HDLR 9/17/08: White Sox @ Yankees, Countdown Continues

Hi everyone and welcome to the Heartland Digital Living Room where the hot dogs and chicken wings are always fresh, the beverages are always cold, and the chatter is always fast and furious.  Tonight, the Yankees look to rebound from last night’s lackluster effort in their fifth-last game ever in Yankee Stadium II.  Phil Hughes (0-4, 9.00 ERA) returns to The Bronx after rehabbing in the minors and pitching very well in helping SWB to the International League title.  He faces lefty Clayton Richard (2-4, 6.94 ERA), meaning the Yankees just may struggle as “the formula” is in place–lefty, young (Richard is 25), inexperienced, and bad against almost everyone else.  I might make a cameo tonight, but it’s unlikely I’ll be around much because I have tons of work to do.  However, feel free to drop by, grab a digital leather recliner and a cold one, and enjoy the game.  Below, as per Pete Abraham, is tonight’s Yankees lineup.  Melky gets a rare start as Nady DHs and JD takes left.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (80-71)
Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Nady DH
Cano 2B
I. Rodriguez C
Cabrera CF

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  1. 91 W’s Asterisk.

  2. I can’t beleive they beat Beckett. I had the Sox’ for a sweep and Tampa is already down 2-0 and it looks likes Phil isn’t throwing that no-hitter he owes us.

  3. Jason is in for a little while. How are you, Leo?


  5. Leo, you kill me. I’ve been good but very busy.

  6. Hughes looks pretty good so far but needs to be a bit more efficient. His fastball looks pretty good so far.

  7. You mean that illusion of a fast ball reportedly ranging from 88 to 205 mph. I’m kinda’ sad I wanted to make it to a final game. Do you know if I can fly with a idenification license? I lost it at the local fair……..Get to work J!

  8. I’ll do that tonight, fear not. I’m having a late dinner with a beer.

  9. I’ve seen Hughes at 92-93 with the heater. 57 pitches through 2 innings–some things haven’t changed. YEEEEEEESH.

  10. High pitch count already. What’s this kid have to do for a win? 9 million for the “rock star” Obama campaign in tinstletown.

  11. I saw that from Babs, raising the scratch for Obama.

  12. What’s with all the fast balls? Haven’t they learned this isn’t the minors you can’t just blow batters away. Oh with the exception of Jedi Joba.

  13. Ramirez is an excellent second baseman, nice scoop with the glove to nail Giambi on the swinging bunt.

  14. We’ll if your wife makes you sleep on the couch don’t come crying to me………

  15. No, she puts up with a lot. 🙂 I’m not worried–a few hours of research, a few hours of writing. Lots of late nights to come–no sweat.

  16. Nady has cooled off as a Yank–still been good, but not blistering as he was earlier. I guess it’s to be expected.

  17. I know you favor Bobby I understand statistically he’s Yankee material but I prefer keeping Nads around.

  18. no hits……

  19. I favor keeping them both. I like Nady a lot and believe he’s not an unrestricted free agent. I like Abreu but don’t want him more than two years to insure against decline.

  20. No hits against a young, struggling lefty, as I mentioned in the preface.

  21. Ah, Cano has a hit now. Good.

  22. Same old crap from Melky. Welcome back.

  23. Phil might just make it through five. Why can’t the Yankees’s make a productive out just like that? I favor having Gardener as a fourth outfielder during play, he can run around from left to right catching everything Bobby and Canoe decide is out of reach. This will save luandry mat visits keeping there pinstripes extra clean.

  24. I agree about Gardner Leo. If he learns to drive the ball a bit, look out. Phil needs to give them a good five at least.

  25. It looks like the Canoe & Melky show is destined to come to a end this off season.

  26. I have a feeling we’ve seen the last of Melky. Maybe they’ll give him another chance but, if they can package him for crucial help, so long Melky.

  27. Credit getting the strikeout when needed..

  28. Hughes has been fairly good but very inefficient.

  29. Yankees go 1-2-3 again, and Hughes has been on the mound three times as long as Richard.

  30. I’m sure Aroone Small will agree it doesn’t matter how you get them as long as you get them.

  31. 4IP

  32. “Enjoy a Coke”

  33. I ike that kid Coke. He’s efficient, throws hard, and hides the ball pretty well. I think he’s got a real shot at the 2009 roster.

    Good point on Small, Leo. His 10-0 2005 run was priceless. I’ll never forget listening to Eric Chaves snivel about his shutting them down on a complete game, five-hit shutout, getting Chaves looking to end the game. As if Chaves wanted to be fanned by a Hall of Famer. What’s the difference is exactly right. Getting them however is the key.

