HDLR 7/27/08: Yankees @ Red Sox

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room, where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, and beverages are always cold, and the chin-wagging is always fast and furious.  Tonight, the Yankees go for the Crazy Stein against Boston after taking the first two games in radically different fashion–a classic pitchers duel Friday night and an offensive explosion yesterday afternoon.  Tonight, the Yankees send Sidney Ponson (6-1, 4.02 ERA) to the mound to face lefty Jon Lester (8-3, 3.20 ERA).  As per Pete Abraham, the Yankees’ lineup is posted below.  Note that Nady is in and also hitting fifth, and Sexson helps sandwich Cano with righties who hit lefties well, batting seventh.  I’d like to see Nady get going early and often, which would go far to helping replace Matsui’s and Posada’s production–not necessarily the homers, but hitting.  I’ll probably be cooking and grilling for the next couple hours, but arrive early and hang out if you like.  If not beforehand, I’ll be in a bit before game time tonight.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold one, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (58-45)
Damon DH
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Nady LF
Cano 2B
Sexson 1B
Cabrera CF
Molina C

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  1. Jason is in, with a belly full of barbecued pork chops.

  2. V is in, hating espn.

  3. Same here, V.

  4. How about Ramirez’s approval for a trade, Vanessa? What a flake.

  5. i honestly wasn’t surprised. he’s like the a-rod of boston. drama mama.
    he obviously doesn’t like his organization but i don’t think he fits anywhere else. sox fans will hate him and other teams wont let him get away with a lot of what he’s been able to get away with with the sox. “manny being manny” only works in boston.

  6. Nor I, Vanessa. I think that would be a tough trade to make and for Boston to get close to return value. His salary is also a difficult factor. I agree about “Manny being Manny” only working in Boston.

  7. i really can’t see him in another uniform.

  8. I am going to check the weather channel’s website for what the Yanks are in for. Hopefully this won’t take much longer.

  9. i hope so. i know we had rain on and off over here today. i bet it’ll be at least an hour rain delay.

  10. It looks like the rain is going to blow out soon. How much longer, I don’t know. But there should be baseball tonight.

  11. You had a good crowd for the game yesterday, Vanessa.

  12. i know. it was fun J.
    arghh, i hope the rain delay isn’t super long. then again, you never know with these two teams. they can never finish a game before midnight.

  13. now, unofficially it’s 9:00 start

  14. I just saw a highlight of Ramirez sliding in for a ball, missing it over his head, stumbling then rolling for the ball, rolling over for it, and realizing that the ball was under his ass. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on a baseball field.

  15. Hmmm. I was hoping it would be sooner, but OK. another very late getaway night.

  16. lol, i saw it too.
    they haven’t even shown if they’ve taken off the tarp, so i don’t know. i have a feeling that even after the game starts it’s going to be a long night.

  17. oh they said the tarp is indeed off.. good.

  18. Tarp is off, life is good, and other optimistic three-word quips.

  19. what do you think about the possibility of trading for Washburn, Vanessa?

  20. i don’t think it’s going to happen. i don’t really want it to happen but you never know with the yanks.
    you think cash should get washburn?

  21. I don’t Vanessa. If it’s not for any valued prospect, fine, but I’m not keen on his body of work the last 2 1/2 years. The yanks might need back-of-rotation help, but I’m not sold that Washburn is it.

  22. completely agree here.
    ponson hasn’t been a failure.
    raz has been on and off.
    kennedy is making his case.
    hughes is making his comeback.
    and the yanks aren’t doing poorly.
    i don’t see the need.

  23. time to play ball. ’bout time.

  24. One of the funniest Manny moments was when his CF was throwing a ball in to nail a runner and Manny cut it off.

  25. I’ll never forget that, Mike. Hilarious. Two cut-offs to get the ball into the infield, and he DOVE to cut it off.

  26. all i could say when i first saw that play was wooow.

