed, Steve. Nuke’s just not allowed anything.

  311. i say farns hits someone after two outs just for the hell of it.

  312. AGH. That is not a good start.

  313. argh, that breaks up his no hitter.

  314. Not sure why Abreu was so deep there.

  315. Captain Dumbass pops out. 1 out.

  316. The awesome power of Lowrie, of course. 🙂

  317. Nice, pop to Jeter, one out.

  318. can you believe that farns went 9 innings without allowing a hit? i didnt think he’d go two innings without allowing a hit.


  320. can u believe that?

  321. what the F

  322. Ugh Farnsworth…

  323. Kyle Farnsworth still makes me nervous every time he comes in a game, even though he has pitched good in his last nine appearances !

  324. Dammit, can’t hold it on the swipe tag, two on, one out.

  325. Mo Time. This should be interesting.

  326. and farns gets booted.
    enter sandman [not the lullaby version]

  327. I wonder if it would have gone foul.

    Mariano in. I don’t blame Girardi one bit, no offense to Nuke, who has been great lately.

  328. Can’t blame you, Jimmy. I’m less nervous with him, but not entirely comfortable.

  329. just when we started to trust the guy

  330. DP ball here–though tough with Crisp and Ellsbury–would obviously be a savior.

  331. f*** manny. that’s mo being mo.

  332. NICE STRIKE OUT! Come on MO get this damn midget.

  333. K looking and, when Molina set up outside, you could see that coming.

  334. MO! I LOVE YOU!

  335. Great work, Mariano.

  336. whew—and he got it done efficiently too

  337. “The Great Mariano” !!! [is now on the mound] …

    – Ellsbury – STRIKEOUT !! [two outs] …

    – Pedroia – (1-3 ) – FINAL OUT OF THE INNING !!!

    YES – way to go Mariano !!!

  338. Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady to the Yankees.

  339. Joba out duels Beckett I can’t hope but wait untill Wanger’ comes back. We got a three of a kind rolln’

  340. \\

    Hello, guys

    Nine hits but the damge was limited.

  341. Ortiz–Youkilis–Lowell for the Sox in the 9th.

  342. Leo! How goes it?

  343. Finish them Mo! My blood pressure is through the roof.

  344. Tim, do I detect a man-crush on Mariano?

  345. This is “playoff baseball” at it’s best …

    [1-0] – in the bottom of the 9th …

    and, the Red Sox sending up their 3-4-5 hitters !!!

  346. Shrek flies out. 2 more Mo!

  347. Gaping hole where Manny should be.

  348. Mariano jammed Ortiz, pop out, 1 out.

  349. hey leo—tense moments here in the heartland

  350. Is that a man bag? Oh, man Jose Tabata is going to the Pirates system. It goes k been ill. It sure is chatty here isn’t it?

  351. Youkilis singles, one out, Lowell up.

  352. the sox fans are so happy youk got a hit. ill laugh if lowell hits into a dp now.

  353. If the 1-0 pitch was a strike, why not the first pitch? Same pitch.

  354. Tampa Bay is winning 3-1 over KC

  355. Make that 3-2

  356. even better… K!

  357. hell yeah man

  358. Wow, Mikey never yells.

  359. Sit candy two cent monkey ass down Mike Lowell.

  360. and an ejection to go along with it, ha!

  361. It was a bit inside, but it was also the same pitch that fanned A-Rod from Delcarmen. K of Lowell, two down.

  362. Ugh

  363. Lowell tossed for arguing balls and strikes.

  364. what a night guys!!!

  365. candy ass home! Oh, man prolonged at bat………c’mon. tense indeeed.


  367. Oh, well. Good game. Always interesting.

  368. WAPPAH!!!

  369. Tim, I’m glad your team won. I’d hate to see you when they lose 🙂

  370. Mariano is The Man. Mariano is the best reliever in the history of the game, hands down.

    That was a pitching match-up that lived up to the hype, one hell of a game.

  371. I pity thee’ Josh Beckett LOL

  372. well for joba to get a W with ojne run at fenway is a bit of history

  373. LOL Steve. You’re a good sport.

    LOL, Vanessa. That might be your calling card now.

  374. YES – YES – YES !!!

    The Yankees Win …
    The Yankees Win …..
    The Yankees Win …….

    Great Performances by Joba and Mariano !!!

  375. Joba was outstanding, probably his best and biggest start.

  376. What a great win

  377. Take care all. Let’s do this again, but with a different outcome 😉

  378. i stole it from george lopez lolz.

  379. steve- enjoyed having you here man- agreat effort by beckett- you should be proud of your guy

  380. I had the lucky little frog figurine I got from my better half for our anniversary, Hideki Netsuke, I call him.

  381. No shame in 1-0 loss.

  382. Hughes, Pavano getting ready for there starts in ” They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no” Is this team going to eventially have surplus pitching? Irony.

  383. No question, Steve. Beckett was excellent, giving up the only run of the game on an infield hit, hardly any shame in that.

  384. Jason …

    It was fun tonight …

    Now two more to go for the sweep !!!

    – Jimmy

  385. great sport steve. good thing too. i have the feeling we’ll be seeing the crazy stein.

  386. Jimmy, with your faith in Mussina, I’m not questioning you, believe me.

  387. Eh, don’t count on that, Vanessa. You’ve got a shot to win tomorrow with Wakefield, but Jon Lester is becoming a top-of-the-rotation guy.

  388. Stevo’ is a redsox fanatico? Hello, Steve! 2- more games left pal. I’m as noted above “Leo”.

  389. Hey Leo. Yeah, a fanatico here.

  390. Great win and great fun, everyone. Thanks for stopping by to all. I’m going to get started on the wrap and don’t count on a short one.

  391. anyway- thanks jason for hosting-great win
    congrats all round

  392. good point, but i have a feeling the yanks will pull out a win anyways. if they don’t then i’ll congratulate lester.

  393. make it long jason full of scurrilous gossip!!!

  394. Catch you fellers tomorrow be there or be square.

  395. OK, ‘night all.

  396. It was great hanging out with you all.


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