  34. One hit through five imppresive. Oh, Nads is batting .310 now? How much has his BA dropped?

  35. So at what point do we go bloop on that Johan Santana guy?

  36. Kyle Farnsworth 4.48 era but had a bad last outing. Nevertheless looks like the Jackal tried to fool the jackal.

  37. His average has dropped about 15 points overall, Leo. That Nuke-for-Pudge trade was a lose-lose. I didn’t see that coming.

  38. Yeah, Kyle would have knocked that ass Tori Hunter out clean though.

  39. Melky is such a stiff, and Jeter’s K finishes what could have been a promising inning. Yankee Stadium, 2008–where base runners in pinstripes go to die.

  40. No question about that Leo. He would have ground Torii into venison sausage.

  41. Melky start backing your bags again …….:) What happend to Derek? Will Someone please check his pulse.

  42. I’m all for giving Pudge a year he has had added work load and his bat is the only thing that’s faulting. I’m sure he can find some swing in the spring?

  43. Coke left that one up to Junior–at the belt–and he belted it to center for a double. Melky’s stock has really declined, amazing. Jeter has gone cold a bit but had an amazing hot streak last week.

  44. I’m not sure they’ll keep him Leo, but they might for insurance on Jorge, whom I miss a ton.

  45. 2-2 for KGJ it would have been nice to have him as a Yank in his prime.

  46. We’ll I don’t think Aflack covers catchers shoulders. I’m not sure if Pudge will like to be Jorges number two.

  47. hey guys!! great game so far!!

  48. EKIM

  49. Heck of a job, Bruney.

    3-4-5 coming up. Um, runs?

  50. Hey Mike. How’s it going?

  51. Where did we get this solid pen?

  52. Waste a solo shot Alex.

  53. im doing fine men—

    why does it feel like are down 9 runs?

  54. The pen has been good all year. Too bad the offense has stunk and the staff’s been in tatters.

    All the same symptoms, Mike–young, inexperienced, subpar lefty baffling the Yanks.

  55. Because we’re down 9 games………ha

  56. this game is like a parody of our whole season produced by some evil genius from new england

  57. Some selections from Pete Abe:

    UPDATE, 8:34 p.m.: OK, I officially give up. The person pulling the countdown lever tonight was some vice president from Met Life. Apparently everybody who has ever played, managed or coached for the Yankees was busy. Maybe they all went to the same movie.

    I understand that Met Life sponsored the countdown. I get that. If they wanted somebody to pull the lever in June or July, that would have been fine. But this guy was the sixth company executive to do the honors.


    It’s a disgrace. How can a team like the Yankees ignore their history?

    UPDATE, 8:45 p.m.: Nice return by Melky. GIDP and popped up a bunt to the catcher.

    UPDATE, 8:50 p.m.: At 3:38 p.m today, I (somewhat kiddingly) wrote this at the start of the game post:

    The Chicago starter is a 24-year-old rookie lefty from Indiana who is working on seven days’ rest. So figure on 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts.

    Here is what he has actually done: 6 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts.

    When he’s right, he’s right. The way the Yanks have handled the Stadium countdown has been an absolute disgrace. It’s just no surprise that some scrub, young lefty has positively baffled the Yanks.

  58. I blame Steve T from The Boston Red Sox Blog.

  59. as i said—it’s a cruel parody

  60. Get a hit, Nady. Stop trying to pull everything.

  61. i blame uncle raoul…

  62. dont’ yell at nady jason–he’s sensitive!

  63. Don’t be silly goose the state of Massachusetts couldn’t produce a I.Q. higher than 20.

  64. ok…i guess you were right to yell- he4 didnt pull it

  65. Ask and ye shall receive. Good clutch hitting, Nady.

  66. LOL Mike. I didn’t see that as I grabbed a glass of beer.

  67. Nice rap, Cano, second and third.

  68. that fucking meacham help up nady—

  69. Surgeon general warning this team may cause alcoholism.

  70. the first 6 innings of this game have put meth addicts to sleep leo

  71. Matsui! Matsui!

  72. It looked like the right call at third, but I didn’t see a replay. It looked like the relay throw was bobbled. Meacham probably didn’t want to run on Dye, understandably, but the play may have dictated run.

  73. RHP! RHP!

  74. You guys are cracking me up. I needed that.

  75. i question all of his calls—anyway–with this team with 2 outs..i say go

  76. Drive the ball, Pudge.

  77. LOL……………ya’ just lost your W. I’am the Walrus!

  78. Noooooooooooo Matsui! I want to see Gardener atempt to steal home.

  79. if by some miracle pudge gets a hit melky MUST be removed from the game–the team- the league

  80. um are sliders suppose to be down the plate?

  81. ok–ill take that miracle

  82. I don’t blame you, Mike. Meacham has earned it. He must go. Willie must return in some fashion if he doesn’t get another managerial job this off-season. If Girardi won’t throw a hissy–and really, who cares if he will–Willie would be great as bench coach.

    WP makes it 2-1 Yanks!