  27. Last time I checked Manny signed this contract which included team options.

  28. JD fooled on the curve looking, one down.

  29. Hey Joe. I know, Ramirez and his agent wanted that contract to bump up the value.

  30. Hey, guys! Sorry I came in so late. Jason, Vanessa, Joe, Mike, nice to see you.

  31. jeter gets robbed. that was a pretty nice catch.

  32. Ellsbury robs Jeter. Nice catch, good at-bat, but still leaves a disappointing taste in your mouth.

  33. Captain gave it a ride, but nice catch, two down.

  34. Do you guys know I’m here?

  35. Abreu splits the gap with Ramirez ‘hustling,” A-Rod coming up.

  36. Besides, Jason, who knows me well, hello all. Abreu with the double and the birthday boy is up.

  37. What I meant was that Manny cannot complain, for the Red Sox are simply exercising their right, the one that Manny agreed to.

  38. Let’s get a hit here, Alex.

  39. o.m.g. did i just see someone behind home plate hold up an a-rod sign… in boston?

  40. Wow, he actually CAUGHT it!

  41. Hoping for runs, but they’re doing a little hitting off Lester. They’ll get runs.

  42. I followed you Joe, and agreed. Ramirez and his agent agreed to that deal with the extension(s) because they upped the value of the deal. They got what, to some degree, they wanted and certainly were willing to agree to.


  44. Tim, please, cease the caps.

  45. Oooh, close to a DP.

  46. I think Hersheiser was referring to extremes.

  47. 6-4 force, but the ground ball was too slow, one down for Ortiz.

  48. Alright Jason let me drink some Saki.

  49. that was a hell of a throw by bobby.

  50. Dayumn. Stupid Red Sox.

  51. So far, El Sid living up to his record at Fenway and vs. Boston in general.

  52. Abreu made one hell of a throw that nearly got Youkilis. That’s why Abreu can’t easily be jettisoned for Nady. He has value.

    Ponson is getting hit hard again by Boston, 1-0 second and third. Yeesh.

  53. sox score first again… bummer.
    put washburn on a flight.

  54. Not turning the DP hurt. Man-Ram with an RBI double. Ugh…

  55. Yeah, that was my fear Mike. If Ponson can hold it here and not make it much worse, they have a chance.

  56. Ooof.

  57. and Ponson is getting smacked, 3-0 Red Sox.

  58. can they please retire the manny being manny slogan

  59. Probably not gonna happen, V.

  60. Drew grounds out to Jeter to mercifully end the inning.

  61. Happened last night.

  62. You read that Ervin Santana comment?

  63. I have a feeling this will be a long night.

  64. And to think that Andrew Brackman, the Yanks’ 1st round pick in the 2007 draft (out this year after TJ surgery) is two inches TALLER than Sexson.

  65. Cheap knock there, but let’s see if it’s a rally-starter.

  66. a blooper gives sexson a hit and up comes mr. swing at first pitch

  67. Once the Yanks get their basketball team for the off-season, Mike, they’ll have a hell of a front line.

    I’m concerned about a long night too, Tim. Ponson has to find a way to hold the fort, but Lester looks tough. Throwing 94- 96 is nasty.

  68. If the Yankees just work him, it’ll be alright. Jason! Hello! Vanessa! Somebody! Aaaah..

  69. K of Varitek looking, nice back-door fastball.

  70. Captain Dumbass strikes out.

  71. I had a phone call from my Dad but was watching Melky look feeble versus Lester.

  72. Hey sentinel. How’s it going?

  73. Does the media ever take into account that even big football fans such as myself, simply dont want to hear about Favre anymore. I would much rather listen to Jaworski talk X’s and O’s, or any other filler that could take place for this Favre garbage.

  74. Nady might have played that better, but Ponson is getting shelled. We might see Giese early.

  75. Looks like Giese will be up soon.

  76. I couldn’t agree more, Joe. Goodness, enough of the pseudo-drama about Favre. Enough already. He should have stayed retired.

