POLITICS: Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

This is a must-see.  While there are times that I wish Jon Stewart would be more serious and a bit less willing to play off the snideness of political extremists and bulls%*t artists, this isn’t one of them.  Take a look and watch Stewart, and “The Daily Show,” at their best.

To not see the naked hypocrisy in the classically Orwellian doublespeak that is the lay-off-Palin trope from the right is to court genuine ignorance.

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  1. So glad I found this site! I just joined the MLB blogging community and have been looking for a Yankee haven like yours. Check out my blog. I, too, was channel surfing between Yanks-Rays and the RNC last night. Saw the John Stewart thing too. What’s it like rooting for the pinstripes in the midwest? I have a book coming out in Feb and to research it I followed the Yankees to every game last season, including the ALDS in Cleveland. Those rally pies made me nuts.
    – Jane

  2. jason- even though much of the youth of america does look the the daily show for “news’ — we should remember that it is a comedy show

  3. PS great clip though. i look forward to the day when rove is tried and imprisoned for his crimes

  4. Oh, man A-rod & Jeter back to back. It can happen…………….

  5. Hi Jane. Many thanks for dropping by, and I like your blog. When I do some blog-keeping later, I’ll be sure to add your site to my Yankees blogs. Feel free to add mine to yours if you like. It’s not bad being a Yanks fan in the Midwest. I’ve been to see the Yanks play the White Sox (a very nice stadium) and, though distant from YES, can catch them over the Internet. When things have been livelier on the blog, I’ve done what we here have termed the Heartland Digital Living Room (HDLR) where we fans hunker down and chat during games. I stopped doing them a couple months ago because I taught over the summer and, with writing, have been extremely busy. Plus, with the Yanks’ woeful inability to score runs, once the Yanks got down and hardly ever came back, salient fans knew the writing on the wall and the blog would empty out early, so to speak–hard to blame people, really. Great that you got to go to so many games, and I look forward to reading your book soon. Come back anytime.

    I hear you and like that it’s a comedy show Mike, and really appreciate that Stewart can get me and people to laugh about things that, outside the brilliant context in which he puts things, usually aren’t laughing matters. I meant there are times, and not just on the show but when he appears elsewhere such as Bill O’Falafel’s program, when Stewart is too deferential and passive when he should be more like he was on “Crossfire” when he skewered Carlson and Carville, rightly so to me. I wouldn’t mind seeing that a bit more. “Cheney’s Got A Gun” was one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen on TV in recent years.

    Leo, I love your spirit, and wish I had hung out with you during some games recently. I’ve just been very busy. One of these days, our Yanks will bounce back strong, hopefully next season right from Day 1.

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