HDLR 9/16/08: White Sox at Yankees, Stadium Countdown Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, the chinwagging always lively, and the fans no doubt keeping a stiff upper lip over the Yankees’ season and sad about the end of Yankee Stadium 2.0.  Tonight the Yankees host the White Sox in the sixth-last game ever at this Stadium as Andy Pettite (13-13, 4.52 ERA) tries to help close the Stadium out in style as well as (per Mike Sommer) keep his career streak of seasons over .500 intact against Gavin Floyd (15-7, 3.77 ERA).  As per Pete Abraham, below is tonight’s starting lineup.  Note that Gardner continues to play center, a move I applaud and which I hope he’ll reward by continuing to flash leather.  I’ll be back early in the game after running some errands so come on in, grab a cold one, a digital leather recliner, and a vintage Yankees jersey (I have Gehrig’s #4, choose freely among the others), and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (80-70)
Damon DH
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Nady LF
Cano 2B
Molina C
Gardner CF

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  1. checking in–a bit early–going to make some food and be here for the game

  2. I may not be back until the second or third inning, but I will be in later.

  3. bloop single for jd-jeter up

  4. he did it!!

    broke the record in the first at bat!!

  5. I was thrilled to hear it on the radio in the car, although Farmer and Stone (the Sox announcers) seemed to think it should have been ruled an error. Once the crowd started cheering, there’s no way that would have been called anything but a hit.

  6. he hit it hard–it could have gone either way i suppose

  7. nice moment when they finally announced it was a hit-long applause- he finally tipped his cap at 1st.

  8. little G gets a hit—lets see him steal

  9. Good to see Gardner get the hit the other way.

    I’d like to see it myself before relying on Farmer/Stone. They’re very good, but still occasional homers nonetheless. The three consecutive outs afterward didn’t surprise me at all after Jeter’s hit. What a great milestone, BTW. Tremendous accomplishment. The Yanks won’t make the post-season in the last year at the Stadium, but they’ve seen some milestones at least.

  10. not even close

  11. Gardner makes stealing second look easy.

    How have things been, Mike?

  12. BTW, I can’t stand Pierzynski. What a sign that the players voted in a badly slumping Varitek over him for the All-Star Game–renowned as a jerk.

  13. michael kay said alex told him the jeter thing had really been making this homestand fun for the team

  14. JD has broken about a thousand bats this year. He’s single-handedly keeping the lumber industry afloat.

  15. had a nice day-weather was fairly cool so had a long walk

    we always say how much we hate AJP at white sox games—nice to continue the tradition

    thanks JD

  16. JD’s double past Dye ties the game. Man, Gardner can flat out fly. Once that landed it was a run, easily.

  17. hate that bunt

  18. How very Jeter, bunting JD over to third. Normally I don’t like that, but this season–with all its lows, Jeter’s early slumps, and his all-around unselfishness–I can’t complain too much. Right now, more than anything, I respect his unselfishness right after getting the record.

    Flaherty and Leiter are working over Kay for his opposition to Jeter’s bunt.

  19. see—thats why i HATE giving up that out.

  20. If the season/game were on the line, I’d complain more. What bothers me is that the rest of the team so often squanders those runners on. Jeter’s should swing but, either way, Abreu could get that run in myriad ways, but doesn’t. They just don’t score runners. Pathetic.

  21. That’s the thing Mike–this season, the team WON’T pick up that runner. They just don’t, and it’s not bad luck.

  22. i am behind kay 100%. it’s just a waste of an out–this isn’t the NL with the 8 or pitcher coming up

  23. Also, and I should have mentioned it earlier, Jeter bunted as he’s absolutely killing the ball the last week, just killing the ball. Can Abreu and A-Rod, right now, actually be trusted more than Jeter to plate JD? Nope.

  24. but yeah , you’re right. who cares at this point?

  25. I don’t blame you at all Mike. Earlier in the year, I’d have raised a stink and did a lot. Right now, I guess I’m all ranted out over it. Maybe I’ll just transfer the aggression in another way. Pierzynski has caught a bit of my wrath. Cano should watch out too.

  26. clearly andy has nothing—i’m hoping his mental strength will be able to give us a win on sunday

  27. The YES crew said something about his having a sore shoulder, not a good sign. I like the guy, but there’s no way the Yanks should chance it and re-sign him. I say no way, no how.