  77. this already seems like a blowout.

  78. The Yankees need to solve Lester and fast. Ponson will have an appointment at the Cask & Flagon in an hour at this rate.

  79. Can Ian Kennedy do any worse. Just DFA Ponson

  80. Several more bloop hits and the Yanks are in business.

  81. Hi Nick. How are you?

  82. Meanwhile, Cashman’s cell phone gets a workout.

  83. I like your optimism, sentinel. I hope the Yanks live up to it soon.

  84. C’mon, a bloop and a blast!

  85. Ah, a second tapper. Death by a thousand nubbers–997 more to go.

  86. Was Cashman asking if Washburn could pitch seven for the Yanks tonight, Mike? 🙂

  87. 4-6-3 DP, ouch, two outs.

  88. Looks like it.

  89. arghh, 2 outs now. hit one over the monster bday boy.

  90. He’s been better lately sentinel. But that at-bat hurt. They need some form of two-out rally.

  91. excuse me, 4got about bobby.

  92. Feeble swing from Abreu, three down. Nice start, weak finish to that inning.

  93. since they’re speaking of girardi… what you guys think? after what girardi has done would you have chosen joe g or joe t?

  94. Him, Bannister, Arroyo, Lowe, …..and more.

    GIDP #15 for Derek. Most on the team.

  95. Joe G!

  96. All Things Must Pass. It was time to turn the page.

  97. Poor Molina, getting abused behind the plate this year, tonight getting Ortiz’s bat.

    4-3 one out, but now Ramirez doubles.

  98. Hard to say V, but one things for sure–Girardi handles the bullpen far better than Torre.

  99. No. No Manny.

  100. To paraphrase Robert Wuhl’s character from “Bull Durham,” Ramirez has a million-dollar bat and a five-cent head.

  101. Hey EJ, welcome, I approved your comments and you should be clear. How are you tonight, other than this lousy game?

  102. No he’s not sentinel, that’s for sure.

  103. Hey Jason, I’m finally in! I’m alright, enjoying the buffalo wings, thank you very much.

  104. Well, at this pace, eventually Boston won’t score. That’s when the Yanks need to pounce with eight runs.

  105. 5 – 0… hope the yanks get on the board this inning

  106. All about the buffalo wings, EJ, especially since I’m from there.

  107. Nice hustle, A-Rod! Double high off the monster. Nady, deliver here.

  108. Thank you Alex. So if Manny were traded, who do you guys think he may go to?

  109. goood start to the inning.

  110. I predicted Nady would get hot soon. Let’s hope this is the beginning of it.

  111. We need to show the Red Sux we’re still in this. We’ve gotta get some hits together.

    Darn you, Nady!

  112. nady not off to great start in pinstripes.

  113. Heeeere’s Robby!

  114. Nady looked bad there. I hope he’s not pressing. He’ll have adjustments to make, and this can’t be easy on him. But they need his bat.

  115. Hey there, Vanessa.

  116. I’m not sure Ramirez will end up traded, EJ. I think it’s a contractual ploy.

  117. I don’t think he will either. But if he were, who would Ramirez go to?

  118. You know you’re hot when you can foul off that pitch.

  119. Cano, stop chasing. He’s got to recognize that. It shows that Lester is tough tonight.

  120. hola ej.
    i can’t picture manny in another uniform.
    he started this whole “i wanted to be traded” drama last year too if i’m correct.

  121. The Phillies, for Utley, Burrell, and Hamels, and Lidge..might as well throw in Howard too

  122. 6-3 moves A-Rod to third, two outs. Sexson, be the righty bat the Yankees picked up.

  123. We need to work Lester. We need to get some hits together. C’mon, Richie! All we need is a single!

  124. And Ramirez bailed in the last few weeks of 2006.

  125. Diamondbacks would make sense for Manny? But no, I can’t see him being traded either. Vanessa, about your question earlier, I’d take Girardi.

