Rain Out; Away for the Weekend

Last night’s first game of the last homestand in this version of Yankee Stadium was rained out, part of the same rain band that literally stretched across most of the country and including my area as well.  Today, they play two.  I won’t get to see any of it since I’ll be in transit for a weekend getaway with the family.  I’ll try to check in tonight at the hotel.

As a side note and worth considering, I’m no fan of Charles Gibson, the same man who rationalized his refusal to discuss the Valerie Plame scandal with the specious notion that Middle America wouldn’t get it and doesn’t follow it (painfully wrong on both counts as someone living in Middle America).  Yet his interview with Sarah Palin revealed her to be the woefully inept, inadequate dullard that she is.  Palin has absolutely no business as a vice-presidential candidate, spewing nothing but banalities on stimulating the economy, foreign policy, and her own record.  If she had any sense about her, she should be ashamed of herself.  It was an embarrassment to this country to see one of the two vice-presidential candidates for this nation utterly unable to answer rudimentary questions in any salient detail.

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  1. Phil, Roberton back! i-phone updates are the best!

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