Goose (Finally) Enters Cooperstown; Extra Thoughts

At long last, Goose Gossage will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today, long overdue for anyone who saw him pitch. I’m thrilled for him, and The Sage and I worked in a brief but brisk discussion about the Goose into the overall fabric of our late-night chinwag last night. Congratulations, Goose! Well earned! For a terrific article on Gossage, check out William Nack’s piece over at The URL is below:

There’s much more I could say about Gossage, but reading Nack’s very good piece more than covers it.

Mike Sommer has some good thoughts and stats about the Yanks’ pitching this year and in historical comparison. I love offense and consider it vital but, to me, clutch hitting matters more. When it comes down to it, you need clutch hitting, pitching, and defense to win titles. Check out The Sommer Frieze for this and other thoughts.

Until I’m able to retrieve my own e-mail which, for some mysterious reason, is not loading via and therefore preventing me from posting some thought from Tony Colarusso of YFCR, here is some additional reading from today’s New York Times. Chris Lamb has a good piece on baseball and its repugnant history of racism, and Alan Schwarz has a brief but worthwhile interview with Ronan Tynan. Access both at:

At long last and posted with his permission, here are some good e-mail thoughts about the trade and other things from Tony Colarusso from YFCR:

As far as the Nady-Marte deal, I like it. I've had Xavier Nady on one of my fantasy teams all year and am pretty familiar with production this year. Without a doubt this is his best season, so far. I actually think he could be a decent player for the Yankees for the next 2-3 years, because before this year he has not had the opportunity to start on regular basis because of circumstance or injuries. I think he is showing this year his full potential. I like getting Marte, because it makes the bullpen that much more flexible and (hopefully) effective.

What I really like about the trade is the relatively cheap price it took to acquire these two. I was really worried that it would take a much bigger chip, Ian Kennedy or even a Phil Hughes to get the kind of offensive and pitching help the Yankees wanted/needed. It feels almost as if the Pirates are a year behind. Tabata's stock has fallen over his erratic behavior and his injuries. And of course Ohlendorf has been ineffective at the major league level this year. However, if either of these two (particularly Tabata) could turn it around over the next few years, we might be singing a different tune.

I probably have less objection to trading for Jarrod Washburn than most Yankee fans, as long as it is a straight salary dump and the Yankees don't give up anything in the way of decent prospects. The money part doesn't really bother me, because its the Yankees and money really isn't an issue on most deals. I think statistically between Washburn and Rasner this year there might not be all that much difference. However, Washburn has been in the major leagues a lot longer, so he has the experience factor working for him. Even more important, a team can never have too much pitching. I don't know how much longer Rasner and Ponson can continue to pitch as well as they
have, so I would like some protection there. As far as Vidro, I didn't realize he was still playing, I just assumed he got hurt like he does every season. That would make little sense, because at this point in his career he is little more than a dh/1b and we have enough of those.

I'm sending you guys this somewhat long email, because we're not doing the show this week and I wanted to talk about some Yankees stuff. Ty is on vacation this week, so we decided to take a break. Of course, the next day the Yankees trade for Nady and Marte. So, I'm bummed we're not doing the show, but as John Sterling would say, "Them's the breaks." I hope Ponson can keep the hot pitching going for the Yankees.


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