    Darn you, Richie!

  126. This has shaped up as one of those games so far. Yeeeeesh.

  127. damn. i hate called strikeouts. if the pitch close you might as well take a hack. if not, it’s likely K

  128. Sorry it took a while to approve the comments, EJ. I hadn’t checked any pending comments thus far and was surprised to see about 15 waiting–pleasantly so, but surprised.

  129. I agree V. I don’t think Sexson knew what he could do with that pitch, and it was a little off the plate. But that was a good pitch and he shouldn’t have taken it.

  130. If Sidney can go 5… it probably won’t matter.

  131. before the season i was skeptical b/c it’s been torre handling the team since i could remember but girardi has won alotta points with me.

  132. Oof. That was a strike to Sexson. Or Sexton, as Orel Hershiser says.

  133. sidney’s start is already a failure. if he can go 5 without giving up another run it won’t be an embarrassment instead.

  134. Girardi not only handles the ‘pen better, he DOES something. Joe Torre just let the players do whatever they want, and he was never energetic.

    Listen to Phillips serenade and compliment the Red Sox, it’s awful. So was that double. Where’s Danny?

  135. LOL EJ.

  136. This Ponson is lost, unless he can somehow dominate for 4 more innings.

  137. LOL EJ on Orel, that is.

  138. LOL on what, J? I say a lot of stuff.

  139. Oh, okay. I just got a message to slow down.. xD

  140. Youkilis sounds on the verge of another hissy after that 6-3.

  141. I wish these clowns would actually start to be a little neutral like good little nationwide sports analysts.

  142. His saying Sexton, which is true. He does.

  143. I don’t comment on commercial breaks, btw. I’m taking grounders with a whiffleball.

  144. Sexson needed to be 14 feet tall for that foul ball, but I still thought he had a chance for it.

  145. cano looks like a little boy next to sexson.

  146. Orel pretends there’s a T there… funny, he never messes up any Red Sox names, huh?

  147. Sexson(or Sexston) would probably step on Pedroia by accident. He’s jogging into the dugout and (SPLORT).

  148. wappah, the yanks just got smacked.

  149. Well who didn’t see that BOMB coming? I dunno why I bother to keep watching. Shame on you, Houdini.

  150. Well, that stinks. Ponson is making me reconsider my views on Washburn. 7-0 Boston.

  151. It’s like people pronouncing the word athulete, EJ.

  152. Hell of a catch, Melky.

  153. Well, I love being optimistic, so… remember that game last year? Losing by 8, I believe, and we won anyway in Late innings.

    GREAT catch by Melky. Don’t trade him!

  154. Melk makes an awesome catch to rob Manny Muahahahaha.

  155. i don’t like it either. the yanks need to send him a message… like now.

  156. Well they have taken 2 of 3 at Fenway. I have business to go conduct. Take it easy guys.


  158. He’s dominated the Yanks the last two games, sentinel. He throws very hard.

  159. Later Tim

  160. Take care, Tim.

  161. String a rally together guys.

  162. We need to see the offense we saw yesterday. If we score like yesterday we still win by 3.

    Nice hit, Melky. Maybe we could possibly have something going.

  163. 6 hits off Lester the Molester. Let’s keep it going. Work the count and foul off good pitches. Don’t swing at bad pitches. Simple fundys.

  164. First and second, no outs. Rally, guys.

  165. i wonder wheres mike tonight. i bet he could bring us some luck.

  166. I used to call out the name of the Yankee hitter/pitcher just before every pitch is thrown. That seemed to have brought good luck. Maybe we should try it.

  167. Bases loaded, no outs for Jeter.

  168. thank you damon. bases loaded!
    c’mon jeet. even a dp scores a run here.

  169. I just yelled Damon and he got a hit. If we don’t score some runs here, it’s over. I called that Jeter would have a big impact on this series… a grand slam here puts a whole new perspective on this series.

