Good Weekend, Too Late

As I work over a couple cups of late-morning coffee after getting the kids to school and running a couple errands, I’m glad to be back in touch.  I’m also listening to YFCR right now.  Leo is exactly right about Jeter. Yesterday morning, as we checked out of the hotel room, my wife and I discussed Jeter and the Yankees.  I told her that Jeter belted another three hits in the Saturday nightcap, leaving him three hits short of the great Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig, for the most hits at Yankee Stadium.  We both agreed that it wouldn’t surprise us if he reached it yesterday, and he did, tying the great Gehrig with a homer to right center.  The guy has had a down year somewhat, but Jeter has flat out exploded the last week, getting 12 hits in the last 5 games to raise his average 11 points within a week.  I’d love to see Jeter stay above .300 this season, to see Jeter salvage something personally, after passing Yankees and baseball legend Ruth (for second-most hits on the Yanks) and tying another one in Gehrig (most hits at Yankee Stadium).  It’s just amazing to actually say those words, “Jeter passes Ruth,” “Jeter ties Gehrig.”  As much as anyone could, Jeter deserves it.  He never complains, never whines, is decent to opponents, and plays his ass off.  It sure would have been nice to have seen this in June and July.  Maybe Jeter is finally healthy, and we wouldn’t know because he doesn’t talk about that–ever.  Regardless, what Jeter has just done, in this down year for him and the team, has been very impressive and worth remembering.

Jeter’s historic accomplishment came in an 8-4 Yankees win after the 6-5 victory the night before.  Unfortunately, I saw none of either game as I was in transit home yesterday afternoon.  A-Rod blasted a first-inning grand slam off Edwin Jackson, A-Rod’s 552nd of his career and 34th of the year.  A-Rod is also at 100 RBIs for the 11th straight year.  After PaVoldemort gave back three in the second inning to cut it to 4-3, Giambi’s second-inning homer, his 30th of the year and 394th of his career, upped it to 6-3.  Jeter’s historic homer off Rays’ phenom David Price to tie Gehrig made it 7-3 in the 5th.

To no one’s surprise, PaVoldemort got hurt in the 6th, tweaking his hip and hopefully ending his tenure with the Yanks once and for all.  He wasn’t completely abysmal this year, nor was he great.  Either way, enough of this clown’s tryout for another team.  Just let him rehab in Tampa out of the way, and good riddance.  The bullpen went 3 2/3 scoreless, two-hit innings.  The top of the order was 8-15 with all 8 runs and 7 RBIs.

Before I forget, kudos to Nady for his clutch hit Saturday night.  I have no idea if he can duplicate his outstanding 2008 in 2009, but Nady is clutch.  The guy comes up big.  I’d still bring back Abreu as long as they could do so for two years, because that’s about what I think he has left at this level (17 HR, 89 RBI, .297/.372, 2nd in walks, 1st in doubles, 3rd in RBIs and leading the team most of the year).   But Nady makes a terrific left fielder.

I was also pleased to see my Bills come back and beat Jacksonville 20-16 to start the season 2-0.  Next week they have 1-1 Oakland, 0-2 St. Louis, and then a 2-0 Arizona (all records current) before the bye week.  It will be very interesting to see where the Bills stand before facing San Diego for their sixth game.  Lots of people tout the Jets as the team to rival New England, but I told friends before the season, watch out for the Bills.  They improved their defense, Edwards has improved and, if their healthy, will be a playoff team.

I’ll be around for the remaining games at Yankee Stadium this year, for people to get together and exchange memories about the Stadium and team.  Aceves (1-0, 1.29 ERA) faces Mark Buehrle (13-11, 3.88) tonight.  Down year and a sad week as the team winds down its last year in this version of Yankee Stadium.  It’s just not been the same–an organization seemingly indifferent to drawing in historically significant people to help count down the old stadium as Pete Abraham as aptly discussed at various times, a team that wilted down the stretch instead of rising to the occasion, a pitching staff in tatters, a team that couldn’t hit when it mattered most.  Sad, very sad.  At least Jeter has shown some fight.

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  1. i’ll look forward to hanging out for tonight’s game–win or lose i want to soak in as much as i can

  2. Yeah, it’s going to be a weird week with this being the final homestand ever in Yankee Stadium. It hasn’t 100% hit me yet. I was lucky to score tickets to Saturday’s game. It’ll be my 1st time in the bleachers. I just imagine after the game i’ll just sit there and stare blankly around the ballpark. I can’t even begin to fathom what the last game would be like.

    And Jete is the man. No 2 ways about it.


  3. are you watching the game?

  4. guess not

  5. Hi Mike. I’ll be over at The Sommer Frieze. I had to grab the little guy from soccer and my wife from work. I hope to see you there.

  6. I see Girardi is drawing praise for his pull of Canoe. I felt it was the right move to make but much like the seasons theme “to little to late”. I have a theory that might not seem so far fetched. Girardi pulled the courage to send the Melkman to the minors and of recent Canoes incident. Is it plasuable that he doen’t have the manager intimidation factor towards the seniors? I mean how many times has Bobby lagged I didn’t see Joe-G disipline him? Joe Torres monotone persona was in question but I haven’t seen Girardi blow a single whistle. I couldn’t see Joe scolding Alex or Jeter not even (not that there would be reason to) behind closed doors. Well Nads is a keeper isnn’t she? Aceves, Roberton & Coke is this genuine? All suddenly there’s a pen. I can already see Jeter blaming himself for the season. Well 92 w’s may just cut it. Whom am I kidding Jorge Posada is talking about next year already. In case ya’ didn’t know Barrack Obama has a jump shot!

  7. Your boy Gardener just made a oustanding ( non-standind) play.

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