  83. sedrftuyhiokijuhygfdsedrfvhnjmokjhgfdsdftyguhnijmihugyfdfghnjiih7gfr5dfghjkjhgfdfghnjkhgfdfgyhuijko……..YAY!!

  84. Nice catch, Pierzynski. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  85. Well put, Leo.

  86. good point jason—

    they really need an experienced bench coach -but one that girardi will listen to

  87. Meacham? Nady owns this game.

  88. I don’t care how they happen, I just want to see as many wins as possible in these last five games.

  89. Last five games at The Stadium, that is.

  90. agreed- it’s about pride, not protected draft picks gentlemen

  91. The key is go left to right on the keyboard. I want Donny because no matter how many games he would drop I couldn’t be angry. Just send Torre a dozen tulips and ask him to com back…

  92. here’s the man

  93. Mow ’em down, Joba.

  94. Like I said it don’t matter how they get them….the sox have so ugly foos for players. Joba hutt in.

  95. Joba has a 10.4/9 K/IP ratio–quite impressive. Count on Wise running here after the first-pitch lead-off single.

  96. sweet play by jeets…

  97. The Yanks play the White Sox in Chicago–on the weekend of my birthday in 2009. We’re going for two games for sure.

  98. Well done, Captain. Two down.

  99. hey thats great jason–you know i dont know when your birthday is…

  100. now THAT was a K!

  101. AJ should have been protecting the plate that pitch was running out but catchable I swear he took a glance at Nady before catching the ball. Ozzie’s going to have you in the locker room son.

  102. I love the way fans celebrate Joba’s big strikeouts with his dad. Great moments.

  103. It’s K Phil when ya’ throw 95 you can mail it down the pipe.

  104. August 2 is my birthday. Also, the Yanks are in KC in April but, unlike last year, over a weekend. I’m going there, too.

  105. we’re both leo’s then… ( the 20th–where IS my gift BTW? )

  106. no I’m Leo>

  107. I think you’re right about that with Pierzynski, Leo.

  108. i’d really like to see both chicago teams play in chicago next year

  109. July 20, Mike?

  110. Sorry, August 20–what would you like, Mike? Please don’t say cigarettes.

  111. say booze!

  112. Kay is saying that K-Rod wants more money per year than Mariano over a five-year deal. Too bad he’s not the closer Mariano is, save record or no.

  113. Whew Melky..

  114. sadly i wasn’t born on the day of the hitler assassination attempt. august 20th.

    PS pigs fly as melky gets a hit

  115. Hey, Melky got a hit.

  116. I saw one fly out of Melky’s ass as he rounded first.

  117. SEEYAAA

  118. Bomb

  119. OMG its zack again

  120. JD adds insurance, 4-1. He’s been very good this year.

    Did Zack catch that also? My goodness.

  121. Zack ?

  122. Zack has caught a billion balls.

  123. so i took the footage from last nights game and edited it for him –you can see it on his blog

  124. Yesterdays loss is more of a bummer now.

  125. Forget K-Rod and his rain dances…

  126. why leo–arent we glad to be winning?

  127. alex piles on…fine by me…

  128. I’m somewhat inured to the losses now and just want to see wins and be thankful for what I see.

    A-Rod is the first person in baseball history to have 35 homers, 100 runs, and 100 RBIs in 11 straight seasons. Amazing. He’s struggled lately but man, he can still impress on any given swing.

  129. Is Zack calling you, Mike?

  130. It’s expected :0

  131. arg What’s a Zack?

  132. yeah that was him—wanted to make sure i was taping it for him.

  133. http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/


  134. What’s Edward doing on the mound?

  135. yay!! little G is in–and edwar comes in to give up the lead!!!

  136. you’re not kidding leo–it’s a recipe for a quick disaster. another brilliant move by girardi

    ( i like my guys)

  137. Zack is the guy who caught the last two home run balls at Yankee Stadium and did that funky dance, Leo. He’s somewhat famous, and a friend of Mike’s.

  138. and oddly enough jason–zack just moved into an apartment with a view of the back yard of my old apartment of 23 years

  139. Is it me, or does Pierzynski look like Johnny Rotten from The Sex Pistols with that sad dye job?

  140. Oh, I saw him on the teli he was getting at Bonds asterisk balls,,,,,,lol

  141. well guys–we pulled out the W—it went from a tour of a morgue to a fun game

  142. How bizarre, Mike. That’s similar to two friends of mine, one of whom rented the same second-story apartment that our mutual friend did about 15 years before him.

  143. Mike, you brought good karma.

  144. Well when Mike showed up cha cha changes happend.

  145. that i did—too bad phil couldn’t have been more efficient —

  146. LOL kinda’

  147. Good Luck Knickers……

  148. Thanks for coming by, guys. Quick wrap to follow, then work, then bed briefly, then all the same all over again.

  149. concour

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