  170. I’ve chugged a beer before every Yankees at-bat. I have another inning in me, then it’s to the Emergency Room.

    Just joking.

  171. Yell Jeter just before every pitch to Jeter. It could work with our powers combined… -_-

  172. an infielder… sweeeet.

  173. I just did it and look at what happened?

  174. I’d love to see Jeter’s second grand slam. Trivia question, and no peeking: what pitcher surrendered Jeter’s only grand slam?

  175. It’s time to yell “Bobby!” or “Abreu!” before every pitch is thrown. It works! XD

  176. Jeter’s perfectly accurate roller scores a run, bases loaded for Abreu, 7-1.

  177. A guy on the Rangers, Jason!

  178. why is it that they bring out the “yankees suck” chant when the yanks score? yankees fans chant “red sox suck” as soon as the game starts.

  179. Keep it rolling, Abreu.

  180. Bobby owns with RISP situations. Let’s go! 1 hit from 10!

    I yelled Abreu twice and there are two balls!

  181. borowski J

  182. i think that’s how you spell his name

  183. Indeed, V, when he was with the Cubs. Well done.

    Abreu walks, 7-2, bases still loaded, no outs, A-Rod up. A slam here–heck, an XBH–would be huge.

  184. We suck because we can’t let them have their fun!

    See the value of yelling just before every pitch? It works!

  185. walk to score another run.
    free runs tonight.

  186. EJ, keep yelling, but you might want to warn the neighbors.

  187. A-Rod!

  188. A-Rod rips the liner, one out. Nady, need your first Yankee hit here BADLY.

  189. I live in an apartment. Don’t worry, Jason.

  190. It’s kind of a quiet yell. I’m not exactly screaming my lungs out.

  191. caanoo, save us here.

  192. Poor at-bat from Nady, though JD might have scored on Ellsbury’s poor throw, two down.

  193. Cano, need a hit here. Keep it rolling.

  194. He’s also too far away from the plate, sentinel.

  195. Cano needs the hitting streak to continue RIGHT HERE! C’mon!

  196. 86 pitches and counting for Lester. Nice job, Yanks.

  197. i officially hate lester

  198. Should have been much more. It’s a start, but should have been a close game by now.

    I’d not have Ponson for the fifth.

  199. The rally ends here, but we’re back in the game at least.

  200. C’mon, 3 good innings would be AWESOME, Dan!

  201. Bye Senty!

  202. Hold it here, Giese.

  203. Take care, sentinel.

  204. His (Francona’s) bullpen has been a little bit of an issue? C’mon, Steve.

  205. There’s the Papelbum. He’s ridiculously over his head. I’m suprised he isn’t playing football with his attitude.

    Steal from Drew. Darn.

  206. I had a feeling that Drew would steal when Francona was giving signs right away. Boston won’t take anything for granted. They need to win this game.

  207. i want to see one of the yanks crank one over the monster so the crowd can just be hushed

  208. Jeez, that was a nasty skateboarding incident. Wow.

  209. I think Phillips is right about their bullpen, EJ. Boston has middle relief issues.

  210. ohh i saw that video of jake brown. it was oober scary. i don’t know how he got up.

  211. I wanted to see that in the top half of the fifth.

  212. Hmm, Ponson allowed at least a run in every inning. Giese didn’t allow a run. Methinks a pattern is detectable.

  213. Let’s get some more runs. Remember what Torre said; nibble. Nibble until it’s tied. We need to score some runs over a long period of time instead of trying to hit home runs and scoring 10 runs. Nibble.

  214. Yeah, Jason, it’s a problem, but not a little problem. He said it like a sweaty politician.

  215. methinks ponson is gone by tomorrow lol

  216. That cutter has destroyed Sexson. He can’t seem to hit a boreing cutter or a slider.

  217. Who gets called up? Horne and Marquez are on the 7-day DL.

  218. oh god melky.

