Wang Not Expected In September + Thanks

According to ESPN, Joe Girardi has said that Wang is not expected to make his return to the Yanks in September. Not encouraging at all, and the Yanks sure have had their fair share of injuries to deal with this year–Posada, Wang, Matsui, A-Rod, Bruney (who is back), Hughes, Kennedy, JD, plus short-term ones along the way. That’s quite a list. On Wang, it was something many of us had feared when he was hurt–that he wouldn’t be back by the end of the year, that the severity of the injury and the timing for recovery weren’t propitious. The URL for the story is:

This is something that Pete Abraham had laid out well a few days ago, saying that Wang’s September return was unlikely because of the timing that various aspects of thr rehabilitation would take. Speaking of which, thanks to Pete Abe as well as Greg from Sliding Into Home for quickly adding The Heartland to their respective Yankee blog rolls. I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks also to the kind readers for posting Birthday wishes. I greatly appreciate that, too. Leo, I take it from your quote that today is your birthday. If so, Happy Birthday, buddy. I won’t be around much today, but will write up the recap tonight. I have to proctor the final exam for my class today, marking the last official duty I have for it. The class was very good with many good, bright, hard-working students, and it was great but hard work to lecture to them every day.

However, I’ll probably find some time to listen to the game later, since the final ends right about when the game begins. I’ll also try to have lineups posted in a little while. With a little distance from and some perspective on last night’s debacle, the circumstances were different from the Friday before. But there were some parallels to the Joba-Beckett duel, no? Lots of zeros, an unlikely run, few but crucially missed opportunities, hard feelings after two great pitching efforts for one side–last week Boston fans, last night us. Such is baseball. I’ve got nothing but love for Mariano. The guy’s the best and always will be, to me. Last night was just an annoying head slap, really annoying. I feel pretty good about Mussina going today.

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  1. Hey, Jason …


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    Best Wishes,
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  2. well happy birthday jason- and of course many happy returns of the day…

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