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Hey everyone from Michigan City, Indiana, where I’m visiting family and friends. I left yesterday late afternoon but had to run several errands before going, so I didn’t throw up a late post. In all honesty, it was also good not to think or write much about the Yankees too much for the first time since the All-Star break. I’ll recap what I caught up on about the Yankees late tomorrow night, though I can’t say that Mariano’s ninth-inning, tie-game struggles Friday night surprised me or many others much, heavily disappointing that they were. Good to see the comeback today and extra-inning victory with Gardner’s walk-off, though stranding 13 and hitting into four DPs has become this team’s unfortunate characteristic. 9 1/2 back, 39 left to play? Not impossible, not likely either. We’ll see.

Michael Phelps’s winning eight gold medals is easily one of the four or five greatest sports accomplishments I’ve ever seen. Incredible. I never thought he’d come back and best Cavic last night. To win by a fingertip and an enormous lunge at the end was heart-pounding. Absolutely tremendous, and great to see Spitz gracious in the segment of the interview I watched.  Today was just the icing on the cake.  Phenomenal doesn’t even do it justice.

I also saw most of the USA’s 119-82 trouncing, great, especially after Spain’s tasteless and racist photo. 32-0 in fast-break points. 28 turnovers forced. Almost 50% from 3-point line. They over-matched Spain and won going away. Good.

More on all of this tomorrow night. I had swimming today, time in Chicago at Shedd Aquarium, time with the family with these things including camping last night, and enjoying all of it. I hope you all have been well, and I’ll touch base later.

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  1. glad you’re having a nice trip–yesterday’s win was painful–we could have beaten them several times over in the time it took to scrape out a shaky W against a team that had lost 7 of 8 before coming our way.

    oh and btw -aside from our disastrous RISP rate–we lost another run because of meacham .

    he should have been fired months ago-

  2. hope you’re enjoying your trip 🙂
    the comeback by phelps in the race with cavic was unbelievable. i thought phelps would have to settle for the silver but then they both touched at the same time it seemed and as soon as I saw he touched it first I lost it. I was cheering harder than I have for the Yanks in months. 8 gold medals… what an accomplishment. He’s on top of the world.

  3. I didn’t know you were a swimmer. You must really know how good Phelps is because you swim. I hope things are going well for you.

  4. um guys? The season isn’t over yet?

  5. Thanks Mike. Yeah, Meacham’s been an unmitigated joke. That KC is just not a good team is another reason why taking two of three from them and getting lucky in the first win left me less than impressed.

    Thanks V. I really didn’t think Phelps would do it. That lunge at the end of the 100 fly was amazing. His ability to stroke faster than his competitors, to just turn it on in the second half of races, is incredible.

    It would be fairer to say, Sean, that I swim rather than that I’m a swimmer. For exercise, most of mine is road running.

    I agree, Leo. The season isn’t over yet. There’s still time and opportunity for a comeback, but the Yankees are in real trouble.

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