  28. i made that “has nothing” comment as the inning began–

    i guess the pen better get busy

  29. i’d sign pavano over andy-

    ( with gun to head forced into a sophie’s choice thing)

  30. Robertson is throwing now. I’d expect him this inning.

  31. Nady didn’t even throw that ball in hard and he got it halfway between third and home.

  32. since all we have are crumbs left to hopw for this season..a win in the last home game is the only thing in baseball i really care about…the orioles won;’t be laying down for us

  33. LOL on the “Sophie’s Choice” reference, though some fans this year might search for an extra bullet to rub ’em both out–Pavano first, give Andy a head start.

  34. No they won’t, Mike, and they always play the Yanks tough. I can’t stand the Orioles.

  35. Uribe cracks me up with the frosted goatee.

  36. nick hates them as well- i hate the jays more…

    nice–he walks in a run—

  37. Ouch, Pettite walks Uribe, 4-1 Sox.

  38. Have you been in touch with ol’ Nick lately?

  39. I like Nick. He’s a good guy.

  40. Big K, two down.

  41. nick has been in berlin on a short holiday–i think he will drop in tonight.

  42. Good, Pettite escapes and that lout Cabrera provides the third out.

  43. It must be something to hopscotch to other countries as one can in Europe–a place I’d LOVE to go.

  44. Your a good guy as well Jason. Your not bad your self Mike

  45. mate, you have perfect timing

  46. timing is everything

  47. big G delivers one—

  48. Giambi sure is making a case to stay next season with his power numbers, 4-2 now.

  49. Hey Nick. How are you? Your ears must have been ringing.

  50. did you just see crazy zack after catching that ball?

  51. That fan who caught Giambi’s homer must feel like a king.

  52. Was that Zack Hample?

  53. The guy who caught Jeter’s record-tying hit–the homer–just gave the ball to Jeter without asking for anything. Very cool. Jeter ended up giving the guy an autographed baseball, bat, and 4 tickets to the last home game. Cool on both ends.

  54. that was him calling me on his cell to see if i had recorded the game

  55. Im good just so tired I had a 34 hour coach journey. It took allot longer on the way back because the fire in the channel tunnel the other day.

  56. Seriously? That’s awesome.

    I’m sorry about that, Nick. I didn’t hear about the tunnel fire. Was the trip good otherwise?

  57. Hilary Duff is at the game–who cares. The war criminal Kissinger is present as well.

  58. i’d rather hang out with war criminals than her

  59. The conversation would be more interesting, that’s for sure.

  60. well that was encouraging

  61. yeah it was fun didnt do much cause my dad was working but im going back in November for a longer time for a real holiday.

  62. nick–you missed jeter passing gehrig with his first at bat tonight—

  63. I know man there was to be loads of great moments when I go away.

  64. Where were you in Germany, Nick?

  65. Berlin

  66. Gardner owes push-ups for the pop-up.

  67. nice to see JD out of his mini-slump

  68. JD has had a very good year offensively.

  69. It’s too bad he didn’t get driven in more.

  70. we could put out a 4 DVD set entitled “it’s too bad-the 2008 yanks”

  71. LOL Mike. We could have Morrisey do the soundtrack for it.

  72. Bronx Lamentations in D Minor.

  73. morrisey and dead can dance

  74. yes- D Minor ( nice touch)

  75. damn that cabrera–

  76. Bases juiced for Giambi.

  77. oh men–i thought that was out of the yard!

  78. Yikes, Giambi pulled that about 10 seats foul on a rope.

  79. You guys seen that new thing on mlb tv premium were you can listen to the home or away feed or has it been around for a long time

  80. i did see that nick–they should have had it all year .

  81. huge moment–it would be fun to be there…

  82. With the audio, the option to listen to home or away has been there. I don’t know if there’s an option to WATCH either home or away, but that would be ideal. I could shed lots of the away guys, who are often horrible.

    Giambi is wearing out the base runners as much as Floyd (from the wind).

