Yankees @ Rangers: Melky Sits Again; Sexson In

Below, as per Ed Price of The Star-Ledger, is the Yanks’ lineup. Note JD is in left with Nady as the DH, while Giambi and Melky sit in favor of Sexson and Christian at first and center, respectively. Again, the bottom of the lineup concerns me. Sexson hasn’t played a lot but needs to consistently hit lefties when he plays. That’s his job. Giambi hasn’t torn it up with the average (.256) but, at .247, isn’t hitting lefties at much worse a clip than righties (.259). Plus, his .391 OBP is difficult for most Yankees, much less Sexson, to match. Also, if Christian doesn’t hit, do you put Melky back in center, or accept JD’s throwing limitations and play him in center? One way or another, the Yanks need much more offensively from CF and the bottom of the lineup. Regardless, it’s not a good sign that the Yanks are holding in-house auditions for CF in early August as they try to make up ground in the East.

No word yet on Joba as I post this. As Pete Abraham rightly says, the Yanks break bad news in small increments and usually wait to glean multiple medical perspectives anyway. Speaking of medical perspectives, this is priceless. PaVoldemort is pitching in Trenton Thursday night and, according to Price, “Thursday is Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Night; there will be health screenings available during the game.” Hilarious. I have two questions: how long fans will have to wait before PaVoldemort gets multiple body scans? I’d put the over/under at 90 minutes. Also, will PaVoldemort have reserved parking for his Porsche in Trenton, or will they issue him a hang tag for public parking in a lot?

Below is an extensive quote from Pete Abraham’s blog about Joba’s MRI.  Decide for yourself if you consider it good or bad news.  I’m withholding judgment, but am admittedly not very optimistic that Joba will pitch again this season.  That may be the best move for him and the long-term prospects for the team.

Chamberlain had an MRI today in New York. The Yankees would not reveal what it showed. However, Joba is being sent to Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., for another examination tomorrow.

Girardi did not say who would start on Saturday. The first name he mentioned as a possibility was Darrell Rasner

UPDATE, 6:41 p.m.: Just spoke to Brian Cashman. He said the Yankees know what the images showed but until they hear from Andrews, they’re not going to reveal what that is.

It’s safe to say the MRI showed something. Otherwise Chamberlain wouldn’t be going to see Dr. Andrews. Will Carroll made an interesting point, saying that Andrews is known for conservative treatment. That could be a sign it’s not a devastating injury.

Regardless, do not expect Joba to pitch any time soon. If there was something on the MRI worth sending him for a second opinion, they’re not just going to cross their fingers and run him back out there in 10 days.

UPDATE, 6:54 p.m.: You can expect Ian Kennedy to start one of the games in Anaheim, either Friday or Saturday. If Giese is not used in relief the next few days, he’ll get the other one.

As has been his history with the Yankees, Pettite needs to be the stopper tonight. It’s 99 degrees in Arlington as I write–a cooling trend!

Damon lf
Jeter ss
Abreu rf
A.Rodriguez 3b
Nady dh
Cano 2b
Sexson 1b
Molina c
Christian cf

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  1. well this would be the day for sexson to show if he has any worth at all, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Agreed. I would, Mike. My point is just that Sexson has to hit on such days, or the Yanks might as well play Giambi for, while Big G doesn’t hit a ton, he’s usually on base. I hope Sexson can be productive, and it’s not an easy spot since he doesn’t get to hit much. But his role is what it is–hit lefties. I hope he belts one or two out.

  3. bad news about joba—i should hang around the medical center tomorrow ( i live a few blocks away)

  4. That’s my sense too, Mike. I could be wrong, and it could be that the Yanks are playing it safe. But this sounds like he won’t pitch soon. If need be, so be it, though it would significantly hinder the Yankees’ stretch run, to say the very least. I’m not in favor of rushing any player, especially a prize pitcher such as Joba, back from injury. He means too much to the team.

    If you’re there tomorrow, send Joba my regards.

  5. well of course who really wants to meet someone on one of the worst days of their life?

    significantly hinder—yeah—that would be the politic way of saying it….

  6. i have a bad feeling joba is done for the season. i’m seriously hoping not, but i guess we’ll have to wait to find out, as the yanks are keeping it mum.
    i would like to see ian kennedy up already. what else does the guy have to do to get back the majors?

  7. I was joking, Mike.

    Abraham described Girardi and Cashman’s reactions to discussing Kennedy as “can’t wait to dismiss him” when Kennedy’s name is brought up, Vanessa. He was bad, but that bad? There must be more to it than that. Who knows. Kennedy seems the likeliest candidate. I’d really, REALLY rather not see Igawa. That would be a horrible sign.

  8. girardi could put rasner back in the rotation, but if he still wants to have giese start one, the yanks will be dealing without a long inning man, unless they force edwar to take that role again.

  9. it sounds like we’re re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic

  10. lol, that was funny. it’s true, either way, if joba’s gone we might as well wave the white flag.

  11. ian kennedy is going to take joba’s start!!

  12. well V–i’d never advocate surrender—but i dont like our chances unless the rays or the sox have an unexpected collapse. it does look pretty bleak.

  13. from rotoworld:
    The Yankees will call up Ian Kennedy to start Saturday in place of Joba Chamberlain, sources told Suzyn Waldman of WCBS.
    Kennedy would likely have a chance of sticking in the rotation once Chamberlain returns, but he’ll have to perform well. AL-only leaguers won’t want him active right away.

  14. hambone just struck again.

  15. I just woke up from a nap and I see that the Yankees are losing.

  16. I just woke up from a nap and found out Joba is not a machine.


  18. Sexson goes boom I guess the Yankees can only score via grand slammy.

  19. Here come those free outs again………….

  20. I am jacks growing frustration.


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