  219. Melky is often destroyed with that curve in the dirt. C’mon, Jose.

  220. The Yanks have reverted to bad habits this inning, chasing bad pitches. Not a good game.

  221. Oh God is right. He’s not hitting. He’s completely lost his eye. Remember when they talked about Pedroia swinging like a blindfolded 7-year-old trying to hit a pinata? Melky is similar, except he’s the retarted 7-year-old kid who keeps on missing.

  222. yeah. this is looking like the pre-asg team.

  223. Uh, Jason. I switched computers. Can you help me out here?

  224. at least lester is at 104. the one thing the yanks did tonight was drive up the pitch count.

  225. I think as soon as the Yankees either acquire Washburn or call up Kennedy, Ponson is gone–6.12 ERA with the Yankees.

  226. Jason? Can you moderate me here?

  227. Thanks.

  228. Doesn’t look like we can win this thing. We need to score another run off of Lester to get that troublesomed aforementioned Red Sox ‘pen.

  229. You’re approved, EJ. Plus, an odd thing about WordPress is the different user names. I for example, can’t for some reason have the same user name here and at The Sommer Frieze, another good WordPress blog.

  230. the only thing keeping ellsbury from looking like a 12 year old is his height and his bat.

  231. Since when did we acquire Eric Milton?

  232. The Yanks missed a big chance to close it in the 5th. It should have been within 2 runs if not closer.

  233. A guy that Cashman is thinking about calling up is Alfredo Aceves.

  234. A few weeks ago, EJ. Not a signing I liked by any means.

  235. Aceves has potential. He’s moved fast through the minors.

  236. I wouldn’t mind seeing Aceves getting a shot instead of Ponson.

  237. We need a homer. Homers carry teams. If we can get a big fly and make this game a little closer, they’ll most likely take out Lester because of pitch counts and such. Then we can get to the bullpen of the Red Sox, which has had problems. Okajima or Delcarmen could possibly come in. But we need to score. Badly.

  238. The floor of the Boston dugout looks like a tornado hit it, like a wet disaster.

  239. Lester might or might not pitch the seventh. He’s over 100 pitches.

  240. argh. this game is annoying me.
    ortiz, please ground into a dp.

  241. Oof. Well done hit and run. We need a DP here, and desperately. It’s bad enough we can’t score right now, if we can’t hold them to 7, we’re done. I’d like to see Aceves. I’ve watched a video of him pitching. He doesn’t throw particularly hard, but he has good command and good movement.

  242. Sac fly, 8-2.

  243. Certainly, we can’t let Igawa come back up. I’d think the number one guy is Aceves.

    Alright, 8-2…

  244. Is Chase Wright an option at this point? Double-A can’t hit him right now.. I’d think he’s a lefty Kennedy at this point.

  245. Aceves or Kennedy. I’d prefer to see either than Ponson. Igawa is a waste, a tweener who does well at AAA, but can’t do well in the majors.

    9-2 now.

  246. We’re done. Doomed. Shutzpah. This is not good at all. 9-2.

  247. Molina didn’t cover the plate well.

  248. Did Vanessa leave?

  249. one word: damn.

  250. Lots of runs, guys. Nothing a historic comeback can’t cure.

  251. She’s back on cue, EJ 🙂

  252. Hmm. 7 runs seems largely reachable after his hot streak and that game last year. The impossible turns improbable when it’s baseball.

  253. oh sorry. i had to restart my computer.

  254. you know what i would love to see this season by the yanks… a no hitter. i don’t know who in the rotation would be capable of one but i’m in the random mood to see one.

  255. I’m not shouting, soo…

  256. Imagine… just imagine… if Ponson gets that no-hitter.

  257. i don’t know is ponson will even get another start.
    how cool would it be if kennedy gets called up and pitches a no hitter?

