Angels @ Yankees: New-Look Lineup; Britton Called Up; FFTD In-Game

For those interested in an in-game chin-wag tonight, be sure to head over to Vanessa’s open thread at Flair For The Dramatic, an excellent blog with a link on the right side. I unfortunately cannot since I’m hosting a friend in from out-of-town.  Below is the Yankees’ lineup for tonight’s game to kick off the big four-game series versus the Superfluous Acronyms.   Note that, not unexpectedly, Pudge is starting and batting eighth.  Note as well how much better the bottom of the lineup looks with him and Nady in it.  While part of me would rather see the lineup have Cano between Nady and Pudge in order to prevent bullpen match-ups for consecutive batters in later innings, this matters considerably less to me than just having the bottom of the lineup hit.  Plus, Pudge has hit lefties (.293) and righties (.295) at about the same clip this year.

Also, according to Lisa Kennelly of The Star-Ledger, the Yanks have designated Chad Moeller for assignment and have called up Chris Britton, who has done well everywhere this year but has been banished under the stairs ala Harry Potter when in The Bronx, and kept in SWB despite very good numbers (3-1, 1.80 ERA, 23 K/25 IP, 1.24 WHIP). Some of this is understandable since Edwar, Veras, Robertson, and Giese have done they job.  They’ve also had the chance to do so.  Maybe Britton will actually get to pitch this stint, presuming he didn’t inflate Girardi’s Aunt Marge.

Damon DH
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Nady LF
I. Rodriguez C
Cabrera CF

Pettite (12-7, 3.76 ERA, 1.288 WHIP) goes tonight against Jon Garland (9-6, 4.30 ERA, 1.455 WHIP, 60 K/44 BB/132 IP).  Lefties are batting .285 against Garland, and righties at an even better clip at .294.  He’s yielded 14 homers this year and historically has been somewhat prone to coughing up the long ball–26 in both 2005 and 2006.  He throws fairly hard but cannot afford to leave his stuff up.  He’s most effective when getting ground balls.

The Yankees would do well to get an early lead.  Why?  In the twelve games since the All-Star break, the Yankees are 9-3, doing quite well.  But I’d contend a good reason for their success isn’t just that they’re scoring lots in wins, but when they score, that matters.  In the 9 wins, the Yankees have scored 60 runs–23 in innings 1-3, 23 in innings 4-6, and 14 from the seventh inning onward.  In their wins, they’ve often held early leads, forcing Minnesota, Oakland, and to a degree Boston to play from behind.  Conversely, in the three losses, the Yankees have scored 12 runs–half in Tuesday’s 7-6 loss to Baltimore.  Worse, they scored all of one run in the first six innings of their two losses to Baltimore, and only three during the first six innings in the three losses combined.  Score often, but score early as well I say.

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  1. I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to host the in-gamer after all J. Seems that MLBlogs is having server issues and commenting will be “problematic”.
    Ahh, and Manny actually got traded. Manny is being shipped to the Dodgers. I wonder if he’d dare to pull off one of his antics under Joe Torre. Hmm..
    And I just realized I used capitals this time… weird 🙂

  2. well the sox showed a lot of integrity by getting rid of that cancer on their team- they gave up a lot just to get rid of him- jason bay no doubt will do well, but they had to give up moss and hansen and 7 mill.

    they must have realized he just wasnt gonna play for them.

    good for the dodgers-joe torre needs a bat—and they have Bowa The Enforcer

  3. Sorry to hear that, V. I can’t say I’m too surprised, since I tried to leave a comment on your blog earlier and the page had trouble loading. I guess it makes me all the more thankful that I left MLBlogs.

    Big doings with the trade, Mike. I don’t blame Boston one bit. Manjaya has always been a quitter, and Gammons’s piece–while probably straight sheet from the Sox front office–was damning. The information attributed to anonymous players in the clubhouse about how they could readily recall Ramirez not playing against the best pitchers, begging off with evanescent knee ailments, was something they’ve surely seen and tolerated for a long time. They sure did give up a lot to be rid of him–Hansen and Moss as well as The Disgruntled One himself. Though Bay will be good there, and his righty bat might thrive, it would surprise me if he came anywhere close to Manjaya’s numbers in his prime. Good point about Bowa. He won’t tolerate the quitting and ducking away for a second.

    I can’t say I’ll lose any sleep–in fact should gain lots–over Ramirez not creaming Yankee pitching any more.

  4. yeah- whats not to like?

    this has been the best trade season in a while…

    and the damn rays did nothing.

  5. i just saw joe torre on espn news—and he seemed genuinely happy to be getting him- and who can blame him? they really needed a big bat- the andruw jones acquisition is such a bust.

  6. yeah, i think i might be leaving mlblogs after this season. idk yet, but it seems that everything is working again, so i might be able to host it after all. it’s too bad you won’t be able to show up.
    i hope the yanks can kick angel azz today.
    boston comes into yankee stadium in late august. can you imagine how weird it will be facing them without manny? i bet there will be a sign or two or a mocking chant by the bleacher creatures regarding manny being gone.

  7. Melky’s arm, P-Rod & Cowboy AndyI like to see ya’ run?

  8. Ugh what a rough night…

  9. Hey, Tim!

    I think Jeter heard you and showed some range.

  10. Hello, Vanessa if your wondering about ……..

  11. Oh, Vanessa our like fifth in most viewed MLB blogs this month. In case you didn’t know?

  12. I thought we were the bronx bombers?

  13. yeah i know. i feel so honored lol. feel free to stop by in the in-gamer leo.
    abreu is living up to the name.

  14. I would have flipped Nady and Cano for the l/r/l/r thing but oh well…I see you agree.

    Unfortunately, it’s been Andy leaving the pitches up.

  15. YEAH!!

  16. Oh, that double play killed this inning. C’mon captain clutch. I think it’s partially due to me re-loading your homepage every minute J/K. The mistakes cost Andy big but no defensive support.

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