  83. i had to open my damn mouth…

  84. I thought A-Rod was going to keep running to a beer vendor after that 36th straight foul ball.

  85. After all that, Giambi K’s. He must feel like a total zero.

  86. Then again, considering it was A-Rod doing all the running, he might not care less.

  87. there is that option to watch either feed now–they started doing it on the extra innings package about a month ago as well

  88. I wish I had that earlier in the season. I don’t have extra innings, but might consider it for the 2009 Yankees WS run.

  89. you really should get it jason–it only costs 159.00 for the whole year

  90. Seeing Jorge in the dugout makes me miss him all the more. This team lacked heart without him.

  91. Cano ran THAT out hard.

  92. it sure did jason–always my favorite yankee.

    yeah -love to see that hustle- game 151.

  93. oh god veras–the game is over

  94. Jorge’s always been one of my very favorites. I’ll never forget his tirade after getting tossed for vehemently arguing with Andy Fletcher, whom Posada really can’t stand.

  95. Michael Kay talking about Terra Haute, the home of Eugene Debs.

  96. Nice play on the bunt by Veras, getting Uribe at second.

  97. nice D!

  98. Heck of a call on the pitchout and a great throw from Molina.

  99. Debs is probably on most of the fans minds right now jason…

  100. Do you think Veras will be in the Yanks pen in 2009, Mike?

  101. I agree Mike. Baseball, closing of Yankee Stadium, Jeter’s milestone, Debs–it all flows.

  102. I can’t stand that little runt Cabrera.

  103. i think they shouldn’t give up on him–so they should give him a shot.

  104. i hate to say it..but i told you he would fuck up

  105. I think Veras has had a fairly good year until recently. He’s behind way too much and leaving too much dead center.

  106. LOL Mike. You did.

  107. for god sake girardi–get him out

  108. Have you ordered any good java lately Mike? I picked up a good, strong Sumatra that I like.

  109. It feels weird seeing Griffey in a Sox jersey

  110. Veras/Girardi are just flirting with trouble now.

  111. It does, Nick. He made some very good plays in center yesterday–not the Junior of the mid 1990s, but he can still track ’em. In his day, he was the best center fielder I’ve ever seen–no offense to Crisp/Francona.

  112. i love strong coffee–i usually buy a mocha java they roast at the local whole foods.

    but i’m telling you…the best coffee i’ve ever had is pretty cheap – major dickason blend by Peet’s

  113. ahhh the TGCFFE Seen reference…the good old days…

  114. little G!!!

  115. Man, I’m so bummed that was a ground-rule double by Gardner. He would have had a stand-up triple easily. Great, solid hit to dead center by the kid.

  116. I’d love to see Gardner in The Bronx next year just to see him run the bases. What speed.

  117. how about an inside the fielder? that would have been really fun

  118. nice steal for the little one

  119. Gardner stole third easily on the inside pitch.

  120. 2 line drive outs…we dont have any luck

  121. On the right kind of hit in Yankee Stadium, 2.0 or 3.0, definitely.

    Jeter’s liner makes it 2 down.

  122. this game has been truly an exemplar of the entire season.

  123. Don’t pull off the ball, BA, steer it to left.

  124. Shoot, three hard-hit balls after Gardner’s lead-off double. Again, again, wasted hits.

  125. No question about it, a veritable microcosm.

  126. annoyed that the phils have lost the lead to the braves–i’m taking a bit of enjoyment watching the mets begin their collapse

  127. I think Yost’s firing at this point was odd, and not a move I favor.

  128. I wonder how Mike has taken all the Philly radio and TV banter. That would be a media market that would drive me nuts–very boisterous, obnoxious.

  129. i’m sure the team is considering going on strike jason.

  130. i’m sure it has taken a number of years off his life jason.

  131. Is the game bringing out some sarcasm, Mike?

  132. pathetic.

  133. perhaps a smidge jas…

  134. Just saw what pete abe put about Veras im really starting to not like him

  135. i hate pete abe, but i agree about veras–he’s been pretty bad lately nick

  136. I got a call from a friend out of town. I’ll be back later, depending.

  137. ok jason–see ya

  138. Oh I agree but I dont like him saying “What part of Jose Veras not being any good lately don’t the Yankees understand?” I dont think its very professional.

  139. he’s an obnoxious asshole to be sure nick

  140. ok–talk with you guys tomorrow

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