POLITICS: Don’t Ask, She Won’t Tell

Let me get this straight.  The person who ridiculed Barack Obama for having been a community organizer without “actual responsibilities” won’t answer questions from the press regarding policies or much else.  “The media did something to this [Palin] family that I’ve never seen before, in my life,” said Nicole Wallace of the McCain campaign.  Really?  Such as holding up a picture on television of Chelsea Clinton referring to her as the “White House dog” back in 1993, such as referring to Hillary Clinton as having a “testicle lock box,” referring to Democrats as “media PR spokespeople for Al Queda,” such as wondering in 2007 who might design John “Edwards’ inaugural gown,” such as repeatedly referring to Barack Obama as a “Halfrican American,” for instance referring to Supreme Court Justice David Souter as “a girl,” all of which is what Rush Limbaugh did? Yeah, clearly media scrutiny of Palin is unprecendented and its restrained tone without parallel.

So don’t expect the same person who will baselessly and ceaselessly attack Obama for an alleged lack of experience and leadership credentials to be president to answer questions about whether or not she fired an Alaskan official for refusing to fire Palin’s soon-to-be ex-brother-in-law, about her and her husband’s previous membership in the secessionist Alaskan Independence Party whose leaders have criticized America in Rev. Wright-like fashion (without the ravenous media attention, Ahem), about her efforts to ban books as mayor of the small city of Wasilla, about her concerns over America’s policies toward and motivations in Iraq, about the actual responsibilities of the vice-president about which she seemed uncertain a month ago, about specific policy initiatives she might have or wish McCain to have, about world events, about anything relevant to what might (and hopefully won’t) be her job.

Don’t ask, don’t expect answers, don’t expect “actual [media] responsibilities” from the GOP vice-presidential candidate.

[Edit:  Before I forget, thanks to Mike F. for sending along these links to 538 and Pollster, two good sites for nationwide and state-by-state tracking data.  Well worth checking out.]

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