  258. if*, my bad

  259. Lester’s taking a long time of late… darn you Jeter.

    I’d like to thank you guys for having somebody to talk to during the darkest of times… that being said, can I host the next party?

    I’m shouting now, just quieter.

  260. If Kennedy does that, I wouldn’t be surprised, I’d just expect him to blow up in his next few starts before pitching another one.

  261. damn. i reaaalllly hate lester.
    do the yanks have anyyything in them?
    i wish they would tear up their bullpen.

  262. *gasp* We’ve lost Jason now!

  263. I can’t hate Lester. The guy is a fantastic story.

  264. Jason quit on us. And then there were 2..

  265. That Live Timer guy is funny.

  266. *gasp* I’m alone. And I’m posting too much.

  267. Vanessa? Jason? Anybody?

  268. one pitch, one out.
    good stuff.

  269. Oh you’re here. Giese has done well in relief…

  270. this game is such a bummer eeej. it’s hard to keep typing lol.

  271. What was that noise when Nady was about to catch the ball?

  272. Sorry, had to take the dog out and tuck my son into bed.

  273. so much for 9 straight… damn, the yanks are going to lose one when the rays finally lose.

  274. Yeah, it’s a bummer.. so what to talk about?

  275. When the Rays finally lose? They’ve been losing for a while now.

  276. they had won their last two, when i thought the yanks would be able to pick up a game on them.

  277. Giese has been very good since being called up. I’m just not surprised about this game, mainly because of Ponson. He has a bad history against Boston, and he might not be a Yankee much longer. He’s 4-1 with the Yanks if he gets today’s loss, but his ERA is over six now. That doesn’t work for a team in the playoff hunt.

  278. That’s true. … Got any superstitions to try and win the game?

  279. That Taco Bell Fajita Steak Melt and Chicken Melt thing? Mmm mmm..

  280. Ponson’s ERA with the Yankees, that is.

  281. Not a Taco Hell fan, and that’s not a typo.

  282. LOL.
    i’m not a meat fan.

  283. Okay, so here’s the pen..

  284. I’m now extending my arms and standing on one leg… and it worked!

    Vanessa, you’re a vegitaran? Shame, shame…

  285. Hey, Jason !!!

    … and, Vanessa, EJ, Joe, Mike, and everyone else here at the HDLR tonight …

    Well, not exactly the pitching performance I had in mind for Sidney Ponson tonight …

    But, the game is not over yet; and, at least the Rays lost today.

    — Jimmy [27NYY]


  286. Hey Jimmy.

  287. Well… X-Marks-The Spot, you suck right now.

  288. Hey Jimmy. Tough game tonight.

    6-4-3 DP for Nady. He’s had two tough days.

  289. You know what’s funny? I’ve never met a girl who has a crush on a Yankees player.

  290. Why is it, that both of A-Rod’s hits came with no runners on base ? And, he made out with runners on – in the 1st and 5th innings.

  291. yep. veggie head right here.
    argh… you knew the yanks were losing when cano didn’t get a hit.

  292. Well, I’m gonna stop watching and start playing my video game, but I’ll be here. Be sure to say what happens, guys.

  293. Because, Jimmy, A-Rod is like, “I’m gonna do this for you, Madonna!” and then it’s too much pressure and then he melts.

  294. I think just coincidence, Jimmy. A-Rod has been clutch enough in his career, but poor with RISP this season.

  295. Yankees conceding–Jeter out.

  296. Well, of course, both of A-Rod’s hits – were leadoff hits. But, he left four runner on !

  297. not a good bday for rodriguez.

  298. Not unless he hits a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth… I called it!

  299. i hope giese or whoever hits someone just for the hell of it.

  300. Boy, senty got all worked up. No, I didn’t, but I was thinking about it!

  301. You’re right. We need to hit someone.

  302. How about Manny being Manny???

    I don’t now how Boston management, the players, and the fans, put up with his nonsense.

