POLITICS: Cheer Up, The Fundamentals of Our Economy Are Strong

Here is some stuff to read, and I’d recommend doing so in the order listed.  Though the start might be depressing despite what candidate McCain said yesterday, the payoff from The New Yorker, though unrelated to the rest of the links, is worth the wait.  I have to say that the various columns and stories from The New York Times have been quite good of late, and I for one am not a particular fan of Friedman.  Enjoy them to what extent you can as our economy teeters on the brink of a late 1920s Ponzi-inspired plunge.

Friedman and the energy “flat-earthers.”

Paul Krugman is always must-reading to understand the modern economy as well as its crises.  Ah, the wonders of free-market banking.

I too am shocked, as is Bob Herbert, why Obama and the rest of America aren’t discussing McCain’s radical plan to end employer-provided health insurance as we know it.  Though it has its many faults and is just what big business asked for after laboring so hard to defeat Truman’s Fair Deal, it’s better than the alternative of free-market health insurance.  I cannot understand why it is that Obama and so many others aren’t deriding it for just what it is–the latest in a long line of right-wing plans to gut programs of varying degrees of success to steer people into more expensive “free-market” programs that almost invariably provide so much less for so much more cost.  They also further the downward economic spiral–gut and run, provide less for people as a further justification to provide gut more and provide less.  Ah, “free-market” insurance, so yummy it makes me want to rub my tummy.  Yeah, right.

More good news, this time it may be AIG’s time to burst.  More free-market and deregulatory goodness.  It sure is high time we got the government off the backs of big business and banking, no?  After all, look at all the good they’ve done for America.

Don’t thank me, thank George Saunders for a good laugh.  Today more than most days, it’s necessary.

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  1. i recommend reading frank rich’s column every sunday in the times.

    fun article from the new yorker-thanks

  2. shocking stat–baseball related ( sorry)

    They gave 18 percent of their total at-bats to non-players Jose Molina, Wilson Betemit, Ivan Rodriguez, Brett Gardner, Chad Moeller, Morgan Ensberg, Shelly Duncan, Alberto Gonzalez, Justin Christian, Richie Sexson, Cody Ransom and Chris Stewart. Those players hit .221

  3. Hey, Mike

    I borrowed your stat that’s ruff 288 AB’S!

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