HDLR Tonight and Sunday Night; New Links

For those interested, tonight will see the return of the Heartland Digital Living Room, so come on in and chinwag during the game. I’ll also open it up for Sunday night’s game, giving us a chance to no doubt vent about the pomp and bluster of Miller and Morgan as well as discuss the game. Sorry I haven’t done it earlier, but I’ve been extremely busy lately with teaching, writing, reading, parenting, coaching, and other -ings.

Also, be sure to check out a few new and high-quality links I’ve added, with more to come. I’ve added two very good Yankees blogs–Sliding Into Home and River Ave. Blues–to the right, as well as Ed Price’s (really the Yankee beat writers’) Yankees blog at The Star-Ledger, which is often updated and has done a bang-up job with the recent trade talks and speculation. Be sure to head over to these sites for very good analysis and information. I’ll add others later, such as Chad Jennings’ excellent SWB blog and a category for the minor leagues.

[Edit: I added two very good blogs to “The Pros” on the bottom right: Chad Jennings, who covers the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees for The Scranton Times-Tribune, and Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts, with Ashmore covering the Thunder for The Hunterdon County Democrat in New Jersey. Both do good, high-quality stuff and should supplement the extensive minor-league work and analysis of both Mike Sommer of The Sommer Frieze and Greg at Sliding Into Home. More and more, I’m considering doing some minor-league work, but others such as Mike and Greg have done it longer and better, and I already have a lot on my plate. However, it’s integral to understanding what personnel and options the Yankees have, why moves are and are not made, and analyzing the organization from the bottom up as well as the top down. We’ll see. However and until then, be sure to check out all the various blogs mentioned above, new to this blog as well as well-established links. I also added a new category, “Team Sites,” with the Yankees and their minor-league teams’ links.]

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  1. Hey, Jason …

    Thanks for the visit to my mlblog today … Check out my response to your comments when you get a chance …

    Well, like I said at the end of my lastest post:

    New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox … It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That !!!

    “A Season Within A Season”

    Playoff Baseball – In July !

    I’m really looking forward to this three-game series. Two wins out of Three would be great for the Yankees … but, I’m looking for “The Sweep” by the Yankees over the Sox … If the Yankees sweep the Sox, and the Rays lose four games against the Royals [the Rays lost the first game last night vs. KC] – by Monday the Yankees will be tied with the Rays for first place in the AL EAST !!!

    All I can say is: Go Yankees !!!

    I’ll probably stop by the HDLR tonight, so until then …

    Have A Great Day, Jason …

    – Jimmy [27NYY]


  2. it will be interesting to see if manny’s “injury” has recovered enough for him to play.

  3. Hey Jimmy. Many of your thoughts on Mussina echo mine and others; nice to be on the same page, especially about Mussina’s work and the Yanks in general–though differences occur, such as your bold and thus far impressively accurate predictions of Mussina. I’m loving my roast crow, by the way. A sweep would be great, and I love the optimism, but I’d settle for two of three. Still, the Yanks’ sweeping Boston would be a huge leap forward. I’ll gladly start with a win tonight and take it from there.

    I’m glad that you phrased it as such, Mike, for with Ramirez, there’s just no telling what’s going on in his head. I know, many Boston fans consider “Manny being Manny” a positive, but others, including us but some Red Sox fans, consider it a pejorative. Maybe his knee is bothering him. Just as possible is that he’s sulking over some perceived slight. Just as long as he’s not hitting .750 for this weekend’s series…

  4. Nope, no Ramirez Mike-according to Greg’s Sliding Into Home. I can’t say I’ll lose sleep over his absence. Maybe in another PH situation, he’ll play statue for three pitches…

  5. “Manny being Manny” has been fine in past seasons, but this season it has been ridiculous. In and and out mentally during games or whatever but seemingly a pretty decent guy was ok. Fighting and pushing elderly men to the ground, although we don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, is not ok.

    As for him being out…Joba’s fastball is still going to be difficult for him to do anything with, so if he is questionable whatsoever then sitting this one out and coming back tomorrow is fine with me. As long as it is in fact a real injury.


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