  303. I agree, Jimmy. He’s just a basket case. An all-time great hitter, but a total flake.

  304. I’d rather Manny be Bill or Jeff or Vanessa and stop acting like a clown.

  305. Great catch by Melky in this game, on the long fly ball by Manny.

  306. and that’s it. game over.
    bye bye winning streak.
    bye bye fenway.
    bye bye ponson.
    bye bye bleeping espn.

  307. Melky, though he has no eye, shouldn’t be traded. He’s a jewel defensively and his buddy, Cano would be pissed.

  308. Oh well. I host next one, right?

  309. Well, we had a chance in the 5th with the bases loaded, no outs, two runs already in …

    But, then three straight outs !!!

    That was the ball game !

    Also, Ponson just did not have anything tonight !

  310. i’m out and going to watch blades of glory. thxx for hosting as always J. 🙂

  311. Thanks for coming by, everyone. 2 of 3 isn’t all bad, a series win. This was the game I wasn’t confident in.

  312. G’night, all.

  313. Later guys.

  314. Who hosts next?

  315. Well, the winning streak could not last forever; and, two out of three ain’t all that bad …

    Mike Mussina tomorrow …

    On the road to: 20 Wins !!!

  316. Take care, Jason …

    And, good night to everyone else at the HDLR tonight !!!

    — Jimmy [27NYY]


  317. I prefer to have actually lost this game. The Yankees looked foolish in particular AB’s . I’m sorry but we’ll take Manny in left man he’s one character. There is things I like to mention there was two idiotic espn statements during the game. Molinas bat was horrible honest. When I recall a a particular AB so vividly after a 3 1/2 hour game you know it was horrible. Well two runs is a improvment over that last shut out. Well Washburns has several positives he threw a good game today. I rather see Ian /Phil come up and patch things up. I never been a “Trader Joes” fan but it doesn’t look good for Jorge and Matsui. I like Matsui he’s gritty and nice in the clutch. Jorge is Jorge I would like too see one of the deuce be on the field during the WS.

  318. I agree with much of what you say Leo, but not preferring to have lost the game. Winning is better. Molina did look terrible, as did Sexson and Nady in at-bats. It’s a testament to Lester’s nasty slider, which was awfully good, but also that they looked like they were pressing.

    It would be hard to say no to Ramirez should he become available. He sure can mash, and his righty bat at Yankee Stadium would be an enormous asset. But as Joe from Statistician Magician has argued, Ramirez’s bat has slowed down a bit against the best fastballs. But really way worse, should the Yankees give a huge and surely multi-year deal to a guy who routinely flakes out and publicly snivels at the worst possible times, who in my mind quit on his team in 2006? Tough call, but I’d say no and would rather work on shoring up the offense by adding Teixeira, who’s younger and much better in the field–and not a basket case.

  319. I mean to say won the game of course? Isn’t that right subconscious? We’ll Mark Teixera isn’t exactlly ego free is the way to be. I don’t say much because then we just end up in agreement, great minds think a like. You can be great i’ll be subbar. We’ll suppose the Redsox actuallly let go of Manny they would surely have Teixera in mind for replacement. This either making him the golden goose of the off season and having the a Kei inflation affect. I would enjoy watching Manny wear pinstripes just the way Johhny turned to “The Evil Empire”. I’m curious what other names ESPN will think of next? As far as Manny not hitting the ( think upper fast balls) it’s more of a pride then diminishing talent thing? We all know that the guy is 99% physical 1% mental. In adition all power hitters take pride in going power for power with the fast ball. It also so happens that most power hitters fall drastically after losing the ability to pound the heater. Oh, Speaking of Sexson? ” In the big ya’ need a good fast ball kid” Oh, nevermind Moose has 13w’s with that 79 mph bullet. 😉 Let’s pick it up tonight c’mon Nady new kid’s on the block. Did anyone mention that strikout of the oger? sweet.

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